Hopeless Romantic? Here’s Why Being One Is Actually Good

Read on to know if you’re a hopeless romantic or how to love one!

By Sid
Hopeless Romantic? Here’s Why Being One Is Actually Good

What does being a hopeless romantic mean?

Hopeless romantic is a name used to refer to people who are extremely romantic. Know someone who has seen Love Actually 200 times, read every romance novel out there and are waiting for their prince in shining armor? Well, that behavior is an indication that they are a hopeless romantic.  

Obviously, the text above describes a very extreme case scenario but in reality, you know one when you come across them. They’re expectation from their love life is just a bit different from what other’s reality is. It’s their reality and sometimes, they get bashed for it. If you ask me, being a hopeless romantic is actually a good thing. This article is dedicated to all the hopeless romantic people out there.  

Is hopeless romantic a good thing? Why? Why not?

Here are a few reasons why being a hopeless romantic is a good thing: 

1. They tend to have high standards

When we’re talking about hopeless romantics, we’re talking about people who have grown up with a picture-perfect perception of men and women. That has got to have an impact on the bar they set for their partners. It is one of the pros of being a hopeless romantic that they know what the kind of partner they want. They will not let a guy/girl who isn’t willing to put in their a 100% in a relation get away with it. I feel like if everyone had this trait, there will be a lot less tragic stories of toxic relationships out there. 

2. They are always hopeful

The world is scary for people who aren’t hopeful. Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of people lost in despair because they just refuse to even hope that there is good out there. But not when it comes to hopeless romantics. This is because they don’t just hope for the best, they know that one day or the other, they will get their happily ever after! Again, if most people in toxic relationship could believe in hope, they’d leave their partners in a blink of an eye. 

3. They don’t settle for less than the best

Hopeless romantics have worshipped romantic scenarios for so long that they refuse to settle for anything less than the best. If they are even considering to jump in the relationship-wagon with someone, they want them to bring their best romantic side to the table. If they are anything less than romantic, it’s not going to work for them and they will be the one to break-up.  

4. They are amazing lovers!

One of the pros of a hopeless romantic is that if they aren’t willing to receive anything less than the best, they give their best to every relationship too. If you’re dating one, you’re in for surprises, lots of affections and a lit bit of drama too. But a little bit of drama is exciting!  

Here are a few reasons why being a hopeless romantic isn’t a good thing 

1. Unrealistic Expectations

One of the darker aspects is those hopeless romantics who are too far gone have unrealistic expectations. Expectations that in reality don’t exist, for instance, fantasies like 365 days where a hot-shot gangster kidnaps a girl and makes her fall in love with him. These expectations are only bound to make them lonelier with time and give them an inevitable heart-breaking reality check time-to-time.  

2. Heartbreaks are worse

We all know when hope is shattered, it’s hard. Now try to imagine the pain of shattered hope and a broken heart – Misery is the only word that comes to mind. For hopeless romantics, heartbreaks come with a harder blow just because they get too involved when they should be careful. Relationships demand a part of yourself and when it’s on us to judge the person before giving that piece to them, the unrealistic expectations make these types of lovers invest more too soon. This is why when the reality check comes in, they go in shock and take a little longer to get back up.  

3. You’re taken for granted

This has to do with investing too much too soon as well. Even for the people who aren’t hopeless romantics, we’ve all experienced relationships where we gave so much that the other person stopped valuing our efforts and time. For hopeless romantics, they experience this more frequently because they’re known to give too much to their partners. 

4. It’s a challenge to find the right person

Sometimes hopeless romantics stay lonely and miss out on good matches because their standards are just too high. This is a huge downside because in some cases, the kind of guy they are expecting to walk in the door and sweep them off of their feet might just be non-existence. 

What do hopeless romantics want in a relationship?

To be honest, putting all the hopeless romantics under one umbrella isn’t fair. There are different levels to them. To make you better understand, let me make two categories:  

1. Hopeless Romantics Stage – Not too Far Gone

The people who fall in this category are the ones who expects quiet a lot from their partners but rightly so because they don’t back down when it comes to giving it back. They don’t settle for any shortcomings that their partner can fix in their love life just by putting in effort because they believe that effort is romantic. They want their relationship to be filled with romance, dinner dates and a bit of drama.  

2. Hopeless Romantics Stage – Too Far Gone

The people that fall in this category cannot be described better than ‘too far gone’. Their reality has been skewed by all the fantasy romance movies and novels. They reject everyone because they are literally waiting for a knight in shining armor. This leaves them broken hearted every time they try their hand at love. The only chance at a fantasy-like love story they have is if they meet someone just as far gone as themselves.   

How to love a hopeless romantic?

Loving a hopeless romantic is a roller-coaster ride – it will be exciting, you will question your decision at times, you’ll have fun and you’ll miss it when it ends. It is true that hopeless romantics have enhanced and different needs when it comes to their love life and you’re doing the right thing reading this because being prepared is the best thing one can do. Here are a few ways to love a hopeless romantic:  

1. Don’t question their beliefs

It’s simple, if your reality is different from theirs, that doesn’t mean that their reality doesn’t exist. Don’t question their believes because if you cannot fulfil their needs, it’s better to just walk away. Questioning their believes and sending them into an emotional turmoil is just cruel. If you’ve decided to love them, you need to respect their beliefs.  

2. Strong Communication

Hopeless romantics are sensitive. The best way to love them is have strong communication about everything that matters in the relationship. Talking is what keeps the both of connected.  

3. Surprises & Quality time

Planning surprises, no matter how small, will leave them happy for days. They are strong believer that actions speak louder than words. They love the old-school ways. A rose every now and then, kisses out of the blue and words of appreciation will keep them blooming like flowers in spring 

What zodiac signs are usually found to be hopeless romantics?

These top 3 signs are known to be hopeless romantics!  

  1. Libra

  1. Taurus

  1. Sagittarius

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Is there such a thing as a hopeful romantic?

Yes, hopeful romantics exist and are much common than their counterparts. They believe in a healthy bond, a happy relationship and a good love life. The only difference is that they’re expectations are always under the realistic spectrum. They are more romantic than others, are extremely good partners and expect the same from their lovers.  

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Excitement and joy are the right feelings that people should experience when they hear about love. It isn’t just that, but enhanced when all the hopeless romantics out there are in the picture. They love hard, they expect the same in return and when they fall down, they fight to stand back up. Aren’t these amazing qualities? If you have someone who is a hopeless romantic as a lover, cherish them because they will cherish you too.