10 Most Trendy Types Of Nose Piercings

Here are 10 trendy types of nose piercings that are good for starters. With corresponding jewelry and rings, these are sure to shine out in the crowd.

By Katrina M.
10 Most Trendy Types Of Nose Piercings

Thinking about nose piercings?

Nose piercings are accessories that can suit the face of any type of person.  They are surely for the shy, who are starting to come out of their shell.  They are for the wild at heart, who love to decorate their body and faces.  Nose piercings are also for anyone in between or anyone who is different!  We are all different in our own, unique, way.

For some people, nose piercings are about confidence.  For others, nose piercings just enhance their untamed side.  There is something special and unique about each and every person, and their nose ring should reflect that.


Whatever the reason you have for wanting a nose piercing, there is some information you should know beforehand about the types of piercings.  The more you know, the easier it will be for you to make a decision about what nose piercing is right for you.

The history of nose piercings


The practice of piercing noses can be traced back many centuries to different cultures.  In Africa and the Middle East, husbands gave their wives the gift of nose rings.  This was meant to symbolize security.  In the South and Central American cultures, women wore nose rings as a symbol of status.  So the women who had the largest and the most nose piercings were those with high social status.


When nose piercings started to emerge in the Western culture, they are originally associated with the Bohemian, alternative, and punk lifestyles.  Now they can be associated with any lifestyle because nose piercings ultimately represent something deeper.  Nose piercings mean, and show, that there are deeper aspects and qualities of a person.

Types of nose piercings

Now that you know a little of the history of nose piercings, we will go over 10 different piercings that you can get on your nose.  I will also mention the types of jewelry that will go with each of the piercings because each piercing has different jewelry.  Once you have an idea of all the types, you will be able to decide which will be the perfect starter piercing for you. 

1. Nostril piercing


The nostril piercing is the most common of the nose piercings and a great starter piercing.  Nostril piercings consist of only one single hole.  These types of piercing are generally placed right above the crease that is on the nostril, which comes off the cheek.  Right above the crease is the typical placement for nostril piercings, but it can vary and be changed based on the person's facial structure.  Nostril piercings can be placed on either nostril.


Nostril piercings are at a location that is easily accessible, so there is a wide selection of jewelry to choose from.  The options include stud (also called the nose bone), nostril screw, L-shaped nose pin, captive bead ring, circular barbell, and nose hoop.  Each piercer will use a different nose ring to start out with, but you can always change the jewelry after the piercing heals.  They typically start with either the stud, nostril screw, or the L-shaped nose pin.  If you have a preference, you can always ask the piercer beforehand a out the piece of jewelry they will be using.


Something to keep in mind while choosing between different types of jewelry is that the L-shaped nose pin is the most prone to fall out.  It is one of the types that moves around the most inside the nostril and can easily fall out if it accidentally gets attached to something, such as a face towel.

2. Double nostril piercing

The double nostril piercings are the same types of piercings as the single nostril, except that there will be two holes on one side of the nostril.  Generally, with these piercings, the rings will be right next to each other.  It is common to see two studs next to each other or two nose hoops.  With these piercings, it is not recommended to use an L-shaped ring because these will either fall out or get tangled together.  And that can be very painful, so we want to avoid this.

3. Triple nostril piercing

The triple nostril piercings are rare, but still very beautiful.  These piercings consist of three holes that are done very close together.  The common form of the triple nostril piercing is the first picture that is shown - a delicate combination of three stud piercings in a triangle shape.  The second picture shows a little more rebellious side of the triple nostril piercing.  You can get three nose hoops or nose rings all in a line on the same nostril.  Either one of these piercings would be a beautiful addition to anyone's face, regardless of the personality type.

4. High nostril

The high nostril piercing is going to be a variation of the regular nostril piercing.  The jewelry for these piercings is going to be limited to the stud, nostril screw, and the L-shaped nose pin.  Because this piercing is higher up on the nostril, any of the hoop jewelry is not recommend or used due to the fact that it would be very difficult to put in, and possibly be painful.


People thinking about getting piercings that are located on the high nostril, usually have the intention of getting other piercings lower on the nostril or elsewhere on the nose.  Piercings on the high nostril are a good way for creating a beautiful focal point on your face where one may not normally be found.

5. Bridge

Bridge piercings are the next of the trendy types of nose piercings.  This piercing is located on the upper part of the nose, called the bridge.  Hence the name of the piercing - the bridge piercings.  The pieces of jewelry that can be used for these piercings are the circular barbell and the curved barbell. 


These types of piercings do not go through any bone or cartilage.  This means that bridge piercings are technically called surface piercings because they sit right under the surface of the skin.  Something to note about surface piercings is that the skin will be more likely to reject this piercing.  When the skin rejects piercings, the piercings move closer and closer to the top of the skin.  If you notice that this starts to happen, let the piercer know so that they can remove the piercing and let the skin heal.  It is always best to take the jewelry out as opposed to letting the skin push it out because it will heal better. 

6. Septum types


Septum piercings are currently the most popular and trendy nose piercings.  Septum piercings are located in the cartilage between each of the nostrils.  This can make it a little tricky to access.  Piercers must have the knowledge of where exactly the cartilage of septum piercing lies. Due to the fact that these piercings are very trendy right now, most piercers are experienced in septum piercings; so take comfort in that!


The jewelry options that can be used for septum piercings are the circular barbell and captive bead ring.  If you decide to go with the circular barbell, you have the ability to flip it up inside of your nostril.  Having this ability is a nice way to hide the piercing, if you have a quick need to do so.


Another idea that you can do with septum piercings is creating a gauge. If you are bold enough to use the gauged septum piercing as a starter piercing, them go right ahead and do so!

7. Rhino piercing/vertical tip

This piercing is a cute, rare, piercing that uses the curved barbell.  One end of the barbell is showing vertically at the tip of the nose and the other end of the barbell is showing at the bottom or underside of the nose.  Due to the vertical positioning of this piercing, it is called a vertical tip piercing.  Also, because of the way it shows at the tip of the nose, it is also called the rhino piercing. 

8. Septril


Septril piercings are another type of rare, but trendy piercings.  While this may look like a simple and relatively easy piercing from the outside, from the inside there is a lot involved.  The septum has to be gauged and this can take years depending on the type of septum piercing you have.  If you were bold enough to gauge your septum then you have done the first step in creating your septril piercing.  Just a fair warning, the gauging process can get pretty painful.  So once you have gauged the septum, you will put an eyelet type gauge, tunnel or plug. 


The next step is to add either a flat backed stud or a very small curved barbell to the septril.


The above picture shows the gauge on the inside of both nostrils and then the septril is sitting on the underside of the nose. 

9. Nasallang

Nasallang piercings are intense types of piercings in the way they are done, although it does not look like it.  Most people or observers may think that nasallang piercings are two equally placed nostril piercings, but that is not accurate at all.  These types of piercings are done at once with one needle.  The single needle will go through both nostrils, but also through part of the septum.  The only piece of jewelry worn with this piercing is the straight barbell. 

10. Third eye

The last of the trendy types of nose piercings is going to be the third eye piercings.  The third eye piercings are located high on the top of the nose, almost between the eyebrows.  This is going to be done using a flat backed stud.  It may not seem hard to do, but do you research on piercers before you get this piercing. 

So many choices

Now you have all the information you need to make a decision on what starter piercing or piercings you may want to get.  There is information on how each of the piercings are done, what jewelry to use so they will not fall out, and how intense some of the piercings can be. Now have fun decorating your beautiful nose with different piercings!



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