Fixed, Cardinal & Mutable Signs: Understanding Meanings Of Astrology Signs

Do you know what are the characteristics of fixed, cardinal and mutable signs? Here are some of the most common attributes of these astrology categories.

By E.M. Love
Fixed, Cardinal & Mutable Signs: Understanding Meanings Of Astrology Signs

Astrology Signs

Each zodiac sign has certain characteristics and qualities about them that are unique from each other. Certain signs have similar characteristics with each other that give them more compatibility. There are three categories of zodiac signs, which are fixed, cardinal, and mutable signs with four signs in each category. The time of each season that a zodiac sign falls on gives meaning and helps determine which of the three categories that sign falls into. Fixed, cardinal, and mutable signs each have their strengths and weaknesses. Each category has certain things that they are known for and are better at than the others, such as fixed signs being the most reliable.

Fixed Signs

Fixed signs include the zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Those that are of a fixed sign are the stabilizers. Fixed signs have a clear, level head and can bring an idea into fruition. Fixed signs are very trustworthy and dependable. You can always rely on fixed signs to get something done that needs to be done. Great at focusing on a set goal, they love to planning and complete projects. Fixed signs want things to stay the same and steady as always. Fixed signs hate change and will do everything they can to avoid it. To keep things the same, however, this means that fixed signs often have to work to make sure that everything stays the same. For example, they have to work to keep the same income that they are comfortable with. Fixed signs have no problem with work if it means that they will achieve their end goal. Confidence naturally comes for fixed signs, as they know that they at great at doing certain things and aren't afraid to make it known to the world. Many who are born of one of these astrology signs that are fixed are very stubborn, however, and may be difficult to get along with for some. Fixed signs may not want to change their way of doing something, even if it is not the best way, and think that they are right all the time. Since they hate change, fixed signs will fight tooth and nail to keep things the same, putting all of their energy into it. This means that fixed signs are the most dependable of all of the other signs. Others can come to a fixed sign and know that they will always be there for them when they need them the most.

Cardinal Signs

Cardinal signs include the zodiac signs of Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra. They are the start of each of the four seasons, and therefore, they are natural-born leaders. They are great at coming up with ideas and being creative. Cardinal signs love to be the first one to do something and start something new. Often the life of the party, they are a lot of fun to be around. Though they are very inventive with unique ideas, they often don't completely follow though and finish what they start. They will never run out of new ideas to try, but there will not be very many finished projects. Filled with enthusiasm, cardinal signs have a lot of vigor in life. Ambition drives them to do great things, usually for themselves. They tend to focus solely on their own well-being and often forget about others, but others are drawn to them by their natural high-energy. Cardinal signs are very intelligent and want to be the best. Many see them as self-centered by the actions that they take on their way to the top.

Mutable Signs

Mutual signs include the zodiac signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. They are the signs that end each of the four seasons, so therefore they are old souls. Since they come at the end of the seasons, they therefore have more experience and seem to be wiser than other signs. They are great at making anything work, no matter what the situation is, mutable signs are very different from the others. These signs love to learn, put a high value in fairness, and are liked by everyone. Mutable signs are very flexible and are good at going with the flow. They can adapt to any situation and can have compatibility with most other signs. These zodiac signs would rather do what is best for everyone and get along with all instead of being stubborn and doing only what they want to do. Easily changing, mutable signs are often considered to be like chameleons. They are the ones who can finish a job better than any of the other types of signs as they are intelligent and have a critical eye, able to see more than the others can see. Though they are well-liked by most everyone, sometimes they get themselves into messes by trying to make everyone happy. Some may see mutable signs as inconsistent and not knowing what they really want, because they want to make others happy before themselves. Mutable signs are the most selfless signs there are in the zodiac, putting others first and wanting to do what is best for everyone. They often give too much of themselves, but recover quickly once they break and get back at it again with helping others.


Each category has unique qualities that are characteristic of the zodiac signs that fall in each. Signs between the fixed, mutable, and cardinal categories may have compatibility, or even within each category. Fixed signs are the most dependable signs that anyone can rely on to get something done. Fixed signs are the ones who will make sure that a project gets finished and will keep everyone on track. Cardinal signs are the idea-makers. They are natural-born leaders with high energy and are always on the go. They want to be the best and don't care much about others along their way up. Mutable signs are the most easy-going signs and most everyone will get along with them. They are the ones who want to help others and seem to have an old soul, seeing through things that other signs do not see. Each of these categories of fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs have some negative characteristics too, but there are many other details that determine each individual person's personality.



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