The Meaning Behind Dreams About Teeth Crumbling

Some dreams are pleasant while others are mortifying. One such mortifying dream is where your teeth are crumbling which apparently do have meaning behind them.

By Auntrone89
The Meaning Behind Dreams About Teeth Crumbling

Dreams of teeth crumbling and their actual meaning

It goes without saying that everyone has at least one weird experience when it comes to mortifying dreams. Also, most people have devised their own ways of interpreting or giving meaning to such terrifying dreams. But it doesn’t change the fact that some of these dreams will still be scary no matter how many times they happen. A fine example of such dreams is one that involves your teeth crumbling.

While some might have experienced dreadful dreams about losing teeth only once, others have openly admitted to experiencing dreams about losing their teeth over and over again. It’s therefore important to note that dreams about teeth, and especially those involving broken or crumbling teeth, have their own meanings. In addition to that, dreams involving crumbling teeth also happen differently, which means that each dream about crumbling teeth carries a totally different meaning.

It’s also important to note that interpretation of dreams in general – and not just those about crumbling teeth - can be a tricky state of affairs. Therefore, in the event that you can’t bring yourself to interpret the dream you just had about losing your teeth, then don’t shy away from seeking help especially from those with vast knowledge about the spiritual world.

You’ll also be required to remember the specific/intimate details about your “teeth crumbling” dream. This happens to be very important because of the simple fact that it’s the only way you’ll ever get to interpret dreams about your teeth crumbling correctly. Among those who can help you interpret dreams about your teeth falling/crumbling correctly include your pastor, your religious leader or your spiritual leader – depending on your faith.

Apart from seeking guidance from your spiritual leaders, it’s also important for you to make the time and learn how to decipher your own dreams. Without further ado, here are some possible meanings to dreams about broken/crumbling teeth as well as their possible scenarios:

1. Dreams involving your teeth being pulled instead of crumbling

When pulling is the means by which you’re losing teeth in your dreams, then there’re certain elements you’ll need to consider before reaching your conclusion. And for this to happen, you’ll first of all start by asking yourself a couple of questions. First, you should ask yourself about the direction to which your teeth were being pulled. The next question you need to ask yourself is how you felt when your teeth were being pulled.

Lastly, ask yourself if there were any people around when your teeth were being pulled. If so, then who were these people? Can you make out their faces? Once you’ve pieced intimate details about your “teeth dream” together, you’ll be required to look for its correlation to your waking life.

Thankfully, this should be as easy as the afternoon walk in the park especially if you have the details with you. You might be having dreams about your teeth being pulled off simply because there is something or someone in your waking life either pulling you back or causing you enough pain to stagnate you from any progress.

In some cases, the person pulling your teeth in your dreams is you. If that’s the case, then, by all means, find ways of protecting you from yourself. If someone else is pulling your teeth in your dreams, then it simply means that they’re trying to retrieve something of value from you. The same applies to everyone present at the time your teeth were being pulled in your dream.

And that’s why you’ll need to be very careful from the moment you start having dreams about your teeth being pulled. And the same should apply when you’re having a dream about rotting, crumbling or broken teeth as I shall talk about in a mo.

In summary, your first order of business after experiencing mortifying dreams about your teeth being pulled should be examining your waking life as carefully as you can and change your ways for the better. In some cases, the change you’ll be required to make will involve getting rid of some wayward friends because waywardness has an ungodly way of rubbings off on good people. 

2. Dreams about your teeth falling out instead of crumbling

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dreaming about your teeth falling out of your mouth, then be grateful because your subconscious is trying to forewarn you about some impending danger. More often than not, a dream about your teeth falling out simply means there’s something totally wrong in your waking life that you need to fix as soon as possible. Once again, a dream about your teeth falling out has a totally different meaning as the one involving your teeth either crumbling or getting broken.

To cut the long story short, a dream about your teeth falling out of your mouth simply means or points to the fact that you either feel inadequate or are afraid of looking stupid in your waking life. A dream about your teeth falling from your mouth can also point to your desperation in your quest to regain the power that you are currently losing. This might be in your relationship or your place of work.

In some cases, you might have the dream about your teeth falling out simply because you’ve become such a pathological liar in your waking life. In other words, your conscience is simply trying to tell you to stop with your excessive lying and for once do the right thing.

Therefore, the moment you start having repugnant dreams about your teeth falling out, then it simply means it's time or you to carry out some serious soul searching and change your ways. And once you’ve figured out the root cause of your recurring dreams about your teeth falling out, it would be a good idea for you to not only change your ways but also try living your life to the peak of your potential.

