Chinese Face Mapping: What Your Face Says About Your Health

Chinese face mapping is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to get a view into what is going on with our internal health.

By E.M. Love
Chinese Face Mapping: What Your Face Says About Your Health

What is Chinese face mapping?

Chinese face mapping is all about using your face to see what is going on inside of your body, taking an analysis from the dermatological effects. What happens on the inside of us will often manifest in outward signs that we can see. For over 5,000 years, the Chinese have been using face mapping to improve their health. What appears on our faces in a dermatological way is due to something happening inside of our body. Each part of our face corresponds to an internal organ, and certain emotions. Since our biggest organ is skin, it is only logical that outward signs of our internal health will show up on our skin.

Face mapping is a great way to see what’s going on in your body. Since I I became chronically ill, it’s actually VERY accurate for me. I struggle with breaking out, but I know it’s an internal issue closely linked to my health problems. _ I know I have hormonal problems and I always break out on my chin. I also know my liver isn’t working the way it needs to be and between my eyes is another trouble spot for me! _ Have you ever looked at face mapping charts before and found them to be accurate for you?? . . . . . . . . . #facemapping #beauty #acne #skincare #doterra #healthyliving #cleaneating #organic #tumeric #liver #liverdetox #hormones #hormonalacne #hormonalimbalance #naturalremedies #essentialoil #essentialoils #betterbeauty #skincareroutine #holistic #organicskincare #organiclifestyle #organicliving #organiclife #naturalskincare #beautycare #beautysecret #esthetician #beautyfromwithin #chronicillness

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Why Chinese face mapping works?

Chinese face mapping analysis works because our bodies are connected. Our organs are not separate from the rest of our bodies, but are a small part of our larger bodies. Therefore, what is going on with one organ will affect our bodies in a visible way. Some of the philosophies that follow Chinese face mapping analysis include the Meridian Channels, the Five Elements, the Organ Systems, and Yin and Yang. Meridians are channels of energy which connect your body. Energy flows through these meridians into other parts of your body. This energy, known as the piezoelectric current in science, is felt by everyone. You can feel it when you use a certain muscle in your body. You can feel the energy moving through your body. This energy can also affect your emotions, and even the functioning of your brain. It even affects you in a dermatological way, on your face. Chinese face mapping takes this into consideration.

Using Chinese face mapping to heal

Chinese face mapping analysis can help you heal your body. It uses a chart that will show what part of your internal system is struggling and what area you should focus on improving for your overall health. Signs of bad health can show up in a dermatological way, including in the form of acne and pimples, rashes, or your skin color changing. Each area corresponds to certain organs, so it is important to decipher what your face is trying to tell you about the inside of your body. Chinese face mapping analysis looks at the size of each blemish on your face, as it can be indicative of what is going on internally, how bad it is, and where it is on your facial chart.


On the Chinese face mapping chart, the forehead is associated with the small intestine and nervous system. Deep lines running across your forehead can be due to your intestines being in bad health, or you may have a nervous system that is too active. This could be from leaky guy, a bacterial issue, or SIBO. The nervous system being overworked could be from a job, stress, or a lot of physical activity. Eating bad foods and having a overall unhealthy diet can cause problems in these areas of your body, especially foods with sugar, carbs, and alcohol. Make healthy food choices and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and get plenty of probiotics. Invest in a probiotic supplement if you are not getting enough in healthy foods that you eat. Take your time when eating so that you don't overeat. Spend time in nature and avoid alcohol, drugs, and partying. You can help bring your body into balance by getting plenty of rest and relaxation time. Taking up meditation could also be a huge help. Yoga and Qi Gong are also other great activities that will help you relax and allow your body to get back in balance.

Forehead corners

The corners of your forehead, near your temples, are indicative of the health of your kidney and bladder, according to the Chinese chart. Any lines or acne that you may have around this area can show that there are issues with your kidneys. Kidneys can be negatively impacted by chronic stress and fear. Other things that may affect your kidneys include too much sugar, all kinds of medications, infections, and inflammation in your body. Caffeine and alcohol can largely affect this area, so avoid caffeinated drinks such as all sodas and coffees, along with any type of alcohol. You can help improve the function of your kidneys by taking steps to decrease the amount of stress in your life. Make sure you drink plenty of healthy liquids, including filtered water, coconut water (the non-sugary kind), and herbal tea. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Certain herbs can also help improve the health of your kidneys, including parsley, Chanca Peidra, and Lycium.

