20 Interesting Makeup Hacks That Can Improve Your Life

Try these no frills makeup hacks that save you time and effort

By Liza Munson
20 Interesting Makeup Hacks That Can Improve Your Life

If your mornings are anything like mine, you'll wake up feeling hectic and rushed. Whether you have hit the snooze button too many times, are having trouble getting the kids out of bed and off to school, or are stuck sharing the bathroom mirror with your partner or roommate, having enough time for proper morning makeup application is often wishful thinking.  But on point makeup application doesn’t have to take a ton of time or effort. There are some tricks that can save you precious time and in some cases, even a little bit of money. We’ve trolled the internet to find out how celebs, beauty bloggers and makeup artists are cutting corners with fantastic results. Try these tips and tricks and you will look your best each time you walk out the door even if you actually just rolled out of bed!

Best makeup hacks for eye

Putting on eye makeup is surely the most challenging and time consuming part of any makeup application. And if you’re feeling rushed, it can be harder to focus and apply perfectly. How many of us have smudged mid application, only to have to remove our makeup and start again? However, eyes that look big and bright can really transform us even on a hectic Monday morning. With these quick, easy and tested hacks your eyes will be looking gorgeous in no time.

1. Lift Those Eyes

To make your eyes look brighter, bigger, bolder and more beautiful we suggest using a light colored matte pencil or a bright concealer shade. Apply the color under your eyebrows as well as on the outer section of the top of your brows and your eyes will appear instantly lifted.

2. Lash Extensions

You wouldn’t think applying mascara would take all that much time but you’ll be amazed how much time you will save by investing in lash extensions. A bit of time at the salon and you’ll be loving your lash extensions. Extensions are the ultimate “I woke up like this” hack.

3. Declump!

When using mascara there is absolutely nothing is worse than clumps. And, sadly even those brands who claim not to clump sometimes do! It can seem the more you try to brush out the clumps with the mascara wand, the more clumps you end up with. Try using a clean toothbrush (not the one you use to clean your teeth) and brush it gently over your freshy applied mascara to quickly remove any excess.

4. Line that Waterline

The waterline is the area is the rim right where your eyelid meets your eye. You can give your eyes a bright fresh look by lining this area, upper and lower, with a white or nude shaded eyeliner pencil. Eyes instantly look brighter.

5. Check your Baggage

Sometimes under eye bags are a sign of a rough night but other times they are unfortunately hereditary and can develop as we get older. When applying concealer under the eye, try tilting your head down and looking in the mirror, you’ll see the bags more clearly and be able to conceal quickly and more effectively.

6. Make it Stick

Help your mascara to adhere quickly and easily to your lashes by first dusting them with a bit of translucent powder. Then, apply your mascara. Lashes will appear longe, fuller and more luxurious. Be careful to avoid getting powder into your eyes.

DIY makeup hacks for face

Okay, your eyes are done. Now for the rest of your face. Give these hacks a try to save a bit of time and to look great!

7. Double or even Triple up

Using products for more than one purpose can help you save time and money. Try using a lipstick or a multipurpose color stick for your lips, cheeks and eyes. Simply dab a bit of color with your finger and gently blend. Using products for more than one purpose can also help you save room in your makeup bag or when traveling.

8. Use Tinted Moisturizer

Instead of using primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder try simply using a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream in the morning. Apply lipstick and mascara and you’re good to go out the door and looking fab.

9. Mix and Match

Save time and money and make your own shimmery lip gloss. Try mixing a little bit of your favorite powder eye shadow with a clear lip gloss or lip balm. Apply with your finger or a cotton swab and you’re good to go.  

10. Two Products, One Application

It’s a myth that primer needs to be applied first and foundation second. To save time on a busy morning try mixing your primer and your foundation together. Simply put a bit of both in your palm, blend and apply to your face.

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11. Luscious Lips

The cupid’s bow is that sexy curved part of the middle of your upper lip. To apply lipstick perfectly use a lip liner (use one that is the same shade as your lipstick) and draw an “x” on your cupid’s bow. Then apply your lipstick over top for a perfect pout.

12. Apply it Right

Sometimes we get carried away with our highlighters or bronzers and end up looking a bit too gold and shiny. To find the perfect spot to bronze, hold a pencil against your face and roll it just under your cheekbone to find the little spot underneath. The pencil will show you your angle and right where your line of bronzer should go! Be sure to blend bronzer with a brush after applying for a natural look.

13. Double Duty

To save a bit of time and money, try using a glittery neutral eye shadow in a pink or gold tone instead of a highlighter. The finished look will be the same and no one will be the wiser.

Other easy makeup hacks that you have never heard of before

Some of these tricks may sound a bit strange but these unusual hacks work! Try a few of these out to help you you look your best.

14. Reduce Redness

Suffering from a big red pimple is in short, the worst. To reduce redness try using eye drops that are formulated to reduce redness. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and press against the spot for a few minutes. The redness will fade and you’ll be feeling less self conscious in no time.

15. Honey I Shrunk the Pimple

Another good idea to soothe dry or blemished skin is to try a quick honey mask. Relax with the honey on your face for about ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water then moisturize as normal.

16. Lipstick that Lasts

We hate it when lipstick disappears! Instead of lip primer, try putting a dab of concealer on your lips before applying lipstick. The concealer will help the lipstick adhere and the color will last all day.

17. Narrow that Nose

There are no less than 1000 videos on Youtube showing how to make your nose appear narrower by contouring. Try using a darker shade of foundation and draw a thin line down each side of your nose to narrow. The thinner the line, the better. Be sure to blend well for a natural look.

18. Grow your Lashes

Try applying a bit of vitamin E oil on your eyelashes each night before bed. The nourishing nutrient will make your lashes long and strong.

19. Take the Plunge

This one might be a little painful but you can easily refresh your face, reduce eye swelling and wake up your skin by dunking your face in a bowl of ice water for 30 seconds each morning. Bonus, you’ll feel really awake afterward.

20. Blot

Try using oil blotting papers to blot lipstick. Some of the oil will be removed but the all important pigment will stay put longer.


By using simple shortcuts, tips and tricks, you can make your makeup last longer and save time, money and effort. Celebrities and makeup artists alike swear by many of these shortcuts and quick fixes so we encourage you to give some of these hacks a try.  Remember, time spent with family, friends and loved ones is time better spent than in front of the mirror!

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