The Healing Properties And Meanings Of Hemantite

Hematite has many great properties, including those of healing, grounding, and thinking clearly. This stone can help you manifest your desires.

By E.M. Love
The Healing Properties And Meanings Of Hemantite

The Meaning of Hematite

Hematite, or Haematite, is Iron Oxide in mineral form and usually comes in a brownish color or a black, steel, silver, or red color. Hematite is not a very strong stone. Powdered hematite makes a pigment that is a red color that looks like blood when water is mixed with it, which the ancient Greeks used hematite for. The Latin word for this special hematite stone is 'haima,' which means blood since hematite looks like blood when used in this way. One of the properties of this hematite stone is that when it is polished, it leaves a red tinge in the water. People in the Middle Ages noticed this and would refer to this special hematite stone as a 'bloodstone.' Hematite is a stone with properties such as balance, reliability, protection, trust, concentration, focus, confidence, stability, optimism, and courage. This hematite stone is known as the base chakra. Its properties include the element of fire and earth and relates to the astrology signs of Aries and Aquarius. Hematite's planet is Mars. The belief system of the Native Americans was that the stars you see at night are our ancestors' campfires. Hematite that is shimmery is a reminder of our stars, so this stone tells you to reconnect with your spirit and the metaphysical and go outside to see the mystery of the stars.

Ancient Uses of Hematite

During the Stone Age in South Africa, hematite was used for drawing on the walls in caves. The Stone Age men would use the powdered red form of Hematite as a writing agent. Ancient Romans used hematite to decorate different items. They would put hematite in jewelry, weapons, and armor, which was a big trade for them. The color of this hematite stone was thought to be intimidating. They also thought that hematite was protective, i.e., why they put this special hematite stone in weapons and armor. Egyptians used this healing stone of hematite to stop bleeding. They also put hematite into amulets as jewelry into their tombs. Native Americans put the red powder of hematite on their faces as they believed that it would protect them in battle and make them invincible. In the 18th and 19th centuries, hematite was worn as jewelry during mourning. This was possibly seen to help the mourners feel better as it is a healing stone, or it could be due to being known as a bloodstone.

Grounding & Protecting Properties

One of the properties of hematite is to help ground you and protect you when you need it. You will feel more connected to the earth with a hematite crystal. If you feel a connection with a hematite stone, then you may need more balance in your life, which hematite can help do. Touching hematite will cause you to feel calmer and more focused because of its metaphysical properties. Use this hematite stone to help get rid of anxiety and worry when you are feeling overwhelmed. Hematite stones are special in that they have properties to absorb your toxic emotions and energy, freeing you from any negative energy that you may have. That negative energy holds you back whether you realize it or not, so having one of these hematite stones is great to make some jewelry out of, such as a necklace, that you can wear all the time. Because of the hematite's uses and properties as a grounding stone, it is great for healing and re-balancing your root chakra, which is where your energy is connected with the earth's energy. You can use this metaphysical hematite stone to cleanse your chakra and therefore feel more grounded and able to focus on what you need to. It works well with your root chakra because hematite magnetically pulls the negative energy away from your body so all of your chakras can be aligned and balanced.

Hematite's Healing Properties

One meaning and property of hematite is healing. Hematite is a stone that is great for healing as it improves blood circulation and purifies the blood. This special hematite stone can help your body get a kick start when feeling down and will help you get back up to your normal strength due to hematite's metaphysical properties. Meditating with hematite will help you focus your energy on the healing properties this stone has.

Meditation with Hematite

Hematite is a great metaphysical stone to meditate with. By meditating with this magnetic stone, you can unlock more of hematite's uses and properties. You can use it's healing properties while meditating with hematite. Just go to your sacred space, whether it be in your bedroom, an empty closet, an extra room, or even outside somewhere secluded. Make sure there are no distractions and turn off any cell phones, or even put your cell phone on the other side of the house, but make sure that you still turn off the sound. Light a candle or a few to help set the energy in this space. Smudge the room and hematite stones with a sage stick to clear out any negative energy so that won't affect you while you work with the hematite stones for the use of healing. Start by meditating and clearing your mind. You can use a guided audio meditation if that helps. There are plenty of free guided meditations across the internet that are great, or you may have a favorite guide to use. Once you are focused and your mind is clear, look at the special hematite stone you have and feel it's vibrations. Feel how hematite is unique from anything else and what makes it's vibrations different, feel the different properties. Connect with the vibrations of the hematite stone. Now use the magnetic grounding properties of hematite to heal yourself, physically or spiritually. You will lay down on the floor on your back. Keep your legs straight and put the hematite stone on your lower stomach and hold two more hematite stones, one in each hand. This will center you and ground you with the Earth. Breathe deeply, and with every deep breath in, say, "I am grounded and connected to the earth." Feel a connection to the earth, visualize your energy connecting to the earths energy and pulling you down. Imagine all of your negative energies flowing down into the earth and leaving your body. Feel this magnetic hematite stone pulling the negative energy out of you and also absorbing any stray energy, healing your body and mind and freeing you from all negativity. Now feel the new strength that you have from the hematite and the lightness that you feel with all of that negative energy out of your body.

