Aries Man Cancer Woman: Love, Sex & Relationship Compatibility

As we are all aware of, people belonging to different zodiac signs portray specific traits. Here the compatibility between an Aries​ man and a Cancer woman.

By Auntrone89
Aries Man Cancer Woman: Love, Sex & Relationship Compatibility

Is an Aries man - Cancer woman relationship possible?

Truth be told, a relationship between an Aries man and a Cancer woman can indeed be a tough one to maintain. Despite the obvious love existing between the two lovebirds, their plausible differences seemingly outweigh their similarities, which is not always a good thing as far as relationships go.

And for this very reason, their relationship is bound to crumble like a cracked cookie especially if they aren’t willing to find some sort of middle ground. The same applies to any other couples including a man and woman who happen to share the same zodiac sign. Every couple experiences certain difficulties especially in the initial stages of their relationship.

These difficulties are meant to teach them all about their partners and helping put their compatibility to test. If the couple manages to withstand all that pressure, then they’ll achieve that much-needed equilibrium in their relationship.

If they don’t weather the storm, then I’m afraid that even love won’t be enough to hold the relationship together, especially if it happens to be between an Aries man and a Cancer woman. And on that note, here’s what an Aries man and a Cancer woman in a relationship, or vice versa, need to pay attention to:

1. Trust in an Aries man - Cancer woman relationship

When an Aries man and a Cancer woman are dating, expect them to have some trust issues especially in the initial stages of their relationship. Trusting either each other or anything the other says will be an uphill task. It is important to note that this attribute has more to do with their Zodiac signs than their personalities.

The reason for the constant distrust is simply because the Cancer man who is always aloof in nature will highly likely view his Cancer woman as pushy and aggressive. The couple will definitely have an issue believing that the love between them genuine.

This is just one of the very many reasons why a relationship between an Aries man and a Cancer woman is likely to fail. But just because a relationship is difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. As long as both parties are willing to compromise as well as keep learning from each other, then achieving the much-needed equilibrium in their relationship is pretty much attainable.

2. Cancers and Aries are overtly emotional

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The one thing that unmistakably stands out like a sour thumb whenever a discussion between a Cancer woman and an Aries man pops up is none other than their steamy sex. This is usually the case because of their deep, mutual emotions. Unfortunately, this mutual characteristic, more often than not, comes back to bite them in their backsides because sensual people get hurt the most.

Therefore, it would be a good idea for the couple to embrace this reality and for that matter, take responsibility for each other’s emotions. By simply looking out for each other’s emotions, they’ll be in a position to protect each other from hurt which will, in turn, end up bringing them close together.

The couple can protect each other’s delicate emotions by strongly focusing on the good things while avoiding the bad by any means necessary. And that’s just one of the many ways the Aries man and his Cancer woman could use to become a tad closer. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how compatibility between an Aries man and his Cancer woman is achieved.

3. Unlike the Cancer woman, the Aries man is hyperactive

A wise man once said that the hardest worker in the room is definitely an Aries. He, more often than not, takes pride in focusing on physical activities such as running, hitting the gym or splitting wood, yeah you heard me right, splitting wood.

Unfortunately, his Cancer counterpart would rather sit out any activity that will result in sweating or heavy breathing. Son the contrary, she prefers chilling out during her free time because her favorite form exercise involves not lifting a finger – because lifting a finger is way too mainstream.

And such a comparison is what is likely to make the Aries man and his Cancer woman fight a lot and if not checked, might result in a break up in the long run. The Aries man will complain about seemingly being the only one doing all the work which may or may not include their steamy sexual contacts.

And that’s why such a drastic personality contrast, especially if not checked in time, can easily take a huge toll on their relationship. That’s why it is advisable for the Aries man and his Cancer woman to have a sit-down and talk about this as soon as the signs are plausible.

4. The Cancer woman is super chilled

Unlike her Aries man who’s always up and down getting just about everything handle, expect the exact opposite of his Cancer woman. She’ll always prefer slowing a little bit down and taking things as easy as they come. It’s in her nature to shun from any activity that reeks of even the slightest amount of hardship.

Instead, she will opt to rest even when she hasn’t done anything to justify the long stretches of rest she constantly keeps awarding herself. Unfortunately, this rather chilled-out persona is more likely to creep over to the point of affecting the couple’s sex life. It’s never unusual for her Aries man to always complain about her Cancer woman not doing enough in the bedroom.

Therefore, and as insinuated much earlier, it is important for any Aries man and his Cancer woman to talk about this issue before it graduates into becoming a thorn in their relationship’s side. Thankfully, if they happen to be truly in love with each other, then reaching a consensus shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

5. Both an Aries man and a Cancer woman act on impulse

The acting on impulse is most certainly because of the overwhelming emotions that both the Aries man and his Cancer woman experience from time to time. Therefore, for their relationship to thrive, the couple has to make it their life’s work not to agitate one other. If not, then any hopes of compatibility will be beyond their reach.

And at that point, not even love will be enough to stop the inevitable break up coming up on the horizon. For their relationship to work, both the Aries man and his Cancer woman need to learn how to discipline their emotions. Doing so is the only way to not act on impulse which, and if history is anything to go by, never quite ends well.

6. Seekers of stability

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Apart from having a seemingly insatiable affinity for good sex, this couple will always work tirelessly to attain stability in their relationship especially if they genuinely love each other. And because of this, the chances of their relationship working will definitely skyrocket.

As it is his nature, the Aries man will do his level best, work hard and make a life for his Cancer woman, who will, in turn, reward him with nothing but pure loyalty. This is because it is in the nature of any Cancer woman to seek comfort and… yeah, you guessed right - stability.

And thanks to her Aries man’s hyperactive nature, then they’ll definitely have a much better chance of having a successful relationship. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make the relationship successful. As earlier mentioned, there are a ton of seemingly harmless issues that are more than capable of crippling the relationship between an Aries man and his Cancer woman.

7. Leadership in the relationship

Since the Cancer woman is known for her affinity for a soft, comfortable life, she is highly like to love her Aries man because, well, he’s highly likely to provide her with exactly that. In addition to that, an Aries man’s love for adventure and generally any thrilling experiences are likely to make him want to take the lead most of the time.

And that’s where the problems will start knocking. As we’ve already established, the Cancer woman loves being comfortable, which makes her feel as though she is in charge. This might also be portrayed in the bedroom as the man will be doing all the work thinking he is in control.

At the same time, his woman will love being “served” like she is the boss. But the good thing is that this always results to their phenomenon sexual compatibility. In the end, as long as the Aries man keeps being cautious, dependable and sensitive to her feelings, then their relationship will highly likely succeed.

8. Lifelong loyalty and affection

A relationship between an Aries man and his Cancer woman can be difficult. But if they learn all there is to know about each other and cultivate their love, then they’ll definitely have a long, healthy relationship.

In summary, a relationship between an Aries man and his Cancer woman can survive a break up if they are both willing to work on it. And this can only happen if the Aries man and his Cancer woman have genuine love for each other.


As we’ve already established, an Aries man is much more different to his Cancer woman that they are similar. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a successful relationship altogether. At the end of the day, love triumphs all despite there being a catch as far as this very dictum goes.

And this catch has everything to do with a lot of compromising and communicating right before reaching the middle ground. Without reaching the middle ground, experience has shown that the relationship will almost always end up in a nasty break up.