100 Gorgeous Female Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Are you interested in seeing some gorgeous female tattoo designs? Check out all the ideas below before you decide on your next tattoo.

By Katherine P. Haley
100 Gorgeous Female Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning


Tattoos are a fantastic way to express yourself. They are a great way to put a bunch of meaning into a symbol as small or as large as you want it. It's important to remember that they are pretty permanent and it's always good to get one that means something special to you. Choosing tattoos with meaning is great because even if it doesn't mean as much to you in twenty years, you can look back at it knowing how much it meant to you when you got the tattoo.

Female tattoo designs: flowers

1) Rose Roses can mean different things depending on their color. The rose itself can be a symbol of balance in life. The flower's beauty contrasted with sharp thorns are what creates this contrasting balance. Yellow roses are a symbol of joy and companionate love. White roses symbolize purity and secret love. Red roses can symbolize passionate love and even sacrifice. Pink roses symbolize innocence, healing, and first loves. Blue roses are a symbol of unattainable love. Lastly, black roses symbolize death and farewell in ways of acceptance. 2) Daisy Daisys have been linked to many things, including Christianity, Roman mythology, and sunrises and sunsets. Symbolically, these tattoos can mean innocence, good luck, peace, love, gentleness, happiness, femininity, and much more. Because these flowers can have so many deep meanings that can be personal to any female person, it is really up to whoever is getting the tattoo to decide what they want it to mean to them. 3) Violet The violet also has been related to many things such as Christianity and Greek mythology. It was a symbol of the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, so many interpret it as a flower of love or desire. However, it can also represent timid love and has been associated with those who are shy. 4) Sunflower Because of a sunflowers bright yellow petals, a tattoo of this flower has been associated with the sun. The sun brings warmth, happiness, and life. In Chinese mythology, it has even been related to good fortune. Overall, someone who gets a tattoo of a sunflower would typically be a bright and happy person. 5) Dandelion While dandelions are technically not flowers, they still bring with it all the positive meanings of a regular flower tattoo. A blowing dandelion can represent a wish for good fate or as a symbol for a lost loved one.

Female tattoo designs: birds

1) Peacock Peacock tattoos, especially those with their feathers spread, are a great symbol of confidence. These tattoos are also associated with love, watchfulness, sexuality, longevity, nobility, and high-rank. They are a great design for any female person wishing to show her confidence and uniqueness. 2) Sparrow The sparrow has a large variety of meaning, so much like the daisy tattoo mentioned above, this tattoo can represent your choice of meaning. In the old testament, this bird represented solitude and loneliness. However, this tattoo can also be a symbol of friendship, eternal love, and loyalty. A new meaning is also associated with the sparrow, and that is freedom. 3) Dove These tattoos can be a symbol of faith, especially related to Christianity as the Holy Spirit is often represented by a dove. Two doves can represent deep love and friendship. The dove can also be a symbol of hope and peace. 4) Two birds on a branch These aren't specific birds, but a tattoo like this is a great symbol for love. It is often great to have a person in mind for this tattoo, meaning you are one bird and they are the other. This looks great on your shoulder or ankle. 5) Robin Robin tattoos are a symbol of spring as they are often some of the first birds to appear and start singing as the weather gets warm. They also symbolize joy, hope, and new beginnings. 6) Birds flying Again, these are not specific birds; they can be generic blackbirds, it all depends on your preference. Flying birds are a symbol of freedom and liberation. They can represent breaking away from a sad past or as a symbol of hope. 7) Owl Simply, owl tattoos are a symbol of hope, wisdom, and great knowledge. The design of these can be done in great detail or simply. The owl is a protector and a guardian, so someone with this tattoo could be greatly associated with that. 8) Crow Crows are often associated with dark omens. However, they are also considered sacred due to their immense beauty. They are wise birds and with a great symbol of cleverness. 9) Bluebird Bluebird tattoos are a symbol of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. A Korean legend states that it is a bluebirds job to fly around humans and then report progress of them to the gods. A traditional location for a bluebird is on the chest, though the placement can be anywhere from your ankle, to your lower back, to behind your ear. 10) Hummingbird These are considered popular tattoos for females. The hummingbird tattoo represents gracefulness, as well as hard-working, love, joy, and hope.

