15 Pro Eyeshadow Tips For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can be attractive and sexy if you maintain them well using eyeshadow. Read on to find out more tips of maintaining your hooded eyes.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Pro Eyeshadow Tips For Hooded Eyes

15 Pro Eyeshadow Tips for Hooded Eyes

The sexiest part of the face is the eyes if you know how to maintain them. There are different eye shapes. There are round, almond, downturned, close set, deep set, and hooded eyes. It does not matter what shape of eyes you have, as long as you can make them look sexy. Women have different views when it comes to makeup. However, the most frustrating thing is knowing how to apply eyeshadow to hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are also known as bedroom eyes. Hooded eyes are those that appear to be heavy because they are covered by bone or skin. Therefore, you are not able to see much of the eyelid. The bone or excess skin makes the eye to appear sleepy. When it comes to applying eyeshadow, you cannot apply the same eyeshadow you use on almond-shaped eyes or downturned eyes to hooded eyes. The best way to make your hooded eyes appear stunning, mature, and sexy is learning some pro makeup tips. Here are some 15 pro tips for applying eyeshadow on hooded eyes you can follow if you have hooded eyes.

1. Apply Eyeshadow with Eyes Open

When most people are applying eyeshadow, it is a common instinct to close your eyes. However, if you have hooded eyes, it is best to apply eyeshadow when your eyes are open. This will make it easy for you to find your natural crease in the eyelids of your hooded eyes. The natural crease will guide you when it comes to applying eyeshadow on your hooded eyes. When you look straight ahead in the mirror, it will guide you when you want to create the pocket shape of your hooded eyes and stop them from appearing small. People who have round, almond, or downturned eyes can apply eyeshadow with their eyes closed because the shape of their eyes makes it easy for them.

2. Use Fine Point Eyeliner for Your Upper Lid

When you are applying eyeliner to your hooded eyes, you should apply it thinly and ensure that the wing is not too long. Ensure that your hand is steady when you are applying the eyeliner and use waterproof eyeliner. This will ensure that you get a line that is defined and you are able to control it. Make sure that the lining is not too thick such that it overruns the eyeshadow because it will make your eyes look small and this is not what you want if you have hooded eyes. A small eye is a sign that the eyelid has not been dressed properly. Therefore, make sure that the eye lining is thin in hooded eyes to get a mature look.

3. Blend Dark and Light Colors at an Upward Angle

Eyeshadows are one of the easiest beauty products that allow you to blend different colors. Eyeshadows have different color pallets that show you which colors complement each other. When you have hooded eyes, it is very easy to experiment with different colors of eyeshadow and get away with it. You should use a bright color on the inner part of the lid as well as on the lower lid. The bright color is supposed to go on the outer part of the hooded eyes and it should be applied towards the outside of the eyelids going up. Be careful not to apply any eyeshadow on the outer "v" part of the hooded eyes.

4. Avoid Creasing

When you have hooded eyes, you should know that your makeup is most likely going to crease after you apply it or a short time after you use it. To prevent this from happening, use an eyeshadow primer on your hooded eyes. Ensure that your eyelids are covered with a primer before you apply any makeup. A primer will ensure that your makeup stays in place and you will have a smooth surface on your hooded eyes where you can apply your eyeshadow. In the end, you will have a mature look because your makeup will not be creased.

5. Use Waterproof Mascara in Hooded Eyes

The most annoying thing about hooded eyes is that the eyelashes will always touch the brow bone unlike in almond and downturned eyes. Therefore, this means that you will always have black smears under your brows if your mascara is not smudge proof. To avoid such a situation, invest in mascara that is waterproof and it will also make applying eyeshadow easy and give you a mature look.

6. Extend Your Eyeshadow above the Crease

Have you ever applied a heavy coat of eyeshadow on your hooded eyes only for it to disappear once your eyes are open? People with hooded eyes always encounter this problem. However, you should know that it is very easy to solve such a problem. All you have to do is to extend your eyeshadow above the crease and towards your brow bone. This technique will work wonders if you have hooded eyes.

