Everything About Your Spirit Animal, The Phoenix

What it means if you connect with this phenomenal magical bird

By Kazuko Otsuka
Everything About Your Spirit Animal, The Phoenix

What is a Phoenix?

Have you ever been bored to death and ended up taking random personality quizzes on the internet? Quizzes like “What does your favorite color say about you?” or “Which Harry Potter character are you?” If you’re this individual, then you’ve even probably taken a quiz guessing your spirit animal.

Hailing from Native American tradition, finding your spirit animal is similar to reading about your zodiac character traits. Having a specific spirit animal will tell a lot about yourself and how you act around others. Some common spirit animals are the butterfly, the spider, the crow, the owl, and the eagle. An uncommon spirit animal to have is the phoenix.

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In your lifetime, you can have several spirit animals. Stages in your life and different settings affect the spirit animal you have. When your spirit animal is the majestic phoenix, consider yourself lucky. In Ancient Greek folklore, this great bird is long-lived and known to regenerate or born again. The phoenix associates itself with the mighty sun and some accounts tell of this bird to live 500 years before being reborn.

Ancient and medieval literature paints the phoenix yielding a halo on its head. The halo puts emphasis on this bird’s connection with the sun. Cosmic cards of this large and beautiful bird are adorned with yellows, reds, and gold- the color of flames. Fast and clever, these birds are close to impossible to tame.

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Living for more than 500 years, this magnificent creature is worshiped and adored by many. Many truly believe it to be a child of the sun. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a spirit animal like the phoenix? Imagine telling your friends and family that this amazing creature is your spirit animal. It will definitely catch their attention.

How Do You Know Your Spirit Animal is a Phoenix?

Before finding out if your spirit animal is a phoenix, it’s good to first understand what are spirit animals. Spirit animals are actually a form of a spiritual guide. In Native American tradition, spiritual guides present themselves to those willing to see them. Some of these spiritual guides take on the persona of an animal. Each spirit animal holds a distinct quality that sets them apart from the other animal guides. Their role is to aid you in your journey through life by providing support and help any time they can.

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For example, having a butterfly as your animal guide is a symbol of transformation and development. If you have an owl as a guide, you have the ability to see what others miss out on and you're able to understand the deeper meaning of a situation. When your spirit animal is a phoenix, you are talented, courageous, and hold deep wisdom that many fall short on. You are mysterious just like how this being is able to be reborn and never truly die.

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How do you truly know if your spirit animal is the phoenix? Since your animal guide is the embodiment of your subconscious mind, you do not have a say on it. Your spirit animal must choose you. Here are some simple steps you can do to confirm your claim on the phoenix being your spirit animal.

1. Recall and journal your dreams

Dreaming is not just an avenue to fantasize about that cute guy you met at the store. Dreams are a gateway to your subconscious mind. It is through dreams that your mind is able to analyze complex emotions. A simple task you can do is to write down the recurring images and animals you see in your dreams. Pay attention to how many times each animal appears and remember what was happening with that certain animal.

If you’ve been seeing a phoenix more than once in your dreams, that is a very big sign that this beautiful bird is trying to tell you something or prepare you for something.

2. Make a list of your favorite animals

It has occurred more than once that many people’s spirit animals are actually an animal they are drawn to. It can be your favorite pet you had growing up or any animal you’ve always taken a liking to. It can even be an animal you crossed paths with growing up.

Of course, it’s not possible to have a phoenix as a pet in our day and age. However, if you’ve always been drawn to this mythical creature way before you even heard of spirit guides, maybe the phoenix was already trying to get your attention.

3. Meditate and Journey

Head to a quiet location where you can have a few moments of silence. Empty your thoughts and take deep breathes. If by this point, you are confident that your spirit animal is definitely the phoenix, take a few moments to acknowledge it. From here on, the phoenix will be your ally in life. It is a powerful ally that should not be taken for granted.

Now that you are confident that your spirit guide is this eternal bird, what now? Having a phoenix as your guide actually means a whole lot more than you can imagine. Here’s why.

What does a Phoenix represent?

The phoenix, a powerful creature of the sun, represents transformation, death, and rebirth. Its powerful fire is the ultimate symbol of strength. As mentioned in the paragraphs above, this magnificent creature is known to be immortal. It “dies” just like the sunsets each day only to be “reborn” the next morning. In this aspect, you can say that the phoenix never truly passes. It merely is reborn from its ashes.

Some other notable traits of the phoenix are its immense power, vivid imagination, balance, and hope. Being around a phoenix signifies an increase in overall balance in the world around you. For many centuries, the Chinese believe that the Phoenix is a spiritual messenger of development. The famous yin and yang symbol represents the energy of the Chinese phoenix. In this aspect, you can then say that the phoenix symbolizes the balance you need to attain in your life. Don’t let the dark side overpower your light.

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A phoenix represents renewal. It is a sign of new beginnings and joy in your life. Coming in contact with a phoenix is a good sign signaling change that is about to happen. In addition, a phoenix represents immortality. Let go of the baggage of your past and move towards the new phase in your life. You are immortal just like your spirit animal.


Wherever the phoenix goes, change is due to come.

What Does It Mean to You When You Connect with a Phoenix?

Are you at an all-time low in your life? Do you find yourself wanting to drop everything and give up? When life hits us hard, we are left vulnerable. During these hard times, you are in dire need of a spirit animal to guide you out of that dark chasm. This is where the phoenix comes to your rescue.

The phoenix appears before you to aid you through your difficult times. It is there to help you back on your feet. Channel your spirit animal when you feel that life is just repeatedly hitting you with bad news after another. Call on the phoenix when you are surrounded by hypocrites or you’ve lost your drive for life. The phoenix will appear and help you out of your difficult times.

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It is a gift to have the phoenix as your spirit animal. That rough patch you’re on won’t last forever. Though life has been catastrophic for you lately, the phoenix is here to get you out of it. Remember that your spirit animal can’t function alone; it will need your help. Work together with your spirit animal and embrace the new beginnings.