Female tattoo designs: animals

1) Lion This tattoo's meaning is obvious for anyone who has ever read or seen Harry Potter: courage. It also symbolizes strength, pride, and royalty. 2) Rabbit Rabbit tattoos can be a symbol of wit, luck, and even fertility. However, if the only reason you want a rabbit tattoo is that you think they're cute, no one will blame you. 3) Wolf Wolf tattoos are very traditional in Native American cultures as they have a lot of heavy symbolism related to these animals. Wolves can be seen as a spirit guide and also represent traits such as loyalty and perseverance. 4) Elephant Elephant tattoos can symbolize good luck and prosperity. These cute designs can also stand for power, dignity, and strength. These, like many tattoos, can look gorgeous as either tiny or large tattoos. 5) Fox Foxes, which are animals commonly used as characters in folklore, are seen as cunning and intelligent creatures. A tattoo of this animal can symbolize wisdom, craftiness, and even seduction. 6) Bat In Greek mythology, the bat is seen as embodying the goddess, Diana. She, like bats, is seen as symbolizing virtue and motherhood. It is also believed that they are a symbol of death and rebirth. However, if you want to get a tattoo of a bat just because you really like vampires, I'm sure many people can relate. 7) Cat Cats, much like roses, can mean different things depending on their color. Black cat tattoos are to ward off evil spirits. Other cats can symbolize Bastet, the Egyptian moon goddess. 8) Alligator Much like the animal itself, alligator tattoos are a symbol of power and dominance. These gorgeous tattoos make for fantastically designed female tattoos. 9) Dog Dog tattoos are often reflective of one's own pet. They are loyal and adorable animals that symbolize friendship, family, intelligence, and protection. 10) Koi fish In many cultures, fish are symbols of creation and transportation. They are also seen as representations of knowledge. 11) Ram Rams have been associated with many mythological gods in the past. They are a symbol power and energy. They are a great and positive tattoo. 12) Tiger Tigers are powerful creatures, meaning they make powerful female tattoos. These lovely animals symbolize strength, cunningness, and even passion. 13) Leopard These big cats are ferocious and majestic. These tattoos are a symbol of strength, intellect, and adaptability. They look great from just the leopard print to the animal itself. 14) Deer Since this article focuses on female tattoos, we will focus on the female deer. A doe is a symbol of motherhood, gentleness, and a deep connection with nature. 15) Octopus These tattoos are great detailed designs. They can go all the way from your shoulders to your lower back and look amazing. Or they can be a tiny tattoo on your ankle. It looks great anywhere. These animals are a symbol of diversity, mystery, illusion and intelligence.

Female tattoo designs: mythical/supernatural creatures

1) Mermaid Mermaid tattoos can have many meanings. They can be a symbol of a connection to the sea, deep sensuality, beauty, and even destruction. 2) Dragon Dragons are powerful creatures that look like powerful tattoos on the female body. They symbolize wisdom, strength, spirituality, destruction, and desire. 3) Ghost You can think poltergeist, or you can think Casper, but ghost tattoos are creative and different. These can represent a lost loved one or a connection to the other side. Just a warning though, some ghost tattoos are considered common prison tattoos. 4) Skull While skulls technically aren't tattoos of mythical creatures, they do have a deep connection with the supernatural. Skulls are a symbol of death and acceptance of one's own mortality. These designs can be made very pretty or very dark. 5) Fairy Fairy tattoos are very popular with the female population and usually look best with bright colors. These magical creatures are a symbol of femininity, grace, and beauty.

Female tattoo designs: objects

1) Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher tattoos are to influence good dreams and to catch the bad ones. The feathers which are often attached to dream catchers are symbols of breath and air. 2) Bow and arrow Depending on the placement of the bow and arrow, this tattoo can mean different things. An arrow being pulled back is a symbol of tension and struggle, while an arrow being released is a symbol of the freedom of struggle. 3) Compass The meaning of the compass tattoo normally relates to guidance, whether it is something you are seeking or something you often give. These intricately designed tattoos look fantastic on your arm or the side of your ankle. 4) Heart Hearts are a symbol of love, whether it is representing familial love, friendship, or romantic love is up to the wearer of the tattoo. 5) Moon These tattoos are a symbol of celestial power and influence. They are a symbol of feminine mystique, magic, creativity, and growth. They are also great when paired with the sun or several moons in different phases of the lunar cycle. 6) Planets Planet tattoos are often used to relate to one's astrological sign. As an example, mercury, which influences Virgos and Gemini, is a symbol of thinkers. 7) Balloon Balloon tattoos are unique and creative. They represent freedom, celebration, happiness, and peace. Great placement for these is on the back or lower arm. 8) Tree Trees are a symbol of life, so tattoos are trees are representative of one's own life. Trees also symbolize immortality, knowledge, strength, protection, and growth. 9) Bows Bows are adorable tattoos that look great on the female body. They represent tying up loose ends, giving, and beauty. Placement of these tattoos look great anywhere, but the ankle, lower back, or back of your legs are always a safe bet. 10) Clock Clocks represent, obviously time and the passage of it. These tattoos also symbolize life, existence in general, mortality, and structure. 11) Safety pin The safety pin tattoo is one of these tattoos that has the deepest of meanings. It is to represent solidarity and to show that someone is safe. The use of this symbol goes back to the Nazi inhabited Netherlands, where Dutch would wear them under their collars as support. 12) Tattoo gun These tattoos are great for people who are tattoo artists or just have a lot of tattoos. It is a symbol of what put these tattoos on their body in their first place. It's the artist's tool to create these fantastic designs. 13) Saturn Saturn the planet is named after the Roman god. This tattoo is a symbol of spirituality and wisdom as well as patience and rationality. 14) Coffee cup If you're a coffee lover, this is the tattoo for you. This is a symbol of energy and perkiness and a reminder to keep going. Glancing at this little tattoo on your wrist will help you get through your day. 15) Feather As mentioned with the dream catcher, the feather is a symbol of breath and air. Also, if it is a specific bird whose feather is serving as your tattoo, the meaning of the bird can be applied as well.