Between the eyebrows

The area between your eyebrows can show the health of your liver. The liver is the organ in your body that is responsible for detox and digestion, and it is the center of your emotions. When you have too much toxicity in your body and eat unhealthy foods that are not easy to process, and have a slew of bad emotions, you will notice something in the area between your eyes. The liver is associated with anger, so those who are very angry all the time will often have liver problems. Signs of this may show by deep lines between eyes. Causes of anything showing between your eyebrow could also include consuming too much meat or even too much dairy. You may be eating foods that you are actually allergic to. Your skin is also connected to your liver, so any skin problems might be stemming from a liver problem. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you don't use anything on your skin that has toxic chemicals. Try and use all organic products. To help improve liver function, eat healthy. Include lots of green vegetables in your diet, along with healthy, organic protein. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the foods that you are eating. Herbs such as turmeric can be very beneficial. Learn to relax and not get angry. Take up meditation, go out in nature, take long hikes, and learn to see the humor in life.

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Eyebrows/under eyes

On the Chinese face mapping chart, the area of the eyebrows and under the eyes shows the health of the kidneys and adrenal system. Kidneys control all of the fluid that is in your body. It affects how you respond to stress. If you are unhealthy from certain habits, or have a high amount of stress, your kidneys will suffer. This will show in the form of dark shadows under your eyes, and the eyes may appear swollen. The hair color of your eyebrows should be slightly darker than the hair that is on your head, and if it is not, then your kidneys may be weak. To strengthen your kidneys, drink plenty of healthy, filtered water. Don't drink a lot at once, as this can dilute the kidneys and is not healthy either. Sip on water evenly throughout the day for the most beneficial effect. Avoid caffeine, sugar, and refined salt. All three of these are bad for the kidneys and will weaken their overall functioning. Start using only sea salt. If you have to, take sea salt with you in your bag or purse so that you will have it even when you go out to eat, just in case they do not have sea salt. Eat healthy foods in a well-balanced diet to improve their function. Get plenty of rest and enough sleep every night. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Work on noticing when you start to get angry, and let it go.


The nose is associated with your heart. Each side corresponds to that same side, so if you have something on the left side of your nose, then there is an issue with the left side of your heart. If you have blackheads, you may have heart congestion. A red nose can be signs of blood sugar or blood pressure problems. This could be due to drinking too much alcohol or eating too much sugar or processed foods. Pollution can have a negative effect n the health of your heart, both indoor and outdoor. Bad circulation can also contribute. Negative emotions such as stubbornness and anger can also damage your heart. You may also be getting acne on your nose because of makeup building up, so make sure to wash your face every night and keep your skin clean and healthy. To help improve the functioning of your heart, open yourself up emotionally. Forgive those that you are angry at and let go of anything that you are holding. Try and understand what others are going through and don't hold it against them. Improve your health by eating less sugar and refined carbs. Eat a diet with better cholesterol. Decrease any inflammation that you may have in your body by supplementing your diet with omega-3 fatty acids. Get plenty of exercise to keep your heart strong. You may also add some herbs like White Peony, cayenne, garlic, Pearl, and Reishi mushroom.


Your mouth and chin area can show the health of your colon and stomach. If you have ulcers inside of your mouth, this may be a sign that you have an ulcer in your stomach. Since the colon is connected with the stomach, if there is an issue in your stomach, then there is probably also an issue in your colon. One of the most common issues is dampness, which is from too much heat in your stomach. This is caused by eating too many raw foods or foods that are cold. When we eat these foods, our stomachs have to work extra hard to make the food match the rest of our body's temperature, which means heating it up. Over time, this can make the stomach burn out. When your stomach burns out, mucus may form in your colon and you may get fungal and yeast infections. Having a very dry mouth or dry lips may be a sign of dampness. To improve your health in this area, eat a healthy diet that consists of warm food that is at least slightly cooked so that your stomach does not have to heat the food up. You can also supplement with chia, aloe vera, and slippery elm.


