The 7 Most Sensitive Female Body Parts Women Want Secretly You To Touch

All girls have secret, private, body parts that they are sensitive to. Here are a list of seven body parts every woman wants you to touch.

By Joyce Ann Washington
The 7 Most Sensitive Female Body Parts Women Want Secretly You To Touch

Secret Body Parts Girls Want Touched

Every woman has some secret spot on her body that is very aroused to the slightest touch. Unlike many men, women can be aroused from both the inside and outside, but it is not only her reproductive organs being touched that can make her heart melt.
As a man, to keep her on the edge of her seat, it's best that you know which spots on her body make her secretly go wild. Below are seven of the most sensitive body parts on women that will drive her crazy by the slightest touch.

1) Breasts

One of the most sensitive secret body parts all girls like to be touched is her breasts. Touching her nipples especially is a very pleasurable spot that all women enjoy and are highly aroused by a slight touch or kiss. Try squeezing her nipple, making it hard and watch her body go crazy with sensation. 

If you kiss a woman's breasts starting slowly and gently, gradually picking up the pace, and start sucking her nipples, she will greatly enjoy that. There are a lot of men who already enjoy kissing his female counterpart's breasts, and it is highly appreciated by women.

2) Hair

Have you ever noticed when you are flirting with a girl and she is playing with her hair, pushing it out of her face and putting it behind her ear? Well, that is because another body part that girls, just like most boys, like to be touched is her hair.
A woman loves to have her hair played within intimate settings. She takes pride in making sure her hair smells nice and is clean so her man can run his hands through her beautiful locks.

3) Ears

Another secret body part that is overlooked a lot is the ear. Women love when men nibble or suck on her earlobe. It's a very sensitive spot that turn women on. Girls get pleasure out of having a man's lips on that very delicate part of her body, just avoid going in her ear or making unflattering noises next to her ear - it's a sure turn off.

4) Nape Of Her Neck

Another part of a woman's body that men enjoy looking at and find attractive and women secretly love to be touched and kissed is the nape of the neck. Although this part of a woman's body is normally covered, when exposed, most men can't keep their eyes off of the nape of a woman's neck.

When you are showering her with kisses, try to linger on that part of her body because she is definitely enjoying that attention being given to that part of her body. The neck is considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. Slowly running your fingers or lips down a woman's neck will send chills down her spine - a great sign of foreplay.

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5) Collar Bone

All men love and appreciate the collarbone of a woman, considering it is one of the most beautiful body parts on a woman, and woman enjoy when it is given the love and affection she needs.
Although the collarbone itself is not the most sexually arousing part on the women's body, all girls love to be kissed on the part of her body between her neck and shoulders.
Women become very aroused and turned on when you shower that part of her body with a million tiny kisses and her heart melts away.

6) Inner Thighs

Another one of the most sensitive parts on a woman's body is her inner thighs. Lightly touching or slowly kissing that area of a woman's body can go a long way because it is leading up to one of her most pleasurable reproductive organs.
Because the thighs lead to the most sacred part of a woman, a woman's body will tense and jerk with pleasure when you touch her in between her thighs. Just running your fingers along the length of her inner thighs will sents chills throughout her whole body and of course, keep her begging for more.

7) Clitoris

The clitoris may just be the most sensitive part of a woman's body that with the slightest touch will get her highly aroused. A clitoris, or "clit" for short, is the tiny center of a woman's vulva and it gets larger when a woman is aroused. A clitoris is very sensitive with a light touch will make many women feel good sexually and bring forth a great of pleasure for both persons involved in the encounter. 

Every Woman Has A Private Spot

Every woman has a secret, sensitive spot that will send chills through her body from the slightest touch to the deepest most passionate kisses. Whether you are kissing her lips, or the nape of her neck, you will definitely shock her body with a lot of pleasure.
Giving these private body parts all of your attention will definitely work out of you significantly in the long run because when a woman is pleased sexually, she will give you back just as much pleasure.
Take your time on these parts of a woman's body; she will greatly appreciate the attention that you are giving her and will be highly impressed by how invested you are in pleasing her.
During your neck adventure in the bedroom, try kissing or lightly touching any of these parts on a woman's body, and she will not be able to resist you or control herself.
Listen to her, and she will guide you to more pleasure for both during the entire experience! Have fun!!

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