26 Good Luck Symbols And Their Meanings

We all need good luck charms from time to time. Here is a list of 26 good luck symbols and their meanings to get lucky today.

By Joyce Ann Washington
26 Good Luck Symbols And Their Meanings

Good Luck Charms, Symbols, and Signs and Meanings

Everyone needs good luck every now and again. Some people carry around lucky charms like a rabbit foot, while other cultures as a whole believe that good luck comes from statues like the statue of Buddha. Good luck symbols can range from shapes to colors, to animals, to numbers, too many different types of symbols. The list is endless. No matter where you are from, or what you beliefs are, any of these charms could bring you good luck in any area of your life. From Chinese symbols to charms, there is a meaning, or many different meanings, behind every one of those signs. Below are 26 good luck symbols and the meaning behind each one.

1) Chinese Dragon Good Luck Symbols

The Chinese dragon may be one of the biggest symbols of good luck in the Chinese culture. From festivals, to on top of buildings, nearly everywhere you turn in China, there is a good luck dragon present. It represents good luck, power, protection, and success and is seen as the "Supreme Being" in China. In Ancient China, it was also thought that the emperors were the sons of dragons. A The Chinese dragon is also one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

The Imperial Dragon and His Nine Sons

The Imperial Dragon can be found on many Chinese buildings, walls, bridges, and temples as good luck symbols. Some dragons can even be found on clothing, bowls, and other decorations around the house. The Imperial dragon has nine sons and each of them have their own meanings behind them. 1) Bixi: This is the Tortoise Dragon, and the eldest of the Imperial Dragon's sons. He is often found on graves and the bottom of pillars. He represents good luck in longevity of a prosperous life and strength. 2) Chiwen: This short-bodied dragon is normally found guarding rooftops with his mouth wide open. He is in control of water, and is used as symbols of good luck to protect and prevent temples, and other buildings from fires. 3) Palao: This dragon is often carved onto bell handles or onto other musical instruments. He is known for his roar, which are symbols of authority. 4) Bi'an: This dragon remembles a tiger and he is one of the good luck symbols that is seen as the protector of law and fairness. He is often depicted by jailgates. 5) Taotie: This dragon is normally carved into Ancient Chinese bronze and metal bowls and other tableware. He represents good luck in food, wealth, and abundance. 6) Gongfu: This dragon symbols good luck to water and protects you and your family from floods. He is often placed on ships and ridgepool ends. 7) Yazi: This dragon is the good luck protector of warriors and signifies victory. He has a snake body and often found at the hand grip of a sword. 8) Suanni: This lion-shaped dragon is the dragon of fire and flames and can be found on incense burners or candle stands. These are used as good luck symbols for wisdom and knowledge. 9) Quiniu: This dragon that is used for good luck symbols of creativity and he is normally found on top of string musical instruments.

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2) Lucky Golden Cat Symbols

Golden cats are Chinese symbols of good luck. In China, the mythology behind cats, in general, are seen as unlucky and bad omens. Golden cats, however, signify the transformation from evil to good. People believe that it is also a protection from evil. The statue also symbolizes wealth, protection, and good fortune. The Golden Cat has his right paw raised, as he welcomes in money and good fortune. The gold color represents wealth and prosperity.

3) Statue of Buddha Good Luck Symbols

The Statue of Buddha is another Chinese sign for good luck. There are many different styles of Buddha, but the most common one used and seen worldwide, is the Laughing Buddha. The meanings behind the Laughing Buddha is prosperity and abundance. People also rub Laughing Buddha’s stomach as he is said to make all of your concerns disappear. In China, Laughing Buddha is a sign of happiness and he is said to grant material wealth.

4) Good Luck Rainbows

Rainbows symbolize good luck because in the Old Testament, the presence of the rainbow symbolized that Earth wouldn't be broken after a flood. Other signs of rainbows are hope, life, promise, creation, and harmony. In Ireland, it is said that there are leprechauns who hide their pots of gold at the end of rainbows. It is also that that if you were to dig up a hold at the bottom of a rainbow you'd be able to find a pot of gold.

5) Good Luck Crickets

In many Asian countries, crickets were seen as good luck because they were watch dogs and at any signs of danger and would chirp. They symbolize good fortune, wisdom, and prosperity. Because crickets lay hundreds of eggs, the Chinese believed that many children were a requirement for financial success and a sign of vitality. Crickets were also used for companision as Buddhist Monks were cage crickets and enjoy their songs (chirping or rubbing their wings together).

