18 Fun Bachelorette Party Games To Play Throughout The Night

A night of bachelorette fun and games with your girls.

By Lisa
18 Fun Bachelorette Party Games To Play Throughout The Night

Tips on bachelorette party games

When you have a bachelorette party, you want to celebrate with your girls and have a good time. Give some trust and let your girls run the show from picking a theme to sending out the bachelorette party invitations, planning the food and drinks to basically set out fun activities and games so that the girls can mingle and have a great time. 

Below are a couple of party ideas you can use for different type of brides - whether she is a squeaky clean sweet girl next door to a party animal. 

8 fun Bachelorette party ideas

1. Photo scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Printable

You can make a photo challenge with pictures based on the challenges given and it's mostly an outdoor game. For example, it could be taking a picture by picking someone of the opposite sex, or someone hugging a total stranger. Whatever that is, it has to be customized especially for the bachelorette party. This game will not only give you something fun to do, but it’s also a way of making memories.

Above link is a printable that you can use straight away if you don't have time to customize one!

2. DIY pin the kiss on a hot actor

You can find out the bride-to-be’s favorite movie star (Male). Get a big picture of him then get some smooch stickers and start spinning him with the ladies. Woohoo!

3. The groom quiz

With this game, the girls get to test the bride-to-be’s knowledge of her groom-to-be. Before the party, you have to send a few questions about the groom so that he can answer and send it back then you can properly confirm her knowledge. Super fun and may be useful for the wedding night or even after marriage!

4. DIY Bachelorette ring toss

This game is so perfect for the beach or the backyard or even the bachelorette pad. Whoever successfully rings a bottle, they are the winner! Get some prizes for each winner or you can accumulate points and announce the winner (with a prize or a reward) after all the rings are thrown. 

5. Most likely to..

Everyone in the bridal party gets a set of index cards and if there are 10 people in the party then every girl needs 10 index cards, one for each person. Each player writes down something they think the other person is likely to do. For example, a guest can say who is most likely to get married next, or most likely to marry an athlete. The list of most likely events is endless.

6. Take a bow

Buy colorful ribbons and tie around each guest's hand and the bachelorette will untie the hands of anyone she wants to buy her a drink and they’ll have a drink together.

7. He says she says

The party guests can create a quiz and each guest gets to decide whether the bride or the groom said a particular thing. They’ll each take turns and if they get it wrong, they’ll have to take a drink.

8. Wishes for the couple

Each of the bachelorette party guests will write their wishes down during those quiet moments. The guests can write what their wishes are for the bride-to-be and her husband which will be stored in cute containers for the couple. The bride will love to read it after the party is over.

Active and physical games

Instead of getting drunk with a bunch of strangers, why not do something physical and really interesting.

There are tons of bachelorette active games that you can indulge in, I will list them down below

9. Hike and picnic

Hiking is a real stress relief especially if the bride has been feeling overwhelmed by the wedding preparations, you can pick a picnic destination then choose an easier route to that place you want to go and don’t forget to take cheese, croissants, turkey, champagne, everything. The ball is in your court whatever you do, have fun!

10. Yoga

Having yoga retreats is a great way to spend your spend time with your friends as a bride-to-be you can have massages, whirlpool or meditation classes to help you feel relaxed in anticipation for your wedding.

11. Organize studio sessions

You can organize a workout and wine session for you and your girls to build your strength or sculpting, have snacks afterward and visit a saloon so the girls can have their hair down while toasting to the bride.

12. Fly High

You can take a plunge on a trampoline, a zip line and even do basic trapeze to learn how to switch bars and get caught by an instructor on another bar, it’s quite intense but it’s fun and a great way of creating memories.

13. AIR Aerial fitness

The bride-to-be and her friends get to swing in the air for about an hour in a private arrangement just for the girls. It’s a really fun way to spend time with the girls before walking down the aisle.

Drinking games

14. DIY bachelorette party drink spinner

This game can be played by the bride and her bridesmaid or approximately 5 people.  It would take 30 mins to play the game. To play this game you need a spinner and different alcoholic beverages. You can get water, wine, bloody Mary, tequila or vodka. The player spins the wheel to see if she gets to drink water, wine or whatever the wheel points at. You can also add truth or dare to the game and also prepare some questions you want them to answer, if they don’t want to answer then they get a drink.

15. Name that drink game

Well, you’re going to have to prepare for this, get some drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All the players get to sit around the table and the host passes the drinks around, the player is given 30secs to guess the right drink and she scores a point. The lady with the most point wins the game.  It’s a lot trickier with cocktails as there are harder to guess and remember ladies when you start to get dizzy from the alcohol you know you need to stop. It’s always better to know your limits.

16. Bottoms up

This game helps you get to know each other better BUT make sure the bride is comfortable with what you have on your list. So you can get different types of alcohol and pass around enough for everyone while the maid of honor asks questions and the player will drink if they have had a certain experience for example “bottoms up if you’ve ever dated a younger man” this game can be made to be totally innocent or totally dirty. So it’s always a better idea to know how comfortable your guests are before going on with this game.

Classy and clear games

17. Dress up the bride

This game has to do with dressing up the bride for her wedding day only you are going to be extra about it. This is a classier alternative to dressing the bride up in lingerie. The bride has to be blindfolded and could be feather-themed dress up or bohemian themed but whatever you choose make sure it’s not expensive and the girls have shared costs within themselves. Don’t forget to take pictures girls!

18. How well do you know the bride-to-be?

To play this game you have to compose a list of questions and everyone will have to guess the answers and the person with the most amount of right answers wins.

Bonus: Off the beaten path ideas

There are many other options you can choose from especially when you don’t want the “typical” bachelorette games, the most important part of the game is to communicate and organize so that the games go on smoothly. The bride to be can go bowling, pottery or painting with her friends.

Free printable games

Free Bachelorette Games

1. What's the bride thinking?

 You can print the game here.

2. What’s in your purse?

What's in your purse? Is a fun game and the person with the most items pointed out wins the game!

3. Bridal shower price is right

Printable from the shower that rides shop is a list of items and anyone who gets the right price or close to the right price wins.

4. How well do you know the bride?

Printable from the bespoke bride?

5. Kiss the miss goodbye

A great DIY game from something turquoise


Bachelorette parties are a must for brides-to-be and her friends to bond before her big day and we’re here with tips on fun party games you and your girls can indulge in before your big day without breaking the bank. And if you want to stir away from the naughty games there are a lot of other fun games you can play from active games to drinking games to classy and clear games. You can never go wrong.



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