Dragon Tattoo Ideas And Their Special Meanings

Dragons are mythical creatures that have held the attention of many people for centuries. Here are some dragon tattoo designs and their meaning.

By Tanaya Nath
Dragon Tattoo Ideas And Their Special Meanings

Dragon Tattoo Ideas And Their Special Meanings

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures. They are fire-breathing winged beasts that have come from various tales and legends. The word is derived from Greek and Latin words which mean ‘huge serpents’ and ‘one who sees clearly.’ Dragons have very strong ties with several cultures all over the world. Not only in folk tales, but they have also gained immense popularity in tattoos as well. Both men and women love to wear the dragon tattoos. However, not many know that dragons are not just mythological creatures; they also depict many things. Here we will discuss dragon tattoo ideas and their special meaning. Dragons hold different meanings in different civilizations. Some consider dragons to be the symbol of wisdom and strength, while some consider them to signify greed and a bad omen. One of the great things about getting a dragon tattoo is that it can be done in many different styles. The most popular dragon styles are the Chinese dragon - the one that represents good luck, goodwill, and wisdom-, the Japanese dragon, the one that represents balance, and the Celtic dragon that depicts power and strength, and comes with thrones and crowns. Although Eastern dragons are seen as noble beasts that stand for wisdom and protection, while Western dragons are seen as much darker and threatening creatures, they are both depicted as creatures that are intelligent and roam freely according to their wishes. Asian dragons, such as Chinese and Japanese, are the most popular ones to be picked for tattoos. You could have it wingless or winged, with snake-like features or cartoon-like, and with or without whiskers or horns. Chinese dragons are said to represent one half of yin and yang while the other half is represented by a phoenix. It means that they are considered to be a balance between good and the evil. Similarly, the Japanese dragons are said to represent balance, good luck, and freedom and are believed to have wisdom and supernatural powers. As already discussed, dragons have been in and out of almost every cultural mythology and legend. They are even mentioned in the Bible, and this may be because dragons embody all potential. They can very well express the best and the worst of the human condition and everything in between as well. They are magical, with the room for infinite opportunity and potential. And that is the key to the meaning of Dragon tattoos. How, what, and why - the dragon represents every facet of life, humanity, and even universe. Dragons also stand for jewelry as they are a powerhouse of potential. There are eight types of dragons: Chinese dragons - these stand for fear, power, and strength. Horned dragons - these are known as the strongest of all dragons. Celtic dragons - they are said to protect God and heavens. Earth dragons - these are said to rule the Earth and are also found in Chinese astrology. Yellow dragons - they are knowledgeable and hornless. Treasure dragons - these are said to be the protectors of gems, precious stones, and other valuable earthly items. Spiritual dragons - these are said to control the wind and rain. Coiling dragons - these are said to live in oceans. Japanese culture has six dragons: Han-Riu - these are the biggest dragons, measuring forty feet, with stripes all over the body. Kai-Riu - these dragons are usually smaller than the others and have very beautiful red-colored bodies Sue-Riu - these are the kings and in control of rain. Ri-Riu - very little is known about these dragons since they are a rare breed and hard to find, but they are said to have amazing eyesight. Hai-Riu - these have evolved out of Chinese mythology and are said to be the most advanced forms of dragons. Also known as dragon birds. Fuku- Riu - these are known for bringing good luck and are the most favored dragons. Even the colors of dragons carry meaning: Black colour - this means that their parents are old and wise. Green color - usually associated with the smaller dragons and represents earth and life. Blue color - the colour blue stands for compassion, laziness, and forgiveness. Yellow color - yellow colour in dragons stands for self-centered and helpful natures. Gold color - the colour gold stands for great attributes; a few among them are helpfulness, wisdom, and kindness.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning

Dragon tattoos come in many variations and styles, and each of them carries a different meaning. This article will help you in choosing what kind of dragon tattoo you want for yourself.