Hematite's Properties: Logical Thinking

One of the properties of hematite is that it can improve your logical thinking skills. This hematite stone can help you keep your thoughts organized, which in turn will help you organize your life. Some of the uses of helping improve your logical thinking with hematite could be that you will see an improvement in your math skills, debate skills, and problem-solving skills. If you have a big math test or debate coming up, it may be useful to wear hematite jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet. Thinking more logically with hematite can even help inspire your creativity. Don't think that being logical is the opposite of being creative, as some of the most creative people were also the most logical, such as Einstein who invented so many useful but creative, new things. You will become more focused on the properties of this hematite stone which will make you more productive in many ways in your life.

Wealth Properties of Hematite

Another one of the properties of hematite is that it can help you move up in your career and improve your financials. One of the meanings of the earth element is that it rules money, and the hematite is an earthy stone, so, therefore, one of the uses of hematite is to help increase your wealth. Wear this hematite stone or meditate on it to help you get that promotion at work or even a new job that you have been desiring. Since hematite's properties help you think more logically, you will be able to better seek out what you want in regards to your wealth. With hematite's healing properties, it will also help you stay positive and free from negativity so you can focus.

Relationship Properties

Hematite has properties that are great for relationships and love. This stone absorbs negative energy and therefore helps protect you from any negative energy that may be sent your way. This can come from drama from people that are not good for you. The magnetic properties of hematite act in a repelling manner to keep negative energies away, and can thus improve your relationships by only allowing positive energies in. This hematite stone helps inspire gratitude for what you currently have, and appreciating the current moment of time that you are in. Hematite helps you focus on the now, not in the past or future and not on the "what if's." This is great for helping you stay happy and focused. The properties of hematite keep you grounded and thinking logically, which will help any relationship as it will help prevent you from having fantastical ideas and behavior that can often cause problems.

Protection From Nightmares

Another one of the properties of hematite is that it can help protect you against nightmares. All you have to do is put a hematite stone under your pillow at night to repel any nightmares that you may have due to negative energies coming your way. You can also put a hematite stone under the bed or on the nightstand by you.

Manifestation Properties

The meaning of hematite can also be to help bring about manifestations. Make some hematite jewelry to wear so you will always have one of these special stones with you, which can help bring about your dreams. The properties of a hematite stone can magnetically bring the light from the Universe and use that light to manifest on our physical plane. The meaning of this is that hematite connects you with the metaphysical plane in which energy can be changed and manifested to what you want if you know how to. To be able to manifest something, you must first be very clear on what you want to manifest. One of the main uses of hematite is to ground us which helps us stay clear and really see what we want. When we are grounded we connect to the earth's energy and our minds clear. We are able to focus on one thing and see what is the most important. When we are not grounded, we have all kinds of thoughts, both positive and negative. We do not always see clearly since there is so much other energy affecting us, and we can't just choose one desire and focus on it to manifest. This hematite stone is very special in that one of the properties of hematite is that it helps us focus on grounding us, and therefore we can manifest what we want the most. To properly manifest, you need to set your intention, which gives energy to what you want. Hematite helps you stay focused. Finally, make sure to let go of any energy that may be holding you back from manifesting your dream. Hematite helps you get rid of any negative energy by grounding you and this special, magnetic stone also absorbs negative energy itself.

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Hematite Jewelry

To use the properties of hematite all the time you can wear jewelry with this special stone. Hematite is a great stone to wear if you are about to make a confrontation, or go in to inquire about a job promotion. You can make or buy hematite necklaces and bracelets, and put them over vital points of your body so you can feel the full effects of the healing properties of hematite. You can also make use of the protective properties that hematite has by wearing it, making you feel safe all day and deflecting any negative energy that may come your way. Putting hematite in your pocket is a great alternative if you do not have any jewelry or do not like to wear jewelry.

Protection at Home

One of the properties that hematite has is that it can also protect your house. Hematite will help get rid of negative energy inside of your house and will dispel any that comes that way. For those of you living in the city, you may feel more vibrations than others. Cities have a lot of people at all times, and therefore a lot of different energy and vibrations going on in one small area. This energy can leak into your home that is in the city, which in turn will start to effect you if you do not have your home protected against this. To protect your home and make use of this property, put hematite close to any doors and windows. If you can, put the hematite stones on the windowsills. By doing this, the hematite will purify all of the energy that is coming into your home through these entrances. Since another one of the properties of hematite is to absorb negative energy, you can also use this hematite stone to cleanse your house of negative energies that are already there. If you believe that there is energy that is stuck, such as a traumatic memory, or your house is haunted, then a hematite stone may be just what you need to absorb and get this bad energy out of your home.

Conclusion: Hematite

Hematite has many great properties that are very useful for day-to-day life. Hematite helps keep you grounded and focused, which you can then use to your advantage by pursuing and manifesting what you really want. The properties of this hematite stone will help you ground yourself in reality and not be taken away by overactive fantasies that have no bearing on real life. Hematite will help you think more logically and will inspire your creativity for new ideas. Hematite has properties to dispel and absorb negative energy, so hematite is great to be used as a healing stone. Hematite properties also allow it to be used as a stone to protect your home against negative energies and to protect yourself too. Since hematite dispels negativity, it is a great idea to use hematite with another stone that is known for increasing positive energy. This will help balance the energy and will help make sure you end up with positive energy after all of the negative energy is removed or dispelled. If you do not use a stone that increases positive energy, you may be left feeling numb or detached without any negativity.



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