50 Clever And Easy (Last Minute) Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys

Did you wait until the last minute and now you're not sure what to wear? Here are 50 easy Halloween costumes for guys that will impress everyone at the party.

By Rose Elementary
50 Clever And Easy (Last Minute) Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys

Easy Halloween Costumes For Guys

Waiting until the last minute to make your Halloween costumes isn't a good idea if you want it to make a big impact at the party. However, guys can still have awesome costumes even if they waited until the last minute. Here are 50 easy last minute costumes that you can whip up and still be the life of the party.

Costumes From Your Closet

It doesn't take much to come up with a last minute Halloween costume, even for boys. Your closet is full of tons of options for you to throw on if you want to impress everyone at your Halloween party. Try some of these fun ideas for when you need last minute Halloween costumes that are easy enough to throw together.

1. Underwear Model Feeling extra confident this Halloween? An easy last minute costume for men is to just slip on your best, clean pair of underwear and go as an underwear model.

2. Superhero Boys, break out that superhero t-shirt that everyone knows you have in your closet. Cover it up with a zip up sweatshirt to be an incognito superhero, or just wear the shirt and say you're dressed as the character.

3. Male Stripper Wear your favorite pair of jeans and dress as one of the guys that all girls want: a male stripper.

4. Risky Business Guys can channel their inner Tom Cruise by throwing on a white button down shirt from their closet and white socks.

5. Waiter Take a suit from your closet for an easy last minute Halloween costume. You can carry around a tray from your kitchen and a small notebook and call yourself a waiter. Or, throw on some shades and say you're a character from Men in Black.

The Very Last Minute

You can make Halloween costumes with a few minutes and some creativity. These take a little bit more than just pulling an outfit from your closet, but they're still super easy and your friends will be impressed. Especially when you tell them you made the costume in five minutes before you showed up to the Halloween party!

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6. Fifty Shades No time to run home before the Halloween party? Make a quick stop at a hardware store and grab fifty different gray paint samples as you can. Tape them to whatever shirt you're wearing and call yourself Fifty Shades of Grey.

7. Error: Costume Not Found Use a black marker on a white shirt for a last minute "error costume not found" costume.


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8. Identity Thief An easy last minute idea for Halloween costumes for guys is to grab some "hello my name is" stickers. Write a bunch of names on them, preferably names of people at the party, and stick them to your shirt. Call yourself identity theft.

9. Netflix and Chill Wear a red or black shirt and print out the Netflix logo. Carry around some ice and tell everyone you're "netflix and chill." Super easy!

10. Brawny Paper Towel Guy Wear your best red plaid shirt and pick up a roll of paper towels. Guys can go as the paper towel guy, and everyone will recognize your costume for how awesome it is.

Gender Bending Costumes

Halloween parties are the perfect time to break down traditional gender roles. Try some of these costumes where boys dress like girls to have some fun at your Halloween party.

11. Princess Men can ask around for princess costumes, or order one online, and go as a princess for Halloween.

12. A Beautiful Woman Boys dressing as girls are common Halloween costumes. Borrow a dress from a family member or friend, ask them to help accessorize, and go to your Halloween party as a girl.

13. Mardi Gras Gal Wear a Carnival costume for Halloween. Boys dress as girls for Mardi Gras all the time, so carrying that over to Halloween is an easy last minute idea.

14. Alice An easy costume a guy can wear for Halloween is Alice in Wonderland. You can buy the costume pre-made or wear a blue dress, blond wig, and striped leggings. Everyone will get the picture!

15. Pay homage to some other guys who dressed up as girls and wear a White Chicks Halloween costume. Jean skirt, blue jacket, fake boobs, and terrible blonde wig will do the trick.

Costumes For A Group Of Guys

If you and your buddies haven't come up with an idea for a Halloween party, try doing something as a group. You can drag some of your girl friends into the group, too!

16. Sleepwear Really easy last minute costumes for a group of guys are to pick up some onesies from a department store. You can all dress in the same outfit or wear a bunch of different ones, it's up to you.

17. Fruit Basket Guys, and even some girls, can throw on fruit themed costumes to make for a fun group photo. Buy fruit costumes from the store or make your own using paper, old t-shirts, and balloons.

18. Stranger Things Throw on some of your best 80's clothes and pick up a box of Eggos and you've got this super easy last minute Stranger Things group costume.

19. PacMan Wear simple black costumes and carry around these awesome arcade game cutouts. Head to the Halloween party as a game of PacMan. Bonus points if you go around playing the game as a group, too.

20. The Addams Family The Addams Family is an easy group costume to handle. Most of this stuff you already have at home, too! Break out your Sunday best black outfits and style your hair like the family and you're all set.

