Top 10 Style Shoes To Wear With Leggings To Look Amazing

Footwear and leggings are an integral part of feminine dressing. Pairing them well can bring about wonderful results in the appearance.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 10 Style Shoes To Wear With Leggings To Look Amazing

Top 10 Style Shoes To Wear With Leggings To Look Amazing

Leggings are a very versatile piece of clothing. They look good on almost every type of body. Not only the leggings style but also obscure our flawed legs.They've been existing since long time now but the leggings have become popular recently. Leggings can be worn as pants as well. You can find leggings in all sorts of styles ranging from leather to shiny and neutral to patterned. Usually leggings are ankle length but they are also found in other lengths like mid-calf or below knee. Leggings are savior, especially in summer, even for the plus size users. They came into trend as casuals but have turned out to be a staple clothing.

However many of us don't pay attention to the foot wear that we can wear with leggings. Like any dress, not every footwear goes along with leggings. Pairing shoes perfectly with leggings can make plus size appear slimmer and if you don’t wear them correctly, you can end up appearing bulky. Here are 10 types of stylish shoes that you can wear along with the leggings to make them look stylish and comfortable.

Wear High Heels Shoes With Leggings

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High Heels are very feminine in fact they are the epitome of femininity. Wear your leggings with heels and it will create an incredible lengthening effect for the legs. This means if you are a plus size, it can make you appear slimmer by making you look tall. Do not wear the heels with the ankle strap with leggings since it can throw you off balance. You can wear  lularoe shiny leather leggings with stiletto pumps and the neutral colored leggings with patterned heels. Don't just go for any high heel, experiment with different leggings and Heels to decide what looks good on you. You can wear kitten heels with leggings for dressing for office and casual weekend outfits. For an official look, pair your leggings and heels with camel coat, cable knit sweaters and some chick work worthy accessories. For a more daytime outfit, wear your leggings and heels with a trendy coat that has some faux fur details. You can also choose to wear the stirrup leggings. Pull the stirrups over your heels or even the soles of your heels for a very stylish look. Heels are such a footwear that can be paired with almost everything, be it your leggings, jeans or summer dress.

Wear Pumps With Leggings

Everyone loves pumps that are comfortable. Wear comfortable pumps with flashy lularoe leggings for an adventurous style. By pairing the pumps and leggings you can also create a retro glamorous look.  For that wear with your leggings and pumps, a long shirt dress or tunic, like something you wear in summer. It will make your body look a little longer and your plus size, a little slimmer. For a look that is easy to pull, wear wedges, chunky Heels or mid height heels with your leggings. It will add a little glamorous look through leggings and make sure that your legging is just below or at the edge of the shoes.

Wear Gladiator Sandals And Shoes With Leggings

After being popular for quite a while now, the gladiator sandals have gained a reputation for being stylish and versatile, all at the same time. They come in all sorts of varieties, ranging from flats with ankle to mid calf and knee high straps. Hence it is very tricky when it comes to picking up a gladiator sandal for your leggings that will suit your style or your body shape. Wrong selection of this footwear with your leggings can make your legs look chunky and short. Always considered the colour of your leggings and the height of your sandals while you wear them both together. The ankle height gladiators goes well with the leggings since it covers your ankle and doesn't overlap the leggings. For a glamorous look wear your gladiator and leggings with flowy and sheer blouse. For a little dressy,  wear them with leggings topped with a cardigan and chick t-shirt.

Wear Flip-Flops Shoes With Leggings

Flip flops aren’t highly recommended to pair with leggings, they are generally in the line of firing. You can pick a legging from the long line of collections by Lularoe and wear them with flip flops. Since flip flops are very casual so you should wear them with casual outfits, your casual summer dress with leggings or when you are at the beach. You should wear a flat thong sandal instead of your average flip-flops with leggings. They are classier and more chic. Remember only wear these footwear with leggings when you are absolutely sure you can pull off the look or there is nothing more comfortable for you than these flip flops. 