16) Globe This symbol is for female travelers. It is one of the best ways to show your adventurous and wanderlust spirit. You can even mark red dots on the globe to show the places you have been. 17) The world This tattoo is a bit different than the globe. It is flat and laid out so that the entire world is visible. This is also a symbol for someone with the heart of a traveler and with a wish for adventure. 18) Croissant This French bakery item is a great and cute tattoo for anyone who just loves France. Or, anyone who really likes to bake. It doesn't officially symbolize anything beyond baked goods, but it is adorable. 19) Rosary This is a good and meaningful tattoo for anyone who is religious. The rosary is a scared item that symbolizes a close relationship with Jesus and as protection from the devil. 20) Books Books! Add a stack or just a single book for this adorable tattoo. Good for readers, writers, and seekers of intelligence. A book symbolizes knowledge, exploration, and creativity. 21) Hot air balloon Much like a regular balloon, the hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom. However, it also represents travel, escape, and achievement. 22) Spaceship These tattoos are good for anyone who wants to believe. It can be a little alien flying saucer or Apollo 13, either way, it's a symbol of hope, adventure, and limitlessness. 23) Cross Another great tattoo for anyone who is religious. The cross is a symbol of Christianity and a close relationship with God. 24) Horseshoe The horseshoe is a symbol of luck. These tattoos are protective symbols that were originally used by the Romans. These cute tattoos look best on ankles and lower backs. 25) Anchor An anchor tattoo is commonly used with a quote about not being able to sink (even though that is literally what it does). The anchor is also more accurately a symbol of stability and close emotional connection. 26) Mountains Mountain tattoos are often symbols of overcoming something significant in one's life. However, these cute designs are also a symbol for travelers, journey, and a desire for a physical place in the world. 27) Lighthouse Lighthouses serve as guidance for sailors on dark seas. That is why a tattoo of a lighthouse can symbolize the taking of the correct path in your life. These tall structures can look best on one's side, though they can really fit anywhere on the female body. 28) Diamond Diamond is a Greek word that means strength and invincibility. This is a great tattoo choice for any strong females. They are also associated with wealth and inner beauty. 29) Guitar A guitar, or really any musical instrument, is the best tattoo for all the female musicians out there. These instruments represent a love for music and playing music. 30) Paw print The perfect and simple tattoo for animal lovers. These paw prints can represent your favorite dog, cat, or even gerbil. It's a symbol of love and family as that is often how we see our pets.

Female tattoo designs: fruit

1) Cherries Cherry tattoos are a great idea for women. They represent femininity, desire, and innocence. A great place for these would be on your arm or back. 2) Lemon Lemon tattoos are a great idea for anyone wanting to show that they overcame anything difficult. Remember the old saying "When life gives you lemons..." This tattoo is encouraging and represents sun and brightness. 3) Pineapple Pineapples are a great fruit with a gorgeous deeper meaning. These tattoos represent friendship, openhandedness, hospitality, and families. 4) Lime Limes are fruits without deeper meaning. They are similar to lemons in the fact that they represent bright energy. They are fun and represent a free spirit as they often associated with alcohol and parties. 5) Strawberry Strawberry tattoos, much like cherries, are a symbol of femininity and fertility. The bright red of these fruits in delectable and desirable.

