Why Does My Cancer Man Ignore Me And How To Handle It

Knowing more about him may really help you in this situation

By Evelyn
Why Does My Cancer Man Ignore Me And How To Handle It

What Are The Characteristics Of Cancer men?

There's this guy you're pinning for but regardless of all the time you've spent together... you can't figure him out. He's just so full of contradictions and even though, you get frustrated sometimes, it also makes you want to decipher him. Is he by any chance a Cancer man? Yes, well then you're in for a treat once you get him out of his shell. 

Cancer men are the most emotionally sensitive of all the signs of the zodiac. This means that everything provokes an emotional response in them and this could prove hard for them because of the way they have been raised. They have been discouraged from feeling the way they do (continually), and that is why they have this protective shell around them. That's why your Cancer man is a contradiction, he doesn't want to feel all that he's feeling so he conceals it and that's why he seems hard and distant. That's just his outside persona because on the inside he's kind and gentle and a very affectionate man. 

Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, they're very moody and their personalities can change abruptly and their emotions are all over the place. To help you understand your Cancer man better here are some characteristics of his personality. 

Nurturing and Kind

Cancer men have very tender hearts. They are soft and loving and nurturing men especially with those they love. It's in their nature to protect and nurture those they love and they value home life above all else. On the other hand, they can be clingy, self-absorbed, and sometimes controlling.  

They long for "the good old days"

Cancer men are traditionalists, which is a great thing if you like courteous men with old-school manners. They could be consumed with longing and nostalgia for things of the past... which could turn something positive because it can inspire them to explore history and myths. It can also take a turn for the bad (if not channeled creatively) because they can become relics stuck in their past and very afraid of change and progress.

Sentimental and supportive

If you're looking for someone to listen to you openly, then a Cancer man is your guy. Cancer men are very reliable in this regard, they will not only listen to you but they'll support you giving you a confidence boost and some great advice. They'll never forget a special day like your birthday or anniversary. They have long memories and they hang to their memories, which also means that they never forget, especially if you hurt them.

Dependable and loyal

Cancer men are the most loyal ones, they are the best of friends and if you're kind to them, you'll have them as part of your life for years. If their family and friends need them, they're there to lend a helping hand. In a relationship, once they feel comfortable they can be the most romantic and gentle lovers. 

Is It Normal For A Cancer Man To Suddenly Distance Himself?

if you're thinking you now have a better handle on your Cancer man... think again. Everything is going fine, right? You guys are getting along marvelously but then all of a sudden he's not taking your calls or returning them and he's avoiding you. What happened?! You rake your brain looking for answers and you've examined all your interactions from the last few days... and still, you don't have an answer. Is this normal for a Cancer man? Why is he suddenly so distant? 

While this could be hurtful, don't assume the worst and overreact. There could be many reasons why your Cancer man is suddenly distant. you know he can be moody. Don't panic because actually a Cance man being distant is kind of a common thing. This is due to his character traits, he's shy and very sensitive. Remember that he puts on a tough shell to protect himself so he can seem distant and aloof. You can change this by gaining his trust. However, there can be other reasons why he's distant all of a sudden. 

He's not getting a sufficient amount of PDAs

Your Cancer man is the type of man that needs to be in a relationship where there's lots of love, meaning lots of PDAs (public displays of affection), lots of tickle fights, and lots of touchy feeling conversations. If he's not getting that from the relationship, he's going to suddenly become distant.

He's not sure of your feelings for him

Cancer men are extra sensitive and they pick on things that others don't  Your Cancer man is going to be looking for signs of your feeling for him, if he's not getting those vibes from you, he's going to get distant. You have to really go the extra mile to show him you care because otherwise, he's going to pull back.

He's angry

Cancer men don't do confrontation, they can't cope with it. So, if your Cancer man is suddenly distant it maybe because he's angry with you, either because you said something or did something he didn't like. The thing is that instead of going ahead a just telling you, he prefers to retract onto his shell and wait on your apology. 

He's feeling insecure

Cancer men have fragile egos so they don't reveal their vulnerable selves to just anyone. You Cancer man is insecure but instead of admitting it, he prefers to distance himself from you. He craves a relationship where he can feel secure and safe, if he's feeling threatened he'll pull away too. 

What Goes Into A Cancer Man's Mind If He Suddenly Ignores Me?

Since you are not a mind reader and it's kind of impossible to know for sure what goes through his mind when your Cancer man ignores you, you have to get creative and take into consideration his personality traits. This way you can get a glimpse of what he's thinking. Because of his personality traits you know that he's very bad with confrontations, he avoids them at all costs, he prefers to withdraw within himself and let you wonder what's going on. 

He's giving you the silent treatment or ignoring you because that's his defense mechanism when he feels emotionally threaten. Experts say that Cancer men are tacticians, they plan and they strategize. Your Cancer man has a very powerful mind within his protective shell or fortress and there are two things going through it. He's basically waiting for you to catch up and he's expecting that you either: 1) figure out what was it that you did or say that was wrong. Or 2) accuse him of overreacting by ignoring you since (for you) the reason was petty. 

What Are The Possible Reasons Why A Cancer Man Ignores Me?

Often, all the sensitivities that are part of your Cancer man's traits are the root of his aloofness and silent treatment. There are reasons that stem from his sensitivity nature, take a look, and consider them if you're suddenly ignored by him.

You've hurt his feelings

This is the biggest reason why he's ignoring you. You hurt his feelings and since he doesn't know how to handle it, he recoils ignoring you. He has no other way to deal with being hurt.

He thinks his feelings are not reciprocated

He may feel that he's more into you than you're into him, that you're taking him for granted. His not being good with confrontations, he chooses to distant himself and ignore you.

He's going through tough times (not with you)

He could be dealing with stress at work or someone else could have hurt his feelings and that is why he's ignoring you right now. Frustrating much? Yes, but that's how he deals with his emotions, open the communications channels to try to surmise the root of his troubles.

How Can I Get A Cancer Man To Talk To Me Again?

It's not going to be easy but it's doable you just have to follow some steps. Be prepare because your Cancer man will be tough to win back. He's been hurt (maybe inadvertently by you) so he's hesitant to risk his heart again. If you want him to talk to you again, keep reading.

Take responsibility for what went wrong

Don't justify what happened before, that's not what he wants to hear right now. Instead take responsibility for your part of what went wrong, he'll be more receptive to that. He'll see that as your willingness to make some changes and that'll make him want to talk to you again.

Be his friend

Since your Cancer man is extremely protective of his emotions, you need to gain his trust again. To do that you need to be his friend and just be there for him, don't rush anything or he'll retract into his shell again. 

Remember and nurture all the good memories

Your Cancer man has a long memory, he remembers everything (good and bad) so, once you're friends with him again constantly talk about all the good times you had together. This way he'll focus on what made you two happy together.

Show him how things could be different

That's what will seal the deal, you showing him that you can make some significant changes in your life to make the relationship work this time around. 

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You Cancer man is a total contradiction and it's kind of frustrating trying to have a relationship with him. The secret to handling him and all his emotions is knowing when to let him have his time to process what he's feeling and just being there for him for when he's ready to talk.