The 10 Best Candle Spells To Help You Land Your Dream Job

This article is about spells for successful job fulfilment. It contains the 10 best candle spells to help you land your dream job.

By AmyTheOracle
The 10 Best Candle Spells To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Dream Job

So you have an idea about a dream job. You've been taking all the time and necessary steps to narrow it down to a passion of yours that you'd love to turn into a career. Or better yet, to look for a job that has your passion greatly involved. Either way, you've finally realized what you want to do. Now that you've gotten that over with you can finally move on to the really hard part. Making it come true. Sure there are necessary actions that need to take place first in order for that want/need to manifest. For example education, practice, and effort. Sometimes we want to go out of our way to make sure that this dream actually happens. We'll do extra things throughout our week like pray, cast spells, carry good luck charms etc. to help attract more positive abundant energy into your life. However you go about manifesting this dream job of yours, make sure you know exactly what you want.

The 10 Best Candle Spells To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Spells and candles are definitely a good way to practice attracting positive abundant energy into your life. This is very effective especially when you truly want to manifest something positive into your life, like love, good health, and a great career. If spells are your forte here are the 10 best candle spells to help you land your dream job:

1.Candle Spell To Get Your Dream Job

*Do this spell on a New or Waxing Moon, on a Thursday. Ingredients: -1 Green Candle -Green Paper -Green Pen First thing is first, create your sacred space. Make sure you cleanse your sacred space properly. Cleanse your ingredients as well. 1. Using your green pen, write the title of your dream job and also include your position, what your new job will include etc. Make sure to write this on the green paper and be very specific! Being clear on what you want will be easier to receive. 2.When you are finished writing everything down, read your list aloud. As you read the everything on the green paper, visualize and resonate yourself with the life of your dream job. Visualize it as if it has already happened or that it will happen soon. 4. Now time to light your green candle. As you're lighting your candle continue to visualize and feel yourself being successful in your dream job. Visualize and wish for this with all your heart and being. 5. Read your list one last time. With everything you have, believe and know you'll get your dream job. 6. Now carefully fold the paper three times and place it underneath the green candle. 7. Time to let the candle burn. Depending on what type of candle it is you can decide to let it keep burning until it's done in one day or if its a larger candle, feel free to turn it off and relight once every 7 days or until the Full Moon. 8. Time to finish the spell. Once the candle is burned, burn the paper you wrote your dream job on. Make sure to do this in a container so you can collect the ashes of the paper. Once collected go outside and make sure its a little windy. Put everything into believing you'll get this dream job and scatter the cooled ashes in the wind.

2.Spell To Cleanse Body Of Negative Energy

*Do this spell during a waxing of the moon. Ingredients: -3 candles –white(positive energy),black(negative energy),green(healing) -Matches. -Herbs (optional) Create a sacred place where you can sit comfortably and place the candles before you. Make sure to clear your mind and keep present. Light the white candle first. Chant these words: "Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies." Now its time to light the black candle. Repeat the same words. Now its time to light the green candle and this time you'll chant something new: "Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative forces. Blessed Be!" Come back to your original place and meditate for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, your body, mind and spirit should feel refreshed. For additional effect and to add extra oomph to your spell use specific herbs. One specifically good herb to use is bay leaves. They reek of positive energy. For this spell use five bay leaves. You should place them so that one leaf is going to be on each side of each candle. That should be four, so the fifth is going to be in the front and center.

