How & Why I Gave Myself Pastel Ombre Hair

I was feeling bored with my look, so I decided to give myself pastel ombre hair and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time!

By Katherine P. Haley
How & Why I Gave Myself Pastel Ombre Hair

Pastel ombre hair

Pastel ombre hair is such a fun hairstyle and it is one that is totally in style this summer. It is easy to do and just looks great. There are many styles and pastel colors that you can go for, which means you are free to be your creative self. One of the best ways to express your unique and fun style is through some awesome pastel ombre hair, so try it out.


If you are not totally sure what ombre hair is, I'll explain. The ombre style means that you are blending a dark color with a lighter color (in this case pastel) in a gradual way. Typically, for hair, this will be dark roots with lighter tips. When this style craze started, the common look was to do brown hair that ended in light brown or blonde tips. However, as we are advancing with our hair colors, ombre hair can be done with any color. I'm talking violet roots to pastel lavender tips or any color combination you can think of.


Pastel ombre hair is so fun, so in the tutorial below, I will tell you why I did this to myself and give you a tutorial on how I gave myself pastel ombre hair. I'll even give you some pastel color examples that you can try out yourself. Check this awesome pastel ombre style out, and trust me, you won't regret it.

Why I gave myself pastel ombre hair?

So, before we get into the how I gave myself ombre pastel hair, we'll get into the why I gave myself pastel ombre hair. For your most basic answer: because I wanted to and because I can. But, for a longer answer: because I was bored with my plain, brunette hair. I wanted a change. I wanted to look at my hair in the mirror and see something fun. This was one of the easiest and most unique ideas I could come up with. Plus, who doesn't just love pastel ombre hair?


Pastel ombre was the style I chose. Earlier, I had dyed the back of my hair in a nice pastel color, but this time around I wanted something more noticeable, something that stood out. Pastel ombre is stylish and honestly looks great on nearly any hair length.


I love this hair style, and I bet after you see all the wonders of pastel hair, you will too.

How I gave myself pastel ombre hair?

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Before I get into the tutorial and how to do this yourself, I'm going to say that your safest bet to get flawless pastel ombre hair is to go to a professional. However, if you don't have the time or the money or you feel experienced enough with pastel hair coloring that you can do it yourself, I say go for it.


First things first: buy some bleach and your choice of pastel hair color. I chose a nice pastel rose pink color and I am super happy with the results. You can choose to dye all of your hair with the pastel ombre style, but I personally kept my natural dark brown roots and added pastel pink to the tips of my hair.


Now, we're getting into the actual tutorial part. Divide your hair into two sections. I put my hair into two low pigtails. Grab small chunks of your hair and paint on the bleach for the ombre look. Be careful to not bleach your hair in a way that gives it a definitive line where you bleached and where you didn't. Go higher on some sections and lower on others. Keep it going a little randomly; this will help you achieve the best ombre look.


Do this to both sides of your hair and then put some plastic bags around the hair you just bleached. This will keep the bleach from spreading on your clothes or your skin, and will keep your skin from getting irritated. Make sure to read the instructions on the box of bleach you purchased and leave on for however long it instructs. Mine personally was 20 minutes, but all bleaches are different. Also, make sure your particular bleach is a good match for the pastel color.


Okay. So your tips are bleached and ready to be colored pastel. Now choose your pastel hair color. As I said before, I picked a nice pastel rose for my hair, but you can choose any pastel color you want. It doesn't even have to be pastel. Apply the pastel color to your hair. I added the pastel color slightly above the bleach and of course on the bleach to emphasize the pastel ombre color. I applied this similarly as I did the bleach, a little randomly. Place in plastic bags and let your pastel ombre hair color rule! Again, leave on for however long you are instructed to by the box, or maybe a bit longer if you are feeling bold.


When you are satisfied with the pastel color, rinse any pastel colored hair under the water until it runs clear. Many pastel box colors also come with a conditioner that you should put on your hair after coloring, so apply that; leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse until the water runs clear again.


Let your hair dry naturally and check out that awesome pastel color!

Pastel colors and ombre styles you can try

As I mentioned a couple of times, I went for a rose pink pastel ombre hair color, but you can do any pastel color you choose. Below, I have included several different styles of pastel ombre hair that you can try out. Check them out!


1. Blonde and purple pastel ombre


This is like a reverse pastel ombre. In this case, your roots are blonde and your tips are colored a darker pastel color. You can skip the bleach in this case (Kind of. You probably will have to bleach your roots for the blonde). Check out that great pastel color.


2. Dark purple to pink pastel ombre


In this case, you add a whole lot of pastel color to your hair. Your roots can be dark purple, and they can fade into a really awesome pastel pink ombre.


3. Cotton candy pink to mint green pastel ombre


This is a lovely summer pastel ombre color and another reverse ombre style. Bleach those roots and add a pastel pink, then color your tips a nice pastel green. You will look adorable with this pastel style.


4. Rainbow pastel ombre


Start with some pastel red and end with pastel violet. Get the whole pastel VIBGYOR rainbow in your hair in any way you want. This is a really cool looking pastel ombre combination.


5. Red pastel


Simple, pastel red! Add some pastel red to your tips and look totally confident as well as bold. This style is rocking and one you'll want to repeat the ombre look all the time.

6. Red and orange pastel ombre


Add some fire to your tips with this pastel ombre style. Blending a nice pastel red and pastel orange with natural dark roots will look great and unique. This style is cool... I mean hot, and an ombre you will totally want to try out.


7. Orange to pink pastel ombre


Dye your roots pastel orange (or keep them natural if that's your natural color) and bleach your tips to add some pastel pink. This ombre style is fun, unique, and will totally stand out in a crowd.


8. Black to grey pastel ombre


This pastel ombre style is a bit different, but still just as awesome. Dye your roots an awesome jet black and let your tips fade into a nice pastel grey.


9. Pastel grey with color of your choice, ombre


On the pastel grey hair color; this time dye your roots pastel grey and add some pastel rose ombre or anything pastel. This pastel ombre is really cool and totally fun.


10. Purple to blonde pastel ombre


Add some pastel purple to your roots and ombre that hair into blonde. This pastel color combo is cool and totally unique. You will love this pastel ombre hair look.

General tips for pastel ombre hair

Dying your pastel ombre hair yourself can be hard and a little daunting if you've never done it before. Because of this, I have included some tips and tricks that will help you out with your ombre pastel hair.


Bleaching your hair for ombre hair can be tricky, especially for dark hair colors. Sometimes one round won't be long enough to get the bleached color that you want. If this is the case, it is better to do multiple rounds of bleaching; let your hair rest and moisturize in between. This keeps damage at a minimum and overall, just makes your hair look better.


Another good tip is that you can dye your hair dark and let it fade into a really nice pastel color. It might take some extra treatment, but it allows you to change up your pastel color and even keep some pastel color in your hair for a wee bit longer.


Wear clothes that you don't mind getting stained or bleached. Dying your hair pastel or any color can be messy and you need to be prepared for the fact that your clothes may need to bite the bullet. The pastel hair will be worth the staining of old clothes, though!


Avoid washing your dyed pastel ombre hair (this doesn't include the initial rinse) for at least 24 hours after dying. This will allow the pastel color to stay in longer.

Before you go...

Before you go, make sure to have fun with this pastel ombre style. Most pastel colored hair dyes don't last long, so be liberal in your pastel color choice. Also, especially with pastel ombre colors, always know if your bleach goes wrong; you can cut of the tips. It's just hair and it will grow back!


Good luck on your pastel ombre adventures!