Amethyst Guide: Meanings, Healing Properties & Uses

Amethyst is a great magical stone for anyone to add to their collection with an abundance of properties to protect you and aid you in better decision making.

By E.M. Love
Amethyst Guide: Meanings, Healing Properties & Uses

Amethyst Properties

One of the most popular stones around today, Amethyst is known for having strong magical properties, including the power of healing. It can really help you progress in life and achieve your dreams. This magical stone comes in many different shades of purple and is often associated with royalty, which is a great sign for the future. Many use this stone when they are going through change, as it will bring stability and courage to the user. It has properties that will bring its users enlightenment, clarity, and aspirations for what they need to do in life, along with properties to help increase intuition and get back in touch with oneself. Amethyst is known by many as the 'Stone of Spirit'. This stone is the same color as our crown chakra, which is the chakra for our higher selves and spirituality. Some say that looking into an amethyst will strengthen your eyesight. Known for the birthstone of those born in February and for those born of the Pisces sign, this crystal rock is very popular today.

Amethyst Folklore

Amethyst originates from a Greek word, Amethystos. This Greek word's meaning is to be sober, and has some Greek folklore to go along with it. Amethyst was a nymph of Aphrodite who was the object of love by Bacchus, the God of Wine. Amethyst did not reciprocate his feelings, however, and asked Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite helped her by making Amethyst into a clear crystal. Bacchus was very upset and spilled his wine over Amethyst, the crystal, which made it change to a purple color, while saying that he would not drink ever again. Long ago in ancient times, Greeks used to make drinking goblets from amethyst to try and prevent anyone from getting drunk based on this folk tale. Some even wore amethyst close to their naval to prevent getting drunk, such as on a belt or in their pocket.

History Of Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone with many magical properties that has been used for thousands of years. In China, some used to believe that this magical stone would bring the user an understanding at a spiritual level of how to attain complete bliss. Many people used amethyst to help stop family members from arguing and to get along better. During the Renaissance, this amethyst was worn for protection, often inside of a bear engraving. Greeks and Romans would wear rings with amethyst for its properties of protection in order to protect themselves from evil. Cups were made out of this magical rock to get rid of any evil from anyone who drank out of the cup. People used to even use amethyst as a sort of face scrub to get rid of hard skin and pimples. Christian churches used this stone in the rings of their Bishops because the color purple was supposed to be a symbol for Christ. The Bible makes multiple references to amethyst throughout, even saying that the Holy City's 12th foundation was made of this rock. Amethyst used to be very value, worth as much as diamonds, but then large amounts of this rock was found around the world, making it more common. Countries that have the largest deposits of amethyst include Italy, South America, Greece, and the Middle East. Today scientists can even grow amethyst in a lab!

Healing Properties Of Amethyst

Amethyst is a rock that has great healing properties for everyone. It gives you the calmness and clarity that you need to stay true to your path in life and to stay healthy, including spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Some magic spells call for amethyst to increase ones beauty, which relates back to when people used to use it for healing spots on their faces. The Chinese often use amethyst to help get rid of stomach pains, heal anything that may be wrong with the lungs, and to keep bad dreams away. They use it to help get rid of all of the toxins in your body and to aid in regeneration. A common use of the healing properties of amethyst is to get rid of headaches by keeping it close to where it hurts. Many also use it to clear their thoughts and be able to focus. By clearing thoughts, it helps the users see what is in front of them and not be confused by anything. Amethyst also is known for its healing properties of improving memory and overall brain function. Those who suffer from depression may benefit from using amethyst, as it has properties of increasing and uplifting your mood. This stone helps give you more internal strength to fight whatever demons you may have in your present, or even ones from your past. It's a great stone to use after undergoing certain medical treatments, such as radiation, chemo, or having to take certain prescriptions. Amethyst works by making your adrenal glands stronger along with giving a boost to your heart and reproductive system. Those who have issues with fertility can benefit from using amethyst and keeping it on them at all times. Amethyst boosts your immune system to help you stay healthy and avoid getting sick, but when you do catch an illness you will recover faster with this stone's help.

