Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Read on to know more about apple cider vinegar - the benefits of drinking this miracle drink in a bottle are many, from curing indigestion to preventing cancer.

By Janani
Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Medicinal Value Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, popularly known as 'cider vinegar' or ACV, is made from water and apples. It is between a pale to medium amber in color. Apple cider vinegar not only serves cooking and other household purposes, it has been used as an ancient folk remedy for all sorts of health problems. Its popularity has been on the rise recently too. People are into apple cider vinegar after realizing how beneficial it is to your body. Right from curing bad breath to regulating your sugar levels, it plays a major role in improving overall health. For many centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy for many health-related issues. It has been noted to have a number of medicinal benefits and it is supported by good evidence. Drinking apple cider vinegar on a regular basis can improve your overall health, help you gain more energy, and act as a cure for many more problems. Apple cider vinegar, for cooking purposes, is mostly used in salads, marinades, food preservatives, and chutneys. Due to its sour taste, it is an inevitable ingredient in many dishes. The sour taste in apple cider vinegar is due to the presence of acetic acid and malic acid.

Making Of Apple Cider Vinegar

The process of making an apple cider vinegar is simple. It undergoes a two-step process. The first step in making apple cider vinegar is the extraction of apple juice. This extraction is done by crushing the apples and squeezing the juice out of it. The juice then undergoes the alcoholic fermentation process, where the bacteria and yeast are added to the extracted apple juice. This process converts the sugars in the juice into alcohol. The second step in making apple cider vinegar is to convert the alcohol into vinegar by acetobacter, an acetic acid forming bacteria. The resulting product is apple cider vinegar. These two simple steps are involved in the making of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is quite simple and can be prepared at home as well. But the fermentation process takes a minimum of 2-3 months during summer and when prepared during winter it can be a little longer. The conversion of apple juice to vinegar can take a long time, but once it is done you will have organic apple cider vinegar freshly made at home.

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Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar The Right Way

Although there are numerous benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis, it is really important to do it the right way. Drinking undiluted apple cider vinegar will burn your esophagus as it is an acid. It is to be noted that when apple cider vinegar is consumed the wrong way it can cause more harm than the benefits. It can even destroy your teeth and deteriorate your health. So make sure you do it the right way to know how this drink works amazingly for your health. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, this should dilute its acidic nature. It might be still sour so you can add a spoon of honey to enhance the taste. Never drink apple cider vinegar without diluting, as it is harmful. There are a number of ways to drink apple cider vinegar. You can have them diluted with fruit juice or eat it along with your favorite snack or even with tea. It is totally up to you to drink it in the best possible way. After all, having something is better than nothing. Apple cider vinegar, when had after food, can create acidic reaction so the best time to drink it, is on an empty stomach. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach can be a great way to start your day. Read on to know more about the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis and how effective it is in improving your health.

1. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Regulates Blood Sugar

One of the most important benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar on daily basis is how effective it is in improving the insulin sensitivity of diabetics. Type-2 diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. It is a condition in which the diabetics are unable to produce insulin or they are insulin resistant. Insulin lowers blood sugar, but when the body fails to respond the way it should, they become insulin resistant, causing diabetes. When apple cider vinegar is consumed on a daily basis, it improves insulin sensitivity even for those suffering from insulin resistance. Apple cider vinegar helps in regulating blood sugar levels and it helps in maintaining the diabetic diet. Drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis helps in lowering the sugar levels even after a high carb meal for a diabetic. This is why apple cider vinegar is listed in a diabetic diet. The proper way to consume apple cider vinegar is 30 minutes before a heavy meal. Sometimes, drinking it before bedtime helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. Try drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis you will know how magical it is. When consumed on a regular basis at night it reduces glucose levels by 4 to 6 percent overnight. Although it regulates sugar levels in diabetics and acts as a home remedy for lowering your sugar levels, it is better to get advice from your medical practitioner before you begin drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. As a type-2 diabetic, you might be under medication, so consult with your doctor before taking it.

2. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Aids In Weight Loss

The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar is claimed to suppress the accumulation of body fat and liver fat. It is also noted that the enzymes present in the acetic acid stop the body from absorbing the calories from carbs. It is believed to be a myth, but a handful of researchers have claimed to support this theory with evidence. This is how apple cider vinegar is proclaimed to be a dieting miracle. There is numerous evidence to show that it makes you full. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar can make you feel full which means you end up eating less. By consuming apple cider vinegar you can eat 200 to 275 calories less every day. Studies in Bioscience and Biotechnology have supported this theory and have proof of weight loss. Even in Japan, researchers have found that overweight participants who drank apple cider vinegar on a daily basis have reduced weight and lower BMI as compared to those who didn't drink apple cider vinegar. So, there is no harm in having a few sips before your every meal. It is to be noted that the results can be seen within 12 weeks if consumed on a daily basis. The bottom line is drinking apple cider vinegar can be beneficial in reducing weight but it must not be your sole dependent. Make sure that you do a lot of exercises and maintain a proper diet to lose weight.

