How To Fix A Broken Or Split Nail At Home By Yourself

Broke a nail? Well, you're in luck! This article explains ways you can fix a broken or split nail at home without having to visit the salon.

By AmyTheOracle
How To Fix A Broken Or Split Nail At Home By Yourself

Ooooh My Goooosshh! I Broke A Nail!

So you just got your nails done. And of course you ran into some bad luck and what do you chipped, cracked or broke a nail off the nail bed completely. Usually, the tear starts horizontally. Maybe you didn't grab something appropriately, or maybe you were super hands-on with a project. Either way, you probably wish that your nail fairy godmother would come down and fix it ASAP. Because nail fairy godmothers don't exist, you're probably thinking that you're just going to have to go back and spend some more money on fixing your nail or nails. That could be the case, or you can save some money and try doing it yourself. I know what you're thinking. I'm putting you in the middle of a rock and a hard place because you aren't a professional nail tech. But what if I told you, it's definitely not necessary to be a professional? Doing it at home is way easier than you think! Keep on reading because this article just might save your freshly done fingernails and nail bed's life.

How To Fix A Broken Or Split Nail At Home By Yourself

When it comes to needing to fix a broken or split nail, or fingernails at home, you are going to need a couple of supplies. This all depends on what method you choose to fix your nail or nails. Another thing to consider when fixing the split or broken nail is the location of the split or tear. Did your nail start breaking in the middle, or was it tearing at the corner of the nail in a horizontal direction? Below are a few popular ways you can fix a broken or split nail from home:

Since I stopped using acrylics and any other kind of nail enhancements, my nails are very weak and brittle. I still have at least 3 weeks until the damaged part of my nails grow out. Yesterday, one of my nails split all the way past the quick. Man, did that hurt! So I trimmed it as close as I could, plus filing down all my other nails a little bit so as to not make the difference so obvious. I decided to make a little bandage for my sore fingertip. What do you think? . BASE COLOR: Defy & Inspire "Northern Lights" . BANDAGE: OPI @opi Hell Kitty Collection "Small + Cute = 🖤" and "Never Have Too Mani Friends" . #nailart #nailartlove #nailartaddict #nailartgang #nailartist #nailartistry #nailartideas #nailsofinstagram #nailsonfleek #nailcandy #nailcolors #naildecor #naildesign #brokennail #nailnerd #nailartdesign #nailartjunkie #nailpolish #nailporn #opi #defyandinspire

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The Tea Bag Method

This is a super cheap and very popular way to fix a broken or split nail. Cut a square shape similar to the shape of your nail so you can place it on top of the one you chipped or broke. Make sure you put nail glue on the chipped part of your nail before you place the tea bag square on the nail to start gluing the two together. Before you place the tea bag square on the glue, make sure the glue sits for at least 20 seconds. After you do so, pat it down, put a little more glue on top, and let dry. After you let it dry completely, it shouldn't be noticeable whatsoever. File it down a little then you're good to go ahead and repaint the nail.

The Silk Patch Method

If you haven't heard, they sell silk patches just for these quick fixes. So when you break a nail or chip one, you can use a silk patch in the same way you would use a tea bag to patch the nail back. For the silk patch method, peel the patch off the adhesive side. Make sure you put a little bit of brush on nail glue on the nail before placing the silk patch on. And basically, follow the same steps in the prior method except with a silk patch.

Drug Store Nails

For those of you went to get your nails done or have naturally long nails: if you didn't split or chip your nail, but you outright broke it, and it actually came off the nail bed completely, you have to know that there's not much to patch up. Of course, you're not going to soak the rest of your nails off to match the bare one. And you're not going to file down the rest of your natural ones to match either. Hmm, so how do you fix this you ask? Simple. Drugstore nails! There is one brand specifically that I recommend because they feel the most natural and are more flexible than other drugstore nails. This brand is named Kiss. When deciding which size nail to use out of the kit make sure you use a size that's slightly smaller. If you use a size that fits exactly on the nail bed, it'll go underneath the cuticle of your nail and won't look as natural. So make sure to use a size slightly smaller for a more natural look. After you find the right size, apply a small amount of glue. Hold for 10 seconds. Then file the nail down a bit so it won't be too shiny. Also, file down the tip to get rid of the leftover plastic from breaking the nail off the plastic tree it came on. After you're done filing, you can repaint the nail and voila! Brand new!

No Worries, Everything Is Peachy

Hey dolls! I know you probably started reading this article in a hectic and discouraged mood, but not to fear! This article has wonderful methods on fixing that darn split or that chip in your nail. This article even has a method to fix a completely broken off nail. So no worries! Just follow one of those methods above and everything will be peachy. No need to spend additional money or make another trip to the nail salon again for these pesky little mess ups.