Easy Couples' Costumes

Boys like to dress up in costumes that match their girls' costumes. Not only do they make for fun pictures, but it ensures everyone at the party knows that your girl is there with you and that she's leaving with you. Try these fun last minute couples' costumes for your Halloween party!

21. Beauty and the Beast Couples' costumes are fun Halloween ideas for guys and their girls. Try dressing as Beauty and the Beast. You don't have to go all out - a blue jacket over a yellow shirt will give everyone the right idea. Nice and easy!

22. Jack and Jill Some ratty clothes, a few bandages, and a pail will be plenty for these Jack and Jill costumes. These are great last minute Halloween costumes because you've got most of this stuff laying around, anyway.

23. Joker and Harley Boys and girls who love a good villain, The Joker and Harley Quinn make for easy last minute costumes. A green button up with a gold tie and a purple zip up sweatshirt make this costume really easy. Let your girl do your makeup to add to the look!

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24. Mario and Luigi Mario and Luigi are really fun couples' costumes to try! You just need a green or red shirt, overalls, and a mustache to pull off these Halloween looks.

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25. Where's Waldo and Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? You and your girlfriend can dress as Waldo and Carmen San Diego for Halloween. You just need a red and white striped shirt and some glasses and you'll have no problem with this easy last minute costume! You can both hide around the party and make people find you, too.

Sports Costumes For Guys

Boys love sports. Chances are, a lot of guys have some sports equipment just lying around the house and they can use that to make an easy last minute Halloween costume. Even if they don't have the stuff around the house already, it shouldn't be too hard for guys to ask their friends if they can borrow some sports equipment to finish off their easy last minute Halloween costumes.

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26. Baseball Player Put on your favorite baseball T-shirt and dress as a player from your favorite team. Dig your old baseball glove out of your closet or carry around a baseball bat so that you can complete your look. You can also add baseball pants to the outfit if you have some, but if not just a pair of jeans will work. You're just a baseball player on a non-game day.

27. Football Player Just like with a baseball player, it's super easy to put together a football costume. Throw on your favorite team's jersey and carry a football around at the party. If any of your buddies still play football, ask if you can borrow a helmet or put on the one that's stowed away in your closet. You can really complete the look with some eye black under your eyes.

28. Referee A black and white striped shirt and some black pants or shorts can be an ideal referee costume. You should pick up a whistle, too, so you can blow it whenever you call a foul. Carry around a piece of yellow fabric to throw, too. You'll be the life of the party!

29. Cheerleader Break out your workout jumpsuit and go to your Halloween party as a cheerleader for your favorite team. Borrow some pompoms from a friend or pick some up at a discount store so that you really look the part. Bonus points if you break out some gymnastics or come up with a clever cheer.

30. Sports Fan If you don't want to go as a player for your favorite team or sport, you can go as a fan. Throw on your favorite shirt or jersey and you're all set. You can also make a sign for your favorite team to complete the look.

Easy Impersonations

Halloween is all about dressing as other people. It's fun to take on someone else's identity for a little while. Here are some easy costumes that allow you to pretend to be someone else for the day. Your friends will love your impersonation and you'll get to be someone else, at least until the party is over.

31. Elvis You know you've always wanted to be an Elvis impersonator. Get a tight white shirt and cut a deep V into the front. Throw on a nice pair of white jeans and your outfit is complete. You can take it to the next level by using an entire bottle of hair gel on your head and carrying around a nice microphone. You should practice your gyrating and singing, too. Your friends will definitely expect a show!

32. The Fonz A super easy costume for boys who are trying to come up with last minute ideas is to dress as The Fonz. Fonzie was everyone's favorite character on Happy Days, and you'll be everyone's favorite person at the Halloween party. All you need is a white shirt, a leather jacket, and some tight pants. Raid your closet and this costume is done! The same outfit can also double as a Grease costume. Make sure you get the swirl in the front of your hair if that's what you're going for, though!

33. Michael Jackson It would be a lot of fun to dress as the king of pop for Halloween. You don't need much to dress as Michael Jackson. A red jacket over a white shirt and some super tight pants are plenty to pull off the Michael Jackson look. You should definitely add a single glove, of course. And practice your groin grab so you can dance for all your friends.

34. Bob Ross Everyone's favorite painter is also everyone's favorite Halloween costume. All you need is some curly hair and a paint pallet to pull off a Bob Ross costume. You could also carry around an easel and give a few impromptu painting classes so all of your friends can learn just how awesome you are.

