How Ringing In The Ears Is A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

Ringing in the ears is just a way of spirit guides to reach you

By Sid
How Ringing In The Ears Is A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

What Are Some Of The Signs Of Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual awakening refers to the awakening of a facet of existence beyond the boundaries of the ego (the ego is our sole sense of self, or “I”). This awakening is a result of our ego letting go and instead, a Higher Self or Spirit taking over us. There are many signs (or symptoms) that you can look out for that indicate that you’re experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening. These symptoms correspond to the small, but essential positive changes in your everyday behavior.


One of the most common symptoms includes a deeper sense of self or one’s emotional wellbeing. Think of it as feeling everything much more deeply, passionately, and genuinely than you ever did before. As you may have guessed, less resistance to feelings can make much more vulnerable. However, on the bright side, at least you get to experience each and everything, whether positive or negative, rather than running away from situations and feelings – in the end, one becomes a more genuine human being in general. Ringing in the ears is another common sign that may indicate that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening. Many people believe that ringing in the ears corresponds to messages being “downloaded” by angels or spirits from a higher realm. In more philosophical terms, it’s akin to one’s antennas being activated, allowing them to achieve a higher sense of spiritual awareness.


Whatever signs you may personally experience – our advice would be to embrace your powers and be patient – and just know that not everyone gets to experience spiritual awareness. Consider yourself blessed!

What is Clairaudience? What Are Clairaudient Messages?


Clairaudience refers to the possession of the psychic ability that allows one to receive information from their Higher Self – be that spirits in heaven or members of one’s spiritual team such as angels through hearing.


Clairaudient messages are gentle and subtle – it almost feels as if you’re thinking to yourself. One may hear sounds, words, or music in their head. These messages may have either literal or symbolic meaning. This may sound creepy but oftentimes, one may also hear words, music, or other sounds externally via their regular hearing and through what appears to be no source of the sounds.


Although it can be frightening and overwhelming to hear voices in your head (some may confuse this with mental disorders such as schizophrenia) however – we assure you that this is nothing like any mental disability this is more of a superpower rather than a disability. However, we do recommend visiting a professional just to ensure that you do not need any sort of special care (in case you feel as if the voices in your head are more negative than positive).

Where/Who Are Clairaudient Messages From?

Once you get a sense of your own Higher Self and are confident in analyzing the clairaudient messages themselves, you may be successful in identifying who the clairaudient messages are from. In a nutshell, most clairaudient messages are highly personal, sent from people (or spirits) that are personal friends or family members of the individual receiving the messages. These may include Spirit Guides, any loved one of yours that has passed away, or even your own Higher Self.


Clairaudient messages are typically received internally, through one’s inner ear, inside one’s head.  The reason for this is that spirits communicate telepathically, so the only way by which through spirits can reach out is through one’s subconscious.


Moreover, do keep in mind that clairaudience is a highly personal experience received from highly personal sources (as we mentioned before – such as loved ones who passed away or Spirit Guides). Thus, the messages they give you are for your good and are generally positive. These messages are delivered with the utmost affection through things that you enjoy doing (such as listening to music or songwriting). Thus, don’t ever feel intimidated or scared of your clairaudience messages or the sources they come from – instead, try to develop them and enhance your skills so that you may receive these messages more easily and with a deeper understanding of both their literal and figurative meanings.

How Do I Know If I Am Clairaudient?

Anyone can build up a habit of psychic hearing. You may identify yourself as a seeker of clairaudience if:

1. You have a love for music or are a gifted musician


If you play an instrument, write songs, etc., you’re likely clairaudient. A passion for music may make you feel connected to your Higher Self.

2. You learn greatest through an auditory network


If you prefer listening to audiobooks such as Lana Del Rey’s ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’ rather than purchase and read the paperback itself, you may be clairaudient.

3. You feel like inspirations or ideas flow through you


 If you feel like you’re prone to be inspired by certain people, events, places, or artworks – chances are you might be clairaudient. An example of such people is great thinkers, politicians, and poets who are often highly impressionable and are sensitive to their environs.

4. You are responsive to noise.


If you feel like you’re sensitive to too much noise i.e. it makes you feel exhausted or prickly – you may just be clairaudient.

5. You hear ringing in your ears

If you hear ringing in your ears, even though there is no medical explanation for you to be experiencing such a thing, chances are that spirits above are trying to communicate with you. 

How Do We Receive Clairaudient Messages?

One may receive clairaudient messages through a variety of means. Some of these methods may be through a more conscious infrastructure, while others may be through a subconscious channel.

For instance, you may generally have a flair for music i.e. while you write songs, you may feel like you’re writing on behalf of a loved one or are continuing their legacy. Another way one may receive clairaudient messages is by their instincts – if you feel like you’re sensitive to noise, you may be prone to receive clairaudient messages since sounds have a very deep connection with sounds and auditory devices.


Moreover, one might receive clairaudient messages while doing random tasks and everyday chores. For example, if you find yourself humming to a song you used to sing with your grandma while doing the laundry – chances are her spirit is trying to communicate with you. 

Can I Enhance or Develop This Ability?


Just like math, the only key in nailing and polishing your clairaudient skills is through a keen desire to perfect them and practice, practice, practice! First and foremost, you must practice alerting your hearing for it to become more sensitive. One can train themselves in becoming sensitive to hearing in the physical world, which will, in turn, help them pick up sounds easily in the Spirit world. 


We’ve worked out a method for you that you may use to test your hearing. It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is shut your eyes and take some deep breaths all-the-while having the intention to increase your psychic hearing. Next, relax your body and let your hearing be your assertive sense. Finally, gently delve into sounds that you don’t normally focus on. For example, the buzzing of the refrigerator or even your breathing. If one does this exercise for as little as 10 minutes each day, they’ll be on their way to developing a more refined sense of clairaudience.


Moreover, another way one may develop their clairaudient skills is by listening to classical music. Since classical music is entirely instrumental, it allows the mind to wander freely through each note. All you have to do is turn on a nice piece, close your eyes, and let your mind drift through time and space and back again.



In conclusion, it can be said that although clairaudience is a gift that is beneficial but challenging at the same time, it is to note that not everyone possesses such a unique trait and so if you feel like you have a flair for communicating with spirits, the only thing you should do is fully embrace your talents and positively use them!