25 Fashion Tips On How To Wear Ripped Jeans

Ripped or distressed jeans have become a major fashion fad. Learn how to wear them correctly without making a fashion blunder.

By Amanda Palmer
25 Fashion Tips On How To Wear Ripped Jeans

The Current Fashion Fad - Ripped Jeans

Many different people pay a decent amount for a good-looking rip on the perfect shade of washed denim. The hot trend these days, everyone seems to be carrying ripped or so-called-distressed denim. But does everyone manage to do these tears justice? It can be quite tricky pairing your tattered jeans with the right top to get the perfect polished look. Distressed denim looks cool on both guys and girls. 

Ripped jeans add modern day grunge to the outfit if paired with the perfect top and accessories. These come in a huge variation right from subtle distressed, moderately distressed to be overly distressed. The overly distressed jeans might look as if you have ripped and wrenched your jeans into something that resembles distressed shorts. But if worn at the right occasion with the right pair of shoes and top, the overtly destroyed denim do look really chic. 

Ripped jeans were a fashion statement a few years back, and now they are back with a bang. The jeans have a super casual feel about them, but if paired correctly, they can make a great party-wear outfit too. You can distress or destroy your jeans yourself too, and there are several DIY tips on YouTube explaining how to distress your denim. These are also available in almost all the denim brands these days.

Here are some 25 ways to wear ripped jeans without making a fashion blunder and emerging as casual street-chic and cool:

1. Pair up with a simple sweater and a statement necklace

A great idea for winter wear, just pair your distressed denim with a casual necklace and stylishly enhance your outfit. A dull colored sweater can be perked up with a vibrant neckpiece with matching footwear. To make it more stylish, add a blingy statement neckpiece and carry your look with nude sandals.

2. A simple button down shirt with some booties

We all have plenty button-down shirts in our closet. Now is the time to get them out and pair them with your cool pair of torn denim to create a boho-chic look. Half-tucked in, front-tuck or a total tuck, all goes well with distressed denim. You can wear a belt to get a neat look. Team it up with boots or sandals to complete your look.

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3. Form-fitting ripped jeans with sneakers and a tank top

Show your perfect curves by getting form-fitting ripped jeans and team it up with a pair of sneakers to create a casual-yet-stylish look. Wear a tank top with your ensemble, and you are good to go for a girls-day-out. Guys too can carry this look with distressed denim, a casual tee, and sneakers.

4. High-waist distressed denims with a blingy crop top

A blingy crop top would add oodles of elegance and style to your distressed denim. Select a high-waist skinny fit, torn jeans to flaunt your curves and a blingy top would only do justice to your outfit but also make you absolutely party-ready!

5. Wear flat-sandals and a flowy cape top or a shrug

This is another great way to wear ripped jeans. A flowy cape oozes of a chic-casual style, and with ripped jeans, you look fashion-conscious too. Team up the entire outfit with a pair of flat-sandals and you are good to go. You can carry this look to the movies or for a casual dinner with friends.

6. Wear lose ripped jeans with a long tunic and a hat

Many celebrities have been caught carrying this look. Team up a pair of loose-fitting ripped jeans with a long tunic. Spice up your whole look with a boho-chic hat or a fedora and casual sandals. This outfit looks great while traveling and is also very comfortable.
The hat will add some girl vibes to your outfit.  And, add a different look from day to night when you add a pair of high and perhaps some added accessories.

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7. Knee-high boots with your distressed denims with a cardigan

Everyone is aware of the camaraderie between jeans and boots. They make a great team together. Pair up your knee-high boots with your skinny fit ripped jeans. Don a cardigan if it's cold. You will transform into a fashionista who knows how to team up her clothes.

8. Wear a baggy tee with your skinny fit ripped jeans

The generic rule says that if one part of your outfit is tight then the other should be a little loose. Wear your skinny-fit ripped jeans with a baggy tea to create a casual daytime look. Wear this look to college or for a casual date with your friends. 

9. Accessorize with gold jewelry and scarf over your ripped jeans

Accessorize with gold jewelry is an excellent idea if you want to create a party look with your ripped jeans. Drape a pretty scarf over your neck and accessorize with gold jewelry especially earrings and bracelets. You will create a well-dressed look for your party.

10. Sweatshirt with distressed denims

Ripped jeans are the coolest creation ever. They are a step over the casual non-ripped jeans and can be paired with any kind of top for a casual or a formal look. Wear your ripped jeans with a casual sweatshirt to ooze of relaxed vibes. Team your outfit with a pair of Converse, and you are ready to rock and roll!

