How To Reduce And Close Large Open Pores On Your Nose

For most people, visible open pores on the nose can be a huge confidence killer. Thankfully, there are more than enough ways to get rid of them permanently.

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How To Reduce And Close Large Open Pores On Your Nose

Close the open pores on your nose

Ask any skin expert and they’ll reiterate the fact that pores play a very important in the general human physiology, explaining why they are found all over your skin. But in some cases, you might happen to have larger than normal pores, especially on your nose. And since you can’t just seal them off like you’d do a crack on a wall, you’ll have to follow the conventional ways of reducing the pores’ size and by extension, their general visibility. Thankfully, that’s exactly what this article is for. The moment you realize open, larger-than-normal pores especially on your nose, the best thing for you to do would be to seek proper treatments and not far-fetched ones. Always bear in mind that your nose, as well as your face, has very delicate skin that ought to be taken good care of and handled carefully. Therefore, taking enough time to learn about the procedures will most certainly help in reducing the size of the pores on your nose safely. One way you can go about dealing with large pores is using the effective laser treatment. Despite the fact that laser pore treatment takes the crown for the most effective way of getting rid of open pores, it happens to be the most expensive. Thankfully, there are a lot of other cheaper means you can employ to effectively close open pores on your nose as well as other areas of your body. And if you do have enough time on your hands, you can easily conjure up a nice, inexpensive home remedy of your choice, which will, without a doubt, get rid of the open pores fast. Thankfully, most of the open pores’ treatments always end up getting rid of blackheads indirectly. Blackheads come as a result of excessive oxidation of the hair follicles because of extra-large pores.

1. Wash makeup off to avoid open pores on your nose

One of the main reasons why people, especially women, suffer from visibly open pores on their noses is because they fail to wash makeup off their face before they sleep. In as much as makeup makes everyone look beautiful, it is imperative that they get in the habit of washing it off and sleeping on a fresh face, since their faces need to “breathe”. And the only way your skin “breathes” is through the pores. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the layer of makeup will only make the “breathing” labored. It’s such kind of strain that leads to the opening of the pores on your nose and the rest of the face as a whole. Therefore, getting into the habit of carrying some face wipes to bed with you would end up doing you some good in the longer run. Despite being super-effective, face wipes aren’t the only way of effectively cleaning the makeup off your face. And if you can’t get your hands on them, then using the usual soap and water before going to bed will still do a remarkable job in unclogging your facial pores. And while we are still on makeup, it is important to note that having scheduled makeup-free days can help a great deal in the treatment of open or large pores on your nose and face. It wouldn’t hurt going makeup free during the weekends or whenever you have no work-related commitments. Having regular makeup-free routines and staying dedicated to them will see to it that the open pores on your face soon close up. And when all is said and done, this routine might end up saving you a lot of expenses you’d probably have incurred while undergoing laser treatment procedures.

2. Clay mask and the treatment of open nose pores

Another inexpensive way of treating open nose pores is by applying clay masks on a regular basis. The best time to apply your clay mask home remedy is before you go to sleep, preferably after washing your makeup off. Clay has remarkably scintillating abilities to absorb oil from one’s facial pores and therefore leaving the skin dry and smooth. As you might have suspected, oily faces are the ones with the biggest problems when it comes to open or visible pores. Therefore, always applying a smooth layer of clay mask will work wonders in cleaning up your pores, that is, apart from leaving your facial skin smooth and more even. Always remember that there are some areas on your face that seem to be oilier than others. And with that in mind, you should always focus on the most affected areas more than anywhere else. Also, if you want to use the proverbial one stone to kill two or more birds, you can couple the application of the clay mask with other skin routines. This way, you’ll end up with closed pores as well as the blackheads are gone – in case you’ve been struggling with them at any given point. It is also important to note that it takes a lot of patience before the open pores on your nose get reduced to the point of invisibility. Therefore, you’ll need to take the pores treatment a day and a time, and never look forward to any quick results, lest you get disappointed. Also, be adroit enough to try more than one treatment for the open pores on your nose. This is simply because what works for one person’s pores may not necessarily work for the next person’s pores.

3. A healthy diet can close open pores on your nose

More often than not, we tend to suffer from anomalies i.e. enlarge skin pores just because we have bad eating habits. For instance, the consumption of huge amounts of unhealthy oils can end up clogging the skin and result in open pores on the nose and any many other areas of the face. And if we aren’t too careful when dealing with the problem, getting rid of the open pores on the nose and other areas might be a losing battle. Therefore, if you ever find yourself suffering from such an inconvenience, the first thing you ought to do is to try switching up to a healthier diet, for the sake of your pores. If you do this right, the chances are that both your large and open pores on your nose as well as the blackheads on your follicles will disappear. Your face might end up clearing up in the long run, making you look vibrant without even trying. If you try this clean, home remedy or approach to the treatment of open pores on your nose, chances are that you won’t even have to think of spending an arm and a leg on laser treatment and so forth. But if you try a clean, balanced diet but still have the same open pores problem persisting, then you might want to seek other options for treating the open pores on your nose. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to try eating natural snacks with low-fat content from time to time. But it is always a smart move to try the inexpensive open pores remedies before zeroing down to the expensive laser pores’ treatment and its ilk. And if you’ve tried the home remedy but the open pores on your nose don’t close, then it would be a good idea to visit your dermatologist as soon as possible. Doing so is important because, at times, the open pores on your nose might be caused by a medical condition that’s beyond your comprehension.