35. The Breakfast Club Judd Nelson is the kind of person everyone wishes they could be. For Halloween night, you can actually be him, at least him in The Breakfast Club. The rebel's character is really easy to get right, and easily recognizable. A red plaid shirt, a long trench coat, and a black glove will make you the best member of The Breakfast Club.

Throwback Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't love a good throwback? Halloween is a great time to pay homage to your favorite people and characters from back in the day. Here are some fun throwback Halloween costumes you can break out for your party.

36. Hey Arnold! Hey football head! You can throwback to everyone's favorite cartoon character in Hey, Arnold! to be the life of the Halloween party. You just need a plaid red collared shirt, a blue sweater, and some crafting skills. Fashion a football head out of some paper and attach it to a hat. You'll be the coolest guy at the party!

37. Quailman Doug was a favorite cartoon for a lot of people, too. A Quailman costume is super easy because all it takes is a green shirt over a white shirt, and some undies worn over your jeans. Some red tape will make an easy Q on your shirt, and you can add a cape if you want to. Your millennial friends will love this costume!

38. Operation You can dress as an awesome board game to be the best throwback at the party. Your friends probably loved playing Operation way back when so they'll think your Halloween costume is fun. You just have to cut out different body parts and tape them to your body, and paint your nose red, so this costume is an easy last minute thing to put together! You can even make the annoying honking sound when your friends try to help you with your ailments.

39. The Incredibles You like a good Disney movie as much as the next person. The Incredibles are an easy Halloween costume. You just need a red shirt and a printed out "i" to make this look believable.

40. Steve Urkel You can be the most annoying neighbor to have ever existed by dressing as Steve Urkel for Halloween. You just need jeans, a striped shirt, overalls, and of course some glasses and you'll be able to pull off Urkel's look. Make sure you talk in a really annoying, nasally voice so your friends know who you are.

Social Media Costumes

Pretty much everyone uses social media in one form or another these days. If you're going to post your photos on your social media accounts for everyone to see anyway, you may as well dress up as your favorite app. Here are some social media themed costumes for you to try out!

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41. Instagram Show off just how many likes you expect to get at the Halloween party by showing up dressed like an Instagram photo. You just need to cut a square out of a piece of poster board and draw in your handle and other information. You can print out the Instagram logo to glue on so you don't have to try and draw it perfectly.

42. Facebook Take your Facebook profile into the real world by dressing up in a Facebook costume. All you need is a piece of poster board and some markers to draw your profile. Cut a square from the board where your profile picture would be so that you can hold it in front of your face at the party.

43. Snapchat Dress up as a Snapchat filter in real life by wearing props or painting your face like your favorite filter. Some dog ears and the Snapchat logo taped onto a shirt makes for the perfect last minute costume. Or you can get a hotdog costume and some headphones to be the dancing hotdog. You can also dress as the Snapchat ghost if you're feeling spooky.

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44. YouTube Who doesn't love a good video? Draw a YouTube video scene onto a poster board with a box cut out where your face will go. Come up with a funny video title that you can act out throughout the party for added fun!

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45. Tinder This is another easy costume that you can make with just a piece of poster board, some scissors, and a marker. Cut a square and make your Tinder profile around it. Make things extra fun by asking people at the party if they would swipe left or right on you.

Meme Halloween

Memes bring a ton of fun into our internet lives, so why not use them to bring fun into your Halloween party, too? Dressing as your favorite meme of the moment will surely get a laugh out of the other party guests. Here are a few examples of memes brought to life as costumes.

46. Like a Boss A white shirt, white sweatpants, and some extra white fabric is all you need to wear this costume like a boss. Just draw the famous stick figure onto your outfit and walk around the party like the boss you are.

47. Crazy Day Color a foam board with a hole in the center for your head so you can go to the party dressed as this cat meme. Don't forget your cat ears!

48. How Original You can be the so original meme with just a brown hat and a purple jacket. Hold up a sign with your own "you must be so original" slogan that will make everyone at the party want to take your picture.

49. What Are You Going To Be? Print our your favorite meme on a piece of paper and tape it to your chest to call it your costume. You can make it really meta by choosing one of the "what are you going to be for Halloween?" memes as your costume.

50. Judgmental Phone Guy You can pretty much wear your regular clothes for this one. Grab your blue polo and khakis from your closet to be the judgmental guy on the phone. Be sure to walk around on your phone the entire night so your friends will get the joke. And don't forget the trendy cell phone holder on your belt!

Halloween Costumes For Guys Can Be Easy!

You don't have to spend a ton of money or a ton of time making your Halloween costume. Try any of these 50 easy last minute Halloween costumes and you'll definitely be the life of the party!