3.Prosperity Spell

*Do this prosperity spell on a Sunday or Thursday Ingredients: -Cinquefoil incense -green candle -patchouli oil -prosperity symbol (This could be any symbol as long as it is positive. For example: a gold coin, frog or lion or pig figurine, Chinese prosperity dragon, or a statute of Ganesha or Lakshmi) First, you should cast a circle and call the quarters. Start lighting the incense. Select a goddess and god of prosperity and invite them to join you. Whichever you choose, chant this: β€œ______ goddess of abundance and wealth. ______ god of prosperity and riches. Please join me in this rite of prosperity. Bring me your gifts of wealth and wisdom.” You will then rub the green candle with patchouli oil. After you have rubbed the oil over the candle, light it. Now grab the prosperity symbol of your choice and hold the prosperity symbol to your chest and chant: β€œI charge this (symbol name) to invite prosperity into my light. This is the guardian of my wealth.” Now just hold the symbol in the center of both hands and visualize and imagine how it will feel to be prosperous, abundant and helping others to be prosperous and abundant as well. Grab some of the oil and use it to draw a pentacle (star) on the symbol. You will then place the symbol down and chant: β€œProsperity is mine. My life is filled with abundance, peace and love. An’ it harm none, so mote it be.” To release the goddess and god you called upon during the spell chant: β€œ______ and ______, thank you for giving me the gifts of wealth and wisdom. Stay if you will, go if you must. Farewell and blessed be.” You will now let the quarters go and open the circle. In feng shui, there is a prosperity corner which is directed in the southeast area of your home or place. Place the prosperity symbol in a corner of your home that resides southeast. Let the candle burn completely.

4.Effective Dream Job Candle Spell

*Do this spell during the magic hours during the day. Ingredients: -photo of yourself -3 green candles -a piece of green cloth -needle and green sewing thread -1 bay leaf -a glass of mineral/spring water -currency of significant value First, put the bay leaf in the glass of water. Then you should insert the currency you chose into the glass. Make sure it's not a small value. You will then add your photo too into the glass of water. Now surround the glass with the three green candles. Light each candle and let them burn for 21 minutes. While the candles are burning chant or say a prayer to attract prosperity for your dream job. After the 21 minutes have passed, turn off the candles. You can now take the three objects out of the water. Be very gentle when it comes to taking out your photo. You don't want to break it. You will now place the items on top of the green cloth as follows: first support the bay leaf, then your photo, and last place the coin on top of everything. Time to sew the green cloth and make it into a pouch/bag with the green thread. After your finished making the bag, make sure you take this bag with you everywhere you go. Do this until you find the dream job you want. Once you have achieved getting your dream job remember to give thanks to the gods and goddesses you called upon in your prayers and finally undo the pouch/bag. Make sure you dispose of all the items you used in the trash.

5.Candle Spell For Employment

*Do this spell on a Sunday, during any stage of your job. Ingredients: -1 yellow candle Create a sacred space and clear it of any clutter. Make sure you also clear your mind of any thought and start focusing on the spell. Make sure you make it very clear in your mind your goal of employment. Now light your yellow or golden candle. Chant the following 3 times: "A good job awaits me I know For thine brilliant light scans And searches a place for me A good job awaits me For thine goodness is great My faith in thee is complete A good job waits for me"

6.To Get Your Dream Job

Ingredients: -1 candle of any color of your choice -1 green candle for luck -Lighter -1 glass jar -1 disposable item Organize the candle of your choice and the green candle, lighter, and the item you chose to dispose of in the candle wax. Make sure you are facing South when doing this spell. Light the candle that chose and let it burn out completely. When you light that candle, chant this: "With the lighting of this candle, I summon up the passion of having my dream job." Now its time to light the green candle. When you light the green candle, chant this: "With the lighting of this candle, I ask for good luck in getting the dream job I've always wanted." After the chant take a few deep breaths to yourself so you can calm and regulate the energy around you. You will then chant this to finish the spell: "In this space, I call to thee. Please help me, gods and goddesses of old, to get the dream job I wish to have. Please help make it possible for me to take the steps needed to get to where I want. This is my will, So Mote It Be." After you chant the last words to the spell its time to blow out the green candle. Pour the wax of the green candle into the glass jar. Reflect on your wishes for your dream job while the other candle burns. Pour some of the wax onto the item you wish to dispose of. Once that candle is completely done, throw away that candle and the item with wax on it. Clean up your sacred space and in order for this spell to work completely, you must finish the spell by putting in your efforts to make your dream job come true.

