What Does My Chosen Celtic Sigil Mean And How To Make One?

Incorporate a ready-made sigil, or create a new one. Here's how!

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What Does My Chosen Celtic Sigil Mean And How To Make One?

What is a Sigil/Celtic Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol of magic, a lot of times with a demonic representation. In modern days, a sigil is linked to magic with chaos and lead the practitioner to the desired outcome. Sigil is a Latin word for "seal" and its history dates back to medieval times. Sigils are often linked to witchcraft and even black magic.

Sigils contain letters or statements of your desire in the form of a monogram. Although sigils are often linked to witchcraft and demonic presence, sigils are mainly reflecting one's desires and lust. That's why sigils are popular in dissecting one's mind to analyze your deepest desire and dreams.

What do Celtic Sigils/Knots Represent Spiritually?

Celtic sigils, or commonly known as the magic knots, are an ancient form of witchcraft representing an endless form of energy with the element of air that makes up the earth. Celtic sigils are often symmetrical and contain endless loops within the design, as in you can't find the start or the end of the symbol. It's all floating in mystery. The reason Celtic sigils are so mysterious because of its supposed indication of the ultimate magic, to represent and see through the past, present, and the future.

Mandela's are often referred to when speaking about Celtic sigils because of the similarity in the never-ending patterns. Celtic sigils are a powerful tool and are said to be key portals to casting spells. Spiritually, Celtic sigils represent yours wants with the symbol you choose and say a lot about your personality. Many use their Celtic sigils as a way to understand themselves better.

6 Most Common Celtic Sigils and Their Meanings

Look at these Celtic sigils and pick the one that speaks to you and see what it says about you!

1. The Tree of Life

Source: Magical Recipes Online

You are deeply connected to nature one way or another. Like the tree, your roots run deep and you are always looking to build solid foundations for yourself and your work before you move forward. You may not be the world's greatest risk taker but you are surely determined in what you do and are very capable of building up your dreams and make it come true.

Your soft spot is your waist and your spine. You may experience some troubles such as unexplained pain and aches in those areas. Our spine is like the tree that supports us, we often forget to take good care of it so it can grow and stay strong to support us.

Besides seeking professional medical help, reaching out to nature is a good way to heal as well, after you have sought medical advice and that it is safe to do so of course. Connecting with nature is your true calling and you will feel better immediately. Nature heals your mind and in turn, makes you feel better. 

2. The Fire Within

What better-sacred creature than a Phoenix can symbolize the Fire Within? You are as passionate as the symbol you choose, the everlasting fire and the passion inside you motivate you to move forward and reach your dream. The sky is not even your limit. You are eager to reach new limits every day.

Being an energetic Phoenix is a beautiful thing because you are always up to do things and you are never out of energy. However, be careful of your own health. As rewarding as it is to spend your energy on chasing your dreams. It can be draining as your fire may be burnt out too quickly if you use it all at once.

Learn how to spread your fire out so it lasts long rather than burn big. You don't have to do everything at once. Learn to keep the motivation rather than having the short-lived explosive determination.

3. The Great Dragon

You are a person with great powers, powers beyond your own recognition and can be scary at times. Once you realize your full strength you know what kind of magnificent things you can achieve with your wonders. You are also a nature connector, connecting the natural world and the human world and beyond.

You are a feisty person with many skills. You are bound to achieve greatness if you put your heart to it. Don't be content with one thing. You are so powerful that you can dip your feet in so many more fields to get a taste. You could easily make something good for others. Use your power and energy in a positive way.

4. The Pentacle

You are great at attracting all sorts of energy. Like the star shining bright at night, you are the source of light and have lots of potentials waiting to be discovered. However, not only do you attract good spirits, you often attract not-so-kind spirits as well due to the nature of your friendly and easily approachable manners.

You need to learn how to separate the good from the bad and keep the good in your life. By learning how to retain the goodness, you will be able to shine so much brighter and explore the many potentials you have. You are empathetic and are able to perceive different emotions. Use that as your advantage.

5. The Feline Knot

This symbol shows you are an agile person with great flexibility in dealing with situations. You are able to sail through adversity and embrace fortune with a positive attitude. You rarely let external circumstances influence you and your decisions. You know exactly where you are headed and are determined to arrive at your destination.

The great trait about you is about knowing your worth and reaching for your goal. You are strong and determined and won't let external factors to bring you down or stand in your way from achieving your goal. While this is very good quality, you should reach deeper and understand yourself more on how to reach your goal as you are a person of efficiency. You want results fast and often choose speed over quality, which can sometimes cause trouble.

6. The Divine Sun Flower

Your warmth and friendly energy harness many genuine friends. You are always surrounded by people that love you and want to be around you because you glow the positive vibe. You are like the sun and not only does the sun guide you in your path, it also lets you guide people around you onto the right path in their life. The magical power lies within you. Don't force it out or try to harvest it externally.

Relax and your powers will shine through. There's no way your powers will go unnoticed. Being tense all the time will hinder your energy and the sun won't be able to guide you. Be fully relaxed and you will be able to answer the call from the sun.

How Do I Make my Own Celtic Sigil?

Source: ChaosTarot.com

First, you have to be calm and at peace. Any negative energy will take away the effectiveness of it. Clear your mind, keep all the bad thoughts out and write down a sentence that describes yourself. It can be "I feel empathetic of my surroundings" or "I'm happy and content". Whatever comes to your mind will work as it's the most authentic and original feeling.

Then, take out all the vowels in the sentence so only the consonants remain. Then draw the symbol by connecting the consonant on the graph in order. That's your own Celtic sigil. This is a proper, formal way of making your own Celtic symbol and is often adopted by people trying to be original in creating a symbol that best describes themselves.

Another way that is sometimes mentioned is to let the symbol come to you. Clear your mind and sit in silence, preferably at night as the energy is usually amplified at night. Then close your eyes and clear all thoughts. After a while, whatever symbols come to your mind will be your Celtic sigil. It is said that it works better if you have a pen and a paper to draw it out as you close your eyes. You don't feel to see to draw the symbol. It's all about the spiritual connection so your symbol will be even more original and real to nature if you don't look at it when you draw it out.

There are more than just one way to create your own Celtic sigil. Whatever you choose, you can always land on similar meanings with your symbols as they all represent you.

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Celtic sigils are fun and enhance your spiritual connection with nature and the world. Sigils don't have the same evil, witchcraft meaning associated with it anymore these days and are a fun way for you to get to know yourself better. You'd be surprised by how accurate this is. Share with your friends to see if your Celtic sigils match!



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