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3. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are on the rise and are one of the main causes of the majority of deaths. There are many causes of cardiovascular disease - either they might be due to genetic reasons or environmentally induced. Drinking apple cider vinegar daily might reduce the biological factors of causing cardiovascular disease. It is noted that apple cider vinegar also contains chlorogenic acid in addition to acetic acid. The chlorogenic acid in apple cider vinegar is an antioxidant which stops oxidation of LDL cholesterol levels. As oxidation of LDL cholesterol levels causes heart disease, by drinking apple cider vinegar you can lower the risk of heart diseases. It is also found that apple cider vinegar increases HDL cholesterol levels and can control triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat in your blood which increases the risk of heart disease. Although, all these are theories, and we don't have proper proof to prove these theories are true. Studies have been done and these theories have been tested on rats and they have proved to be successful. The only human proof is few tests from Harvard which provides evidence for this theory. Although this evidence looks promising, we don't have much to support these theories. Still, it is better to add apple cider vinegar to your everyday salad and enjoy it while reaping the potential health benefits.

4. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Absorbs More Nutrients

The pH level of your stomach is between the range 1.0 to 2.0. This pH level causes your stomach to be acidic. This acidic environment in your stomach kills the microbes and keeps the digestive track sterilized. When the acidic nature drops, the microbes tend to multiply causing harm, like bloating and indigestion, thus leading to decreased absorption of the nutrients in your food. If this condition prolongs it can even lead to cancer. So, to meet the required acidic level in your stomach, it is important that you consume a little bit of diluted apple cider vinegar and see how it works. It is a proven fact that vinegar absorbs calcium, leading to much better benefits. Researchers have also claimed, due to increased calcium absorption, that apple cider vinegar prevents osteoporosis. So, it is better to drink diluted apple cider vinegar on a daily basis for better absorption of nutrients of food that you take. Never make the mistake of taking too much acid by drinking apple cider vinegar by itself which will cause harm to your throat, teeth, and stomach. So, the bottom line is to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water on a regular basis. This will help in better absorption of nutrients from food and will help in maintaining the acidic nature of your stomach. The good news is it also helps in preventing osteoporosis.

5. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Lowers Risk Of Heartburn

Heartburn is a condition that is due to acid reflux. Acid reflux happens when the muscle at the entrance of the stomach fails to close properly thereby allowing the acid to escape through the esophagus, causing heartburn. Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest due to the presence of acid. Acid reflux can develop into the gastroesophageal disease (GRD) which can be prevented by drinking apple cider vinegar. Acid reflux is caused due to low acid in the stomach, so you need to supplement it by drinking apple cider vinegar. This way the harmful bacteria is killed and hence you have better digestion. GRD is a chronic condition that is caused by bacterial growth. So, to bring it back to normal, make sure you drink apple cider vinegar in the diluted form. Because diluting apple cider vinegar has an alkalizing effect. Although there are certain other conditions when apple cider vinegar must not be consumed. If you have a heartburn with stomach pain it is advised not to drink apple cider vinegar as it aggravates the pain. If you are diagnosed with stomach ulcers it is better to stay away from apple cider vinegar which will only make things worse. Get to know your body condition better and drink apple cider vinegar the right way to enjoy its health benefits.

6. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Balances pH Level

The basic step in achieving a healthy body is to make it more alkaline. You tend to be more acidic in nature but you need to find a way to keep the perfect equilibrium by maintaining the perfect balance of acid-alkaline. Even a small change in pH level can have an extreme effect on your body functioning. It is also found that high acidity in your body can lead to lack of energy and higher rates of infection. So, it is very important to keep your body alkaline to prevent illness and have a healthy lifestyle. The best way to achieve this alkalinity is by drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis as this makes your body more alkaline. Processed foods, alcohol, and sugar can cause acidity in your body so you can neutralize it by drinking apple cider vinegar. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar can make your body alkaline and it might be nature's way of creating a healthy body. Apple cider vinegar creates an alkaline environment making it difficult for many viruses and bacteria to survive. It is also noted that though apple cider vinegar is acidic it creates an alkalizing environment inside your body, thus making your body more healthy and makes you energetic and fight off diseases better. So, make it a point to drink apple cider vinegar on a daily basis for better improvement of overall health. Also, make sure that your drink is diluted well before consuming.

7. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Aids In Digestion

Drinking apple cider vinegar might be the best solution for all digestion related problems. Apple cider vinegar contains probiotics that nourish the living microorganisms inside your body. It helps the probiotics in your body to sustain in a better environment. It has been found that there are five different types of probiotics in apple cider vinegar. They will act beneficially even if they are not alive in the acidic state. This helps in better digestion and in the killing of harmful bacteria present inside your body. Apple cider vinegar has the probiotic pectin, which makes absorption of glucose go at a slower rate. Pectin is noted to be closely related to cholesterol which in turn lowers the absorption of glucose. The main ingredient in apple cider vinegar, pectin, improves your health. Make sure that you drink it regularly for better health and digestion. As digestion is the key to a healthy body make sure that takes place in a proper way. Keeping your digestive system on track can make you feel healthy and active. The bottom line is to drink diluted apple cider vinegar on a regular basis as it acts as a cure for indigestion.

8. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Energy Levels

Fatigue might be due to the build-up of lactic acid in your body due to extreme stress or exercise. The best way to relive the tired feeling and boost your energy level is by drinking apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains amino acids which act as an antidote and help in boosting your energy levels. It also contains potassium and enzymes that make you overcome your tired feeling. Apple cider vinegar acts as a health tonic which increases the energy level and gives you a greater stamina. So, whenever you feel tired or lethargic make sure to take a sip of diluted apple cider vinegar to boost your energy level. It also helps to improve your stamina in an instant and makes you more energetic. In some cases, it is argued that undiluted apple cider vinegar can increase your stamina. But there is no proper evidence to support this theory. Consuming undiluted apple cider vinegar can destroy your teeth enamel. So if you plan on drinking undiluted apple cider vinegar make sure that you do it with a straw. In this way, you can save your teeth from the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar. You can drink apple cider vinegar with other fruit juice as well. The best way to drink apple cider vinegar is by drinking it with lemon juice and water.

9. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Prevents Cancer

In recent years, cancer has become the leading cause of death in our society. Cancer is a disease which means uncontrollable growth of cells. One of the many home remedies to prevent cancer is a by consuming apple cider vinegar. There are a lot of benefits of apple cider vinegar but most of these theories are still under research. There is no proof that they really do the trick. In a 2004 study, it was found that vinegar can be used to control or stop the growth of these cancerous cells. They were found to possess the anti-cancer effect but this study was proved true for white vinegar. The results of this test claimed that rice vinegar was more effective in stopping the growth of these cells when compared to apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar formed a neutral alpha-glycan which was a result of the fermentation process which stopped the cancerous cells from spreading. It is also to be noted that consuming vinegar decreased esophageal cancer. Although apple cider vinegar seems to prevent cancerous cells it is definitely not a cure for this dangerous disease. It is always advised not to depend solely on home remedies for this particular disease.

10. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Strengthens the Immune System

Apple cider vinegar helps in strengthening your immunity. Your intestines are the most important part of your body and keeping your digestion process in good condition can help you have better immunity. As apple cider vinegar is set to have prebiotics and probiotics, which help in better digestion, it helps to improve the overall immunity of your body. Apple cider vinegar has antiviral properties that help in healing colds and throat infections. The malic acid present in apple cider vinegar acts as antiviral and improves your immunity when consumed on a daily basis. In addition to this, undiluted apple cider vinegar is said to break the mucus in your body. It helps in relieving the sinus congestion, reducing colds and can weaken allergies. Some people believe even inhaling undiluted apple cider vinegar in hot water can help loosen up the mucus and clear up congestion. Although all of these have remained to be theories and there is no proof or scientific evidence, there is no harm in sipping apple cider vinegar. All the other benefits of apple cider vinegar have led to this belief that it strengthens your immune system.

More Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider can be used for your hair and skin as well. It provides better and faster results when used externally. Apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your hair, it can be used as a replacement for your shampoo. It removes excess deposits on your hair, improves hair growth, prevents hair loss, and gets rid of dandruff. Regular usage of apple cider vinegar can make your hair stronger and can prevent damage and split ends. You can dilute the apple cider vinegar with plenty of water, massage it to your scalp and then rinse it for better results.

Apple cider vinegar can get your skin glowing and acne free when used in the right way. It acts as an effective toner for clearing your skin making it free from dust and cleaning the pores. If you are struggling with acne make sure that you use diluted apple cider vinegar on your acne making the acne disappear overnight. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and then use it on your face to avoid getting a burning sensation on your skin. Never use concentrated raw apple cider vinegar as it might burn your skin. It also removes the dead skin from your face and leaves you with a radiant and glowing skin. Make sure to test in a small area before you apply apple cider vinegar on your entire face. Some people are prone to allergies so it is better to test in a small patch before doing it for your full face.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, apple cider vinegar is a miracle drink that is easily available in your kitchen. You just need to know when to use and how to use it, to enjoy its benefits. Although there are some theories that contradict the goodness of apple cider vinegar there is no proper information to prove it otherwise. So, it is better to have a sip of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water or use it as a secret ingredient in your favorite dish. You can even use apple cider vinegar as a beauty product and bring a magical glow to your skin and hair.



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