Asian Dragon Tattoo

Dragons, be it a traditional Chinese tattoo or jade tattoo, all symbolize power, wisdom, strength, prosperity, longevity, and good luck in Asian culture. Asian dragons lack the bat wings European dragons are seen with; they appear more like a serpent winding their way through existence. In several regions in the Orient and Japanese Culture, dragons are considered as water creatures and good omens.

Ouroboros Tattoo Meaning

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol. It was first found in Tutankhamen's tomb in the form of an ancient Egyptian funerary text. Another name for this is the dragon circle tattoo. It stands for the circle of life, and how something destroys itself while being renewed.

Sleeping Dragon Tattoos And Their Meaning

If you see someone with a sleeping dragon tattoo, just know that they are not to be trifled with. As the saying goes, sometimes it is best to let a sleeping dragon lie. Sleeping dragons stand for strength and power in its dormant status but can be awakened at the right time.

Gothic Dragon Tattoo Meanings

Gothic dragons are the epitome of power and strength and symbolize mankind’s primal instincts. In these tattoos, you will see that the dragons usually have a defiant stance and would seem ready to take on anyone who challenges them or their authority. Usually, the ones who go for this tattoo are strong and fearless.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos Meaning

This tribal dragon tattoo design is an ingenious way to mix mythologies from various cultures and parts of the world. These tribal designs have spiritual significance and stand for the strong ties of people in the region where the design has originated. Combined with the image of a dragon, the tribal design signifies that the wearer of the tribal dragon tattoo has a strong connection with that particular culture and tradition.

Rising Dragon Tattoo Meanings

This tattoo design shows the dragon rising up into the sun. It is a symbol of progress and ascension. People who have been through adversity, have overcome it, and think their life is progressing should wear this tattoo design.

Yin-Yang Dragon Tattoo Meanings

This is also known as the dragon phoenix tattoo, as in the Chinese culture yang is represented by the dragon and the phoenix represents yin. Yang, the white half, is the masculine force that is passionate and untamed, while yin, the black one, is the calmer and more rational persona that corresponds to the moon.

Dragon and Snake Tattoo Meanings

Although dragons and snakes are linked intricately in origin stories and mythology, most images show them as mortal enemies. However, there are certainly several differences between the two. Dragons are driven by the natural elements and the primal forces of nature. Whereas snakes are associated with Asclepius, the God of medicine and with healing. So, a tattoo of a snake and a dragon combined shows a conflict between science and superstition, and the traditional versus the modern.

Dragon Tiger Tattoo Meanings

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Brains over brawn, if you know what I mean. In Chinese folk stories, just like snakes and dragons, the snake and the tiger are mortal enemies as well and are often depicted battling. They both represent elements of nature and along with that stand for passion, power, and strength. However, they interact differently with the primal forces. The dragon, with his wisdom, understands the fundamentals of the world, while tiger acts on brute strength.

Dragon Fairy Tattoo Meanings

The dragon symbolizes nature. The dark cave they live in stands for earth. They also live in lakes, i.e., water. They fly, which connects them to air, and they breathe fire. Where dragons are powerful and masculine on one hand, fairies are delicate, strong, and feminine. This tattoo design of a dragon fairy stands for contradictory and complementary forces - the forces of a man and woman in nature.

Dragon Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

This tattoo has the same significance as the dragon fairy tattoos. The dragon is masculine, and the butterfly represents the feminine side of nature. The bearer of this tattoo identifies with the way two opposing forces seem to complement and balance each other.

Dragon Claw Tattoo Meanings

This tattoo is worn by the ones who consider themselves dominant, strong, and unmoved by challenges in life as the claw represents destruction and triumph over evil. This tattoo design is a sign of power and fearlessness.

Koi Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The elements of koi dragon design have a strong connection with the Orient, Japan in particular. Koi is a fish in Japan that is brave, strong and can face even the most dire situations without any fear. As per the Chinese tales, if a Koi fish somehow manages to swim upstream and climb the daunting falls on the yellow river at the dragon’s gate, it would transform into a dragon. So, it could be said that this tattoo design stands for ambition and progress through hard work, as according to the local stories, a Koi fish becomes powerful only after it has completed all its challenges.

