15 Ways To Tell And Develop Your Spiritual Power

Every person has their own Spiritual Power and in developing that authenticity they unlock the meaning of life and make this world a better home for all.

By Fatima Zia
15 Ways To Tell And Develop Your Spiritual Power

What is your Spiritual Power?

Spiritual Power is being undeniably yourself. Every single individual is put in this world for a purpose. Every person has a different path they must cultivate in order to awaken the true meaning of themselves. The best way of living life is to gain an understanding of why we are here in the first place. We have to first unlock what our true power is before we develop that power into something beneficial.

Spiritual Power of Judgement

The power of judgment is making decisions that will develop you and the world around you into the best light. The power of judgment is no easy task to gain. From the moment we wake to the moment our heads hit the pillow; we are bombarded with a plethora of decisions that will decide our persona and how we view the world. Which outfit should I wear to work today? Should I hold the elevator door for the man running down the hall? We are confronted with this spiritual power so often during the day, we forget its essence. Every person makes decisions but not everyone can make sound judgment that will bring permanent happiness rather than temporary joy just like if we take the wrong medication- it could still help in the immediate but long term, it will have serious side effects. Developing the power of Judgment takes understanding, patience and seeking the right type of help.

Develop Your Spiritual Judgment

Cultivating the power of judgment is something that has to be nourished by the mind, body, and heart on a daily basis. The tricky part is getting these three guys to fall in line with one another. The problem is not making sound decisions happiness when we embrace hastiness. We are so quick to want to move to the next thing on our massive to-do-lists; we do not give ourselves the time to reflect on the decisions we make. Our society does not believe in being still but sometimes the best decisions require that stillness of our mind and body. Not sure if work is still something you are passionate about? Your boyfriend is just not giving you what you need? Take a night off from your man to unwind and really gain an understanding of what parts of your relationship are not working and if it worth continuing. As for work, sometimes we need to reflect on not just the job itself but even the money aspect. Often times females get paid less than they are owed and only by being still do we come to that realization. Unfortunately, money does run the world and we have to know our time is worth more. Sound judgment is something that can only be achieved when we are also getting everything we need. If you are not making enough money at work, your judgment will be clouded because you are worried about finances. If you are not getting enough sleep, your decision-making skills will be impaired. Even though gaining sound judgment takes patience it is just as crucial to take time to yourself in order to nourish this power.

Spiritual Power of Healing

Spiritual Power of Healing is being able to understand what others need as well as your own self in order to promote harmony. There are people in this world whose presence alone is like medication for the world. It is the person who is at the forefront of every charity. It is the person who offers shelter to the starving homeless person. It is the person who takes in an argument in silence for the fear of saying something he/she will regret. You have to be willing to see the broken and ugly parts of the world with open eyes in order to help it. A good portion of this power is also self-healing. You can donate money to countless charities and still never achieve the power of healing because you yourself are the one who is broken inside. Many of us have fallen victim to hiding our insecurities, flaws, and perhaps the ugliness that lies within. You have to open up those wounds in order to really heal. Just acknowledging your shortcomings is is step one in getting the right type of medication for our healing process. Take the time to really find the meaning of what happiness means to yourself and pursue it. Only then will you be able to extend that true happiness to another individual.

Develop Your Spiritual Healing

Gaining the power of spiritual healing is an art. Becoming self-aware is a key component of healing. You have to understand your own desires and needs and only then can you help others. If you had a long week, sometimes taking a day to pamper yourself is the best medication for the soul. Spending a little money on yourself promotes self-healing and you should not feel bad about it. Go get that mani-pedi or that massage after a long day of work. Often times, we want to help others, but if we are suffering the help we give others is often misplaced. How many times have we given our girlfriends advice about their relationships but we are unhappy with our own? Sometimes that advice is misplaced and blurry because really we are addressing our own issues and projecting it on their relationship. Once you learn to put your needs as a priority; then your mind will be more at peace to understand what other people need. Happy people are the ones who can truly change the world. Happy people also tend to be more stable and healthy and that brings harmony to their environment. A person who has taken care of themselves will be more willing to look after another because their own needs are fulfilled. So go forth and heal yourself so you can heal the ones around you.