11. Wear a pretty printed top with your ripped jeans

Be a trend-setter for the party tonight by teaming up a pretty floral print top with your ripped jeans. Not only will you make a bold fashion statement, but you also have all the heads turning towards you!

12. Add heels and a blazer to your outfit

Add a blazer and formal heels to your ripped jeans to create a trendy yet dressy look. This is a great way to make ripped jeans work in cold weather.

13. An all-black ensemble looks chic

Add flavour to an all-black ensemble by wearing ripped jeans instead of normal black denims. These create a fashion statement and puts you in the list of fashion-forward people. Your black top could be dressy, formal tucked in shirt or a black tee, your ripped jeans will carry look beautifully. A pair of black Converse shoes would go equally well with an all-black look as a pair of pointed-toe heels.

14. Wear a front tucked-in top or sweater with heels as a spring outfit

This spring, dress up differently with a cozy sweater tucked in the front to show your buckle to your pair of skinny fit ripped jeans. Team your look with heels, and you are ready for the spring. Go anywhere with this outfit, to the movies, to your friends or for a casual dinner.

15. Wear a leather jacket with your ripped denims

Teaming up your ripped jeans gives you a classic yet effortless style. Leather jackets ooze of charm and elegance and look great when paired with jeans and boots. Guys can even wear a pair of Converse shoes with a leather jacket.

16. Pair it up with a hoodie tee

This is the best look for guys who want to go casual. Guys can don their hoodie tee with a pair of ripped jeans over Converse shoes or sneakers. Great look for casual or street outings!

17. A long trench coat with point-toe heels

A great way to wear a coat without looking too formal is to team it up with a pair of ripped jeans. A long trench coat does the trick of making you look dressed up, and the ripped jeans manage your casual vibes too. Team your outfit with point-toe heels, and you are good to go for a party with your friends or if you are traveling.

18. Pair them up with trainers and a casual tee

Guys look cool wearing a pair of trainers and casual tee with ripped jeans. Carry this look while shopping, going to college or relaxing at the beach with your friends. Guys can even wear Converse shoes with a casual tee over ripped jeans.

19. A spaghetti strap top with ripped denims

Flaunt your curves with a cute little spaghetti strap top with a pair of ripped denim. You will make a bold fashion statement and look hot and happening.

20. Ripped denim shorts with a tucked - in top

Just like ripped jeans, you have ripped denim shorts too. These look great with a tucked-in top teamed with a pair of sandals or sneakers. Girls would look equally cute teaming this outfit with a pair of Converse.

21. Pair your cross-over body bag with your ripped denims

Cross-over body bags are perfect for shopping and college outings. They ooze a sign of feminine charm, and when teamed with ripped jeans, they exude casual and relaxed vibes.

22. Ripped jeans and an animal print

Make a bold fashion statement by wearing an animal printed top over your ripped jeans. Wear a pair of nude sandals or converse shoes with this look depending upon the occasion. Sandals or heels would make your look formal, and Converse shoes give your outfit a more casual appearance.

23. Ripped denims and a graphic short-sleeved tee

Ripped denim with graphic printed short-sleeved tee looks cute. This will make a great outfit for college. You can wear either sneakers or sandals to complete your look.
Pick you favorite band merch tee or any color and a scarf or accessories to add a more completed look.

24. Wear your ripped jeans with a fur vest

Torn jeans look great when teamed up with an elegant fur vest. This makes your look very stylish and dressy. You can team it up with a great looking pair of matching heels, and you will look dolled up for an elegant party with friends.

25. Ripped jeans with tights inside

A great way to wear torn jeans in winter is to wear a pair of leggings or embroidered stockings underneath. If you don't want to flaunt a lot of bare legs, want to protect yourself from the winter chillness, add a pair of great looking leggings beneath your ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans have always been in fashion, but the style and fabric of the denim have evolved over the years. The basic idea of ripped jeans remains the same, but newer styles of the cut and washed fabrics have made them a new fashion fad these days. The above-mentioned ideas of wearing ripped jeans pretty much sum up the various ways one can wear ripped jeans. 

One should keep in mind certain basic ideas before buying a pair of ripped denim. The hole or slashes should be on or above the knees. Below the knees look quite shabby. While there is no age limit to wearing ripped jeans, it would be a good idea to try it on before buying so that you know where the holes are and you should be comfortable with the rip too.

You can come with some great ideas of wearing ripped jeans, but the basic rule is that ripped jeans spell out street-style dressing and one should go in sync with that!



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