12 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Win The Lottery

Everyone has that dream to win the lottery, but few actually know how to win. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to secure your lottery victory.

By MJ Faublas
12 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Win The Lottery

Hope for Lottery Players

When you think of the lottery, you've probably created your own view point of how and why certain people win and others seem to just have a strong losing streak. Many of us will weigh in luck and insider information known to some and not most when it comes to playing and winning the lottery. However, the lottery is not in place for only a few to win, and if you pay attention and play consistently, you will probably win something. Most of us are not in it to partially win, we want to win and win big. So are there any tricks, secrets, insider information that we might need to learn in order to reach a satisfying win as we play our favorite lottery games. Before we get into winning, let's first explore the history of the lottery itself.

The Lottery...Where it all Began

No matter who you are or what you believe in, we all understand that when we partake in the lottery we are in some form participating in gambling. And with that being said, let's explore some history and facts about the lottery:

Classical History of the Lottery

The lottery dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty during the years of 205 and 187 BC. During those years the lottery was in place to help finance the Great Wall of China. However, European lottery histories go as far back as the Roman Empire and was used as a form of dinner entertainment for high society. Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar was known to have sold the earliest lottery tickets and used the funds earned from the sale of the tickets to repair the City of Rome. The lottery, in a sense, has always been both beneficial to players, winners, and the governments who allowed their existence.

Modern History of the Lottery

The lottery continued to be an inclusion in societies through the medieval times up until today. The largest Powerball winnings happened on January 13, 2016 when the jackpot was worth $1.586 billion dollars. In Europe the largest winnings took place in the drawing of the EuroMillions for €185 million which is equivalent to $226.86 million in the United States. In China the lottery reached RMB¥ 570 on June 12, 2012 which a single ticket holder won and would have been worth $900.885 million dollars, and the list goes on and on. For those lucky winners, it would seem they have some secret that they're not sharing with the rest of the lottery players. Over the years, many groups of people have created pools, group funding for tickets, and other ways to win. Most players have learned that the most cost effective way of playing is in numbers. The more people involved in the purchasing of tickets, the better the odds of winning and the lower the cost. And of course, the lottery also goes into helping the governments in which they are played. Over the years, in the United States, the Powerball, Mega Millions, and other lottery games have funded the financial discrepancies of public schools. This has allowed new programs to be included in the schools, creating bigger and better opportunities for all involved in education.

Guaranteed Wins: Different Games to Play

Many people stick to the numbers games, meaning the powerball, lotto, mega millions, and other forms of number games where they personally pick the number or allow the machine to choose. No matter the game you choose to play, you may not be aware of the multitude of types of lottery games there are. The options are countless but the winnings could be limited to a few who understand the games. Let's explore the many types of lottery games that could increase your chance of winning.

The Lottery: Could Be Your Chance to Win Big

Of course the most popular game remains the lottery and it continues to be played in most countries around the world, giving winners the opportunity to win as much as hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. The lottery, however, is nothing more then a numbers game. The concept of the lotto is to pick six numbers between 0 and 47 in the hopes that your chosen numbers are the numbers selected during the drawings. But with the lottery, you don't necessarily have to match all six number to earn a winning. For example, if your dream is simply to win a cool $1 million then matching 5-out-of-5 in the lottery could be a big win for you. Each lottery game varies throughout the United States and the winnings vary from state to state as well. So if small winnings are more encouraging for you then the lottery game could very well be the best game for you to play. But never forget, it's all a numbers game.

The Powerball: The Latest in Guaranteed Winnings

It was in 1992 that the Powerball entered the lottery, and since then millions have experienced some form of winnings. The Powerball introduced a high win for players at a slightly more costly price when compared to the lotto tickets (i.e. $2 Billion vs $1 lotto ticket). But similar to the lotto, the Powerball is played by choosing five numbers and a sixth number called the Powerball number. The game is drawn twice a week with the numbers drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In 2013, the Powerball made history when an elderly woman in Florida won the jackpot of $590.5M. The story made headlines as it was the first single winners to win such a large amount of money. And similar to other lottery games, matching 5-out-of-5 numbers gets you a cool $1 million dollars which should encourage everyone to continue playing.

