Sure Giveaway Signs That You're A Hopeless Romantic

How do you know if you're a hopeless romantic like in the movies?

By Aey
Sure Giveaway Signs That You're A Hopeless Romantic

What Is A Hopeless Romantic?

A hopeless romantic is an individual who has got high expectations of love and isn’t willing to settle for anything less than their idea and vision of a romantic relationship. They feel strongly about love because of which some people believe that their thought process is unrealistic and impractical. However, they stay firm in their belief and choose to stay hopeful no matter how many setbacks their love life bring their way.

How Does One Act In A Relationship If They Are Hopeless Romantic?

To help you understand a hopeless romantic, here below are ways that they act when they’re in a relationship. If you think that you act this way too, it’s a sign that you’re a hopeless romantic too.

1. Their partner is always a priority

When a hopeless romantic commits to someone, they are at the top of their list. No matter how busy they are, they will attend to their calls. A person dating a hopeless romantic will never have to wonder where their partner is because these people make sure to drop a message if they’re staying out late so the other doesn’t have to worry. A hopeless romantic is extremely sweet and caring towards their partner because, for them, their lover is always a priority.

2. They go all in and expect the same from their partner

A hopeless romantic goes all in. When it comes to love, there is no grey area for them. They will love and commit a hundred percent and will expect the same from their partner.

3. They are good listeners

All of us have dated poor listeners at least once in our lifetime. It is frustrating because our partners are whom we want to share everything with. It’s comforting to know that our significant other cares to listen about our day. A hopeless romantic is an ideal partner because they are always attentive to what their partners have to say. They will even pick up on signs and listen to things that you didn’t even verbally say – and that is the kind of romance I’m talking about.

4. Surprises and unforgettable dates

Well if we’re talking about people who are crazy for romance, surprises and over-the-top dates are part of the package. They love giving and receiving surprises. For them, sweeping their partners off of their feet is a goal. They’re the kind of person who would take note of their partner’s favorite kind of travel dream and surprise them with a trip on their birthday. They will surprise their lover even when the day isn’t special. If they suspect that their partner is going through a tough time, they will prepare a hot bath with roses and scented candles and surprise their partner so that they can destress.

5. They are sensitive

A hopeless romantic is a sweet and caring partner. Because their love language is prioritizing their lover no matter what situation their in – they expect the same from their partner. Hence, they face conflicts because, at times, they can be too sensitive about being the priority in their significant other’s life too. If they date someone who isn’t like them, they might come off as clingy and super needy which becomes the reason for breakups far too many times.

How Does One Describe Being Hopeless Romantic?

Being a hopeless romantic has got more meaning to it than believing in romance. To set you apart from the crowd, here is a checklist of signs that will help you understand the whole package a hopeless romantic is.

1. You have a deep-love for rain

In a romance movie, rain always plays a huge part. Whether it’s the dramatic first encounter of the main leads or an intense interval where one of them finds out they’re dying – rain is the ultimate element that binds the scene together. In reality, people aren’t that fond of it. They carry umbrellas around and if the weather forecast says that it’s going to rain, people tend to stay indoors unless they HAVE to be out. But I’m talking about people other than a hopeless romantic. If you love rain, you may just be one!

2. They have watched The Notebook multiple times

I mean, come on! If you identify as a hopeless romantic – you know what I’m talking about. Even if you doubt that you belong with this group, you’d have watched the movie at least a few times before the suspicion crept in.

3. They love surprises from their significant other

A hopeless romantic likes a grand display of love. Just like romantic movies, they won’t mind if their lover showed up on the lawn with a boom box resting over the shoulder blasting a confession.  If you or someone in your circle loves these kinds of surprises, there is a chance they belong to this category of lovers. To be honest, the belief system of hopeless romantics is simple – if you love someone, express it loudly. They love hard, express hard and in return, want the same from their partners.

4. A lot of daydreaming

Hopeless romantics have a lot of expectations and plans when it comes to their love lives. To other people who are foreign to the concept, the constant planning and visualizations of love encounters of a hopeless romantic are described as ‘daydreaming’. Hence, if other people have given you the title of a daydreamer when it comes to romance, you may just be a hopeless romantic.

5. You’ve experienced a couple of heartbreaks

A hopeless romantic has high-standards and a high-expectation of their lover and their love life. They aren’t willing to settle for anything less than a perfect romance. Other people settle. This is the reason why these people have gone through quite a lot of heartbreaks as compared to other individuals of their demographics. A hopeless romantic just cannot be happy in a relationship that isn’t what they’ve been dreaming of. Hence, a lot of the time they are left with broken hearts. Again, if you fail often at love – you might just be one of us.

6. They believe in love

A hopeless romantic never lose faith in love. They know the best thing is out there and they're willing to wait. If everyone around you is always critical or judgmental about your approach in your love life while your confidence and belief in love don’t hinder, not even for a second – you’re a hopeless romantic for sure. Hopeless romantics firmly believe that their only is waiting for them and they will reach them sooner or later. This belief keeps them up and running in their pursuit of love no matter how many times they fail. They get back up, pick up the pieces, and are in the race again.

Is Being Hopeless Romantic Bad?

In the world we live in now, being different comes with a lot of titles. Even though with time people are becoming more and more accepting, there are still some people out there who will call different people – weird. Being a hopeless romantic is a personal choice and there is nothing good or bad about it. If it makes you happy, good for you!

Why Are People Hopeless Romantic?

There is no right answer to this. People are hopeless romantics because that makes them happy. They choose to go down that path because, in their life, love is a priority. For instance, if you ask a workaholic, why they’re like that – they will answer that work makes them happy so they prioritize it. Similarly, romance and love is a priority for all the people who fall into this category.

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A person to whom, love is important and who isn’t willing to settle for anything less than the picture-perfect romance – is a hopeless romantic. People have different priorities that push them to settle for a love life that is less than what they hoped for but these individuals refuse to compromise because their love life is important. They are often judged because of their high expectations and determination to keep on looking regardless of the heartbreaks that they face but when they do find the right person – they become ‘couple goals’ for many. Hence, after reading this article if you identify as a hopeless romantic, don’t listen to the haters and keep on doing what makes you happy!