5 Makeup Styles That Will Never Go Out of Trend

These are the safest makeup styles you can wear for all time.

By Adina Mazilu
5 Makeup Styles That Will Never Go Out of Trend

When talking about makeup styles, most people think of complex techniques, interesting color combinations, glitter, pigments, sharp eyeliner wings, and probably a perfect skin. This is definitely true in the industry, as there are more types of makeup that will never go out of style. Just imagine those classical looks of the golden era of Hollywood, those bold red lips, those long eyelashes, the porcelain skin, and the winged eyeliner. It all had a special flavor that will never go out of style because it entered legend. 

Those classic makeup looks will most definitely never go out of trend because they compile all the basic elements of a beautiful makeup that is able to accentuate the features of anyone's face.  They are either based on the eyes, the lips or the skin, always making the person look even better than they naturally do. Interestingly enough, the natural "no-makeup" makeup look is also among those that will always be fashionable. This is why, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best makeup styles that will definitely never go out of trend and we will show you how to achieve them. Here we go!

Different types of makeup styles

You may not think it’s possible, but, in fact, as with any other type of makeup, there are lots of different types of eternal makeup looks that can be achieved. However, before trying to create any of them, one should know that the entire process takes patience, practice, and a good understanding of the person’s natural features and the colors that might compliment them. It’s a really tough job to make someone look better by using those classic techniques and methods. The secret lies in the details like freckles, either natural or created, natural brows, complimenting colors for the eyelids, that amazing winged eyeliner, and a lip color that can put everything else into place and make it look as pretty as possible. Here are some of the nices makeup styles that you can adapt and do on yourself and which will always remain trendy, no matter the age that we live in.

Makeup Styles For the face

1. The natural makeup


So, as you can probably see, even if the makeup look from above features a classic red lip, the eyes are almost completely naked. This is the secret for this kind of timeless natural look. You should only apply an eyeshadow shade that’s identical to the color of your skin followed by a few layers of mascara this time. We need to make the eyes pop but without any crazy colors on the lids. Deal with your eyebrows by filling any empty spots with a pencil and then by brushing them with a spooly and transparent gel, and that’s it for the eyes. The one in the picture is a complete look that you don’t necessarily have to follow if you don’t want to. For now, we are only talking about the eyes and about how certain looks, like the bold rep lip one, are forever trendy and fashionable wherever you travel to.

2. The timeless bohemian makeup


This second example of a timeless makeup look is definitely more suited for artists, dreamers, and those people who absolutely adore this bohemian vibe. This look is all about being free, one with the nature, and at peace with yourself, something that will never go out of trend. For this look, your hair should be aither braided in uniue ways or left to flow in the wind. You can also add some flower crowns and match them with your outfit that should also be flowy. Your eye makeup should be based on earthly or mauvy tones. Put on a few layers of mascara and go all in with the blush. You want to look as rosy-cheeked as possible. Keep your skin hydrated and use a light-coverage foundation mixed with an illuminating primer for that dewy look. As for the lips, a juicy gloss in a nude or reddish shade is just perfect. As bohemian as it can get, without going out of trend at all.

For the eyes

3. The smoky eye


The smoky eye is definitely one of those looks that people will do and reinterpret over and over again. If this doesn't make it timeless, we don't know what will. Matte, using black and grey shades or other colors, glittery, glossy, with or without falsies, and in any combinations, the smoky eye makeup look is no longer just makeup: it's an accessory that women from all over the world proudly wear on special occasions. It doesn't even matter how you choose to combine it, with what lipstick shade or if you have a matte or dewy skin finish. The important thing is that the smoky eye is there and will forever remain one of the classics of makeup. Like a member of the hall of fame, and we love it!

4. The classic red lip


Ah, it's finally time to talk about that worldwide famous makeup look that everyone adores: the classic red lip. Originally made popular by the legendary Marilyn Monroe and other actresses of the golden era, the red juicy lips are still an asset for any woman. They are like a weapon of seduction meant to bewilder and mesmerize any curious looks. It doesn't even matter that today's modern makeup industry has revolutionized the red lip with various types of lipsticks like the matte ones; the essence of what it actually means has remained untouched and will remain so for millennia. Even today's celebrities adore this vintage look. Just take a peek at Gwen Stefani, Ditta von Teese or Margot Robbie. So, arm yourself with either a hydrating, matte or glossy red lipstick and begin the attack. Nobody will be able to resist you. Nobody!

5. The winged eyeliner


The winged eyeliner was another one of those makeup looks that was made famous during Hollywood's golden era by its gorgeous actresses. That black line strategically-positioned towards the end of the eye was meant to offer the wearer a feline look. It was an elegant approach that made any woman feel more confident and proud when wearing that eyeliner wing. Proof of this stands actress Julianne Moore who, in the above picture, wears this retro look better than anyone. Nowadays, anyone can reinterpret this look and make it personal. You can create bold eyeliner wings or smaller, more delicate ones. Years after they were first created, the famous wings still have the same effect and will certainly continue to do so in the future too.

Pretty makeup styles around the world


Makeup is an international language, a form of art that allows each individual to express himself through colors and shapes. This is why the countries of the world each have their own makeup styles that people wear on a regular basis and which are worth talking about and drawing inspiration from. Here are some examples:

  • In India, people prefer bold eye looks with lots of eyeliner and dark colors. The smoky eye look is very trendy there as are bold and bright lip colors.
  • In Australia, because of the heat, people usually rely on long-lasting products and setting sprays. They also love a natural look with nude lips and neutral eyeshadows.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, people still adore those long and voluptuous lashes with that sexy winged eyeliner and bold brows. Beyond that, they don’t wear too much makeup and here and there, you might see a red lip.
  • In Asia, there’s the porcelain skin trend that has engulfed everyone. The people there love perfectly-looking skin with lots of highlighter and light pink glossy or red lips.
  • People in France goes for the natural look with just enough makeup to make them look elegant.  

Source: Dramabeans

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To sum it all up, as it appears, there are certain makeup looks that will forever remain fashionable even under the constant threat of the passage of time. Elements like the classic red lips, the bold winged eyeliner, the mysterious smoky eye, the dreamy bohemian look or even a very natural look, they will still be preferred by thousands of women in the whole wide world. Whle it's true that most of these elements are and will continue to be reinterpreted in even more modern ways, that retro spark will forever remain there. We really hope that, with this article, we have inspired you in choosing the perfect timeless makeup look for yourself while taking into account that, most likely, it's one that will always be in regardless of the year in the calendar or the trends in the magazines.