Aries Man & Leo Woman: Love, Sex & Couple Compatibility

The Aries man and Leo woman are couple like no other, their compatibility is high and this couple proves their unstoppable.

By MJ Faublas
Aries Man & Leo Woman: Love, Sex & Couple Compatibility

Written in the Stars: Aries Man & Leo Woman

With the Aries man and Leo woman, love was never the initial reward in their relationship. However, once the Aries man and Leo woman decided on love, nothing and no one could keep them apart. Both the Aries man and Leo woman are not romantic individuals, as they find romance to be unappealing and a waste of time. The Aries man and Leo woman are not a typical couple, but with both signs sharing a level of stubbornness only seen in the Taurus, the relationship between an Aries man and Leo woman are bound to be longlasting.

The relationship is laced with excitement, unpredictable moments, and explosive battles. The Aries man and Leo woman have a compatibility that outlives time.

Aries Man Traits

There is no man like the Aries man for he is as masculine as a man can be. Filled with energy, courage, and adventure, the Aries man brings forth the best of his companion. The Aries man often has two sides to his personality. The Aries man can be dark, emotional, and intense; while also being a delightful man, filled with ambition and inspiration.

Any woman looking to capture an Aries man has her work cut out for her. The Aries man is a man of independence as he marches to the beat of his own drum. The Aries man is a born leader, optimistic, and overall positive. As stated before, the Aries man does have his shadow side; however, the positivity he brings to all relationships outweighs those dark forces that lie dormant within him.

The Aries man is ruled by Mars (god of war), and this plays a large part in the personality of the Aries man. Mars provides the Aries man with high passion, energy, and determination, unlike any other man. Mars forces action out of the Aries man as he is quick to act and finds it impossible to play the "waiting game." 

The Aries man is ruled by the head and is hard to be brainwashed or manipulated. Though the Aries man is caring and giving, the Aries man has a high tendency to pay extra attention to his own needs, finding himself to be a bit selfish. 

The ideal woman of the Aries man is one that is shy, coy, quiet, and a challenge to him. The Aries man must be challenged at all costs. However, the Aries man requires loyalty and attention. When in relationships, a female companion of the Aries man must always practice caution as his quick temper can prove to be the downfall of the relationship.

Aries Man Fun Facts

Birthday Period: Mar. 20th - Apr. 20th
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Symbol: Ram
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Topaz, Heliotrope, Sapphire, Jasper, Aquamarine, Diamond

Aries Man Positive Traits:
1. Independence: The Aries man is a natural leader and needs his independence to lead the herd.

2. Friendly: In every crowd, you'll find an Aries man sharing his ideas and happiness.

3. Fearless: In the face of danger, the Aries man is fearless and will protect his woman at all costs.

4. Spontaneous: The Aries man is forever unpredictable.

5. Rebellious: Nothing and no one can hold him down unless he decides.

6. Loyal: The Aries man is loyal til the end.

Aries Man Negative Traits:
1. Temperament: Moody, childish, and sometimes, selfish tendencies can outway the goodness of an Aries man.

2. Insecurities: The Aries man exudes strength, confidence, and masculinity, but what many may not see is his vulnerable, insecure side.

3. Very Competitive: The Aries man will never give up a fight until he wins it all.

4. Impatient: The Aries man has many traits, and patience is not one of them.

Leo Woman Traits

The Leo woman is a natural born leader and takes the leading role in most of her interactions and relationships. The Leo woman is very creative, dramatic, self-confident, dominant, and difficult to resist. The Leo woman is very generous, loyal, and attractive. 

The Leo woman is warm-hearted, enjoys laughter and good times. In love, the Leo woman is fun, loyal, respectful, and extremely generous. The Leo woman always takes the leading role in relationships, bringing forth her partner's confident and independent side. 

The Leo woman must be seduced in a romantic relationship, and the only way to seduce her is in the way she is treated. The Leo woman is a romantic at heart, but will never show it to her partner. The Leo woman fancies the theater, museums of arts, and fancy restaurants. All of these make great first dates with the Leo woman.