Spiritual Power of Compassion

Compassion is the most beautiful form of spiritual power there is. It is the ability to bring light back to lost individuals. Compassion and healing are sister powers and go hand in hand. In order to heal, you must exuberate compassion. A compassionate person only seeks to help and never adds blame to the person in trouble. You have to be willing to see another person’s struggle and their perspective. Many of us all have those friends who tend to get lost in their relationships and have gone a bit MIA. Instead of getting upset at them, we should show compassion and understand that juggling a relationship as well as life’s other obstacles can be overwhelming. We have all been there; instead, we should just let our friends know we are always here for them. There will also be people who do not agree with your choices but do not argue with these people; instead, try and understand their perspective. Compassionate people do not have to agree with their critics but they do have to understand them. You should be able to see all sides and then justify your own view in a loving manner. Compassionate people are bright orbs of sunshine that only seek to win smiles.

Gain the Spiritual Power of Compassion

Compassion is an innate quality instilled in us from childhood but like any quality; it must be nurtured. It is easy to be compassionate toward the people we love; it only gets tricker to exhibit that same compassion toward someone we may not always see eye to eye with. Many of us have siblings who make choices that we do not agree with on the daily. The biggest challenge is that we tend to make them feel bad about their choices without trying to see their point of view. How many times do our sisters come home with a boy that we do not think is good enough for her, and how many of those times do we actually try and get to know him before making a snap judgment? A big part of learning compassion is remembering our own past mistakes and staying humble. All of us have made more than a few mistakes up until now but those same mistakes are what have shaped our lives. Also, there are times where many people thought we were making mistakes but it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Hold on to those memories and allow the others around you to experience that. You can give people advice but do it in a manner that is not hurtful. Never give someone advice in front of a crowd because that will instill a feeling of shame and unworthiness in that person. When giving the advice, use gentle language and let that person know you will always be there for them. A tangible way to demonstrate compassion is by donating money to programs that help build broken systems. So many kids are put into foster homes that break them down and do nothing to help understand their needs. True compassion has to be fostered and only seek to help others without making them feel bad.

Spiritual Power of Optimism

The spiritual power of optimism is one that very few possess. Optimism is the ability to view any situation in the best possible light. No matter how dark things get, you must find that one ray of light and climb through the ditches of darkness. Life gets hard and we have all had those days where we want to snuggle in bed and forget about living that day. Getting through those hardest moments are what is going to make us invincible. An optimistic person will take a bad situation and find some good from it. You got stuck in traffic and had to find a different way to work; maybe you were saved from a car accident. You just got fired from a job; perhaps it gives you the time to really focus on doing those crafts you love so much and that could lead to your own business where you make enough money to be your own boss. Finding the good is no easy task but it will make this journey of life more rewarding. The other part of this spiritual power involves how you perceive other people. An optimistic person seeks the good in everyone. There is a lot of good in most people but we fail to see it. Our own insecurities and flaws mask our abilities to look past the surface. Everyone is going through their own battles and doing the best they can do. Often times anger and meanness exuded from a person is just them simply calling for help. You have to be willing to hear the whispers of despair with open ears and a sincere heart. A person that has the spiritual power of optimism will have the tools to help this person by looking at only the good this person can offer.Your mission in life is to spread joy and seek smiles from sad minds.

In a dark, dark wood 🌲 I managed to find the light at the end of the tunnel 🙏

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Develop your Spiritual Optimism

Cultivating this power involves training the mind to see good no matter how impossible things seem to get. Praying and meditation can clear your mind and allow hopeful, positive thoughts to emerge. We have address our flaws in order to cultivate them into something that is valuable. Any failures we have during the day, should not cause us to give up but give us the opportunity to try again. We have all had those moments where we failed a test or disappointed our bosses; instead of beating ourselves up about it. We should take all that energy and motivate ourselves to either study more or ask others for help. Sometimes failures open our eyes to our true meaning of what we should doing. Sometimes the jobs we have become so accustomed are no longer beneficial to our path. People change and in doing so failures will come. If we look at these moments as opportunities disguised as failures our outlook on life will be more joyful.

To bring joy to others, you have to be able to bring happiness to yourself first. Focus on doing things that you enjoy even if you are not an expert at it. Sing off key, dance like no one is watching, color outside the lines. Life is already too serious, so take moments to laugh and just ease up. In order to see the good in people, we must understand that people will make mistakes. We do not know what another person is going through. Our husbands might come home really upset and snap at us. They might be having money issues but do not want us to worry so they internalize it. No one can be a ball of sunshine all the time. Sometimes our children will break our favorite antiques even though we told them a thousand times to be careful. Before we get angry; we should stop and see the remorse in their eyes. People are full of goodness, we just have to stay still long enough to see it.