Raffles: The Secret to Quick Gains Guaranteed

Raffles are small games played at special events have been a part of the lottery family for years. However, unlike other games, in raffles, the numbers are assigned to you and you simply win when your number is called. It may seem that raffles are only played in private events, however in the UK there were 50 winners of over £20 000 each which is equivalent to $24.5 thousand dollars, each. In Spain, annual raffles reach as high as £2B which is equivalent to $2.5 billion dollars in the United States. Raffle tickets unlike normal lottery tickets can cost players up to $200 per ticket but the odds are greater as only a few tickets are sold allowing a higher chance to win.

Guaranteed Winnings with Scratch-Offs

For those of us who need instant gratification, scratch cards could be the best option. Though the cards can also provide instant disappointments if not a winning card, players do not have to wait days to find out if they won. Prices for scratch off lottery tickets range from a $1 to $50 and even higher, and of course, the higher the cost of player the higher the winnings earned. Scratch off lottery tickets are often played during the holidays with special holiday cards, or throughout the year. Choosing a specific card is up to the player as they can range from the most simple cards, to the most colorful engaging cards.

The Dailies: Guaranteed Smaller Winnings

The dailies are the easiest games to play and run everyday. Most of the games have small winnings up to $5 thousand per game. The most popular games are the Pick 3, Pick 4, Fantasy 5. Most recently the Pick 2 has been added to the daily games and most people who play these games are consistent with their playing and understand the strategies of the games. But for those who are not familiar with the games, as a player you would choose a set of numbers depending on the game being played (i.e. pick 3, you'd choose three numbers, and so on). When playing, you have the option to play "straight" or "box". For players playing "straight" means that the numbers you've chosen have to match as chosen and playing "box" means that the numbers chosen do not have to match in the exact order chosen but the numbers must be the same. The games run from $.50 to $1. Players have the option to either play the mid-day or evening games as well.

What Are The Odds?

Alright, so now you understand the many different lottery games, and you'd like to know what are your odds of winning the lottery. The odds of winning are something that depend on the number of tickets sold per game. For example in the lottery game Powerball, if you purchase one ticket your odds of winning could be as much as 1:63 million and while this could be discouraging for some players, there are individuals like the 84 year old woman who won $590.5 million in Florida. She purchased just one ticket and won! Though the odds seem to be a challenge when deciding whether or not to play, just think of how amazing you'll feel when you win.

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Guaranteed Winnings in Scratch-Offs

You've decided that scratch off lottery tickets are your game to play and you know that winning is the whole purpose of the game. Let's talk about the secrets that are guaranteed to help you win:

Secret 1: Understand How Scratch-Off Tickets are Made

Regardless of if you've played the lottery before or are a veteran at the game, we can all agree that a sense of curiosity lies in our mind when we see a roll of lottery scratch-off tickets on display at your local gas station. You've might even wonder, how they'd get the roll together or even, how many winning tickets are in each roll. Well, understand that there is actually a guaranteed certain number of winning tickets in each roll of lottery scratch off games. And these winnings can range from a $1 to $1,000 and even higher. With that being said, you'll understand that as tickets are sold from the roll, this either increases or decreases your odds of winning depending on how many winning tickets have already been sold.

Secret 2: Shop at Quiet Locations

Understand that there are a certain amount of winning lottery tickets in each roll of scratch-off tickets but the secret is to shop only at stores that don't receive a large amount of foot traffic. The higher the traffic the less your odds of winning become so by shopping at a quiet store, your odds increase more.

Secret 3: Check to See Which Games Have Won

Even though each scratch-off game has a specific amount of prizes, it is legal for retailers to continue to sell tickets after all prizes have been claimed. You don't want to be that player that's buying a losing scratch off ticket. Play it safe by checking with your state's lottery homepage to see which tickets have had all the top prizes claimed so you're not playing at a loss.

Secret 4: Avoid Rolls that Have Had Big Winners

So you've learned that each roll have a specific set of prizes attached to it, the goal of course is to win, so staying away from the rolls that have had large prizes claimed would help when deciding which games to play. So a secret is if you have done your research and you know that a game has had winners, just stay away from it.

Secret 5: Bulk Buy or Staggering Ticket Purchases

Many scratch-off winners have stated that they find it is easier to win by purchasing a row of tickets on the same roll versus purchasing a variety of tickets on different rolls.

Secret 6: Winning Odds are Guaranteed

Remember, the more losing tickets that are sold on one roll of scratch-offs, the better your chances are of winning. Follow the first five secrets when trying to increase your odds of winning.