Psychic Awareness Properties

One of amethyst's properties includes raising one's psychic awareness by working with your pituitary gland. Your pituitary gland is what causes your consciousness to experience any altered states and is where anything relating to psychic skills resides. This stone has properties to help you let go of all of your thoughts and relax. You can clear your mind easier when using this stone. Because of this, you are able to see things more clearly and learn from what you are seeing. When your mind is cluttered and you are always thinking, you will often miss what is right in front of you. If used when sleeping, amethyst will help keep nightmares away and you will be able to interpret your dreams easier. Amethyst has properties that will heighten your psychic awareness along with increasing your intuition. It's a great stone to meditate with since it helps clear your mind, and gives you more awareness. When your mind is clear and free from worries and anxieties, this rock helps you feel uplifted and happy.

AMETHYST Amethyst is February’s birthstone and oh my what a stone it is! A master healer with a highly spiritual vibration that attracts positive energy, protects from negativity and promotes emotional stability. It’s a great meditation companion since it calms the mind and encourages emotional detoxification. In fact, Buddhist monks are known to pray and meditate with amethyst beads! Plus, if you have an amethyst cluster you can also use it to cleanse your crystals and gems. • • • • • #amethysthealing #amethyst #crystallove #crystalhealing #gemstones #gems #crystalsofig #crystals #purple💜 #macro #macroworld #macro_ig #healtheworld #gemstonelover #crystallover #crystallady #amethystpurple #amethystlove #crystalcluster #amethystcluster

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Lucid Dreaming Properties

Amethyst is a great magical stone with properties for assisting in lucid dreaming. It prevents you from having any nightmares and helps you sleep better, preventing insomnia, but you won't get too much sleep either. When you are able to sleep well, your body will have more time to heal, so in that way this is another healing property of amethyst. You will also be more likely to have dreams that may tell of your future, and you will be able to remember them. Since this rock helps clear your mind so you can therefore focus better, one of the properties it has is to help you lucid dream when you go to sleep. Many people often have trouble lucid dreaming, or remembering their dreams, but if you meditate with an amethyst right before you go to bed, and then put this rock underneath your pillow, you will have a much easier time doing this. It will even help you astral travel in your sleep if that is what you desire to do, giving you the courage and protection that you need on your astral journey.

Energetic Properties Of Amethyst

This great stone has properties that will energize you and uplift you when you need it the most. If you are feeling like you don't have enough energy, just get your amethyst rock out and keep it on you to get that boost that you need. You can make or buy jewelry with it so you have an easier time keeping it with you everywhere you go. Amethyst uplifts your mood by bringing you balance and harmony. You will feel at peace with the world while this stone dispels any negative energy and bad feelings. It will give you a happier view on everything in your life to where you can sit back, relax, and just be amused by things that may have upset you before. You will be able to focus better, and therefore think much more clearly while using an amethyst. This uplifting property that amethyst has will ensure that you are never lonely and that you feel comfort whenever you are starting to feel down. Amethyst will prevent any sad feelings so that you aren't lonely, but instead are content at all times and in all situations. It gives you the courage and energy to keep going even when you think you should be exhausted and upset.

Use Amethyst For Protection

One of the properties that amethyst has is protection. It will dispel any negative energy that may come towards you so that you are not affected by it. You will not feel any bad energy that other people send your way when you have this magical crystal. At night, this stone is very good protection as we are often the most vulnerable when we are asleep and our defenses are down. Amethyst will protect us while we are sleeping, keeping everything negative at bay so that we wake up feeling happy and refreshed. You can use amethyst to protect your office or home from negative energy by putting stones in all of the corners of your space. Traveling with this stone is also a great idea to help protect yourself. Make sure that you put it in a pocket or wear amethyst jewelry, however, because it won't do you as much good if you just leave it in your baggage.

