Try these 10 Organic Cosmetics and Skincare Range

the very best 10 organic cosmetics presented to you right here

By Sophia R
Try these 10 Organic Cosmetics and Skincare Range

Definition of organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are those created with raw material from natural origins as oils, greases, plant extracts, waxes, and essential oils cultivated without chemicals, pesticides, or agrochemicals. Aloe vera, birch oil, flax seeds, jojoba oils, almonds, karite nut, coconut or pomegranate oils, leaves, roots, and grains are some of the most common ingredients used in organic cosmetics.

The key concept in organic matter is traceability: the planting, care, recollection of the fruit, and then, the transformation of it into an oil, gel, or other texture, and its posterior elaboration in a lab. 

When choosing natural organic cosmetics, it's important to understand that their application, smell, texture, and presentation might be different from other conventional products that contain a good dose of synthetic actives, so your expectations have to be by the ecological conscience standards. Nonetheless, if you do choose the right organic brands and the right products, you will find that many organic cosmetics can work just as good as conventional ones.

What is a private label organic cosmetic manufacturer?

Private label organic cosmetic manufacturers are those who produce their products as a third manufacturer for others to sell under their name or a smaller brand's name.  In other words, it's the way to create a small amount of custom organic cosmetics without the fuss of actually having to create a factory yourself. Also, you choose everything that is going to be done with your product: its composition, its packaging, how it looks, its label, and you will only pay for what was produced without any extra costs. 

10 Certified Brands for Organic Cosmetics and Skincare to get your hands on

As in every aspect of the cosmetic world, there are thousands of brands that offer products. It can get easily overwhelming to choose from such a wide range of brands. Same happens with organic cosmetics, that is why we are going to show you the top 10 brands for these amazing cosmetics. You won't even believe they are organic, as they work just as wonderfully as any other conventional brand would. 

1. 100% Pure

Natural Beauty Products | Pure & Organic Cosmetics

Founded in a farm in Napa, California, in 2005 by Suzie Wang, co-founder, an investigator and product developer, 100% Pure is an innovative organic cosmetic brand that carries products with the best natural ingredients and formulations. They are extremely focused on proportioning healthy care to your skin, pure makeup full of antioxidants from fruits, and wonderful shower products that respect your skin and body. Completely free from any harmful toxins, 100% Pure works a 100% with natural products and a 100% cruelty-free. Beauty is as pure and powerful with this brand. Can't miss it!

2. Dr. Alkaitis

100% Raw Holistic Organic Skin Care

This brand was founded by the doctor Saulius Alkaitis, a very prestigious investigator in chemistry, molecular biology and herbal medicine. He mixed these 3 worlds and created this amazing brand that offers high-quality organic cosmetics that will make your skin look and feel amazing. In Dr. Alkaitis, all products are handcrafted, without any chemicals, using only organic, biodynamic, wild herbs, marine vegetables, fruits, vegetables, virgin oils, and essential oils that are edible. Yes, you read right, all of their products are edible, what best guarantee that they are amazing for your skin if you can even eat them? They all proceed exclusively from independent farms and wild plants collectors from around the world resulting in a line of effective, dynamic and healthy products that give the best instantly visible results.

3. Ilia Beauty

ILIA Beauty

Ilia Beauty is a Canadian organic cosmetics brand that has an ethical- sustainable focus in all of its products. They have up to 85% of organic bioactive certified ingredients in their composition, which nourish and rejuvenate your skin. All of the ingredients used in Ilia products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, certified by the USDA, and don't contain gluten or dairy products. With their simplicity and transparency principle, Ilia wants to position itself amongst those who look for something alive, pure, and new in the beauty world. In Ilia Beauty, the product's quality is also reflected in its packaging, as they are all packaged in recycled foil. It can't get better than this.

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4. RMS Beauty

Rll Natural Makeup & Skincare with organic ingredients

Rose-Marie Swift, a professional makeup artist for 20 years, is the founder of this exceptional organic beauty brand. Her products are all over famous fashion magazines as Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, etc. and in that way all over the world, too. She has worked with the best international photographers as Mario Sorrenti and also with figures like Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Demi Moore, Celine Dion, and others. It can be expected that a brand created by a woman so prepared and with so much knowledge on beauty can only be the best, and yes, perhaps, it is. 

RMS Beauty wants to transform the way women use makeup with the use of organic cosmetics. All of their products are formulated with food quality organic ingredients in their natural state, which allows them to be alive, and in that way contribute to the deep penetration and rejuvenation of the skin. In its purest form, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and their exceptional properties stay intact, forming an amazing anti-aging potential.

