10 Secret Black Magic Spells To Make Someone Love You

There may come a time when you find yourself so desperate for love that your only option is to use black magic. Find out how to gain love using black magic.

By Dagmar Thomson
10 Secret Black Magic Spells To Make Someone Love You

10 Secret Black Magic Spells to Make Someone Love You

Black magic spells are also known as dark magic. As the name indicates, the magic itself is dark and dangerous. Black magic rituals have existed for thousands of years, starting in Africa. Black magic is a form of magic that involves bending a personโ€™s will unintentionally. The use of black magic can be dangerous and needs careful consideration before doing so. People who wield black magic usually have access to the secrets of doing it successfully. Therefore, they should be kept at a distance, since at the end of the day they will cause harm. People who wield this dark power practice it with the intention to harm others for revenge, malice, or cursing. However, not all black magic is evil. You can resort to using dark magic to get your desired results only if you have no other option. Using black magic for love can be effective and long-lasting. Here are some of the best-kept secrets of black magic: spells to make someone you fancy fall in love you.

1. Black Magic Love Spell to Make Your Spouse Commit to You

When two people love each other, they have a strong bond that is unbreakable. They show a commitment to each other, which involves giving and sharing all aspects of their lives, including secrets. Their relationship is everlasting and sealed. They respect each other, and their love is bound to last a lifetime. People who resort to using this dark spell want their love to remain vibrant and alive forever. This spell intensifies the love between two people, and no external forces can break their commitment to each other. These dark magic love rituals can be used on spouses who are losing focus on their commitments in their relationship. You can perform this ritual against a spouseโ€™s will to make him or her commit to the relationship. The following are things you will need for the spell to work: a chicken wing, a sterile needle, a pink candle, your blood, a red yarn, a large white paper, and a matchstick. Write both names on the white paper with the chicken wing. You might not see the names, which is fine. Light the candle with the matchstick and pour three drops of wax on the paper. Next, use the sterile needle to draw a small portion of your blood. Pour your blood onto the wax on the white paper and chant how you want your spouse to commit to your relationship. When you are through with the spell, use the red yarn to wrap the chicken wing with the white paper. Then bury this bundle where no one will ever find it. Let the pink candle burn out and your wish will come true.

2. Black Magic Love Ritual to Eliminate Problems in Your Relationship

At one point or another, every relationship will face problems. At times, the difficulties might become too big to solve on your own. We all know there is a possibility of a marriage ending when the issues are frequent. You may feel that extreme actions should be taken to solve the problems before your marriage ends. As a last resort, you can use a black magic ritual. Do not lightly decide to use powerful dark magic to solve your marital problems. To perform the spell, you will require a piece of white paper, a red and a pink candle, wooden matches, and jasmine incense. You will first light the candles and the incense using the wooden matches. On the white piece of paper, ensure you have inscribed both your name and the name of your partner. Pour the red candle wax on the white paper and waft the jasmine incense smoke in all your rooms. As you perform the ritual, declare your names and channel all the positive energy towards your spell. Once you finish the spell, bury the remaining ingredients where no one will ever find them.

3. Black Magic Love Spell for Sexual Attraction

It is normal for oneโ€™s spouse to lose sexual attraction for the other for unknown reasons. Instead of waiting for your spouse to come back around, you can use powerful love rituals to arouse lust again. You can also use black magic to arouse lust in someone you fancy. However, be careful when using these powerful secrets of magic since you have to repay it back. For the spell to work, you will need a few simple ingredients: three red candles, wooden matches, a personal item of the intended person, and incense. To perform this spell, light the three candles and incense with the wooden matches. On the altar, place the personal item surrounded by the three red candles. Perform the ritual while you chant what you desire. Channel your positive energy while spreading the incense smoke around the personal item. After the ritual, wrap the remains of the candles, incense, and the personal item of the intended person and hide these things where they will not be found.

4. Black Magic Love Ritual to Stop a Cheating Spouse

Using black magic rituals to stop a cheating spouse can be a risky thing to practice. However, you can benefit if you are using secrets of this powerful witchcraft to make your relationship last. If you are afraid your spouse will be tempted by others in the near future, use black magic to stop cheating before it happens. This will assure you that your spouse remains faithful always. Infidelity in marriages is very common. At one point, your spouse will be tempted to cheat on you. The minute you find out he or she is cheating on you and you have no control over it, you can use this powerful dark witchcraft. However, consider the consequences of using black magic. Once you call upon the dark spirits, there is no going back. This ritual requires a personal item of your spouse, a red candle, incense, and a wooden matchstick. To perform this spell, you are first required to light the red candle and incense with the wooden matchsticks. Place the personal item of your loved one in front of you and start calling upon the dark spirits. You can start chanting how you want you want your loved one to remain faithful. Spread the incense smoke all around the room. Once you are done with the spell, you should tie the remains together and bury them where no one will ever see.

5. Dark Magic Love Spells to Avoid a Divorce

If you are in a relationship and your spouse wants to end it by divorcing you, you can use black magic to stop it. Wielding this powerful witchcraft on your loved ones may lead to bad consequences. Black magic love spells require you to sacrifice something to get your desired results. Use it when you have no other option, and you are ready for the consequences. Most people who are in a relationship that is ending with a divorce or a separation end up either giving up or moving on to greener pastures. When you truly love your spouse, yet he or she has moved on, you can use black magic love spells to stop the separation. Ensure you are using this powerful witchcraft for a good cause. This will give you a chance to be together once again with your loved one. Use this chance wisely. This spell requires three red candles, a personal item of your loved one, jasmine incense, and wooden matchsticks. Light the three red candles using the wooden matchsticks and place them in a semicircle. Place the personal item of your loved one at the center of the semicircle and start summoning the dark energy. You need to concentrate for the spell to work. Chant while the candles are burning. Once you are done with the chanting, light the jasmine incense with one of the red candles and spread the smoke around the altar. Let the incense burn completely. The remainder of the ritual states that you bury the materials or throw them in flowing water.