6) Goodluck Ladybugs

Ladybugs are good luck symbols of prosperity and love. It is said that if you wear a ladybug amulet, then you are guaranteed a day free of burdens and filled with patience and happiness. Many people say that the darker the ladybug and the more spots they have, the luckier you are. Also, in some places, it says if a man and woman see a ladybug at the same time, they are destined to fall in love.

7) Lucky Dragonflies

The good luck meanings behind dragonflies differ in many different cultures, but some of the main meanings behind dragonflies is they are good luck symbols of strength, peace, courage, prosperity, and harmony. A dragonfly can also symbolize maturity and self-realization, perspective, and change as it is an insect of the wind. In Japan, a dragonfly symbolizes power and victory.

8) Four-Leaf Clover Good Luck Symbols

The four-leaf clover was believed to the mischief of fairies, who were considered bad luck, in ancient Ireland. The clovers are used as good luck symbols for hope, love, health, fame, faith, and wealth. Four-leaf clovers are rare to find, as one in every 10,000 clover plants, but the luckiest ones are from a plant called Trifolium repens, or a white clover plant. The best way to spot a four-leaf clover is if one of the leaflets is smaller than the other four.

9) Lucky Horseshoes

Horseshoes are seen to have the power of evil, good luck and fertility. The Greeks believed that the horseshoe resembled the crescent moon, which they thought was a symbol of fertility. It is said that if a horseshoe is hung above your door frame is it can be guaranteed that the Devil would stay away for you and your home, also other unwanted, uninvited strangers. It is also lucky if you find an old horseshoe. Iron horseshoes are signs of power, dependability, and strength, and the iron horseshoe can also withhold fire.

10) Good Luck Numbers

There are many numbers considered lucky and that bring good luck and others that are unlucky. The number four, which sounds like the Chinese word for death, is considered unlucky in China and they tend to steer clear of that number. The number eight in China, sounds like the word for prosper, so that is a lucky number. The number seven is considered lucky because it was associated with perfection and knowledge. In ancient Greek, the number seven was the sum of the number 3 (for triangles) and 4 (for squares), which were considered perfect forms. You can also find the number seven in other good luck symbols like the amount of colors in a rainbow (which is seven).

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11) Rabbit Foot Symbols

The original story about the luck of a rabbits foot is that if a person captures a rabbits left, back foot in a cemetery, it can keep away evil magic. Many people today wear lucky rabbit feet as keychains. Today, it is said that a rabbit's foot can bring good luck in the form of enhanced fertility.

12) Dreamcatcher Symbols

Dreamcatchers come from Native Americans and they were said to capture bad dreams and make people happier, luckier, and more balanced in life. Some people even hang dreamcatchers in their office windows to keep bad luck from coming in. The structure of the of a dreamcatcher is made into a circle from sticks with strings interweaved through the middle. The legend is that the web was created by a spider to capture the bad dreams and only let the good dreams through a small hole in the web.

13) Lucky Pig Symbols

Worldwide, piggy banks are the symbol of money, attracting and protecting coins. Pigs are signs of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. There are many people who wear pig charms to attract more money and wealth. The Pig is also one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. In Chinese culture, the pig is said to be popular and sociable, and is the symbol of honesty and diligence.

14) Lucky Tortoises

The tortoises is one of the four sacred animals of Feng Shui in Chinese beliefs and symbolizes wisdom, a long life, and peace. In Greek mythology, wearing a tortoise charms can be seen as offering and promoting peace between two enemies.

15) Lucky Frogs

Frogs symbolize friendship, wealth, and abundance. Some people say that frogs are the symbol of prosperity because they live near water and we need water to survive. Other people have said that frogs are the symbol of long-lasting love and true friendships. There are many different beliefs among different cultures. In Australia, Native Aborigines believed that frogs brought rain and thunder, while Ancient Greeks and Egyptians thought that frogs symbolized fertility and inspiration.

16) Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is considered a luck-giving gift. It's actually called Dracaena, which is a close relative of bamboo. In China, lucky bamboo can have many different good luck meanings depending on how many number of stalks you have, but it is said to bring luck if you place it in you east or southeastern section of your home. Lucky bamboo can also improve the flow of energy or "chi." With as little as three bamboo stalks, it can bring happiness, longevity, and wealth.

