Does Black Magic Really Work? All You Need To Know About Black Magic

What is black magic and is it real? How does it work? Let's explore the world of black magic, black cats, all its mysticism, and find out if it's real.

By MJ Faublas
Does Black Magic Really Work? All You Need To Know About Black Magic

What is Black Magic?

For as long as evil has existed there has been good. The history of duality goes as far back as the time that humankind began thinking. For as long as there is darkness, there must be light. The same goes for magic, the duality of magic goes from black magic to white magic. Black magic consists of the dark realm of magic and witchcraft. Black magic is known as dark magic and is traditionally used to bring about supernatural powers that are used for personal reasons (or gains). Black magic has a malicious background in which its practitioners are known as Satanists, shamans, or voodoo. Black magic uses the practice of empowering evil spirits and some believe in Satan himself to perform sorcery. In the practice of black magic, rituals are performed on the individual (or victim) of choice which has many effects on that person.

History of Black Magic

Black magic traces back to mankind's primitive years where spirituality ruled (now religion has taken its place) and the work of black magic was used to invoke evil spirits and bring harm to victims. Unlike its counterpart white magic; black magic from its early uses has been known as "low magic". The practice of "low magic" was most used during the Renaissance era where rituals and magical practices came to mainstream society. Though it was not welcomed wholeheartedly, black magic attracted the types of followers who seek truth for their life situations. The terms witch, witchcraft, demons, evil, hexes, and curses became a part of society's daily language. Over the years, the use of black magic has become more common practice and has even been included in certain religious practices such as Wicca and of course witchcraft.

Black Magic Throughout the World

Black magic is an art (or practice) that is known all over the world, and for that reason, it goes by many titles (or names) such as magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, Jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft, voodoo, and curses. Over the years, black and white magic has become blurred when relating to certain aspects and functions of the practices. For example, in the European culture, Satanism is related to witchcraft and belongs to its own church and belief sector. While in African customs, the use of Voodoo is both a black magic and white magic practice (though modern society only contributes the practice of Voodoo to black magic). Though European practitioners like Aleister Crowley have emphasized their understanding of magic and witchcraft; the practice of Voodoo is a subject not familiar to most European practitioners of witchcraft or sorcery. True practitioners of Voodoo know that there is duality in the art and therefore can identify the differing aspects of the practice.

Black Magic, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Etc.

Because black magic has such a dark side, it is believed to be the closest to satanism or "Left-Hand Path" belief systems. These practices use malevolent powers and dark forces to get their agenda complete. Witchcraft, sorcery, and satanism are always in the conversation along with black magic. Witchcraft dates back to ancient Anglo-Saxon where wicca was used to bring about magical results or enchantments to others. The practice of witchcraft is supernatural and goes against modern Christianity. Witchcraft involves spells, curses, hexes, and invoking of evil spirits to get one's dark desires done.

Black Magic Symbol

In order to identify the practice of black magic the first step is to be able to recognize the symbology used in black magic. Black magic practitioners use astrology, spirituality, and numerology along with the symbols of their choice to practice their magic. Over the years, the symbols have been incorporated in daily living and have been brought to popularity via Hollywood and its celebrities. Here is a brief description of the most popular symbol, the Pentagram: The Pentagram: also known as the footprint of the devil. It's a star that has two upwards points called "Goat of Mendes", a circle that is believed to enhance the power of the pentagram.

What are the Signs of Black Magic?

Black magic uses spells and sorcery for a specific purpose, the sign of black magic is a list that can become infinite depending on the individual involved. Black magic has the ability to affect a person's life experience, health, mental health, mood, and relationship with others. Here's a brief list of the possible signs of black magic in your life: 1. Unexplained extreme weight gain/loss 2. Terrible headaches 3. Inability to sleep, insomnia, or oversleeping 4. Depression 5. Felling negative energy weighing you down 6. Very bad breath 7. Extreme mood changes or mood swings 8. Unexplained infertility 9. Multiple miscarriages 10. Horrible body odor 11. Terrible skin conditions explainable by medicine 12. Reoccurring nightmares 13. Extreme anger 14. Memory loss 15. Indulging in excessive alcohol, drugs, sex, or violence

How Does Black Magic Work?

