10 Best Home Remedies To Stop Alcoholism

Quitting is the remedy to a better life, and you have decided to stop drinking. Here are some home remedies to kick your alcohol problem to the curb.

By Sophia A. Franklin
10 Best Home Remedies To Stop Alcoholism

Wake up call

Last year, I was drinking pretty heavily. You could always find me at a bar. I woke up one day and realized that the life I was living was not one I wanted to live anymore. That's when I chose to stop drinking. I have been sober for nine months now. Before my sobriety, I partied a lot and am still amazed to this day that my liver is still functioning after all I put it through. I can tell you that deciding to sober up is a difficult choice to make, but it is a respectable one. One that will benefit you, your body, emotional headspace, and future. For some people putting down the alcohol bottle is as simple as that. For others, it can be a difficult road to journey down and will require a lot of challenging effort, determination, and the will to stop drinking alcohol.

Admitting you have a problem when you drink alcohol

Are you willing to admit that you have a problem? Taking responsibility and recognizing you have a problem is the first step to remedy your situation. For a lot of people this first crucial stage is never met. To solve a problem, you must acknowledge you have one, so you can find a solution.

Willing to stop drinking alcohol

To end alcoholism, you need to stop drinking alcohol; you must first want to stop. If you are trying to quit for other reasons other than for yourself, you will only fail. You may want to stop drinking because it is affecting your life, such as missing work, avoiding family. You may be choosing alcohol over your main responsibilities, or there are problems occurring at home. Alcohol takes a toll on your body as well, both mentally and physically. Alcohol is a depressant. When we drink, we suppress our problems and try to drown them in alcohol.

Social life and alcohol

Alcohol can bring the worst out of people. I know that when I was drinking, I said some pretty nasty things that I did not mean. That is because alcohol causes you to be irritated easily and for some, can produce violent behavior. Such social problems that can occur from drinking alcohol are situations like losing your job or family and friends distancing themselves from you. In some cases, acts of domestic violence, and separation in marriage can occur.

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Remedies to stop drinking alcohol

Some people can just put down the bottle and never pick it up again. When I quit drinking, I did it cold turkey. Now, if you have been drinking for a long time, this is not a safe option. You can die if you are a heavy drinker and you suddenly stop drinking. If you are a heavy drinker, I suggest you slowly wean yourself off the alcohol. For example, if you go through a whole case of beer in a day, cut it down one by one each day. If you drink hard liquor, switch over to beer and wine and start decreasing the amount you drink each day. Talk to your doctor or therapist about quitting.

Reasons to stop drinking

Alcohol addiction is known to cause many health, mental, and social problems. Such outcomes from alcoholism can be liver damage such as cirrhosis, which is when the liver cannot function properly because the healthy tissue has been replaced with scar tissue. Your kidneys are in danger, and the likely hood of creating anxiety problems are high. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it. Often, most drinkers will drink in the placement of a meal. Leaving the body malnourished and ready to gorge on anything. Typically, at 2 in the morning, you can find yourself munching down on some pretty unhealthy foods, just to satisfy your hunger. Because of this, alcohol can be a contributor to obesity.

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1. Best remedies are to exercise

When you decide to quit drinking, you will find that you will have a lot of spare time. Instead of drinking, pick up new hobbies that can be productive for your life and body. Exercise is a great habit of picking up. Not only will you sweat out the toxins that alcohol has stored in your body, but endorphins will be released as you work out, causing you to be happy. Educate yourself about healthy foods and habits. Try cutting out other unhealthy habits like smoking, or junk food. If you have been a heavy drinker for years, your body is in some great need of some love and healthy choices. If you wish to be healthy, know that being an alcoholic and being fit do not mix. By exercising you focus your attention on your routine. Your energy is being saved up not to repair your liver but to improve your body. This is also a fantastic way to meet likeminded individuals who wish to better themselves as well. You will notice you have more energy, you don’t feel shameful or guilty, and your self-esteem is getting better. These factors can help with any anxiety you have or negative thoughts and self-talk.


When we drink, it is usually because we are trying to drown certain negative aspects of ourselves and our lives. You may find that you are pitying yourself, some self-loathing is thrown in there, and that is unfortunately normal for alcoholics to feel. Remember alcohol is a depressant. It only makes things worse. When you feel this lonely and poor, quitting is the last thing on your mind. You may feel like alcohol helps with the feelings and makes them go away. The truth is, alcohol only makes the negative self-talk and thoughts stay and grow. By building better self-esteem and riding the negative factors that can be created by you and by the assistance of alcohol, you can better prepare yourself to stand up against any hardships you may face sober.

Remember to be happy for what you have

Alcoholism can make us forget what good things we have in life. When we are appreciative of what we have in life, the negative self-talk loses its power over us. This helps you from relapsing and from wanting to drink.

2.Picking up new hobbies are good remedies

If working out is not your thing, try picking up creative hobbies. Art, crafts, sewing, or beadwork are things you can do to distract your mind from the bottle. Try gardening or collecting cards, stamps, or other objects that tickle your fancy.

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Natural remedies

There are several herbal remedies out there that can assist in the termination of your alcoholic problem. Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it. When you stop drinking you will notice that your cravings for sugar will hit the roof. You can satisfy your cravings with sweets but do not overdo it. Junk food will sound appealing, but it is just replacing one unhealthy habit for another. Instead, keep your mouth and liver busy by doing a juice detox, or eating produce, such as apples, cucumbers, carrots, and salads. Try mixing water and celery juice to help reduce your cravings for alcohol. Remember to talk to a nutritionist or your doctor about any dramatic diet changes.

