Understanding Virgos: Are They Really Cold-Hearted?

Not showing a lot of emotions doesn’t mean Virgos don’t care.

By Sophia R
Understanding Virgos: Are They Really Cold-Hearted?

What Kind Of Persons Are Virgos?

Modesty, intelligence, and shyness are characteristics of this sign. Virgos tend to be meticulous, practical, and hardworking. They have the great analytical capacity and are reliable. They like a healthy life, to make lists, order, and hygiene.

A Virgo is a conservative and a perfectionist and tends to worry too much. Their meticulous side can lead the to be overly critical and harsh with others sometimes.

Virgos dislike dirt, clutter, danger, lazy people, and uncertainty.

Virgo, the only sign represented by a woman, is a sign characterized by its precision, its conventionality, its reserved attitude, and its eagerness, sometimes even obsession, with cleanliness. Virgos are often observers and patients. They can seem cold at times, and actually have a hard time making great friends.

The fact that many of their relationships with others turn out to be superficial is because Virgos are actually afraid of giving control to their feelings and they lack confidence in their emotions and opinions. They prefer to act with reservations and with a pleasant disposition.

They tend to be discreet, friendly, and fun with other people and they can help solve third-party problems with skill and good sense that they often lack in their own personal relationships.

Virgos have charm and dignity to such an extent that sometimes males can appear somewhat effeminate, even though they are not. They are methodical, studious, and like logic. They also like to learn and are capable of analyzing the most complicated situations. However, they are sometimes so meticulous that they delay the completion of complicated projects. They are very intuitive and are able to see all sides of an argument, which makes it difficult for them to reach firm conclusions.

How Do Virgos Act When Feeling A Lot Of Emotions?

If there is someone who is bad at expressing their emotions, it is a Virgo. This is not to say that they don't feel anything, of course. They have a sensitive heart but their mind seems to be much more rational. This prevents them from correctly understanding the flow of feelings that runs through them.

Likewise, it is difficult for them to manage and channel what they feel. This can produce anxiety and nervous breakdowns in a Virgo when they are cornered in the face of their confusion. As it is a very mental and pragmatic astrological sign, facing their heart is like facing chaos. And we already know that there is no worse hell for a Virgo than a disorder.

For the same reason, if you are in a relationship with this sign, you must be patient. The displays of affection will not be enthusiastic and energetic the first time. But if you wait a little longer, you will discover their hidden tenderness.

Are Virgos Really Cold-Hearted? What Does Being “Cold-Hearted” Mean When Talking About Virgos?


Depending on the characteristics of each sign, some tend to be much colder and more remote than others, costing them more work to socialize and maintain loving relationships.

If you insist on falling in love with a Virgo, go slowly, if you don't want to have the biggest and coldest "no" of your life. Virgo has interesting ideas and is quite rational. Understanding the emotional world is something that is very far from the needs of Virgos, whether they are men or women. They are usually averse to dramatic manifestations and are very sensitive.

Many of them do not indulge emotionally, seeking to maintain control over emotions. Therefore, they are often considered cold. In fact, many hate emotional and visceral manifestations. After all, the world has to turn in a correct way, like a Swiss watch, and emotions often do not fit in this internally organized world.

How are Virgos often misunderstood?

Virgo is a person with many charms, but also with many flaws. These flaws often make people misunderstand virgos and paint them as cold, not nice, and distant.

According to the horoscope, this sign of the zodiac is very perfectionist, the most of the whole zodiac. They often try hard so that everything is just as they had imagined it, but when it does not happen like that, they get very angry.

Virgo is altruistic and helpful, a bit negative, selfish and stingy, calm, committed? It is easy to get along with a Virgo even if at first glance they may not seem too nice. It is usual that, as you get to know them, you like them better because they are not as dry or as rough as they appeared.

This zodiac sign is, according to the horoscope, a practical person who always keeps their feet on the ground. They tend to cling to their convictions and prefer to make decisions with their head rather than guided by impulse. In fact, they think a lot about everything and before making a decision.

Virgo perfectionism can go from being a great virtue to a terrible defect that makes them a worse person. This zodiac sign becomes obsessed with fulfilling that perfect image that has been built into their head, which makes them go a little crazy. Sometimes Virgo takes forever to make a decision, but it is better to give then time because if you rush them they will get very angry. It's a bit spiteful and the last thing you want is to have a Virgo as your enemy.

Among all the signs of the earth element, Virgo is perhaps the least monotonous and dull. However, they are also more comfortable within the routine, so they will try to make their life have a very rigid structure, something that can stifle many other signs of the zodiac.

What Could Help You Predict A Virgo’s Feelings/Next Move?

Virgo natives are people with their own characteristics and a different way of seeing life from others. They are the most responsible and sincere people, but they can also be too hard-working and forget about really important things. Here is a little bit more about them to achieve the most stable relationships with them and predict their moves.

Virgos are detailed people and they like to be with other people who are like them. It is not that they give to receive, but they are also grateful to see that people around them want to surprise them and make them feel loved. Anyway, we must say that Virgos are people who also teach, so if we are not in this way, Virgos will have the patience to show us what they like and improve in our relationships.

Virgos are people who never forget a birthday or an important event and they love being with the family. But, it is also true that they are too responsible and, sometimes, they can let obligations or work intrude on their private life, causing them not to have the necessary time to be with their loved ones. Once again, we must say that Virgos have patience and know-how to recognize when others are right, so if we talk to them, they will surely improve in this regard.

If there is something that the natives of this sign do not like at all, it is the people who must live based on lies and those who do not trust them. Virgos are going to feel just as upset if we tell them a lie as if they know there's something inside of us and we don't tell them. And, Virgos are very intuitive people, so you cannot tell them that nothing is happening to us. They simply know it and there is no way to fool them.

Finally, we must also say that Virgos are people who like to order at home, so if we are very messy, we will have conflicts with them. It's not that they feel bad about doing housework, but they can't stand having to pick up what others leave in the middle. This is something to take into account because if they have to do it all, we can get into a situation of constant conflict. The best thing, in this case, is to dedicate ourselves to helping them when they are with the housework. With this, we will already have enough for them to feel supported and helped by us.

What Are The Other "Cold-Hearted" Signs Of The Zodiac?

Whenever we talk about the zodiac signs we want to know only the positive and good aspects that they have, but we must have the maturity to know and accept those negative things that also characterize us.

While some zodiac signs tend to be extremely romantic and sensitive, others seem to have a heart of ice due to their extreme difficulty in showing affection, love, and passion to their partner or that special someone. These are the coldest signs of the zodiac:


Practical and objective, Capricorns reject sentimentality and are rarely carried away by passionate and intense statements. They value their partner and emotions but may appear cold for knowing how to control the impulses of passion.


Aquarians like to keep their emotions in check and can also appear indifferent to their partner's excessive displays of passion. Understanding the Aquarian's more direct and less sensitive personality is the secret to guaranteeing a relationship without stress or frustration.


Geminis may seem indifferent, but the truth is that they are quite emotionally unpredictable and even too distracted to pick up on the obvious signs of love. They, in fact, are capable of challenging any partner or potential suitor.


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Now you pretty much know everything about people who are Virgo. This will help you understand them and have a better and stronger relationship, or if you are a Virgo, learn a little bit more about you and your zodiac sign. You have also learned why Virgos are said to be cold-hearted, and why it is not just as simple as that.  Their behaviors, expected reactions, emotions, and much more are some other things that you now know about this amazing sign. We hope you liked it!