Leo Woman Fun Facts

Birthday Period: July 22nd - Aug. 23rd
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Symbol: Lion
Zodiac Quality: Fixed

Leo Woman Positive Traits:
1. Energetic: Whether is in the bedroom or in her work, the energy of the Leo woman never subsides.

2. Optimistic: When face with adversity, the Leo woman always sees the bright side.

3. Straightforward: The Leo woman is not one to beat around the bush.

4. Kindhearted: The Leo woman is compassionate and loving.

5. Loyal: Once she trust you, the Leo woman is yours forever.

Leo Woman Negative Traits: 
1. Egoistic: It's all about the Leo woman and the sooner you learn this the better for you.

2. Dominating: Control and control is sometimes all that matters to the Leo woman.

3. Possessive: The Leo woman wants it all and will do anything to acquire and keep it all.

4. Impatient: Just with the Aries man, the Leo woman does not have patience in her astrological makeup.

5. Arrogant: The Leo woman has yet to learn the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Aries Man & Leo Woman as a Couple

When it comes to being a couple, the Aries man and Leo woman have a strong connection with one another. The Aries man and Leo woman both have high standards for their lives, and this serves as an attribute to the relationship. The couple will enjoy good times, but the magnetism of the Leo woman will prove to be a problem for the Aries man, as he may become jealous of her and the attention she may receive from other men. 

All is not lost when it comes to this couple, their ability to share strong communication, admiration for one another, and overall respect proves to be the binding force for this couple. But, this couple is not all glitter and shine, as with their sexually intense relationship, if they're not precautious of one another's emotional states, their battles while a couple could bring the entire relationship to a breakup.

Sexually Stimulated: Aries Man & Leo Woman

The Aries man and Leo woman both have dominating ways, and the bedroom is the one place where there aren't any rules. When the Aries man (with all his masculinity) encounters sexually with the Leo woman, sparks fly, and these two fire signs might set the bed ablaze. 

With both the Aries man and Leo woman sharing strong personalities, sexually, they are the type of couple that can enjoy one another after a massive fight. The Aries man and Leo woman have a strong sexual connection that can remain constant no matter what situation their romantic relationship finds itself in. 

Though the two signs (Aries man and Leo woman) have strong sexual energy, one slip of their egos and all that sexually transmitted energy is out the window. Yes, with both signs being driven by their egos, nothing stops the fun in the bed or even could cause a break up to the relationship as the egos of an Aries man and Leo woman.

Aries Man & Leo Woman Break Up

It's undeniable that the compatibility between the Aries man and Leo woman is strong, however, during a breakup, this couple can experience intense pain. From hurtful words to uncaring actions, during a break up the egos of these two signs and their negative traits may overtake any possible reconciliation that could've existed between the two. 

Though it might seem impossible, while experiencing a possible break up, the Aries man must gain control of his temper, while the Leo woman must gain control of her ego. If they both unleash on one another, there will be no chance of reconciliation or future friendship.

In relationships like this of the Aries man and Leo woman, precaution is necessary to protect their hearts and a future together.

Unmatched Love

If they make it through the bickering, passionate sexually experiences, and massive arguments, the relationship between an Aries man and Leo woman is most promising. The couple has all it takes to be the power couple in their circles. This couple will enjoy intensity in the bed, compatibility made in the heavens, a fiery romantic connection envied by most. However, without effort, egos will take the driver's seat in this relationship, and the couple will face their darkest sides. No matter the height of compatibility, the heat in the bed, or the level of romantic gestures; with this couple, once egos have been hurt, the damage is done and become irreconcilable.

So, to withstand the trials of their egos, the Aries man must always be considerate of his Leo woman. Meanwhile, the Leo woman must always protect the heart and sensitivity of her masculine Aries man. The Leo woman must always remember, even when her Aries man doesn't appear to be hurt or jealous, the energy could just be brewing inside, and he could just be seconds from an explosion.

Both the Aries man and Leo woman must keep in mind that they share similar emotional natures and though their love connection is guided and protected by the Sun, they still have egotistic ways that they both must be aware of to enjoy the perks of this fiery connection.