Spiritual Power of Respect.

The power of respect is having the ability to have deep admiration for your self-worth as well as for other people.The true cusp of this spiritual power is also to be able to really understand the meaning of life for yourself and respect it Once you are able to find admiration for your own life and its meaning; then you will gain that inner peace we all crave. We go about our days doing innumerable things without realizing our own strength especially when it comes to mothers. Mothers are the superheroes that were put on Earth. They manage to get up before everyone, cook breakfast, get the kids ready for school, drop them to school, cook, clean, etc…. And then at night they get up a few times to feed the newborn. We have to take time and reflect on our inner strength because only a strong individual can get through all of life’s obstacles. It is easy to respect others but respecting our own self is where the true battle lies. Once we are able to see the integrity, then we will be able to see the light in others. The truth is until we accept the good within, we will only seek to see the bad in others because it gives us a sense of worth. Misery loves company. When we have cleared all the self-hate from our hearts; we make room to let the light shine through and see past people’s facades. People tend to hide their good and true parts because most of the time showing the world that you care opens them up for vulnerability. Someone who has this power will see past the surface and into the soul of people and their innate goodness.

Gain the Power of Respect

This spiritual power is one of the hardest powers to master. Perseverance and a lot of heart will go into developing this type of respect. All of us have a sense of respect because that value is usually instilled in us during childhood. In order to capture the essence of this power, we have to understand that it goes much deeper than respecting our elders. This type of respect is about self-worth and seeing the value in all creation. To really master this power meditation and reflecting on the meaning of life is medication for the soul. It is important to take those moments of stillness in order to appreciate all that life has to offer. It is important to celebrate the smaller victories in the day such as getting to work on time or being able to help someone cross the street. When we learn that greatness takes time and that everyone is struggling; respect is something that will come naturally.

To gain more insight into this spiritual power, we have to explore the meaning of why we are here. We need to focus on our strengths and let go of our flaws. We need to surrender to imperfection. Once you are able to understand that making mistakes is inevitable, true self-worth will shine through. Admiration of the self is not easy but it can be learned. Take more compliments and present yourself in a confident manner even if you do not buy itself- fake it till you make it. People who respect themselves are also less stressed. They will be mindful of respecting their bodies and being less stressed means they will be less prone to get sick. Many of us internalize stress and are constantly taking medication, but that will always be a temporary fix until we learn to respect ourselves and give our selves the love and appreciation we desperately need. When you learn to give yourself a break, respecting others will come naturally. When you see beauty in yourself; finding it in others is a walk in the park. This power must also extend to creations. Take a weekend to camp out in the mountains, breathe in that fresh air and watch the stars at night. You will be awe of the creation and come back with this restore faith in the world. Being one with nature breathes new life in all of us. The admiration for life in itself will be bursting at the seams. It is important to take in those moments like watching a flower bloom or watching a person’s eyes light up when they talk about something they are passionate about. Respect comes when you focus on the small details.

The Spiritual Power of Manifestation

Manifestation has a lot to do with being one with the Earth. Someone that has this spiritual gift believes more in the energy of situations rather than a science behind them. Someone who has this ability of manifesting can manipulate the situations around them into a world they are pleased with. They are strong-willed individuals who make the impossible into a reality. People with the spiritual power of manifestation who also suffer from cancer will focus on positive energy to help get them through it. Of course they will go through the basic cancer treatments as well but they will focus on spiritual acts such as rain rituals, candle ceremonies and even holistic medication. Through this entire process, they will never forget to smile because positive energy reaps healing. The final part of this spiritual power is surrendering to what happens in life. This does not mean they become a victim of their failures or believe they have no say in what happens. This person knows that everything that happens to them is part of destiny and they have made their peace with it. This person will take everything that happens to them and know certain situations have to happen in order for them to achieve their greater meaning in life. here is a great freedom that comes to surrendering to the power of manifestation.

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Gaining the power of manifestation involves a lot of time with nature. Often times we dread our own company but real clarity only comes when we take time to ourselves. Yoga and meditation are the perfect avenues maintaining this type of spirituality. Opening up our minds and letting things go also clears away the clutter in our brains. We hold on to things so tightly that we forget to just live in the present. Minimalism and simplistic living will also aid this process. The less stuff we have, the more intune we get with earth and the divine creations. Materialistic objects cater to attachments and does the opposite of surrendering. Let go and watch your world open up.

