5 Ultimate Signs a Leo Man is Not Into You Anymore

If he never contacts you anymore, we guess it’s already over

By Melissa L.
5 Ultimate Signs a Leo Man is Not Into You Anymore

How Are Leo Men In General?

Ahh, Leo men. Courageous, chivalrous, generous, and extremely charming. It’s no wonder Leo men have most of the female population in the palm of their hands: just like the lion is the king of the jungle, Leo is the king of the zodiac. Dashing, show-stopping, and with a heart of gold; you’re in for a treat if you’ve fallen in love with a Leo man and, most of all if he’s fallen in love with you as well. 

Leos, in general, are known for being brave, outspoken, and loyal: chances are, that one friend who had your back when you were being bullied at school was definitely a Leo. Leos love the spotlight and thrive when they’re the center of attention, therefore, they don’t really mix well with other people who are craving the spotlight just as much as they are. They have an intense flare for the dramatic and they tend to go a little overboard when telling a story, but that’s all part of the allure: if you haven’t noticed by now, the charm is the number one characteristic of Leos.

Do Leo Men Tell You Directly When They’re Interested In You?

Leo men have a bit of pride, and they definitely prefer being adored and having someone feed their ego. If a Leo man is interested in you, he’ll definitely want to get a reaction from you. And although he will look for the kind of flirtatious behavior he’s used to getting, it means a lot more coming from a girl he likes. Only when he’s absolutely confident that you like him back will he go all out and confess his feelings.

Since they’re all about the fun in the chase, he will probably really enjoy the period of you two getting to know each other. He’ll challenge you to show him the best version of yourself, and only when he feels like he’s really gotten to know you and, most importantly, if he feels like you’re special and worthy enough of his love, will he let his guard down and show you his heart. Sounds like a lot of trouble to go through, but once they’re in love, Leo men are extremely devoted and romantic, so we’d say it’s definitely worth it.

How Do You Know If A Leo Man Likes You Or If He’s Just Being Nice?

The thing about Leos, in general, is that they have HUGE hearts. They love the feeling of being in love, so they like to spread it around and reap the benefits of being nice to everyone. Leos thrive when they’re admired by others, and nobody shines better than a Leo when put under the spotlight. Because they’re such big people-pleasers, Leos are usually kind and nice to everybody. They’re also known for being extremely generous when it comes to giving away their time and resources (they’re one of the best gift-givers in the zodiac!).

If you really want to know if he likes you as more than a friend, you need to pay attention to his behavior when you’re all alone. Does he open up? Is he letting you know his real feelings and thoughts? When a Leo lets his guard down and truly lets you peek into his heart and the soul that’s beneath his shiny surface, it means that he cares about you in a deep, personal way. 

5 Ultimate Signs A Leo Man Is Not Into You Anymore

However wonderful, Leo men are prideful and, since they hate being uncomfortable, they usually avoid confrontation. If a Leo man is losing interest in you, or if for some reason he’s no longer happy or comfortable in the relationship, the first clue to watch out for changes in his behavior. He will probably stop doing many of the things he did at the beginning of the relationship and replace his warm and cheerful disposition for a bland, hasty one. 

As tricky as it is to realize if a Leo likes you, it might be just as difficult to decipher if his aloof behavior means he’s just living life on his own terms and at his own pace (as Leos often do), or if it means that his feelings towards you have sizzled down. The good thing is, Leos are not the most mysterious sign in the zodiac (we’re looking at you, Scorpio), so with a little bit of work, you might be able to crack down his code. Here are the five ultimate signs your Leo guy might not be that into you anymore: 

1. He makes no effort to wow you

Leos love attention (we’ve been through this already), but as much as they love receiving it and feeling the warmth of the people around them, they love giving it away and making their closest friends and family happy with their affection. If you have a special place in his life, your Leo guy will definitely go all the way to show you his best side, make you laugh, and make sure you feel loved. Once you start to feel like he’s not making an effort to wow you, chances are he’s not feeling it anymore, either.

2. He isn’t showering you with attention

A Leo guy will go to extremes in order to treat their lady with the love and respect they deserve. They’re extremely chivalrous, so your Leo man will definitely open doors for you, firmly hold your hand while you walk together, and give you the best presents to remind you of his love for you. Leos feel like their attention and care is the ultimate gift for any other person, so a lack of this enthusiasm is a definite sign that he could be losing interest.

3. He doesn’t care about what you think

One of Leo’s best-kept secrets is that they have a very sensitive, prideful side. They really do care a lot about what people think, especially the people closest to them or the ones they feel are special. If he’s in love with you, he will definitely ask for your thoughts and opinions all the time, both in trivial matters (what should I wear?) to bigger, more life-changing subjects (should I take this job or not?). If, on the other hand, he no longer cares about what you think, it might be a red flag.

4. He’s not seeing you a challenge anymore

Leos take pride in surrounding themselves with people who are just as amazing and special as they are. For a Leo guy, feeling like everyone close to him is unique and worthy of their time is very important, and this especially applies to the girl who’ll get the pleasure of dating him. He loves someone who will be a challenge to him, a girl that has something he doesn’t and that he’ll love to admire and look up to. If for some reason, you feel like he’s not seeing you in that way anymore, it could mean that trouble in paradise is coming.

5. His romantic side has died down

Don’t be mistaken: yes, Leos love having everybody’s love, but once they find someone special, they will definitely want to commit. They’re loyal and true to the one who owns their heart, and they absolutely adore the feeling of being in love. Leo men are really skilled when it comes to good old-fashioned romance, so the women who have their affection should expect lots of flowers, chocolates, pictures together, and deep kisses in public. That’s why, if you feel like he isn’t being romantic anymore and, on the other hand, no longer wants to do any of the above-mentioned activities, you might want to brace yourself for the worst.

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A Leo Man is the most loving of the entire zodiac. To know whether a Leo man is in love with you, here are 15 unmistakable signs of his love.


Leo men are one of the most vibrant, popular, and loving signs of the zodiac. They make women want them and other men want to be them, and they shine bright wherever they go, just as if they had their own personal spotlight following them around. Leo men love a girl who is unique, who knows her worth and is not afraid to flaunt it. If a Leo guy is in love with you, you’re in for a treat, for they’re known as one of the most giving and warm-hearted signs of the zodiac. He’ll treat you like a queen worthy of the king he is.

On the other hand, if he’s losing his feelings for you, he will definitely expect you to get a clue instead of telling you directly. If you’re also feeling like something is off, you should not fall into his game. Make sure you speak up first and give him the space to confront the things he doesn’t want to talk about. He might feel like the king, but you also deserve to be respected.