Guaranteed Winnings in the Lottery

Don't forget that there are different games available to play but how do you go about playing to win? Here are some lotto secrets that may help you win big:

Secret 1: Pick a Game and Stick to It

You've learned about the different games involved in the lottery and have decided to give it a try. First pick a game. How? Well, let's decide how often you will play (daily, weekly, sporadically). Once you've decided on the frequency that you will play, pick a game that is consistent with your frequency selection. And most importantly: Stick to It!

Secret 2: Set a Budget

Playing the lottery can become expensive if you're not winning. The secret to offset those dry spells is to set a budget. A budget will help you keep track of your spending and manage your winnings.

Secret 3: Use Your Winnings to Play

If you've been on a winning spree, depending on the amount you won, you might've gone on a shopping spree to celebrate. The problem with that decision is that now you have spent the lottery winnings and have to use your hard earned money to purchase new tickets. The secret to keeping your lottery spending low is to reinvest your small winnings back into your lottery budget. Imagine if you set a budget of $10 weekly for all your lottery tickets you choose to buy. If you win $100 that week, you could spend the budget that you originally set and still have $90 to spend on yourself. Or you could have 10 weeks of lottery spending money that will lessen the amounts spent out of pocket. It's really a win/win situation if handled accordingly.

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Secret 4: Pool with People You Trust

Budgeting of course is important when spending money, be it on the lottery or on a special gift for yourself. But one main option to offset a lottery budget is to pool your money along with other people. Many have created lottery pools at work, with family members, or neighbors. The only advice given by professionals is to pool with someone you trust. There is nothing like winning a large sum and having issues with the members of the pool you're involved in. So when pooling a lottery ticket, keep in mind money is involved and trust should be the number reason to why you choose an individual to be a member of the pool.

Secret 5: Pick Your Own Numbers

It seems impractical but selecting your own numbers could play a large role in winning. Many have had great success with the quick picks, however, there are winners whose experience multiple winnings throughout their lives that stand behind the selection of numbers that are close to the player. For example, you may play one game with birthdays, while another with birth years, and you may decide anniversaries are important as well. No matter your chosen numbers, consistency is the name of the game. Choose your numbers and play them consistently until you've won the amount that delights you.

Secret 6: Don't Buy Too Far in Advance

Keep in mind you are trying to beat the odds, so you want to increase your odds by purchasing your ticket one day or on the day of the drawing. This will allow a bigger chance to win.

What to Do After You Win

Alright, you're a winner. What now? Many winners of the lottery were not expecting to win and you might be wondering what to do once you win and the answer is simple. Prior to playing, educate yourself on how to manage and maintain the amounts advertised in the lottery winnings. For example, if you've never had more then $100 thousand dollars in your accounts, you may not know what to do with $500 million. Furthermore, that amount could be overwhelming for some, if not many of players. After you've educated yourself, create a "winner's plan". Creating a plan to follow after you've won will lessen the stresses involved in the new lifestyle that you've created for yourself. Most tax accountants, attorneys, financial advisers, and other professionals will tell you that creating a trust account is pertinent in keeping your identity confidential. By claiming the money under a trust account, your personal identity is safe from the public. Also remember, it is legal to publicly release your name, location, and amount won in the lottery. So be smart as you play.

A New Hampshire woman who bought a Powerball ticket worth $560 million last month is fighting to remain anonymous, saying in a lawsuit that releasing her name would "constitute a significant invasion of her privacy." ______________________________________ The woman filed suit against the New Hampshire Lottery Commission under the pseudonym Jane Doe. She says she made a "huge mistake" when she signed her real name on the back of the ticket before contacting a lawyer, who told her she could have remained anonymous had she established a trust and then had a trustee sign the ticket. ______________________________________ The lawsuit, filed last week, describes the woman as an "engaged community member." "She wishes to continue this work and the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars," the complaint said. It adds that she plans on remaining in New Hampshire and giving back "to the state and community that has given so much to her." The woman is represented by law firm Shaheen and Gordon. William Shaheen wrote a blogpost Jan. 8, two days after the drawing, that highlights the difficulties the lawsuit might face. #streetz945atl #2to6don #djholiday #streetz945atl #powerball #jackpot

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A Whole New World

So, whether you win big or small, congratulations on your new part-time hobby of lottery playing. This is a whole new exciting world that can be filled with both great happiness and loss. So play safe and play wise.

Play On Play On

So whether you're an amateur player or a veteran whose looking to increase your odds of winning, the secrets listed above should be beneficial to your gaming. Good luck with your games and remember to following the steps above once you win.