You’ll also be required to do all in your power to regain some self-confidence and that’ll include believing in yourself a little more. That’s the only way you’ll stop having dreams about your teeth falling out. And if you ever lied to anyone and ended up hurting them, then just man up – or woman up –, tell the truth and ask for their forgiveness. 

3. Dreams about teeth crumbling accompanied by death

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There are times where you’ll have dreams about someone either pulling your teeth off or your teeth rotting away. And on top of the horror, there’ll always be a death that follows shortly after. If this ever happens to you, then it means that your subconscious is trying to forewarn you about the possible death of a loved one.

Therefore, you should always pay close attention to the details lest you end up suffering a great deal courtesy of your obvious ignorance. A few people have come out to confirm that someone close to them died just about the same time they were having dreams about teeth and death.

Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be always the case as there’re some people who’ve had such dreams that dismissed them as being just that – dreams. And nothing happened. But in as much as different people interpret dreams about crumbling teeth differently, learning a thing or two about making informed decisions about seeking a fitting remedy to your nightmares wouldn’t hurt even a single bit.

Also, seeking to understand all of the interpretations of teeth crumbling dreams is equally important simply because one of them might end up coming true. Knowing the different possibilities is good because it makes you prepared at all times. In this case, praying for your loved ones as well as checking up on them would also be an incredible idea.

Just don’t be surprised when you find out that one of them is indeed suffering and you’re the only one who can help. In conclusion, learn to take dreams of crumbling teeth and death, and their ilk, with a pinch of salt because chances are that they might come to pass. 

4. Dreams about false/fake teeth

Sometimes you may have dreams about having false teeth instead of teeth crumbling from your mouth. When people get fake or false teeth in their waking lives, it simply means that their real teeth were broken and had to be replaced by fake ones. But when you have dreams about false teeth, especially if you still have your teeth in your waking life, then it simply means a totally different thing altogether.

Simply put, a dream about false teeth means that you’ve been dishonest in your recent encounters. Through your fake teeth dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you to either change your ways or suffer the consequences. The fake teeth dreams can also point to someone or people hurting in your waking life as a result of your lies or dishonesty in your waking life.

In other words, dreams about fake teeth are supposed to serve as a wakeup call. This means that you’ll be required to start making things right in your waking life and that includes asking for forgiveness from the people affected by your dishonesty and lies. Once you’ve done so, try developing a new habit especially one that involves telling the truth not once in a while but all the time.

I understand that sometimes telling the truth as is means harsh short-term consequences. But the good thing with telling the truth is that it will always set your conscience free which, needless to say, has a plethora of long-term benefits. In summary, a dream about fake teeth acts as a wakeup call that requires you to make some quick changes in your waking life. 

5. Dreams that have you spitting your teeth out

Whenever you have dreams of you spitting your teeth out especially without someone pulling them out, then your subconscious is simply forewarning you about something in your waking life. This “spitting your teeth out” dream simply means you are either becoming weak or complacent in your waking life. Therefore, you’ll be required to change as soon as possible in order to avoid your enemies sensing your weakness and exploit it.

Dreams about spitting your teeth out might also point to the possibility that our weaknesses are about to taint your self-image and by extension, how people in society view you. Therefore, you’ll be required to not only look for a lasting solution but to also find and fix the weak spot as soon as you possibly can.

In the event that you don’t really know the whatever is triggering the dreams that have you spitting your teeth out, then you should try asking those who are closest to you, to be honest about what they don’t like about you. The same should happen when you have dreams about rotting teeth or your teeth crumbling but don’t know what’s behind the dreams. Sometimes, you might be having dreams about spitting your teeth out simply because you’re about to have a very bad experience either in your job or in your relationship.

And this is why you should try your level best to find out whatever is behind these dreams and quell the situation as fast as you can. Remember, the earlier you find the root cause of your problems, the better your chances of fixing the problem will be before it grows well beyond your control. And if you need help fixing whatever problem you’re experiencing, then, by all means, do so. 

6. Dreams about crumbling teeth

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Dreams about crumbling or broken teeth can sometimes be as frightening as they are devastating. But just like every other dream involving teeth, these dreams always come with a lot of meaning. A general dream about losing teeth simply means you’ve done something in your waking life that is likely to affect your life negatively in the near future.

Losing teeth in your dreams can also act as a forewarning from your subconscious especially if something bad is about to happen to your waking life. Such dreams are therefore a wakeup call for you to take the necessary precautions where possible.