Female tattoo designs: symbols

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1) Asterisk Asterisks are representative of stars and the universe. Therefore, these tattoos are a symbol of the beyond and the hope and knowledge associated with the universe. 2) Playing card symbols (i.e., queen of hearts) These tattoos are often a symbol of luck and fortune. However, choosing something such as the queen of hearts can represent power or desire of love. 3) Simple shapes like a triangle These tattoos can mean anything you may want. The simplicity of a simple shape tattoo can represent a desire for the simple things in life. They can also show structure and balance. The placement of these tattoos looks best on the fingers, ankles, or wrists. 4) Trademark This cute and fun symbol can be associated with anyone with a sense of humor. This tattoo is often paired with a word like "cute" or "me." It is representative of your uniqueness, and best serves the purpose of yourself. 5) Equals symbol This symbol is great for anyone in or in support of the LGBTQIA community. The tattoo is representative of equal love and support. The best placement for this commonly minimalist tattoo is on the wrist or ankle. 6) Question mark Always in search of tattoo ideas, but never being able to decide? Then this question mark tattoo may be the best idea for you. It is also good for anyone who is questioning or has spent time questioning any significant part of their life like religion or sexuality. 7) Arrow Arrow tattoos can symbolize friendship, as a bundle of arrows is often difficult to break apart. These tattoos can also represent the idea of moving forward in life. 8) Ampersand An ampersand, otherwise known as this: &, is representative of continuation in life. It shows openness to new possibilities and new paths, all which are interconnected. 9) Semicolon The semicolon tattoo is a tattoo with a deeper meaning that has recently become a viral movement. The semicolon tattoo is representative of suicide survival. However, it has moved on to represent mental health awareness as a whole. 10) Hashtag The hashtag tattoo (or pound symbol depending on your generation) is representative of connections.

Female tattoo designs: bugs

1) Ladybug The ladybug tattoo is a symbol of friendship. They also symbolize harmony with nature and even good luck and good fortune. 2) Dragonfly The dragonfly tattoo is a symbol of air and water. Together these elements strength, joy, and bravery. These bug tattoos are a good idea for anyone who is trying to symbolize freedom. 3) Bee Bee tattoos, much like the bug they depict, are a symbol of hard work and cooperation. These bugs are also representative of loyalty and courage. A good placement for this tattoo is anywhere you can see it, so, your arm or the side of your leg. 4) Butterfly Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of love, beauty, and honor. They are related to Celtic culture, so they often represent tenderness and spirituality. In Chinese culture, they are a symbol of joy and peace. 5) Beetle In Egyptian culture, this bug is a symbol of sun's cycle and resurrection. These beetle tattoos often have intricate designs, so they often represent the intricacy of life.

Female tattoo designs: fandoms

As special things in our life often do, these pop culture fandoms can represent whatever we want. The characters and stories represented in any of these are special to us for our own reasons. So, instead of giving you meanings in this section, I'll just give ideas. 1) Alice in Wonderland Good characters from this story would be the Cheshire cat, the mad hatter, and Alice herself. These make adorable tattoo ideas. 2) Disney There are so many to choose from here! Micky and Minnie are traditional choices, while any Disney princess that you connect with the most can spark some great ideas. 3) Star Wars A character from the Star Wars franchise generates some good ideas, like Leia or Chewbacca. However, a symbol like the Death Star or a lightsaber is cool too. 4) Doctor Who Obviously, the Tardis is a great idea, or you could do a representation of your favorite Doctor or all thirteen. 5) Harry Potter So many choices in this fandom. You could do the golden snitch, a wand, the lightning bolt, the deathly hallows symbol, or even the asterisks from the book.

Female tattoo designs: intricate designs

1) Geometric design These tattoo designs are a symbol of equality and balance. Great idea if you want that representation, but want a pretty design. 2) Ink splatter This is a fun design for anyone looking for something different and creative. This tattoo shows your creative side. 3) White ink This tattoo is good for anyone who wants a tattoo but doesn't have a desire for it to be bold. This can range from pictures to words, depending on what type of tattoo you want. 4) Cambodian These tattoos are a true work of art. Their intricate designs so creativity and balance in one's life. 5) Circuit This is a good and fun tattoo for any woman who likes technology. It is intricate and complex, just like you.

Female tattoo designs: quotes

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1) Song quote Pick a song any song, for your favorite quote tattoo. This is a great idea if there is a song you really connect with and that means a lot to you. 2) Scripture quote This is a good idea for anyone who is religious. These quotes are pulling something special out of the Bible or any holy book you have a connection with. 3) Book quote Have a favorite book? Ink it onto your body. If there is ever anything that means a lot to you, that you would love to look at every day, a tattoo is a great idea. 4) Inspirational quote This can be from anything you want. It can remind you to keep going, keep moving, and that life sometimes needs something encouraging in the form of a tattoo. 5) Letter quote This is a quote from a letter or text someone important to you wrote. Often, these quotes are taken from the dearly departed, meaning that these tattoos have all the more meaning.

Advice for before you get a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. Before you go, I have some last minute advise before you get the tattoo. -Make sure you know the artist. Have you seen their past work? Do you trust them to put something permanent on your body? -Are you sure this is the design of the tattoo you want? Once you've been inked, it's hard to reverse and fix it. -Are you aware of the safety and care measures you have to take before and after you get a tattoo? Make sure to do your research. Good luck on your tattoo quest. I know you'll pick a fantastic design.