Spritual Power of Awareness

This spiritual power plays off of optimism. A person with the gift of spiritual optimism seeks to only find the good in people; while a person with the power of awareness seeks to find the soul of a person. This gift allows a person to see others as they truly are. They understand the meaning behind the behaviors of people. Many of us have dated "bad boy: but a completely aware person will know those men were never really "bad". They simply put on an armor of coldness to protect themselves. An aware person knows there is always a bigger picture. There is always a story behind every tear, smile, frown, etc. Just like the gift of optimism; a person with this power chooses to see the love in the world. They say the struggles and masks people put on to survive in this world just as a caterpillar makes a cocoon for itself. They remain aware that these people will break out of their barriers and become the most beautiful versions of themselves after they have weathered the storms of life.

Gain Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness, just like the majority of the powers, is instilled through reflection and opening of the mind. Again there are techniques such as yoga, meditation and even camping that will speed up this process. Many of us have the capability of having this power but our hastiness in life preoccupies that mind. We need to learn to be still. Some practical methods that can help are taking in deep breaths for ten minutes before bed. This technique will help de-stress us from life's complications and allow our minds to expand. Stillness is something that helps us become self-aware. It gives us the time we need to focus on our situation and understand that everything that is happened is meant to be. Everything that is happening is meant to shape us into the individuals we are destined to become. Finding awareness in people can sometimes be easier. We need to learn to give people excuses for their behaviors and understand that there are levels in life. Just because someone is not at the same level as us whether it be in intellect, monetary gain or stage of life; does not mean they will never get there. Everyone has their own timeline and within that timeline; they are faced with countless challenges. You have to give people a chance to climb up the ladder and know that they will find their way. The difficult part of spiritual awareness when it comes to other people is knowing someone needs help without asking them. Sometimes we have to look for the subtle hints someone is struggling. For example, if a friend makes countless excuses to not go out with the girls for dinner but is willing to stay in for a game night, she might be dealing with financial issues. Often people are far too embarrassed to ask for money when they are struggling and someone who is spiritually alert can just make an anonymous donation or slip some money in her purse when she is not looking. Another unique way to help would be to drop a bill on the ground and have the friend "accidentally" find it.

Spiritual Power of Forgiveness

To be gifted with this spirtual power is the eptiome of all the powers. The power to forgive is something that is difficult but also very liberating. This power gives the ability of letting go. When someone hurts us, those feelings of negativity, abandonment and vulnerability take up space in our hearts. Forgiveness allows us the freedom of excising those emotions. When we let these emotions sit in our hearts, we give it place to grow and drain the life out of us. A person who forgives is wise because it sets you free. You no longer have the burden of letting hurtful things make a home in your heart. Forgiveness makes people strong because they do not let harmful acts bring them down. When our friends flake on a party we have been planning for ages, we could continuously remind them or just choose to let it go. The ladder will be more beneficial and even help the friendship grow stronger. Forgiveness tests our boundaries but when someone can master this art; life truly becomes beautiful. Forgiveness and letting go is medication that needs to be given often and consistently. .

Gain The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is never easy and in order to gain this spiritual power, a person must commit fully. Sadness and anger are catalysts for holding on. When someone has done something to hurt you, you must confront them. Silence will only breed emotions such as anger and hatred. Most of the time people do not even realize the harm they have caused because no one has addressed them. How many times have we made a joke about someone, not realizing they went home crying. Another technique that helps with forgiveness is remember all the good a person has done for you. Your bestie stole your boyfriend? Of course, you are going to be upset, but there will be no use in holding on to that grudge when you are happily married. Remember the good times you had with friend back then but vanquish the horrible things she did to you. You do not have to be her friend but holding on to that grudge will breed distrust, emptiness and paranoia for future relationships. Life is too short to allow our hearts to be filled with negativity.

Commit and Be Patient

By now you have probably figured out which spiritual powers you possess. Remember you do not need to possess all these powers because perfection is not what this life is about. Developing the powers that you do have is what will make you an inspiration to the world. Gain as much information about yourself and all that you can be. Spend time catering to your own needs and becoming someone you can be proud of and then go forth into the world with this greatness. For every one of these powers, patience is the key. Nothing becomes extraordinary overnight. It is okay to have bad days but do not let that stop you from gaining the life you are destined to live. This world is like a sick patient and each one of us have a part of its medication but that medication has to be given over time and in the correct manner. Cultivating our spiritual powers is something that will take a lot of time but we have to remember not to give up. All great things take time and extraordinary things take a lifetime.