4. Avoid open nose pores using approved products

A lot of people have open pores simply because of their knack for using counterfeit skin care products with or without prior knowledge. As a result, they often end up developing a plethora of skin-related complications on their noses and faces, open pores included. Therefore, apart from washing makeup from your face before retiring to bed, using clay mask regularly and enjoying a healthy diet, you should also make a habit of counterchecking the authenticity of your skin products, you know, for the sake of your general health and not just your pores. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can spare your pores from the devastation brought about by using counterfeit skin care products. First, you’ll need to start buying your products from authorized retailers, for the sake of the pores on your nose. Remember to also check for the expiration dates to avoid running the risk of expired, probably poisonous goods that might end up doing more damage than clogging the pores on your nose. Once you have confirmed that you’ve picked the right products on your skin, move to the next step. This step involves checking for any ingredients, just to see if they can clog your pores. Some of the questions you ought to ask yourself include: Are you allergic to any of the ingredients? Are you applying the right amount on your face or not? Can the product end up clogging your skin pores? You also have to understand that using artificial skin care products will expose you to a much higher chance of having your nose clogged, resulting in open or large pores. With that in mind, you should switch to using 100% natural or organic skin care products as they’ll end up making your skin much better when all is said and done. Again, you’ll have to make all the necessary changes and only turn to laser treatment as your last option to treating your open pores.

5. Sunscreen can reduce open pores on your nose

Not many people are aware of just how effective the sun is when it comes to open pores on the skin, explaining why they all fall victim to this. Therefore, the first effective way to avoid the pores from opening up on your nose is by conveniently embracing the shade, especially during sunny days. And if you can’t do that for whatever reason, then I strongly recommend the constant use of sunscreen. Consistent use of sunscreen will reduce the severity of the sun, hence making the initially open pores on your nose to slowly close up. The same will also lead to the elimination of blackheads as not much air will be flowing into the root hair, as it initially was the case when the pores were open and vulnerable. And for the umpteenth time, it is always wise to incorporate any other home remedy in the treatment of your open pores on your nose and face as a whole. Doing so will only hasten the healing process, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve here. Also, remember to go for the specific home remedy you’ve tried and one that has proven to work perfectly as far as closing open pores on your nose are concerned. The best sunscreen for doing this is none other than the broad-spectrum sunscreen and this is because of its 30+ SPF ingredients. And in order for sunscreen to effectively close the open pores effectively, you’ll be required to apply it on your nose, face and the entire body on a daily basis.

6. Facial scrubs can cure open pores on your nose

As we’ve already established, open pores are mostly caused by blockage/clogging of pores with debris. Therefore, regular visits to your barber shop or massage parlor for a face scrub might be exactly what your pores need. For the umpteenth time, your skin breathes/sweats through the pores and that’s why they have to be cleaned on a regular basis. The upside of keeping your pores clean and open at all times is that they won’t expand, hence remaining invisible. And that’s why you are required to wash your face on a regular basis even after having your facial scrub. Take care of your pores and they pores will end up taking care of you. If you get in the habit of visiting your barber shop for a facial scrub, you won’t ever get to the point of seeking laser treatment because your pores will always be clean and well taken care of. You also won’t have to worry about blackheads either, as closed pores will limit the oxidation of your hair follicles. Thankfully, the scrubbing is very affordable and even better; can be done at home as long as you have the required products. Feel free to learn how to scrub your face by watching related YouTube videos in the event that you don’t know how to go about it. And if you can’t get your hands on over-the-counter face-scrubbing products for treating your large and open pores, then you can turn to any other effective home remedy that you can get your hands on. For instance, using soap and cotton scrubbers will never get out of fashion as far as the treatment of open pores on your nose and face is concerned. And now that we’ve seen how to effectively get rid of open pores on your nose and face, here are some of the things you should never do if at all you want to keep your pores closed and inconspicuous:

1. Avoid the use of petroleum jelly on your nose and face

As we’ve duly noted a while back, the number one cause of open pores on both the nose and face is the overproduction of oil that tends to block the pores. Therefore, limiting the use of petroleum jelly on your nose and face will mean that your facial pores will neither be covered nor be filled up. And if you have no other choice but to use it; then remember that a little care for your nose and face will always go a long way. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options to use, besides petroleum jelly. For instance, a lotion is not only a good replacement for petroleum jelly, but will also definitely be kind to your facial pores. Using lotion instead of Vaseline, especially with brands with 100% natural and organic ingredients, will end up nourishing your skin, leaving it youthful and vibrant. And when your pores are flawlessly “breathing”, they won’t have to incur any pressure to expand. And because of that, they’ll retain their normal size, which makes them almost invisible. Incorporating all the above routines together with a healthy diet will always have an incredible effect on the pores on your nose as well as your face. Again, always start experimenting with the most inexpensive home remedy that you feel will work best on your skin. And if your large nose pores don’t subside after using them, then that’s the point you’ll be required to bring out the proverbial big guns, which, in layman terms, is none other than laser treatment. But only get to do this after you’ve booked a session with your dermatologist and have him or her look at your stubborn open pores. Who knows, your dermatologist might come up with a better, inexpensive solution for the treatment of your open pores. Just make sure you are talking to a highly qualified dermatologist who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

2. Avoid consuming too much junk food


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If you want to get rid of your open pores problem on your nose and face and by extension, the blackheads resulting from oxidation of hair follicles, then you’ll have no other choice but to put down the junk food. The body has a lot of mechanisms of getting rid of unwanted components in the junk food we love to consume. And one way of doing so is vigorous sweating through the pores. But when you consume too much junk food, the pores on your nose and surrounding areas will be subjected to clogging. The clogging will without a doubt result to the expansion of your facial pores which will, in turn, make them more visible. And apart from finding the best home remedy for your enlarging pores, it’ll make a hell lot of sense to keep an eye on whatever you choose to put into your body as food. Instead of grabbing that greasy donut or juicy slice of pizza, you can decide to cleverly switch up to consuming eating fruits and vegetables. In as much as having fruits and steamed vegetables might sound like a very peculiar choice for a snack, it will effectively get rid of the open pores on your nose. This is because your body won’t have to strain getting rid of the excessive and unhealthy fats and oils any longer. You can also end up doing your open pores some justice by applying clay mask on your nose and face before going to sleep. This will clear your pores of any impurities by sucking them all into the clay. Remember to wash it all off first thing in the morning. Apart from making your facial pores less invisible, giving up your unhealthy foods will help your skin clear up, leaving it with an uneven tone. And since many people have tried this and it worked like a charm, you should too, especially if you have always wanted to get rid of your annoying open pores for the longest time!

3. Stop being dirty for the sake of your pores

Another effective way of reducing the size of your large pores is by being clean on a general scale. It goes without saying that a lot of people are struggling with open pores on their noses and faces simply because their personal hygiene is struggling. It is very important to note that if you don’t take good care of your body, no amount of treatment will make the open pores go away. Before trying out expensive laser treatment, it’s always important to exhaust every affordable home remedy. You can start by resolving to take thorough baths and doing so on a regular basis. This should effectively clear any layer of dirt in and over the pores, easing the pressure that might have otherwise caused them to expand. And once your pores have successfully closed up, the rate of hair follicle oxidation will be significantly reduced, and so will your infestation of blackheads. Once you have your hygiene on lock, you will also need to use any other home remedy that will give you all the relief you need. If you can’t take a shower at least twice a day, then make sure you are washing your face about three times a day. Doing so will help your facial pores stay clean and function properly. Coupling good hygiene with a healthy diet will end up doing your pores some really good in the long run. Remember that whatever is in your pores, after sweating profusely, is highly dependent on whatever was on your plate earlier on.

4. Avoid sunbathing on a regular basis

In-depth research has revealed that the sun has the ability to open up your pores, making them larger than normal. This is simply because the moment the ultraviolet rays of the sun touch your skin, your body will always trigger the broadening of the pores in preparation for perspiration or sweating. And since your nose is usually facing the sun directly, expect the pores around that area to be affected the most. Therefore, finding a shed whenever the sun is blazing will play a shrewd role in reducing perspiration and by extension, the expansion of your nose pores. But if you have no other choice but to go into the sun, then applying a generous amount of sunscreen over your face and body before doing so would be a wise move. This will protect your pores, preventing them from becoming large and visible. Something as seemingly simple as avoiding the unforgiving ultraviolet rays might end up saving you from open pores and at the same time saving the money you’d have otherwise lost through undergoing laser treatment. You know what they say, prevention is always better than cure.


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Large and open pores on your nose and face can be a truly frustrating experience. Apart from being plausibly noticeable and having everyone commenting about them, enlarged pores can also be the perfect entry points for infections apart from being the number one course of blackheads. Therefore, the moment you notice your pores opening up, your number one goal ought to be finding appropriate ways of reversing the condition. Also, feel free to find a home remedy for open pores that you feel works best for you, that is if any of the above-mentioned remedies don’t end up working for your open pores. And in case the open pores on your nose and face aren’t clearing up, especially after trying out all the above home remedies, then seeking the intervention of a qualified dermatologist, as soon as you can, should be your next order of business.