Black Candle: Meaning And How Powerful It Is For Prayers

People believe when they burn candles, they bring some good things in their lives. Here is the meaning of black candles and their power in prayers.

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Black Candle: Meaning And How Powerful It Is For Prayers


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Lighting candles has been a spiritual practice since ancient times and every candle color has its meaning. Burning candles symbolizes the powerful light of faith and the candle you are using, be it black, white or any other color has a meaning and link to the angels. Angels are associated with light, and when serving people, angels rely on different colors of light rays and so when you are about to make a prayer, you need to know to be aware what your prayer will be about and choose the relevant candle. If you want to get rid of negativity around you, you can use the black candle. It’s inappropriate to use black candles to manipulate other people’s free will. That will be witchcraft and not a prayer. The sole goal of a candle prayer is to change your situation to better. It doesn’t matter what you are feeling against someone else or how complicated your emotions are. When you try to twist someone’s feelings, it results in a negative karma that will affect you. You should burn black candles and cast a prayer against your misfortunes, but not encroaching on someone’s choices.

What Is The Meaning Of Black Candles?

Black candles are said to have different meanings, depending on the user’s belief. According to some sources, black candles are multi-purpose in performing Satanic rituals. Black candles are used to incite destruction of enemies and even discord or confuse them. Moreover, black candles are used for negative binding forces, breaking up obstacles and blocks, and also for protection. The uses of the black candles in dark magic are not limited. The black candle can still be used to either reverse or break up negative thought forms. The candle conceals, absorbs, creates confusion, chaos, helps to obtain knowledge and introduces new begins. Black is said to be a powerful color in astrology and magic, and a candle of such color influences self-control, patience, and endurance, as also the money you earn. Spells using black candles require the root chakra to work. It’s good to refrain from magic, and you might think that a black candle is associated with magic spells alone. Not really! A black candle has a religious purpose also. That’s what the article is about. People have been made to imagine the meaning of black candles is associated with black magic and dark religious practices. Black as a color has both negative and positive meanings and it is the same to all candle colors. A black candle can be associated with power, formality and sophistication or even fear, evil and mystery. You can burn a black candle when you intend to clear the air. For instance, in religion, people wear black and also burn black candles to mourn a loved one or a friend who passed on. You can light a black candle and pray about something painful you are feeling in your heart. Also, a black candle can help you prepare for deep meditation and focus your thoughts.

You Shouldn’t Burn Black Candles Alone

Depending on your situation, you should burn a black candle alongside another candle. This will help you get rid of the negative energy and replace it with the energy you were praying for. Different candles have different meanings and strengths that they produce, depending on what you want, even if it is money or love. First, let’s discuss the meaning of the other candles, and what they do when you light either of them with a black candle.

Candle Colors That Can Be Used With Black

1. White Candles

White candles have their meaning. They are used for cleansing, purity, and innocence. They are the most common candles and can be seen in churches as a religious symbol. White candles represent all the colors of the rainbow as a neutral color. When you burn white and black candles at once and pray, they will help bar away any negativity. Moreover, if you have something that was bothering you, be it a health issue, financial or a violent partner, the black candle will help you overcome your fear as the white candle purifies the negative energy.

2. Yellow Candles

You are perhaps wondering what the meaning of a yellow candle is. Like I said, every candle has its own meaning and the yellow ones are meant to help you pass exams, be intellect and intelligent. The yellow energy rules the logical side of the mind. Based on its meaning, black candles can also be helping you to overcome some depression. When you burn both yellow and black candles, it heals, and improves your memory as well as stimulating your mind. So, if you want to overcome your depression, you know what to do before praying.

3. Blue Candles

The blue candles have their meanings and roles. The candles are used in meditation, summoning the angels, obtaining the truth and for healing. They also help you achieve wisdom and spiritual protection. When you use both black and blue candles, their meanings are merged to work for you. Before praying, light these two candles and ask God to remove the sorrow in you and protect you from harm. God answers prayers, but when if you believe in the effect of candles and their meanings, these two candles will surely make a change.