Dragon Skull Tattoo Meanings

A skull tattoo stands for mortality and the history or past lives of mankind. So, in a way, someone wearing a dragon skull tattoo means that they have overcome a past difficulty, be it someone’s death, or a bad habit or addiction. The dragon stands for creation, so it can be said that this design represents the balance of creation and destruction, or birth and death.

Dragon and Moon Tattoo Meanings

The moon is strongly related to water, be it in local folklore or reality. We all know that the moon actually influences the tides of the ocean. It represents the tide and the flow of life. On the other hand, dragons stands for the primal forces of nature. And in a way, both the moon and the dragon symbolize water. It is said that the dragon and moon tattoo design represents the relationship between nature and the subconscious, as water is also associated with deep thoughts and meditation.

Flaming Dragon Tattoo Meanings

We have heard the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Fire stands for both creation and destruction. And if we talked about the numerous local legends, dragons have the ability to do both. The flaming dragon tattoo design stands for sexual desire, power, and passion. However, the dragon is a water creature in some ancient cultures, so a tattoo that contains both fire and a dragon stands for the balance between raw emotion and mental tranquility.

Dragon Heart Tattoo Meanings

All our strong emotions like compassion, joy, and love come from the heart. Wearing a tattoo design of a dragon and a heart stands for the protection of you or your loved ones. And it can be said that the people who wear this tattoo design are often guarded and defensive about their love lives.

Dragon Flower Tattoo Meanings

The dragon flower is a beautiful and delicate plant with mysterious Origins. Some tattoos depict the dragon flower as a real flower, while some use the combination of dragon and some random flower for this tattoo design. Deception and grace are symbolized by the dragon flower, and of course, the color and the type of flower changes the overall meaning of the tattoo.

Dragon tattoos mean different things to different people. The kind of design that you pick, be it Celtic or koi, mostly depends on the way you see this mythical creature. Generally, men choose dragon tattoos for courage, strength, raw force and power, reason and wisdom and protection of sacred items. In fact, some men bearing the tattoos associate themselves with dragons, and that's the reason they get those tattoos. They see themselves as a guardian of loved ones, and the dragon symbolizes protection. Since the Celtic dragon protects heaven, it fits the image of a guardian. The reason why a woman generally get this tattoo is to represent the creator, protector of life, and strength. A woman gives birth to new life and hence can be seen as a creator. Regarding production and children, a woman can also be associated with dragons because mothers will always protect their children until the end. Let's go over certain things once again. Before you get a tattoo done remember that the horned dragons are the mightiest ones. The Celtic dragons are said to support the heavens and protect God. The earth dragon rules the world and is the counterpart of the Celtic ones who rule and protect heaven. The wind and rain are controlled by the spiritual dragon. The treasure dragon is the keeper of precious metals and gems. The wing dragons are the only ones that are depicted with wings. The coiling dragon lives in the ocean. And last but not the least, the yellow dragon is Wise and known for knowledge. The dragon itself is a majestic creature, and dragon tattoos are usually large in size. The size of tattoo influences its placement on human body. The larger the size of the tattoo, the more sessions are required to place it on the body. Hence, dragon tattoos are usually featured on the back, chest, and most of them cover a huge surface area - sometimes the entire of the body part. However, smaller versions of the tattoo, like the koi dragon, can be seen on the neck, fingers, chest, and shoulders. The dragon tattoo design is equally popular among the genders, but you should only get it done after a lot of consideration because the tattoo might be huge in size. This means you'll have to spend a great deal of time and money on it. Don't forget that such a big tattoo is permanent and it's hard to get rid of. Having the right tattoo design makes all the difference between having one that's just plain Jane and wearing an attention-grabbing masterpiece. Think hard about what your new tattoo will stand for and where it will be placed on your body. Everything about this tattoo means something. And if you're not sure what you want and you need some inspiration, search for some dragon designs and read about them. You can also customize the designs and create a unique piece for yourself.