Black magic can exist in your life in the form of a spell or curse, or even in the form of demonic possession. Below are a few lists that may help in identifying the different signs of black magic that may be affecting your life:

Black Magic Curses: How Does it Work?

Black magic curses may arise in the form of psychological impairments or mental illnesses. Here's a brief list of possible encounters of black magic curses: 1. Hearing strange whispering voices (out loud or in your own head) 2. Feeling a presence in your bed 3. Hearing someone calling their name 4. Experiencing paranormal activities 5. Experiencing a feeling of being raped or sexually abused while dreaming or while awake 6. Seeing shadows around you or your home 7. Hearing knocking on their door when no one is actually there

Sorcery & Demonic Possessions

In Catholicism, we frequently see the images of demonic possessions and exorcisms thinking this is unreal or not the truth when describing black magic. However, demonic possession began in the practice of black magic. The truth behind demonic possession is that the attacker sends out negative energetic beings that attach themselves to the victim and manifests many types of symptoms within that individual's life. Here's a brief list of demonic possession signs: 1. Laughing out loud for no reason 2. Constant changes in facial features 3. Extreme body odor or being unclean 4. Skin issues such as extreme dryness or pimples appearing from nowhere 5. Paranoia 6. Oversensitivity to scents 7. Changing your voice while speaking for no reason 8. Rapid changes in mood such as extreme anger or sadness for no reason 9. Getting into fights (verbal or physical) for no reason 10. Have knowledge of others that you would not normally have 11. Physically harming yourself or others 12. Passing out 13. Having memory loss

Black Magic in Your Car, Home, or Work Place

Black magic doesn't only affect your persons, but may also affect your belongings such as your car, home, workspace, etc. Here's a list to identify whether your home is being affected by sorcery, black magic, voodoo, or witchcraft: 1. Missing or moving objects 2. Weery feeling of someone else being in your home 3. Seeing dark objects move about your home 4. Feeling scared or negative energy around you 5. Hearing objects in your home move 6. Sporadic knocking or noises when no one else is home 7. Having the feeling of not being alone 8. Feeling like you're being watched 9. Feeling a dark cloud over your room 10. Feeling a headache that begins with nasal irritation

The Evil Eye at Work

The term "evil eye" is something that happens to someone with the extreme jealousy from another. The "evil eye" can affect this person's life, energy level, mood, home, business, livestock, finances, and many other aspects of their lives. One may experience depression, bad luck, or negative life experiences from the influence the "evil eye" of the jealous person may have. But the truth is an "evil eye" can be of good luck as well and can also be permanently blocked.

How to Identify Black Magic in Your Life

Black magic can be in your life affecting your daily experiences without you noticing. A person can use black magic spells and curses to affect your life bringing your great heartache or differing moods that prevent you from living a normal life. Here's a brief list to identify black magic signs in your life: 1. Excessive unexplained bad luck 2. Unreasonable fear to go out or leave home 3. Multiple unhappy relationships or divorce 4. Extreme life struggles/ or having nothing work in your life 5. Experiencing extreme financial loss 6. Giving up everything he/she owns for no reason at all 7. Being a victim of frequent accidents 8. Experiencing extreme paranoia 9. Destroying his/her or someone else’s career 10. Leaving the country for no reason 11. Your overall health is affected 12. Experiencing constant unhappiness 13. Never succeeding at anything 14. Experiencing psychological problems (or to go crazy) 15. Having people leave your life for no reason

Black Magic in Today's Society

Over the years, Hollywood has infiltrated the minds of pop culture and has made magic, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo, and other forms of mysticism very popular and acceptable to society. In the 90s, the movie "The Craft" followed modern-day witchcraft in the lives of four high school girls. Hit television series "Charmed" brought witchcraft and the practice of sorcery into the lives of viewers weekly. These types of programs allow viewers to see beyond their imagination allowing fans to build their own level of acceptance to the practices. When the movie "Serpent and the Rainbow" was presented in the late 1980s, many had no idea of how the practice of Voodoo affected the lives of Haitians in Haiti. After watching the movie, though it was of Hollywood fiction, viewers got to see what the practice of Voodoo might be like and became fearful of the culture as a whole. Hollywood continues to introduce new levels of magic and black magic into the lives of television viewers with every new project that is presented. From "Harry Potter", to the Disney film "Maleficent", the acceptance of magic and sorcery is becoming more rapid with each new generation.

