10 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack & How To Overcome It

Spiritual attacks are real. Doubt them at your own peril. But there's no cause for alarm for a true child of God because there's power to overcome.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
10 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack & How To Overcome It

The Reality Of Spiritual Attacks

There are lots of happenings in our world today that one cannot easily explain, not even with all the sophistication that modernity affords. We still find ourselves grappling with the reality of unseen powers constantly interfacing with the seen world most times in a very destructive way. Don't be deceived by some religionists and philosophers who may want to persuade you into believing that there is no Satan or demons. The existence of Satan and his minors are as sure as the probability that the day would break tomorrow. The fact that you can't see them does not mean they don't exist. The scripture is full of passages telling us there is a cosmic battle going on between the forces of good and evil. For instance, in Ephesians 6:12, we're told that "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." This passage alone tells us that every Christian is involved in a struggle with unseen but powerfully wicked forces. From time to time, these forces which are also known as demons launch attacks on individuals who are not in their ranks. To, therefore, hold the view that they don't exist is to among other things deny God's word and endanger one's life. Satan loves it so when people deny his existence or equate him to their schoolmates for by so doing, he can better wreak his havoc with great spoil.

How To Know You Are Under Spiritual Attack?

If you are under a spiritual attack, there are some signs that you will begin to notice. Because it is a spiritual attack, most of these signs would also be spiritual. As the Bible has rightly noted, spiritual things are spiritually decerned. Each sign discussed below is sufficient for you to draw your inference especially when it has become recurrent. So, let's briefly consider them.

1. You Constantly Have Nightmares

Ever experienced this?? Minds awake, body's completely paralysed unable to move and feel a presence hovering over your body? Science will call it "sleep paralysis" but they can't even explain why we experience such an evil presence when this happens. They'll say your mind is just "hallucinating" because it's freaking out. Don't be deceived. If it's a hallucination why is it always such an evil presence we feel, why not peaceful? This is an attack from the devil. I used to experience this all the time. I've heard audible screams in my ear and felt hands wrapped around my throat. Yet I was the only person in the room. Explain that ?? This tried to attack me the other night and as soon as I was aware this was happening I immediately called on the name of Jesus (in my head of course I couldn't talk and I knew the demon knew what I was saying in my mind) and it left within seconds. The bible tells us demons TREMBLE at the name. James 2:19 Id like to see science explain how this so called "hallucination" goes away as soon as we call on the name of Jesus ?? The spiritual realm is so real!! Next time this happens to you call on the name of Jesus and the demons will flee 💯#jesus #jesuschristislord #demons #spiritualattack #christianity #science #sleepparalysis #sciencecantexplain #evil #nightmares #nightterror #thereisnoothername #saviour #truth #stpatricksday

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God gives His beloved sleep so the Bible says (Psalm 127:2) but when you realize your sleep brings more of fear than rest, don't take it for granted, the enemy of our soul, Satan himself may just be at work. Don't get it wrong, not all nightmares are attributable to spiritual attack and that's why you need to watch out for its consistency. If you've had a very hectic day or you're psychologically unstable before sleeping, you could have nightmares. But, if that's not the case and in your dream, you see strange things and objects running after you to terminate your life, or maybe you're constantly having sex with an unknown being, please brace up! Something more than just a dream is happening.

2. You Keep Failing Woefully At What You're Good At

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It may not be a strange phenomenon seeing experts sometimes fail at the things they've consistently done well in the past, yet this is just once in a blue moon. It doesn't happen every now and then. With a spiritual attack, you will just find yourself stuck and helpless even with things you're very good at. If it's business, you just find yourself not making headway, if it's your marriage, you'll just discover things are consistently falling apart. No amount of trial would make a difference if a spiritual attack is what you're witnessing. Unfortunately, instead of many retracing their steps spiritually, they keep applying academic principles.

3. There Is Manifest Spiritual Apathy From Your Side

One of the first signs you should be aware of to know if you are under a spiritual attack is when you start to lose your spiritual desires. Its when you start to lose your excitement and joy on reading His Word, coming to church, or even serving in ministries. When you start to feel as if everything you do for Him is becoming an obligation. As simple as it sounds like, this is when people start to stop working and walking on their faith journey which draws many Christians apart from God as they start relationship with Him. Today, let's check our hearts and our faith walk. Don't let the enemy trick you. Have a great week, everybody! #faithbridgegta #faith #hope #love #spiritualattack #signs #desires #faithwalk #relationship #jesus #monday #ministry #worship

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The very moment you begin to have a strong (or even subtle) distaste for spiritual things such as prayer, church attendance, and even a close communion with God through the studying of His word, there's no doubt demons are at work. The powers of darkness cannot withstand a child of God committed to Him and so, in most cases, the first attack they launch on any Christian is to sever their relationship with God. Once that harmonious relationship is no longer there, then they can deal with such one with no restraint. Truth be told, it is not out of your ordinary making that you didn't just want to read your Bible or listen to God's word or even attend services, something greater than you want to take over your life and as such, I'll say again that you brace up!

4. You No Longer Know Peace

In the spiritual sense, peace is not necessarily the absence of war or challenges. There are people who though are having difficult times in life, can with Horatio G. Spafford say "It is well with my soul." It is God that gives one peace and not what happens on the outside of us. So, when you are not physically in a battle or challenge and yet you discover you don't have this divine peace of mind, you're most likely being spiritually attacked.