4. Brown Candles

Brown candles have their meanings also. They are used to communicate with nature angels and influence the energy of neutrality, solidity, and practicality. When you use brown and black candles, their meanings are merged when you light both and pray. If there is something that is not working out and things aren’t going the way you want them to, light both candles and pray. God will answer your prayers.

5. Green Candles

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Green candles have a meaning in growth, like the green in plants. They symbolize fertility, beginnings, success, healing, and influence generosity. As we said, the meaning of black candles is to overcome any negative energy or misfortunes. So, when you use both green and black candles, their meanings are tied together, like overcoming the misfortune of not being successful, and not healing. Make a prayer every time you feel like you want to change your life for better and light these two candles.

6. Orange Candles

The orange candles have a different meaning from other candles and they are more sexual directed. Orange candles are a meaning of sexual stimulation, energy and attraction. You might be going through some bad luck with your partner and the meaning of black candles in our lives is to curse off such misfortunes. So, when you use both candles, their meanings merge into candles influence your looks and sexual appearance. If you want your partner to view you passionately, an orange and black candle and a prayer might help.

7. Red Candles

Red candles have their own meaning as far as candle colors are concerned. The candles have a meaning of energy, passion, self-confidence and courage. Many people think that red candles are symbols of passion only. When it comes to praying, they have a different meaning; when they are merged with black candles, their meaning changes. They both help to overcome the feeling of not believing in yourself and find the power to rise and be yourself. You just need to light both candles, because candles should be lit when you are praying.

8. Purple/Violet Candles

This kind of candle has its meaning as well. They are said to have a meaning in bringing wisdom, business success, and increase influence for people in power. Well, if you are a God-fearing politician and you haven’t been so successful in convincing your community it might be bad luck that you need to pray about. The black candle has its meaning as a symbol of cursing out bad luck and when you light both purple and black candles, their meaning change into symbols that jointly curse the bad luck and bring in some positive energy for you to be successful. It just requires a prayer to finalize your wish.

How Powerful Are Black Candles In Prayers?

It depends if whether you have used the candle yourself, but if you want to hear about other people’s experience, well there are many opinions on the internet, but most seem to be positive. Some people said that when they burned the black candle alone and prayed, nothing really happened and that’s why it’s recommended to not light a black candle alone. A black candle is only used alone by Satanists or witches, and since you are a religious person, you need to do it in the right manner. So, people who burned black candles with other candles said that they achieved what they wanted to have. Some politicians got the power they wanted, business people who are making more money now, some people fell in love, and other things happened after the prayed while their black candles were lit. It’s just a matter of believing. God is fair, and he gives us everything we want, but we have to be patient. So, whether you light a candle or not and still recite a prayer and tell God what you want, he will bless you with it in a time he feels appropriate. But the question is how powerful the black candle is. It’s not powerful than your faith, so if you believe it will work, it will. For instance, all Catholic churches always have some white candles burning. According to the church’s beliefs, a burning candle signifies the light in the Word of God. All Catholics have a connection to those candles and can admit the fact that they are part of their spiritual lives. When you gaze at the fire on top of the candle, it picks you emotionally in a slow trance-like fashion and let you get lost spiritually. That’s the time you can connect with God and tell Him what your problems are. That’s when you can also call the angels down to come and help you overcome your situation. If you light a black candle with another candle, considering what you are praying for, be it money or power, your prayer will be answered, or God might give you something better. It will be right to say the candles were powerful. So yes, black candles can be extremely powerful in prayers depending on your faith.

The Final Meaning

To wind this up, you ought to know that by not using the right candles won’t affect anything, and don’t be convinced that black candles are associated with black magic, they are associated to what you believe and no candle is inappropriate to use. If you need to light a black candle, you can dress it with some oil if you want to, but consider lighting the second candle of a different color so that it doesn’t look like you are performing witchcraft by some people.