3.Whole grains, nuts, dates and seeds remedies

You will want to stabilize your blood sugar, so eat whole grains, like barley, brown rice, almonds, cashews, or Brazilian nuts. Sunflower seeds or a banana can help with controlling your alcohol cravings. Dates are a reliable source of sugar that will satisfy your cravings. It has been noted that crushing up some dates and mixing it with water can help reduce the alcohol cravings. Try drinking this blend at least twice a day or when you are having cravings.

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4.Herbs mixed with liquids remedies

Another home remedy I found consists of three parts thyme roots, two parts knotgrass tops and wormwood tops added to boiling water. Drinking this can help with withdrawals from alcohol. Some natural herbs that are known to help you stop drinking are kudzu, golden root, and passion flower. These herbs help with the dependency you have on alcohol and to reduce them.

5.Grape diet

To detox and help with the cravings, you can always try the Grape diet. Apparently popular with the AA crowd, it helps with the addiction and detoxes your liver at the same time. The diet consists of only eating grapes three times a day for 25 days.

6.Bitter Gourd

Another home remedy you can try is Bitter Gourd. It is a fruit that you can juice that can help your liver and your cravings for alcohol. Try drinking about eight ounces of bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach. It might not be the best tasting juice, so try adding milk to it. Or try drinking a glass of buttermilk with three teaspoons of juice that has been extracted from bitter gourd leaves. Take it early in the morning on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take this drink for at least a month. This mixture can help with any liver damage that you may have created. This fruit can help reset your liver and control your appetite. Foods that are high in sugar and fried foods might sound appealing while you are getting off alcohol. Bitter gourd can help you control your cravings.

7.Evening Primrose

Evening primrose helps decrease craving for alcohol by regulating your digestion. We have bacteria in our digestive tract. With long-term alcohol use, the bacteria in the digestive tract holds onto the toxins which is why you crave alcohol. Evening primrose can flush that bacteria out of your system resulting in a reduction in cravings and helping you quit a little faster. It can be found in oil form. Take three drops each day for three weeks, take it directly, or you can mix it with water.

8. Stop slacking and be accountable

People who abuse alcohol are often in denial about their problem. Some are convinced that they don’t drink as much as they do. Others blame their large amount of alcohol intake on the everyday problems that go on in their lives, refusing to take full responsibility for their actions and the outcomes of their abuse with alcohol. Sadly, those who are in denial about their alcohol abuse, and those that blame their problems as the reason to drink are only repeating the same mistakes that put them in the miserable spot that they are in. It is a vicious cycle. To get out of this stage, you need to buck up and be honest with yourself. Count the empty beer bottles the next day after a binge. Mark a line on the liquor bottle at the beginning of the night to see how much of the bottle is gone the next day. The results will shock you. The hope is that you will see how much you are drinking and want to sober up or at the very least decrease the amount you are drinking. If drinking seems like the only remedy to your daily problems, try and confront those difficulties with a sober mind. It will not be fun or easy, but once you have conquered a problem with a sober mind, you will see that it is not so difficult, and you may save yourself from repeating the same mistakes that lead down a road of misery.


Going to a bar when you are trying to quit may seem counterproductive, but there is some logic to this. When you stop drinking a lot of people think they need to avoid the bars. Maybe for some they do. But giving up your social life does not have to be a part of giving up drinking. When you are at the bar instead of drinking a cocktail, get a mocktail. Orange juice and cranberry juice with soda water are a favorite. Soda water and coke with lime are also viable alternatives. While at the bar do not focus on the fact that you don’t have an alcoholic drink in your hand. Instead, focus on your friends and the conversations. Play games, like pool, darts or cards. Just because you are in a bar doesn’t mean you have to drink. It is just another place for you to socialize.

Getting rid of temptations

For some, anything associated with alcohol may be a trigger. If that is the case, remove all alcohol and alcohol-related paraphernalia from your home, office and car. Let family members, co-workers and friends know that you are trying to quit. If you need to, ask them to not drink in front of you. Set limits for yourself. Know where you can go and where you can’t. Avoid any bad influences; this would include places, people, anyone or anything that can or will disrupt your recovery. When you are tempted, remember what your past mistakes were when alcohol was a factor. What worked, what didn’t. What can you do this time to avoid making the same mistakes from last time?

10.Create goals for yourself

It can be short term or long term as long as it is a goal. Maybe start off small. If you do something for three weeks, it becomes a habit. So, try not drinking for three weeks. If you can do that, I promise you can do a month or more. See if you cannot drink for an entire month. After you have been sober for a month, go for another. If you give into temptation, do not beat yourself up. Relapses are going to happen. Just set goals for yourself, daily, weekly, monthly and then yearly. You are going to need support. Ask your friends and family to help you stop drinking. See if you have a buddy that will do it with you. Find others who are in the same boat as you. You can both be each other’s support system. Joining a support group can also help you. These groups are set up to support you quitting alcohol. Being vocal about your decision will let others know you are serious and they can help you if temptation comes near.

Tough road ahead of you

Alcoholism is no joking matter.Deciding to quit drinking alcohol is a demanding thing to do. It will require a lot of arduous work, determination, desire, and willpower. By reading this article, you have already put your foot towards the right direction to end your alcoholism. Remember that is okay if you fail one day, there is always the next to do right by yourself. Set goals, short ones first, then once you have achieved them, continue to long-term goals. Know that you are winning every day you don’t take a drink. You will want to drink at certain points in your life. Hold strong to your will and don’t do it. Look back on the days you were drinking and remember the bad that came from it. You got this!