RMS Beauty is also careful with the use of heat in their manufacturing processes with the means to maintain all the nutrients and repairing properties intact. The whole RMS product range is free of chemical substances, synthetical preservatives, synthetical vitamins, GMO ingredients, etc. How can they not be one of the best?

5. Kahina Giving Beauty

Ethical luxury skin care with argan oil & all natural ingredients

After a trip to Morocco in 2007, Katherine L'Hereux discovered the world of Argan oil and its unique qualities. As she saw the necessities of an organic effective skincare line in the market, she made Kahina Giving Beauty herself. 

The organic Argan oil used in Kahina products comes from one of the Bereberes tribes in the Atlas region in Marruecos, were cooperative women extract it from Argan nuts using centenary techniques, making it even more traditional.  In a tribute to these women, their signatures are included in all of the product's boxes. This Argan Oil is of the highest quality, processed in the best modern equipment to preserve its amazing properties. Also, other subproducts that come from the Argan Tree which are full of antioxidants are combined with the highest quality natural ingredients from other parts of the world. This formulation results in a delicious and highly effective line. Your skin will literally thank you every day.  

6. Little Ondine

Natural Nail Polish,Nail Colors,Secret Top&Base Coat

Nail polish is one cosmetic that screams toxic by only smelling it. Filled with chemical substances, it can really ruin our nails. Little Ondine is the brand that thought of this damage done by nail polish and decided to change the game for women. 3 London College of Communication students in 2009 started with the formulation of organic nail polish without any toxic ingredients and after 4 years, in 2013, Little Ondine was born. Now you have a safe option for your nails!

7. Absolution

Absolution — Organic French Beauty - Absolution

Absolution is an organic cosmetic brand founded in 2009 in France, which offers a new focus on beauty; customizable and simple. This brand combines nature and care, design and modernity, so basically, you got all you need. With intelligent and effective formulas of the best quality ingredients and packages in which art and aesthetic is the priority, Absolution has accomplished a simple, effective, and intuitive solution for everyone. They offer products for both facial and body care with organic certification, anti-aging, unisex and custom products that understand the skin's mood and necessities. All of their products contain at least 60% of ecologically produced ingredients. Also, 90% of vegetable ingredients are organic, overcoming the standard 10% that is required for obtaining the organic certification. They also contain excellent effective ingredients as wild plants, natural minerals, and vitamins. It is really going to be heaven for your skin. 


8. Eco by Sonya

Certified Organic Tanning and Body Care

I got a brand for all my tanner lovers out there. After having her sister diagnosed with melanoma, Sonya Driver decided to use self- tanners only to achieve that beautiful tan we all want. She also started to investigate on the ingredients used in tanning products, and after seeing the terrible chemicals in their composition, she stopped using them. 

From this moment on she started investigating and formulating self-tanners until she came up with a natural, safe, organic, free of synthetical or nocive ingredients tanning line. The color of her products is given from cocoa and camomille, herbal extracts, flowers, natural fruits, etc. All of the products used are organically certified, so it is really the best it can be.  What are you waiting for? Get that coveted tan without damaging your skin right now!


9. Khadi

PParaben Free Herbal Products for Skin | Hair and Body Care

Now, I got a brand for all my hair dye lovers. As we all know, hair dye is extremely harmful to our hair, and it is only logical to look for other safe options to have the hair color we want. They also offer products like face and body oils, but their specialty is hair dye.

Khadi is a German- Hindi brand created by a German-Hindi marriage. The wife is an expert on Ayurveda medicine, which is the main base in the products they produce. Ayurveda is the name of Hindi medicine which has as a goal to unite the mind, body, and spirit. In Khadi, they work with other Ayurveda doctors in investigations and creations of different formulations which are all based in India, not only because it is the Ayurveda country, but for their amazing and unique raw materials that can only be found there. Use Khadi and see the changes for yourself.

10. Soapwalla

Soapwalla | Soapwalla

Soapwalla was born in Brooklyn, New York  City after its creator searched for cosmetics that didn't damage her sensitive skin, and to her surprise, didn't find any. Because of this, she decided to create her own organic cosmetics brand, in which they produce small batches of handmade products in a studio in Brooklyn. This results in products that are trustworthy, extremely pure, and efficient. 

From cream deodorant to soap bars, Soapwalla has the best cosmetics for your body care. All of their products are apt for vegans, not animal-tested, and they not only help your skin but the planet, too. They don't use any additives, preservatives, phthalates, petrochemicals, or any synthetic ingredient. It can get better than this!


If you came looking to save and take care of your skin with the best organic brands and products in the market, I'm 100% positive that you have achieved your goal after reading this post. Head to the store, and stock up on these amazing organic cosmetics, and see the changes in your skin, hair, and nails for yourself. You won't even believe it!

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