9 Ideas on organizing a most memorable bachelorette party

Presenting the most awesome bachelorette party games ideas!

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
9 Ideas on organizing a most memorable bachelorette party

What type of Bachelorette is the Bride-To-Be?

Before you can plan any type of bachelorette party, you have to determine who she is. Obviously you know the bachelorette or you wouldn't be involved with planning her party.  I mean you have to know what type of a bachelorette the bride-to-be is.  Is she wild and crazy or quiet and shy?  Remember, this is her bachelorette party, not yours, so you have to be certain of who she is to throw the right type of party.  The last thing you want is for your friend to be ticked off at you right before her wedding because you threw the wrong kind of party.  

Classy Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties will be split into two types - classy and raucous.  Don't be surprised if you have a future bride who is a hybrid of the two, but you must use some common sense.  If the bride's mother or great aunt will be in attendance, you will have to tone it down for them.  Here are some ideas when you want to throw a classy party.

1. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting bachelorette parties are wildly popular.  It is a "tasteful" way to drink and have a good time.  If you live near a winery, you can arrange a trip for the bachelorette party.  Be sure to get transportation so that no one is drinking and driving.  The wine tastings are usually free of charge, but you will probably want to buy wine to take home as a souvenir from the party.

If you do not live near a winery, you can still do a wine tasting.  Check out your local wine shops and ask around.  The wine stores may offer private wine tastings.  If they do not, they can probably provide you with a sommelier that you can pay to host the tasting in your home.  Remember, the wine store wants to sell their wine too, so they will be happy to help you put this together.  Have cheese and crackers on hand for snacking.

2. Fondue Party

Fondue parties are fun because most people do not normally eat it as it is reserved nowadays for special occasions.  In the 1970s, fondue was typical for hanging out with friends.  If you do not have a fondue pot, you can buy one inexpensively at a flea market or second hand shop.  If you can't find one, you can use small crockpots as a fondue warmer.

You can buy cheese fondue in your supermarket or specialty shop.  Buy a few different crusty breads and cube them to dip into the cheese fondue.  The dessert fondue is made with a good quality chocolate.  All you need to do is melt it and keep the pot on warm.  Provide pretzels, brownies, cookies, cake, apples, bananas and strawberries for dipping. Cut the larger sweets into bite sizes that can be dipped into the chocolate. Everyone loves fondue, even if they never tried it before, they will love it!

3. A Night of Theater

Use a loose interpretation for what constitutes theater.  You can go to a ballet performance, opera, a musical or drama play.  After the theater experience, go out for a late night cappuccino and biscotti as you discuss how good or bad the performance was.

4. Brunch

There is no rule saying bachelorette parties have to be evening events.  Brunch is a lovely way to acknowledge the bride's last few days of being single.  Gather a few close friends for brunch and toast the bachelorette over Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Marys and dine on omelettes, croissants and beef Stroganoff.  She will love the opportunity to hang with her friends in a space where you can actually hear each other easily without shouting.  The more mature party goers will appreciate this event too!

Simple Party Ideas

Bacherlotte parties do not have to be super fancy. If your bride is more of a low key type of woman, she will appreciate a party hosted at someone's home. If she is more outgoing, she might want a night out on the twon.  Here are a few simple party ideas.

1. Lingerie Party

A lingerie party is when everyone brings lingerie for the bachelorette.  You can gather at the host's home and present the bride with various different types of lingerie.  They do not all have to be super sexy either. It's always a blast when she is given an oversized tee-shirt and fuzzy socks.  Won't her husband be excited to see that!  To make it a party, have some wine, cheese and sweets to eat.

2. Sleepover

Your low maintenance bride is going to love the sleepover.  Everyone piles into the living room in their pyjamas with blankets and cozy socks to hang out for the evening.  Pop some popcorn and watch rom-coms.  Order pizza and play Dance Dance Revolution.  Give each other mani and pedis. Play Sorry or some other board game.  Play truth or dare!

3. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke is a fun experience for those singing and those watching.  If you are shy, pick a song you can sing as a group, and then get up there and belt it out.  Karaoke is not for the timid.  Leave that introvert at home and get on that stage and own it!  The first time is the hardest, but once you have done it, you will want to sing again.  A little liquid courage always helps.

4. Bar Hopping

A good night of bar hopping only happens with good planning.  Figure out which bars have the best appetizers, entrees and desserts and then map out your evening.  Since the goal is to hit at least three different places, you will need to have a designated driver. It's a bachelorette party, so you can either hire a limo for all of you or split up into two Uber cars.  

5. Casino Night

A casino night can mean you all go to a casino and spend the night in a hotel gambling and drinking or it can mean you gather at someone's home for a night of poker and drinks.  One is a bit more elaborate, and the other would be better suited for the bride who likes to have fun in a low key sort of way.  Either way, you are bound to make lots of memories.

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Unconventional Party Games

1. Find The Bling

Ring Pops

A fun game is to have a hunt for "rings."  Buy a pack of 50 Ring Pops and hide them in the kitchen, living room and dining room before the guests arrive.  Make a posterboard sign letting party goers know that they should be on the hunt for the rings.  Give a start and end time because you want everyone to participate, so it shouldn't begin until everyone arrives. Whoever finds the most rings wins a prize.  The prize can be a bottle of wine, fuzzy slippers or a princess crown.

2. Do You Know Your Groom?

Everyone gets a kick out of this game.  Prepare the questions ahead of time and talk to the groom to get his answers.  Then you quiz the bride at the party to see how well she knows her groom!  Here are some questions to get you started, but add your own to give it pizazz.

  • Where was your first kiss?
  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • What article of clothing would your bride want you to get rid of?
  • Which of your friends is her favorite?
  • Which of her friends is your favorite?
  • What is her favorite holiday?
  • Which one of you steals the bed covers?
  • Who snores the loudest?
  • What is her favorite cookie?

3. Champagne Pong

Party Pong

I admit referring to this game as being classy is somewhat debatable, but it is a heck of a lot of fun!  The kit comes with ping pong balls and champagne glasses.  You fill the glasses with your drink of choice - champagne, wine, vodka, brandy, soda or something else you love to drink. Arrange six glasses in a triangle at opposite ends of the table.  Divide the group into two teams and each team takes a turn attempting to bounce a ball into the other team's glasses.  If it lands in a glass, the losing team takes a drink.  The team with the most empty glasses is the loser.


No matter what type of bachelorette party you throw for your friend, make sure it is appropriate to her wishes.  This is her party, and maybe it isn't what you would like, but you need to support your friend by giving her a party she will enjoy.  Take lots of photos because memories get hazy as time passes and she will want to remember her last few nights as a single woman hanging out with her friends.

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