7.Career Of Your Dreams

Ingredients: -paper -gold or orange candle -a small dish (plate) -sugar First, you want to start by writing about dream position for your dream job.This should include specifics like the salary, hours, pay and any other benefits. After you've written down the specifics fold it and place it beneath a small dish. You will then grab enough sugar to sprinkle a circle onto the dish. Grab your gold or orange candle and position the candle in the center of the circle on the dish. You will then light the candle and let it burn completely. Keep the piece of paper with the specifics of your dream job on your person for the next few weeks. Make sure to look out for all types of signs and opportunities that coincide with your dream job.

8.To Get A Job

Ingredients: -large green candle to write a script on -sharp or pointed knife -a bowl of milk -crust or loaf of bread First, you want to grab your candle and knife. You will use your knife to carve in the candle the title or position of your dream job. You can write job titles or the name of a company in which you would like to work for. Just in case you are still indecisive towards what your dream job might be but you really want a great job you can simply carve "a good job" into the candle instead. Though the spell would be a lot more effective with a more specific description. Depending on the day you are on to cast the spell wait until the following Sunday. Wait until the sun is setting, and thirty minutes after the Sun has disappeared completely you will light the candle. Leave the bowl of milk on one side of the candle and the crust/loaf of bread on the other side of the candle, as an offering. Wait until it is completely night time or until the candle is burned completely.

9.Candle Spell

*ONLY do this spell after you have submitted your resume or application for your dream job. You should also do this spell on the following Thursday after, the sun sets. Ingredients: -pin or sharp knife -1 large green candle -1 red candle -a small bowl of milk First, you need to use a pin or sharp knife to carve into the large green candle. You should write the name of the company(s) you want to work for. Then take the large red candle and use the pin or knife to carve the victory rune, Tiwaz. This symbol looks like an arrow pointing up. You should also include your full name on the candle. So make sure you're casting this spell on a Thursday. After the sun sets you will then burn both candles for 30 minutes. Start visualizing yourself getting your dream job. At the end of the 30 minutes make sure you snuff the candles. Do not blow them out. Make sure to burn the candles each following Thursday after that. Do this for 15 minutes each Thursday after the first or until they burn out, or until you get the job. After the candles are completely done throw them away and leave a small bowl of milk on the night the candle finished. Leave this overnight as an offering.

10.Success Spell

Ingredients: -green candle -purple candle -talisman with your preferred religious symbol (pentacle, cross, star of David, etc) First, you must place the green candle on one side of your room. Then place the purple candle on the opposite side. You will then light the purple candle first. Now grab your religious talisman. This talisman should be hanging from a chain or string. Hold it so it is dangling from your right hand. Pick up the purple candle that is already lit with your right hand with the talisman in hand still. Then you will now walk in a straight line across the room directly. From one candle, in this case, the purple one first, to the green candle. Once you get to the opposite side of the room use the purple candle to light the green candle. You will then set the purple candle down next to the green one. Now chant: "I walk forth without doubt and fear, And success draws me near." Time to lay the necklace or string with talisman attached in front of the candles. Now sit and meditate for a good while on the success you desire and the dream job you deserve and need. Make sure to let the candles burn completely. After they are done wear the necklace whenever you want. This will attract success and abundance. When you go to these interviews, auditions, job opportunities etc. visualize the way you crossed from one point to the other in the sacred room. This will help you focus and gain the confidence in being successful during the times you need the most.


Finding out what you want to do for a living is always very exciting and overwhelming. Its one of the many big decisions we have to make on our own in our lives. So to all who have come to the decisions, congratulations. However, you go about manifesting your dream job, whether it be through carrying good luck charms, casting spells, or praying I wish you many blessings and more. I hope you excel and prosper in your dream job for many, many years.