7 Celebrities Rumored in Practice of Black Magic

7. David Bowie reported cast a black magic spell to attain success in the music industry. David Bowie even recalls one of his albums recorded in the 70s that he had no recollection of recording called "Station to Station". David Bowie claimed that during the recording of the album he was heavy on drugs and a practitioner of black magic. 6. Jimmy Page collects the works of Aleister Crowley. Jimmy Page is the guitarist from Led Zeppelin and claims to have immersed himself in the works of Aleister Crowley since the age of 11 collecting rare magic books. 5. Sammy Davis, Jr. practiced satanism and created a sitcom about hell. 4. Famous singer, musician Bjork was raised in the occult. 3. John Lennon made several statements regarding the selling of his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. 2. Alan Moore, the writer of "V for Vendetta" is a practicing pagan and has publicly practiced magic since 1993. 1. Elvis Presley had a library of books on the occult.

Curing Yourself of Black Magic

So regardless if you identify the truth of magic existing or not, it may still have an effect on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Over the years, with the migration of civilizations and cultures sharing small spaces, there are a number of black magic being used daily and possibly in your neighborhood. But there are ways to protect yourself from the harm felt by victims of black magic.

The Truth with Smudging

Smudging is used to clear your mind when experiencing stress, to clear your aura when feeling heavy or an abundance of negative energy, and to clear your home. Smudging is used as both a physical cure and spiritual cure when encountering black magic or low energy. Smudging includes obtaining a bunch of dried sage and bundling it up into a bush. You can purchase a bush of sage from your local crystal store, or make it yourself. The point of smudging is to clear the energetic field of your aura and your environment. But there is a process to smudging. Initially, you will want to clean your home and aura by clearing up the clutter of the mind and physical space. By clearing your mind you will be able to open yourself up to meditation and spiritual connections to enhance your smudging process. Begin with lighting the sage and first allow the smoke to build up. Start at the crown of your head and gently allow the smoke of the sage to pass over your body continuing to your feet. Once you have smudged yourself, begin with the room that you are in and walk in clockwise formation around the room smudging each additional room including cabinets and closets. Once you are done smudging the entire home, open all windows for fifteen minutes allowing the negative energy to be released and new energy to enter your personal space.

The Truth About Salt

Sea Salt has been used to repel magic for centuries. Salt as a mineral of the earth has the ability to clear energetic fields and aura. In the presence of salt, magic has little chance to succeed as it serves as a protector. Unlike Hollywood movies that always displays salt in a circular formation to protect oneself, salt can be sprinkled along your doorway, window, and a small bowl of salt can be set at your desk with protective crystals to prevent the use of black magic on you. A small pillbox of salt and also be carried on your persons to help with the protection against black magic.

The Truth About Amulets

The power of an amulet can repel the negativity of black magic and keep you protected. Amulets are objects that hang off of a string and can be handmade or purchased at a store. The amulet can be a religious decoration, image, precious stone, or sac of herbs.

The Truth about Prayer

For those who are religious, the power of prayer is best used with the help of a priest or religious leader who has vast knowledge of black magic and demonic possession. These individuals will direct the prayer and create a strategy to be used when praying alone. This individual can also identify the different signs that would indicate whether a demonic presence was near and how to fight it.

So...Now You Know How it all Works

If the practice of black magic was foreign to you, the understanding of what black magic is, how it affects your life, and how to rid yourself of it may be clearer now. But always remember, black magic is not particular to a specific culture or part of the world. Many cultures and countries practice a variety forms of black magic. A black magic practitioner can be your co-worker, neighbor, bank teller, or gardener. The number one way to prevent the use of black magic on yourself is to treat everyone with decency. Being a kind human being has never caused drama or hardship to anyone and so with black magic, the idea is the same. As black magic becomes more familiar to society with new films and television programs introduced to households, everyone will understand the concept of black magic beyond their fears and learn how to equip themselves against its negative aspects.