Top 8 Legit Reasons Why You Feel Sad

Perhaps you are wondering why you feel sad often; this piece examines some genuine reasons you may be sad and offers counsels on how to manage the situation.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Top 8 Legit Reasons Why You Feel Sad

When Feeling Sad Becomes So Sad

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There is hardly anyone who has lived on this planet that hasn't at one point or the other felt sad before; it is almost impossible. Sadness may sound negative, but it's one reality of life that we cannot change. As long as you breathe, it's just a matter of time; something is bound to make you feel sad. As it is, sadness can come over us either by the things that happen within or around us. But then, there is a degree of sadness that calls for concern. When it becomes a way of life, we may have to worry that it is not the natural sadness that we are all predisposed to feel. There is a kind of sadness that is baseless in that its cause cannot be justified but in this piece, we shall consider at least eight reasons that may explain these feelings. One thing about feeling sad is that if the reasons are justifiable, you may not need a special or professional help to get over it; the medicine of time is sufficient to heal the condition. But if you just feel sad for no concrete reason, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. So, here are some legitimate reasons you may feel sad.

1. Hormonal Changes May Be Why You Feel Sad

Your body produces certain chemicals called hormones which are responsible for the changes that take place in your body. They are produced from the endocrine gland and are transferred or distributed to the various parts of your body from where they carry out their changes. If you are a male, you may notice that as you get to certain stages in life, you start developing a deep voice; your chest becomes a bit wider; you start growing hairs in your armpit and private area; these changes are brought into effect by hormones. The same applies to females. The secondary sexual characteristics witnessed in them are hormone-controlled. Hormones are responsible for menstruation, menopause, and the maintenance of pregnancy in women. Many of these hormones that bring about various changes in women are thyroid hormones and the changes they bring often make the female folks depressed or sad. What's the point? If you are undergoing a major body change such as menstruation, menopause or even pregnancy which are hormone induced, feel depressed or sad at some point. This kind of feeling is justified and in most cases, with the help of understanding people around you, you'll soon get over it. The expression of this kind of sadness is major in moodiness and loneliness. You don't cry unless provoked by another external source of sadness. At most, you shouldn't stay a week on this kind of feeling if it's a hormone induced one.

2. A Chronic Illness May Be Another Legit Reason Why You Feel Sad

Sickness is another sad reality of life. Just like sadness, almost everyone has been sick at one point or the other in their lives. There are many reasons we fall sick but in most cases, we can always bounce back to full life when we have received appropriate treatment. Where sickness is taking too long to heal, this may be why you're sad. Sickness brings with it a lot of pains, and you can't even move around as you wish during those times you have probably been hospitalized. An ailment is said to be chronic if it takes a long time to manifest its signs. To this extent, such ailment proves the bodies stubborn to heal and would require a long course of medications to let go of their victims. And if you are the type that detests staying in a place for a long time unable to help yourself, you may find yourself feeling sad or depressed because of this. Some ailments are also terminal. Once you're diagnosed with them, it compares to receiving a death sentence. That's because those conditions do not have a cure yet and would sooner or later lead to the death of the patient. It is not difficult to understand why you're feeling sad if this is your current condition. As you think about why this has happened to you or what becomes of a family you're probably going to be leaving behind, you may cry occasionally and probably become depressed. But these would only worsen the situation and probably shorten your estimated time of living. If you are in this kind of state, rather than becoming sad or depressed, why not put your hope in God? Of course, it's hard to give any other reason for joy other than a hope higher than humanity itself. You know that even if death's cold hands should grab you, there's a hope of an afterlife. And besides, who says there's no miracle with Him? There are many examples of people who like you have also thought they've come to the end of the road but who were later rescued by God. You never can tell if yours can be an addition to the list if you can put your trust in Him. Doctors don't have the final say; only God does. Whatever be the case, you should remember that death is a debt we all owe and sooner or later, and we all have to pay it. You may not like to end your life being chronically ill but in the plan of the Omnipotent, that may be His will. Trust your life into His Hands believing that He knows the best rather than making matters worse by being sad?

3. The Loss Of A Loved One May Also Be A Reason You Feel Sad

Wouldn't it be strange to find someone who has just lost a loved one not experience and express sadness? Of course, it would. The death and the loss of a loved one is a painful event in our lives. At first, we want to deny that it didn't happen. But as you come to the reality of the event, we find ourselves crying and filled with a deep sadness. Usually, the way out of this sad state is to effectively go through the grieving process. It is not true that men should not cry. If you are a man and are grieving, cry if you feel like it. Crying and other forms of grieving are therapeutic. They even help you recover from the sad state quickly than you would have had you bottle things up. Of course, the people that you surround yourself with at this point can also determine if your sadness would soon end or it'll continue. Words are very powerful and when spoken in a right way at the right time can also turn out to be therapeutic. If some people are only making things worse for you emotionally by what they say, you will do well to ignore them.