5. You're Under Spiritual Attack When You Suddenly Lose Your Sense Of Purpose

The devil himself is a vagabond and he longs to make each of his subjects spiritually aimless. It is God's wish and plans that everyone should have a purpose in life, that is, something we live for. Can you just imagine a company existing without a purpose? That's what you will turn into when you are under a spiritual attack. You just wake up each day with no specific target. Even if you've once had something you are known for, with a spiritual attack, you will suddenly abandon it for no concrete reason.

6. You Become Easily Tired

Attacks, whether physical or spiritual, are usually a challenge to a person's energy store. In this case, since it's spiritual, your spiritual energy too would be depleted. The result will now be a frequent weariness which you may find really hard to explain. As it goes, everything that happens in the spiritual realm has a way it reflects in the physical. This is because the spiritual realm controls the physical. So, if your spiritual energy has been depleted because of extended battles, you may constantly find yourself getting tired in the physical realm too.

7. Your Marriage Is In Shambles

You don't need an oracle to tell you the evil forces are at work when your family which once have been a heaven on earth suddenly turns a hell. Marriage is an institution demon love to attack. Their target on marriage is predicated on the fact that if things go wrong at that level, nothing can be right again at every other level. Of course, not every marital issue is a direct result of a spiritual attack, many are self-inflicted. But most of the homes that suddenly break down today are not unconnected with satanic influences.

8. Unwarranted Doubts

If you find yourself doubting most things you've once held sacrosanct, especially God's word, you're definitely under a spiritual attack. The Spirit of God leads God's children to reverence and not to doubt His word. Those who question plain biblical teachings and even the existence of God are already deluded by Satan. In the face of the overwhelming evidence of God's supremacy and validity of His word, nothing else than a spiritual attack can explain a person's doubt of them.

9. You Fear

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Fear is of the devil. Exhibiting fear takes away your attention from God and focuses it on your challenges. And what more does any spiritual attack wants to achieve? Of course, it is normal to be afraid if and when we're faced with frightening circumstances like a terrible dream, accidents, loss and the likes. Our hearts may appear fainting when first greeted with a bad news but to live in that fearful experience can only be a result of a spiritual attack.

10. You Constantly Fall Into Temptations

You must have heard of revered men of God being caught up in one moral issue or the other and perhaps you might have thought it was premeditated. This may not be true. Most times, it's as a result of them giving way to the devil to overcome them in an attack. You can also experience such. That habit you have been struggling with for a while now and you have been unable to let go of can be a spiritual attack. You just realize that you cannot stop womanizing or alcohol intake despite your willingness to. It's time to find a way out.

How To Overcome Spiritual Attacks

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You may not be able to prevent a spiritual attack from coming your way but by the grace of God, you can always overcome when you are faced with it. The power to overcome lies in a close relationship with God and living a right Christian life. There is no way the power of darkness can overcome anyone under the shadow of the Almighty. The word of God says that God's angels surround those who fear Him (Psalm 34:7). But to be protected by God always, you need to have a relationship with Him. That relationship is the antidote to spiritual attacks. Find below how you can establish a cordial relationship with God so you can overcome any spiritual attack.

1. Pray Without Ceasing

Let's be blunt here, there's no way you can overcome a spiritual attack as a Christian without prayer. The powers that are waging war against you are greater than you and unless you get a divine aid, you would be overcome by them. Prayer is a way we call for help. Prayer gives God the basis to intervene in our affairs. It is true He's all-knowing and all-powerful but He doesn't meddle anyhow in our affairs unless we so invite Him. It is only as you live a life of constant prayer that you can hope to defeat Satan and his host that come to attack you. When you pray, the kingdom of darkness shakes. They cannot withstand you! Pray and stop complaining.

2. Fear Not

I was watching Dr. @pastorkynan on @sidrothtv on YouTube and these words rang in my spirit so I had to share them. "You cannot take authority over what you fear." -Dr. Kynan Bridges That is so true! Ever heard of a fearful conqueror? No, of course not. We need to submit ourselves to God so the power of Heaven will be unleashed. We need to submit to the Lord to conquer our fear, to overcome our limitations and to defeat Satan! 👊👊👊 Take a knee and submit to God's power. To learn more about Dr. Bridges teaching on Kingdom Authority, he has a downloadable lesson and book on his website. http://www.kynanbridges.com #sidroth #itssupernatural #kynanbridges #kingdomauthority #kingdomminded #spiritualattack #spiritualwarfare #trustgod #submittogod #prayerwarrior #blessed #favor #godminded #christisking #shesnotconformed #donotconformtothisworld #notofthisworld #godisonthemove

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Whether you've just had a terrifying dream or you have just experienced a loss in business or whatever form the attack comes, choose not to fear. Fear is a choice! When you fortify yourself with enough word of God, you have everything to be bold and stand up to Satan. The one behind the attack would fear when he sees that you do not exhibit fear. He knows there's something behind your courage and would, therefore, flee if you stand up to him. The Bible contains about 365 Fear Not's and that means there's one for each day. God's children are not to fear regardless of Satan's threat.

3. Confess Positively

There's power in positive confessions. When faced with any challenge, if you would order your tongue aright, victory may just have begun from there. Quote scriptures whether you're on the road or even in your dream while you sleep. Recount to yourself the wonderful promises of God especially those having to do with His promised protection. Those who would overcome the dragon (Satan) at last would do so "By the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony" (Revelation 12:11).

In Conclusion

There is indeed a being called Satan and His deeds are mostly detrimental to humans. But he's no match for a true child of God. When he comes with his attack, if you would seek God's face in earnest prayer and hold true to His word, Satan would fall flat at your feet with all his wiles.