17) Coin Good Luck Symbols

Coins are a good luck symbol of wealth in Chinese culture, and often tied together with a mystic knot. Some people believe that if you find a penny on the ground face up, then you should pick it up because it symbolizes good luck. On the flip side of that, if you see a penny tails up, then leave it because it can bring bad luck. It is also said that coins that are bend or have a hole in them are the luckiest coins to find.

18) Lucky Heart Symbols

Hearts are also used as symbols of good luck. In Christianity, a heart symbolizes love and wisdom. It is also the center of many emotions like affection. In Egypt, the heart is seen as the center of psychic power and energy which influences black magic.The shape of a heart originated from an ancient African plant called silphium, which had a seedpod in the shape of a Valentine's heart.

19) Key Symbols

The key is one of the most oldest forms of a good luck symbols. The Greeks and Romans believed that the key symbolized the power to unlock the door to have their prayers reach the gods. In Japan, they tied three rings together as a charm and whoever the person wearing the key charm was, they would be able to unlock the doors to health, wealth, and love. Some people today give a key as a romantic gift to their partner as a way to signify that they were giving them the key to their heart.

20) Triangle Symbols

Triangles were said to be good luck symbols to bring harmony between humans and gods in many ancient religions. The shape can also be a sign for the cycle of life, being birth, maturity, and death. Triangles are also said to be the strongest form for many structures. The ancient Egyptians used the shapes as their base when they were creating the pyramids. Four triangles were used, coming together to symbolize harmony between earthly and heavenly forces. Many people consider them good luck symbols.

21) Wheels Bring Good Luck

Wheels symbolize good luck as it is said to bring eternity in many cultures. Spiritually, a wheel means the power of understanding in Isaiah. Imaginary wheel turning symbolizes development and action. In India, it is said that Buddha drew the wheel on their flag as a sign that all creations on Earth follow a cause and effect cycle like a turning wheel.

22) North Star Good Luck Symbols

The North Star is the brightest star and is at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper in the sky. The star is a sign of guidance and was a good luck symbol for sailors. In the Old Testament, the North Star gave direction to the promised land for the people of Abraham. It also sits almost directly above the North Pole, so it helps guide north.

23) Evil Eye Symbols

The Evil Eye is a charm that can be worn to keep misfortunes from you, and the amulet can protect you from the Evil Eye itself. You can also give the amulet to someone you don't like, and it can cause misfortune to whoever is given the piece of jewelry. They are usually given to people both when and when they are not aware. In ancient times, people used to give evil eyes to their enemies, and it was believed to cause different types of suffering like physical and mental illnesses. There were different talismans created to protect from evil in places all around the world. The Turkish amulet is the most common, being depicted as a dark blue, light blue, black, and white and made as a glass bead.

24) Good Luck Wishing Well

Wishing wells have been seen as good luck gifts from God by ancient people because it could keep their community from going dry. There are different meanings of the wishing well people use today verse how the ancient people perceived it. People today believe that throwing coins in the wishing wells and making a wish will get your wish granted. Ancient people believed that throwing coins into the wishing well would cure illnesses and keep the water safe.

25) Good Luck Wishbones

The meaning behind a wishbone is that it can be used as a wish maker. Two people will pull the separate ends of the wishbone, make a wish, and whoever gets the larger piece will get their wish granted. Some people also carry wishbones around like charms and wear them as necklaces as they are signs of good luck.

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26) Sapphire Gem Symbols

Sapphires are the birthstone for people born in September and are seen to bring good luck to those people. There are many different sings and meanings found in different ancient cultures. In ancient Greece, Sapphires were believed to be signs of being favored by the gods. In India, the sapphire were seen to bring wealth and health and protect people from enemies. In the ancient Middle East, sapphires were seen as gems of supernatural powers.

Last Thoughts About Good Luck Symbols

There are many good luck symbols that have many different meanings. These listed above are just a few of millions of meanings and good luck symbols that are around the world. You could definitely benefit from having any one of these charms on your bracelets, necklaces, or earring, or you can hang any of these up in your home to allow in prosperity, wealth, and happiness, and remove evil forces. From lucky numbers to lucky rainbows, any of these lucky charms, symbols, and signs can be found all around you and bring lots of good luck. Keep an open eye for the different symbols, and purchase some of your own. Good luck is always needed in everyone's life.