7. Use Matte Shades on Your Crease

Using eyeshadow that has a shimmery shade on hooded eyes will make the skin look like it is droopy. In order to avoid the droopy look, just use a matte shade above the crease. It will make your hooded eyes appear bigger and create more dimension.

8. Smudge On the Lower Eyelids for Smokey Eyes

People with hooded eyes are never able to pull off a smokey eye. This is because the hooded eyes hide the smudges of eyeshadow and eyeliner, making the smoky eye to be invisible. Therefore, if you have hooded eyes and you want to have a smokey eye, all you have to do is to change the location of the smokey eye. Instead of applying your eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, apply it on the lower lid. That way, you will be able to pull off the smokey eye with your hooded eyes.

9. Pay Attention to Your Eyebrows

The shape of hooded eyes makes the eyebrows the center of attraction. Therefore, you should make sure to give your eyebrows as much attention as you would to the eyelids or even more. If you have hooded eyes, you can shape your eyebrows to form an arch using very light brushstrokes. You can even apply a light color under the eyebrows to make the brow bone visible. You should know that thanks to the advancement in technology, there are various beauty techniques that can make even sparse eyebrows appear thick, mature, and beautiful.

10. Apply White Eyeliner

If you have hooded eyes, you can use white eyeliner on your eyes to make them appear larger and not droopy. All you have to do is to apply a thin white liner on the lower eyelid after applying eyeshadow to make your hooded eyes appear brighter. This will play with people's minds and make them think that your eyes are larger.

11. Use Some Eyeshadow on Your Lower Eyelid

Eyeshadow tends to disappear on people who have hooded eyes. In order to compensate for this, you can apply some eyeshadow on the lower lid after you are done with upper lid. Many people do not know this makeup technique. Just apply a small line of eyeshadow a third of the way in and then apply a bright color on the remaining part. This will make your eyes appear big and you will be a gorgeous fashion statement.

12. Contour Your Cheeks with a Highlighter

If you have hooded eyes and you want them to appear bigger without using eyeshadow, you can just use a highlighter on your cheeks. Ensure that the highlighter matches the color on the inner corner of the eye. This will cause people to be more drawn to your eyes. You can also try out darker colors when you are contouring. This will make the length of the eye to appear longer. Therefore, include a highlighter as part of your makeup accessories. People who do not have hooded eyes do not have to do contouring to make their eyes large. They can do contouring for other beauty purposes.

13. Use White Eyeshadow

White color tends to brighten and draw attention. Therefore, you can try out white eyeshadow on hooded eyes. You can combine the white eyeshadow with a brown crease color. This combination can be used to fake bigger eyes. Just try out this combo and see it working magic for you.

14. Apply Eyeshadow Like a Straight Line

If you are new to applying eyeshadow or if you want your eyes to look like they have a slight lift and not droopy, you can try out the straight-line technique. Just take a cloth and place it on the corner of your nose to the end of your eyebrow. Apply the eyeshadow you want to use starting from the center of the eyelid going towards the cloth. Do the same to your lower lid. This will make your hooded eyes give the illusion that they are slightly lifted.

15. Try Out New Styles

When you have eye shapes that are hard to style, you will find yourself sticking to the style you are used to or even avoiding makeup completely. However, you should try out different makeup styles that are dramatic despite the shape of your eyes. You can try out eyeshadow styles like cut crease or halo. Halo is one of the eyeshadow styles that are common in social media with people who have hooded eyes. It ensures that a bright highlight is focused on the center of the lid. Cut crease is a little hard to try. Dark eyeshadow is used to shape the eye and to make it appear heavy. This is mostly used in almond and downturned eyes but you can also try it out on hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, now you do not have to be worried about how to go about applying eyeshadow to your hooded eyes. This is because there are makeup techniques that are available for applying eyeshadow. These makeup techniques are so easy to try and are effective for hooded eyes. Now you can go out of your house feeling confident with your stunning hooded eyes.