On the other hand, dreams about crumbling teeth, as opposed to dreams about losing your teeth either by pulling or rotting, points to your grave fear of something in your waking life. Such dreams are a testament of your subconscious expressing fear of either getting old or simply becoming the shadow of your former self.

Therefore, if this ever happens to you, then you’ll have no other choice but to find a way of accepting the outcome. People get old and irrelevant all the time and there’s absolutely nothing you and I can do about it. Thankfully, the moment you find a way to embrace and therefore accept the reality of things, your dreams about crumbling teeth will eventually disappear and with them, your fear.

7. Dreams about being toothless (instead of crumbling teeth)

Instead of dreaming about the usual rotting teeth or someone pulling your teeth out, you might have the unusual dreams where you are toothless. In some cases, you might even find yourself in a brawl attempting to fight off an overwhelmingly strong enemy but just can’t bite your way out of it. Such dreams often leave people feeling useless and discouraged.

And just like it’s the case with dreams about your teeth crumbling, dreams about being toothless are usually meant to frighten you into making the necessary changes in your waking life. Simply put, such dreams usually point to the fact that you have absolutely no power in a particular situation that’s either happening or about to happen in your waking life.

If you wish for these dreams to go away, then your first order of business should be summoning your inner strength and begin working on your self-esteem. Meaning that if your problem is the constant feeling of powerlessness especially in your waking life, then you’ll have to do all in your power to either attain or earn that power back. This is the only way you’ll ever get rid of the awful and demoralizing toothless dreams.

8. Dreams about crumbling teeth and bleeding gums

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Sometimes you might experience dreams about losing teeth, broken teeth, crumbling teeth or even dreams about someone pulling your teeth off. And as though all these dreams aren’t traumatizing enough, you might also experience excruciating pain as well as bleeding from your gums.

A dream about losing teeth often accompanied by either excruciating pain or excessive bleeding, or both, simply means that something in your waking life is about to get you hurt pretty bad. Therefore, if you want these dreams to go away, you’ll have to take the necessary precautions which will include finding proper ways of avoiding the disaster by any means necessary.

9. Recurring dreams about teeth and pain

As we’ve already established, different dreams about teeth, whether you’re losing teeth because of rotting, pulling, crumbling or your teeth are being broken for no reason at all, mean different things to different people/cultures. The same applies to the interpretation of recurring dreams about teeth especially when it is accompanied by pain or any other form of irritation.

In ancient Greece, recurring dreams about losing teeth painfully were usually a sign of pending ailment or death that might end up causing one a lot of pain and trauma. It’s, therefore, an incredible idea for one to take the necessary precautions to overcome future occurrences by taking the right precautions.

And if taking the right precaution means seeking assistance in your quest to avoid the warnings from your teeth dreams from coming to pass, then that’s exactly what you are supposed to do.

10. Dreams about crumbling teeth and mirrors


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Sometimes you’ll dream about your teeth crumbling instead of someone pulling them out. Even worse, these dreams might involve your teeth rotting off or being broken by someone else.

Whatever the scenario, if you ever notice a mirror placed right in front of you whenever you’re having any kind of dreams about your teeth, then it simply means you need to examine every step you took in your waking life through a thorough self-examination. The mirror, in this case, is simply showing you that the person responsible for all your pain and suffering is you.

Chances are that there is something you are doing in your waking life that is likely to contribute to your self-destruction in the near future. Again, if you’re having such mortifying dreams but can’t find the root cause, then it’s time to swallow your pride and ask for assistance.

Conclusion on dreams involving crumbling teeth

As I have repeatedly mentioned throughout this article, a dream about crumbling teeth is your subconscious’ way of forewarning you of pending danger in your waking life. You’ll, therefore, be required to pay close attention to the most trivial of details because they’ll most certainly come in handy when it’s time for interpretation.

One way of remembering these rather intimate details is by writing them down as soon as you’ve woken up from your terrifying dream. For the umpteenth time, even the seemingly trivial details - apart from the pulling, crumbling or rotting - matter if at all you want to interpret your dreams with pinpoint accuracy.

And once you’ve deciphered the root cause of your dreams, proceed with finding the best remedy for it. If you don’t know what to do, then, for the umpteenth time, ask for assistance from those who can help you! Feel free to contact your religious leaders - or traditional leaders if you are into that kind of thing. In other words, you'll be required to do all you can to quell the situation before it goes out of hand.