Wear Flat Shoes With Leggings

Flats are as comfortable as a leggings. They are slim and streamlined as well. Flat shoes leave the top of your feet exposed, thus effortlessly creating a visual break between your shoes and leggings. So it can be said that they don't overpower one another. For a flawless style wear the flats that are either darker or same colour as your legging. Wear matt finished flats for more toned down look and metallic flats for more dressed up look. For Lularoe leggings with earthy tones wear gold and bronze flats while silver flats goes with pretty much everything. With leather style leggings or tights, you can wear the black flats. Wear pointed toe flats or peep toe flats with leggings for styling yourself a little differently.

Wear Ankle Boots And Shoes With Leggings

It’s a little tricky to pair leggings and ankle boots. In fact, it is the most tricky footwear to wear with any clothing. Ankle boots lay just above your ankle, so overlapping them with anything over your ankle will make that part look chunky. And that’s why you need to carefully decide how you want to wear your leggings and tights with ankle boots. If you combine your leggings perfectly with ankle boots, it will be more flattering than wearing these boots in bare legs. Don’t wear light and pastel colored leggings with dark boots. Go for the dark or leather leggings and dark boots and it will be better if the boot is a little dressier. And make sure you leggings are long enough to get tucked into your boots or short enough to end up at its edge.

Wear Knee Length Boots With Leggings

Boots and leggings are seamless, hence they make a good pair. Needless to say that you can pull off looking gorgeous wearing any kind of boots with leggings. However, long boots have their own charm. They give you an amazing look, exceptionally so. Sometimes leggings make your legs appear thicker. In that case, tall boots are your best friends, since they can hide it in style. They create slimming looks by hiding your calves. For relaxed and casual look, wear slouchy boots, lace up boots, combat boots or flat riding boots.

Wear Loafers With Leggings

Some footwear are always trendy and comfortable, specially loafers. The are so good, they go well with everything you wear, especially leggings. Make sure that you wear plain loafers and the ones in bold colors with leggings. In fact, when it comes to wearing them with leggings, be it loafers, peep toes, flats or ballerinas they should be the plain or in bold colors. They could be Dark blue, black or any colour that matches your leggings. Loafers with same colour as leggings will make a good silhouette. Like you can wear black loafers with leather leggings and tights. Wear both of the loafers and the leggings with a formal blouse for completing the look.

Wear Sneaker Shoes With Leggings

Sneakers are the first footwear that comes to mind when we are wearing leggings or tights. It is the most popular option to wear with leggings. If you want an athletic look wear white sneakers with leggings, they are the best combination. Sneakers with leggings gives you athletic yet comfortable and casual look. You can see that celebrities, of late, have started to prefer this combination. They are often seen wearing leggings with sneakers or they wear most of their dresses with sneakers. The trick to pull this combination of sneakers and leggings, is to wear them both with pretty tops. And I'm not talking about the ones that you wouldn't wear to the gym. Also use some beautiful accessories for rocking the look.

Wear Combat Boots With Leggings

If there is one footwear that can change the vibes of your outfit, it's the combat boots. So if you want to rock or if these boots have been your best friend just, bring them on, wear them with leggings. Combat boots are thick and big thanks giving you a lot of scope with floral outfits, ruffles, pastels or anything that is more feminine. You can also wear short skirts over leggings and pairing it with combat boots. For a date night, you can wear black leggings with the combat boots, pairing them with fashionable tops and accessories. Experiment and create new flattering looks with combat boots and leggings.

Wrapping It Up About Wearing Shoes With Leggings

Leggings, as we know, are trendy and comfortable. Also they come in different styles and looks good in almost all body shape. If you wear your leggings with connections you can convert your casual outfit to elegant and sexy. However you need to figure out the right shoes to pair with your leggings. One wrong pick and you can end up looking like a fashion disaster. We don't notice but shoes, to a large extent, decide how we will look. We can't pick flashy footwears for office or formal footwear for parties. Similarly how we pair our footwears with our leggings plays a very vital role in our look.


You don't need to stick to a particular rule of pairing footwears with leggings. You can experiment and make your own changes. Mix different styles and colors of footwear and leggings and find the one that suits best on you. Just don't let the colors clash. You can also add a little splash of contrast to your leggings and footwear. Add a bright belt or a lace camisole under your deep V-neck top. It works especially well if you are going for an all black outfit. So, go ahead and make your own style statement with leggings and footwears.