Brianna From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Get to know all about Brianna who was eliminated from the TV show, The Bachelor. Below are facts about the contestant, including her net worth.

By Jesse
Brianna From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Who is Brianna from the TV show, The Bachelor?

Oregon sports fans had every reason to watch “The Bachelor”, but now since Brianna Amaranthus was eliminated from the show, is it worth watching? Yes, as long as the TV show is exciting. Brianna and other contestants appeared on the premiere of the show and she looked so promising. Everyone thought that she would last long on the show, but things turned vice versa. On the first night, Brianna was among the first bunch to get eliminated, and it was an emotional time of her life. Other contestants who waved goodbyes were Amber, Brittane, Ali, Jessica, Olivia, Lauren J, and Nysha as seen in photos. So, who is Brianna? Brianna, aged 25, is a reporter and a social media coordinator under NBC Sports Northwest. We aren’t sure what sites on the social media but they might be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ Brianna graduated from the University of Oregon and has made quite a net worth from her reporting career. She primarily covers the Oregon Ducks and Portland Trailblazers gamers. Brianna is a Duck fan though and whenever she is not covering the game, she is co-hosting a podcast known as Duck Squad. Being a host and a reporter helped her to be comfortable before the camera like her job requires her to. Even when she was going for the filming of the TV show, “The Bachelor,” Brianna was still working as usual. She was still covering the Ducks. She also hosts a TV show called “Sports Talk Live,” and as you expected, she still shows her support for the ducks.

She was on the TV show to have another man

Brianna is always busy doing what she loves, and if she had won the bachelor’s heart, she would have changed her schedule to have enough time with him. Whenever Brianna is not reporting about a Ducks game, she goes through her Facebook, Instagram posting updates and photos for the team. She also shoots videos on Twitter while she is locked inside a stadium. Brianna’s career has made her win an Emmy, and she was the only contestant on the show to have an award, but of course, it was because of her achievement as a reporter. She said that it was her biggest win and it was a time she was going through heartache. Who knows if the happened altogether or separately? Arie knew very well though that Brianna had just gone through heartbreak and she was hoping he would repair it. Not only did Arie not have a lot of face time with Brianna, but he also let her leave the show. But we can’t blame Arie, after all, he didn’t have more options as most of the contestants had something better to entice the audience. For instance, Bekah is just a nanny and perhaps they only contestant who didn’t go to college, at least it’s not revealed, but she stole Arie’s heart due to her maturity, even though Arie found out her age and was left shocked and surprised. There is Kendall, who loves to keep dried animal bodies as artifacts. She is of course very interesting. Then there is Becca, who Arie fell in love with and even proposed to her. There are some speculations that Arie already fell with Lauren B.

Facts about Brianna

She’s a former athlete

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When Brianna was in school, she used to play softball, soccer and loved dancing. She bagged two 6A softball cups in the State Championships and also a scholarship to the University of San Diego, where she attended her freshman year. She perhaps, lost passion in the games and concentrated on football. If she could, Brianna stated that she would be an NFL player and she believes she would be an impressive quarterback or receiver.

She loves watching movies

If you don’t love watching movies and TV show, then there is something else you love doing in your free time, like maybe going out there to admire guys and girls or going for outdoor activities. Whenever Brianna is not being watched on TV, she is watching it. Brianna loves to watch movies and her favorite ones are “Crazy,” “the Count of Monte Cristo,” “Stupid,” “Love,” and Breakfast at Tiffany's.” She must be very choosy with what she watches because the movies are pretty impressive.

Who she could have lunch with, alive or dead!

There are a couple of People that Brianna admires, some of them being, the former president of the US, Barrack Obama, and Audrey Hepbum. Another person who she really admired is her late grandmother. When she was asked who she would dine with, she mentioned Audrey Hepbum, Barack Obama, and of course her late mother.

What is on her bucket list?

You would expect that since she has been in sports for almost all her life, she would mention a going for an NFL match as one of the things on her bucket list. It’s not NFL actually but NBA, she would want to attend a Game 7 for the NBA or MLB. Other things that she would love is to visit the Northern Lights and ride hot-air balloon over Napa Valley.

Her net worth

Brianna’s net worth is not known, but of course, you expect her to have a decent net worth since she works as a reporter. Arie’s net worth is $5 million.

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It was a bad start for her on the TV show, and she probably felt like she wasn’t supposed to be there, but on the positive side, Brianna got famous. She might be called by other well-paying TV stations.