Amethyst's Clarity

One of the healing properties that amethyst has is that it will give you clarity. Since it helps you clear your mind and relax, this gives you a chance to reorganize yourself. You will see what is really important and realize that most of what you are stressing out and upset about does not really matter in the bigger picture of life. This magical stone will help you set your life straight and decide what you really need to be doing, if you decide to use it. Amethyst may not help you gain more knowledge, but it will give you the power to focus more and to use what knowledge you do have more efficiently. You will be able to make better choices and make better decisions about the situations you get yourself in. You will be able to notice your emotions in situations and how your emotions may be affecting your decisions. By being able to take notice of your emotions, you can decide your course of action without your emotions as the deciding factor. Still listen to your intuition, but just be aware that some emotions may not have any validity and therefore should not be taken into consideration in some decisions. Amethyst's properties will help you solve very difficult problems that you may be having in your life by helping you see through everything, including your own emotions, and make the best decision. You will be able to clearly see what is going on, even when no one else does. Some difficult situations with highly charged emotions may include when couples are going through a divorce, a high-stakes business deal, married couples arguing, or even best friends having a big argument.

Improves Relationships And Love Life

This stone's properties will help you have better relationships, including in your love life. You will be able to know yourself better and figure out what exactly you like, not what others want you to like. You will find it easier to not do what other people want, but to instead do things for yourself because you want to do them. This will make you much happier with your life and is one of the ways that amethyst will uplift your mood. By knowing what you like to do, you will know exactly what you want and need in any relationships that you may have. This way, you can clearly communicate those wants and needs to others, and you can look for others who will fulfill those needs. Amethyst will make you more open to love and allow you to better connect with others without any fear. This stone gives you the courage to do what is best and to not be afraid of what others will think. You will be confident and happy while doing what you really want to do. If you are in a relationship that has lost its original passion, amethyst can help you restart that passion and give it a new life. This will greatly improve many relationships. You and your partner will be happier and will be able to let go of any past disagreements and bad energy that may have come between you. You will be able to calmly discuss any bad feelings that you may have had and to let them go. Better communication often results from those who use and wear amethyst, as it gives you the courage to open up and truly express what you want. When you are able to say and do what you desire, you will have more passion in your life, and in your relationship. Others will look at you with more respect and will even admire you for your actions.

Increases Wealth

Amethyst is a stone with great magical properties to use when you are trying to earn and build up your money. It will aid you in growing any business that you may be working on by giving you the focus to do so. You will have better ideas and more creative thoughts when you keep an amethyst on you, leading to a more successful business. A great way you can have amethyst help you do this is to put these crystals all around your office and work area. Surrounding yourself with this rock will bring peace to your work space, and also to anyone who comes into your work space. This way, you will be much more productive and focused, along with any visitors and other employees. Your business will be sure to flourish.

Stones To Use With Amethyst

The properties of amethyst can be even stronger when it is paired up with other stones that complement its magical powers. One of such stones includes a moonstone, which helps nurture your emotional wisdom in things. Aquamarine will help your spiritual side more. Sometimes, using only amethyst will make you stay in your mind too much, so you may want to use a stone that is associated with your ground chakra to keep you grounded in reality. Some of the best stones for this would be blood stone, hematite, and jasper. If you want or need very strong protection, you can use another protection stone with amethyst. Black tourmaline would be a great stone to use, as it is known to be able to protect from strong bad energies that may be sent your way. Associated with the root chakra, black tourmaline grounds your energies and can keep you in reality while improving your memory. Black tourmaline is known for keeping you safe from electromagnetic frequencies, such as from cell phones and wireless internet. When this stone is heated up it can even generate electricity, along with store that electricity. This causes it to give off negative ions, making black tourmaline great for improving health. Also known for bringing happiness and positivity, black tourmaline has this property that amethyst also has; it is a lot stronger for those who need that extra power of uplifting energy. It brings confidence to its users, enabling them to overcome blocks that they may have had prior to keeping this stone on them. Many people love black tourmaline because of the strong healing powers it has for all different areas, also similar to amethyst.