Your cheeks correspond with your stomach and spleen. These two organs help each other get energy from the food that you eat. If you are prone to red cheeks, your stomach could be inflamed. Other problems could be from imbalances. Pollution and smoking can damage your lungs. Asthma may also affect your cheeks. To improve your spleen and stomach health, control your emotions and keep all of the negative ones at bay. Drink plenty of good fluids to stay hydrated. Eat lots of vegetables and drink vegetable juice, including plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables. The green leaves is essentially the lungs of that plant, so therefore, it is also good for our own lungs. Garlic, onions, avocados, and kiwis are all great foods to eat, along with wheat grass juice. Avoid pollution the best you can and get plenty of exercise, without overdoing it if you have asthma. Quit smoking if you smoke, as this can cause cancer too. You can add certain herbs to your diet such as Cordyceps and Astragalus.

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You may notice problems in your neck and jaw area if you eat bad foods all the time. Too much artificial light can also negatively affect you, along with not being connected with the Earth for too long; eating too much meat with antibiotics and hormones, along with dairy, can also contribute to it. Being constantly dehydrated will affect all areas of your health, including this one. All of these causes can lead to hormonal imbalance. Many women may break out in this area right before their cycles, or during them. This is due to their hormones changing naturally over the course of their cycle. Women can follow a healthier lifestyle, however, to keep their hormones more in check, even during that time of month. To bring your hormones back into balance, reconnect with the Earth by grounding yourself. You can do this by walking on the ground barefoot or sun-gazing in the evenings while barefoot. Meditate and ground yourself to the Earth while meditating. Eat a better diet by eating less food overall and eating healthier saturated fats. Don't eat any meat except for organic meat that doesn't have any antibiotics or hormones, and avoid dairy. Try to limit the time you have to spend in artificial light and spend more time in natural light outside.

Different types of acne

The dermatological condition of acne can look different on everyone, and acne can come in all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most common appearances of acne and what each appearance may mean.

Red acne

If your acne is red and painful, it could be a sign of congestion in your liver of lymphatic system. If your skin is oily, this could be a sign of your liver not being able to break down the fats that you are eating. To help improve your health in this area, make sure that you are eating healthy fats and cutting out unhealthy fats, which include hydrogenated oils.


Those going through puberty can often get acne due to the changing hormones in the body, which is natural. One sign that this may have is that you may not be getting enough zinc, so eat more seafood or take a zinc supplement.

Jawline acne

Acne that commonly shows up around the jaw could be indicative that a woman's cycle is about to start. It could also be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome. If the skin is very oily, this can mean that there is a hormonal imbalance.

Blotchy red patches & dry skin

Allergies are the common cause of dry skin with blotchy patches on your face. If you have this, get checked out, and possibly look into getting allergy shots if you have really bad allergies and can't avoid what is making you break out.

Acne near nose & mouth

Acne in the area of your nose and mouth can be a dermatological sign that your internal systems have some inflammation somewhere, probably relating to digestive issues. You may be allergic to something that you are eating.

Lumps under skin near jaw

If you have small lumps around your jaw area, this could be indicative of congestion of your lymphatic system or of a toxicity.

Cheek acne

Acne on your cheeks could be a sign that you are eating too much fat or foods that are not good for you, including sugars, dairy, processed foods, and grains. Drink more water and eat healthier food.

Red skin around acne

If the skin around your acne is red, this could show that you have something toxic in your body or that your body is not able to detoxify itself properly.

Whiteheads, blackheads & congested skin

This is often due to not having healthy skin hygiene. Make sure to clean and wash your face every night, especially when you have makeup on. Some people have naturally oily skin, which means that their face will get clogged much easier and quicker than others.

Chinese face mapping helps improve your health

Chinese face mapping analysis has been used for many years to help people get an idea of what is going on inside of their bodies. Depending on chart, or the part of your face that is showing something, you can take steps to improve your health. These steps usually include improving your diet, managing your stress better, getting plenty of rest, drinking enough fluids, and keeping your emotions in control.