4. Making Connections - Sympathy, Empathy, or Apathy

In a situation where love reigns, an injury to one becomes an injury to all. When you are around someone passing through a difficult time, you may become a benefactor of their ordeal - empathetic. There is a story of an American photo-journalist who came to a particular African country a long time ago where hunger and war had left a lot of people homeless and sick. He captured a picture of a baby who out of extreme hunger looked so emaciated, and while struggling to get to where a refugee camp was to access food, he died. The journalist watched as a hungry vulture who has been standing by for the baby to die descended on the baby and ate him. That experience although didn't happen to the journalist personally, moved him so much that he became so sad and depressed so much that he, later on, committed suicide. He couldn't contain the feeling especially as he saw human beings like himself waste away. Yours may not be as pathetic as this. It may be that you have a bosom friend dying of cancer on one hospital bed; you may just have received news that your sibling has involved in an accident or your very good friend has failed their qualifying exam again. All these happenings can bring upon you the feeling of sadness. You ask yourself why these events or people are going through these challenges and you cannot find any reason. This can make you feel depressed and sad. You are not abnormal in feeling sad in these situations. In fact, if you don't feel sad that people are suffering around you, you may need to check yourself to be sure you're okay - apathy. Be that as it may, you need not allow your feeling for others make you end your life like the journalist earlier mentioned. Doing so does not solve the problem at hand; rather, it may end up aggravating it. While you feel sad for people around you because of their problems, one way to end your sadness is to seek a way out to improve their sufferings and not to end your own life too. Sometimes, consoling others brings healing to our sad state too - sympathy. Why not consider giving words of encouragement to those who need it? As their countenances become lightened, yours too would be infected.

5. Why You Feel Sad? It May Be Because Of A Relationship Issue

If or when a relationship not going the way you plan it may be one reason why you feel sad. And if that is the case, you are not abnormal. Our relationships take a lot of things from us. We devote our time, resources, emotions, and commitment to it and if things end up going awry, we cannot but feel sad. The experience you get when jilted or abused in a relationship is better imagined than experienced. You feel like the world is collapsing on you and this feeling among others is why many take their lives or do some nasty things. Sadness in a relationship can also arise when your partner cheats on you. The pain is so strong that you feel you cannot forgive them in any way. This is someone you have so loved and trusted, and now you get to know they have cheated. It is indeed understandable why you feel sad. Howbeit, when you consider the fact that being too sad can have detrimental effects on your health, you may have to reconsider your position on the matter. Because of your continued feeling of sadness, leads to being terminally ill, the one you're dying for may not even feel any pity for you. When it comes to relationships, one way to avoid feeling sad often is to prepare for the worst while you're expecting the best. Human beings are fallible, and one should not think that there are certain things our partner cannot do. If you think this way, you will find yourself feeling depressed now and then when you see your partner establish before your eyes that they aren't angels. In addition to this, another way out is to embrace forgiveness. Yes, you're right to feel sad, and they deserve your disgust to them based on the fact that they have betrayed your trust. But, not forgiving them does not make you feel any better either. If care is not taken, your blood pressure may be on the high side, and that itself is a recipe for disaster. They may not worth your forgiveness but for your health sake, forgive.

6. A Stressful Work Environment May Be Why You Feel Sad

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The demands of your job can be a reason you feel sad. Perhaps you work so hard, and instead of receiving commendations, your boss keeps making you feel you are not doing enough; that can make you feel sad. If this is the case, you are not abnormal to feel so. It is reasonable to be appreciated for one's effort and not being rebuked or condemned for it. In another vein, it may be that you have to work extra hours to earn as much as your friend in another company does and that makes you feel sad. "That's unfair," you think. But who says life is fair anyway? I f life is fair, why are older people still alive while younger ones keep dying? Why do some people just find things easy for them while others would have to sweat it through? Isn't the answer housed in the unfairness of life? When we are stressed beyond our carrying capacity, we feel not only sad but also become frustrated and sometimes depressed. The way to address this is to make life simple. Cut your cloth according to your size. You don't have to continue with a job if doing so will affect your overall health. If you keep doing what you don't enjoy, of course, two things can happen; you either become adapted or you're eliminated. Where the second option becomes your fate, what happens? Even when you become adapted to a stressful work, the effect would still show on you because what goes around comes around.

7. Failure Is a Legit Reason You May Feel Sad

No one fails and feels happy and to accept that feeling one would go insane. Failure in whatever form is one common reason we feel sad in life. Athletes, students, parents, and all careers of life cannot keep their sadness when they fail. Most time, we have to cry bitterly because of a failure, and we haven't ceased to be normal by doing so. However, while we may express a momentary sadness for our failures, we need not become depressed or dejected because of it. Most great people have failed before. In fact, it is a failure that makes us appreciate success. When you keep feeling sad because of a failure, you're hindering your opportunity at succeeding where you have failed. No one has truly failed until they admit so. Be it in academic, career, social, or even spiritual endeavor; you become a failure only when you admit so. Instead of feeling sad, why not pick yourself up and give that thing another trial? This time, you can use a different approach, and the one-time failure can now become a success story.

8. Arguments, Especially Heated Ones May Be Why You Feel Sad

Not very many people like to argue with someone. When an argument becomes blind, you may feel hurt and sad at the same time. Blind arguments are those used by manipulators to sway their victims off the feet. If they can get to make you feel sad, then they can easily get you to quit a course. How does it feels when someone argues with you on something they have little or no knowledge about? It feels bad, doesn't it? But you don't have to become sad on account of that. You always have the choice to stay away from such arguments. Yes, you can! There's no need hurting yourself with the mindlessness of another person. If they are not going to appreciate and consider an issue with you, why continue granting them an audience. You tell someone the sky is blue and they say no it's green; why continue arguing with them? The more you do, the more they make you feel sad.

Final Thoughts

The feeling of sadness can jump at us at any time because of one reason or the other, but it remains our choice to accept it or not. No doubt, we may not be able to prevent sad situations from happening, but as we have seen, we can control how we react to them. So, you have the right to feel sad, and you should exercise it especially when situations call for it. But like in everything we do in life, you should not forget to be moderate. Excessive and prolonged sadness can weary out your life, and at this point, one should seek out some professional help - via it be a mentor, a strong support group of friends, or some medically trained to help. There is always hope.