6. Use Dark Magic to Make Someone Fall for You

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It is wise to wait for true love to find you. If you are in love with someone and he or she does not reciprocate your love, you can use black magic to make him or her love you back. However, do not confuse true love and infatuation. When you are serious about finding true love, or perhaps, you are already in love with someone, the secret black magic love rituals will work. Keep in mind that it has consequences that you might not be ready to face. Think twice before summoning the dark spirits. Do not attempt to use black magic love spells if you have no idea how to do them. You can get help from those people who wield the power of dark witchcraft. For the ritual to work, you will require a red candle, incense, a personal item of the intended person, and a wooden matchstick. Light the red candle and the incense using the wooden matchstick. Place the personal item of the intended person in front of you. Channel the positive energy within you and summon the dark spirits. Chant several times how you want that person to love you. Waft the incense smoke around the personal item of the intended person. Once the spell is complete, you should return the personal item to the owner without his or her knowledge. The rest of the remains pf the spell you should tie together and bury where no one will ever see. The spell will work once the intended person uses the personal item you had used for the ritual. Therefore, ensure you take something that he or she uses regularly.

7. Use Black Magic to Find True Love

When you have been in a series of broken relationships, you need to ask yourself if there is anything wrong with you. Every time you find someone, you think you have found true love only for it to end abruptly. Using black magic will help you discover your innermost fear, and it will open a doorway to true love. Most people who have been heartbroken fear have not faced their innermost fears. Perhaps that is what is holding them from finding their heartโ€™s desire. When you wield black magic, it will help you remove the blockage that is keeping you from finding your true love. Nevertheless, be ready for the consequences of black magic. Nothing comes free where evil is concerned. This ritual requires six red candles, one pink candle, jasmine or lavender incense, matches, and your picture. Place the six red candles in a circle and the pink candle at the center. Place your picture in the center under the pink candle. Light all the candles using the wooden matchsticks and ensure you light the incense too. Let the incense burn while the smoke fills the room. Chant your wish as you summon the dark spirits. Once the spell is done, let all the candles burn completely out, and the remains of the ritual should be burnt too. Ensure there are no traces of the spell left behind.

8. Dark Magic Love Spells to Break Up Your Spouse with Someone Else

When your spouse leaves you for someone else, and you are still in love with him or her, using black magic to control the situation will help you. Summon the dark powers only if you're sure that you are still in love with your spouse and your past relationship was cordial. Otherwise, when you use this powerful spell to break up your spouse with someone else just for revenge, be prepared for the consequences of black magic. Channeling negative energy will result in bad luck coming your way. Think twice before you act. This powerful secret black magic spell requires your total concentration, a red candle, incense, wooden matches, and a piece of paper. Light the red candle and the incense with the wooden matches. Place the white paper on the altar and inscribe the names of your ex and the person he or she is with now. Pour red wax on the names and let the incense smoke fill the room as you concentrate. Ensure your positive energy is flowing; otherwise, the spell will not work. Once the ritual is finished, wrap the remains well and bury them.

9. Use Dark Magic to Fix Broken Love

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Using a secret black magic love spell to fix a broken love is a powerful ritual that needs an expert to perform it. Before attempting this ritual, make sure you two still have feelings for each other in order for it to work. Using this dark magic on your ex will make him or her love you once again. He or she will see you in a different light and will not be able to perceive a future without you. Your ex will suffer in silence if you two are not together. This powerful secret ritual will convince your ex of your importance in his or her life. All you need for such a ritual to work is a red candle, a piece of white paper inscribed with your names, and a matchstick. While you light the candle using the matchstick, pour some wax on the paper that holds both your names. Chant as you pour some wax on the paper. Ensure you channel all the positive energy within you and envision your ex-coming back to you.

10. Use A Dark Magic Love Spell to Remove a Curse

This dark spell only works for a person who has been cursed and cannot find true love. You can use this black magic spell to reverse the curse. However, you have to sacrifice something in order to have your wish granted. You will require a red and a black candle that has been inscribed with your name, incense, wooden matchsticks, and positive energy. Performing this ritual is a bit more difficult than you may think. Therefore, it is best if you let an expert perform it on your behalf. For the spell to work, you need to light the black candle first with the wooden matchsticks. Summon the dark spirits to come forward. Once the spirit comes, light the red candle using the black candle. Chant how you want the curse to be removed. Ensure the dark spirits feel your positive energy. Once the spell is complete, put out the black candle. Let the red candle continue to burn while you spread the incense smoke around yourself. Do this until the red candle burns out, only then will you put off the incense. Burn the remains of the ritual. Most people resort to the use of black magic love spells when they have no other options, and they have no control of the situation. When you use black magic, it has severe consequences that you should be ready to face. Channeling evil powers to get revenge on someone will only bring you bad luck for the rest of your life. When you use black magic love spells, ensure it is for a good cause. No good comes with evil.