It is no secret that I have an absolute adoration and LOVE for crystals 😊🙏🏼💎 I absolutely love their brilliance both energetically and aesthetically and have been attracted to their beauty since I was very little 💜 • I work a lot with crystals both in my treatment sessions and personally, so today I would love to share with you my love for AMETHYST 💜✨ • • I love working with amethyst for its calming properties and for its highly spiritual nature that stimulates intuition and psychic powers💫 • • 🌟 Stimulates Third Eye and Crown Chakras, 🌟 Symbolises wisdom + deep love, 🌟 Small geodes such as the one pictured are GREAT crystal charging stations to charge your other crystals ⚡️ 🌟 Creates safe and nurturing space for mediation and multidimensional exploration ☄ 🌟 Absorbs negativity and instils tranquility. • • #reikibyleigh #fortheloveofcrystals #crystalhealing #reikiinberlin #amethysthealing #amethyst #berlinenergyhealing #lightlanguagehealing #workwithcrystals #ilovecrystals #purpleamethyst #highvibration #ascension #evolution #workingtogetherwithgaiaandhergifts #lovelightandcrystals

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Amethyst Jewelry

Jewelry is a great option to keeping amethyst on you at all times to make the best use of its properties. Still often a color of power, amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that can complement many different outfits. You can buy or make your own beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or rings with amethyst. The closer you wear amethyst to your crown chakra, the more that it may affect you in a positive way. Earrings are great, and you can even get hair pins with little amethysts in them to get even closer to your third eye and crown chakra. For those who are into this style, you can even wear a sort of headband with an amethyst in the middle that drops down into your forehead, so this way it covers your third eye. To improve the power of amethyst, you can make jewelry with other stones that compliment it, such as black tourmaline. Wearing jewelry with amethyst and black tourmaline can give you the best protection when you need it the most, especially when you travel or if you are about to go into a meeting where the energy is not good at all. When you care for your jewelry, make sure that you try to avoid letting it sit out in the sun or heat as that causes the purple color to fade. Household chemicals may also cause deterioration of amethyst. If you need to clean your amethyst jewelry, you can get a soft cloth and use dish soap with warm water to gently clean it.

Amethyst is a powerful stone. I love faceted stones, as if the energy can go out in multiple directions. It’s considered a dream stone and can help you have pleasant dreams. Some people also believe it can help relieve headaches. What a perfect mala for meditating at the end of your day! The guru is a faceted Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz can be programmed with your intention and amplifies energies of other stones. Available on the website, link in profile. This is a quarter mala, so you can do a shorter meditation or repeat the rounds for longer sessions. #pocketmala #amethyst #amethysthealing #headache #insomniarelief #clearquartz #clearquartzamplifier #meditatetoelevate #meditation #meditationforrelaxation #fromtheheartforthebodyandsoul #soulpreneur #magictribe #crownchakra #psychicsofinstagram

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The Amazing Properties Of Amethyst

Amethyst has some amazing properties for those who use this stone to take advantage of. With a long history of use, this is a great stone to use when you have some big changes in your life and need focus and stability. Being able to focus clearly will help you make the best decisions possible and choose the correct path for yourself. Amethyst properties include increasing your psychic abilities and helping you listen to your own intuition better so you can make better decisions in different situations. This stone also has magical healing powers for many ailments, including headaches, lung illnesses, and others. It will help you sleep better and ward off any negative energy. Amethyst will protect you at all times, especially when you are at your most vulnerable, and will give you the courage for astral travel. You will be able to lucid dream and actually remember your dreams, which may be a challenge for many. You will feel uplifted and in a better mood when you have amethyst, and helps fight depression. It will give you a more positive outlook on your life, therefore enabling you to let go of a lot of stress that you may have let build up. You can use amethyst with other stones that compliment or increase its power, such as black tourmaline, which will greatly enhance the protection that you get. This can be very useful when you have to be in a situation with a lot of stressful, negative energy, such as a big board meeting when most of the attendees are not on your side. Wearing these two stones together can also be beneficial for those going through a divorce where there is a lot of ill-will going on between the two of you. These stones will help keep that ill-intent from affecting you and will deflect it instead. Amethyst is a great magical stone to add to your collection that will be of great use to you in many ways. Once you feel the great benefits of one stone, you will want many more to put around your house and office for additional protection and other benefits.