30 Different Types Of Haircuts & Hairstyles That Make You Look Fabulous

Looking fabulous definitely starts from the top of your head given that can show the plethora of different hairstyles or haircuts for your crown of locks.

By Sylverlne Odili
30 Different Types Of Haircuts & Hairstyles That Make You Look Fabulous

30 Different Types Of Haircuts & Hairstyles That Make You Look Fabulous

Learning to Love those Locks - Have Fun


Who doesn’t want to get a cute haircut and look dapper or what lady would rather ignore those beautiful hairstyles and colors that make her look natural and beautiful no matter the time and season.

Though some certain hairstyles and haircuts come and go while some have proven to be classical allowing you to look amazing no matter the occasion and time. Getting those dramatic hairstyles and haircuts could be a thing for some while that reserved looking style does it for you.

However, learning about the different haircut names for men and hairstyles for women is one best way to guarantee you get a good haircut or hairstyles every time you visit the salon.

Let's find that fun 'do!!

The Women Hairstyles

1. The long pixie hair 'do

When it seemed like every female star wanted to shave their head into a short super pixie, to chopping off strands to those debuting the edgy buzz cuts, that 'do is so last year. 

It so appears that loyalty is changing with more lengths and layers to the natural looking curly pixie just like Katy Perry and Ruby Rose who love to offer themselves as an experiment to new styles.

2. Platinum blonde

This a hair 'do with a heightened maintenance culture. The blond color is a unique one, though it comes out beautiful, time is an ingredient in this soup that because it takes mega time to get fixed and famously taking Kim Kardashian a whopping  17 hours to go fully blonde and doesn’t include the 13 hours it takes her to touch-up the roots.

3. The Tousled Lob

The tousled lob is a classic curly, bob hairstyle entirely here to stay. Being the pride of easy hair lengths of all time and also the most natural step of going short. The tousled lob of undone waves and loose curls is one that has stood the test of time, while the sleek and blunt styles are finally often used lately. You could add your energy like Margot Robbie did by getting a curly side parting.

4. Bangs and bobs

In 2018, you could give your bob a new curly vibe by adding a fringe to the lengths of your chin, that should look sweet.

Choosing a set of bangs and a bob that hit right above your brows which allows you to glide them to the side, could also wear them blunt, or drape them open. You can save the day by using a dry shampoo to soak up oils to give it a backbone for styling.

You can also go the creative way by applying colors of your choice to spice things up for a fun new 'do.

5. Curtain Bangs

We learned how the famous curtain bangs became in the last year from the social media 'do trends; then the trend had started due to a positive response from celebrities. With famous examples on this trend for inspiration, you should take a glimpse at Kristen Dunst, Georgia May Jagger, and even J.Lo.

However, according to Pinterest's '70s fringe style, which features longer bangs while being parted in the center and flipped slightly, has increased by 600 percent in the search.

6. Different Subtle Caramel Highlights

The days of extreme due gradients of balayage are long gone and over. The latest trends the natural looking colors of caramel ribbon baby lights and highlights positioned softly about the face where the sun normally hits.

7. Cher Hair

This year the reign of "Cher hair" is seeming to linger on making celebrity stylist Bridget Brager to state that the super long hair, the suggestive of Cher’s gorgeous locks, will continue to dominate in this year. "I think people really want long hair lengths and beautiful. My clients certainly do," she said.

The latest users are Khloe Kardashian and Eva Longoria due to their versatility in choice of fabulous styles.

8. Auburn Tints

The rich hue is always found appropriate without a season. So if you are not prepared to become a redhead, you are welcome into the locale with nice auburn highlights colors or even a full on color hue like Olivia Palermo.

9. Different Center Parts

This is a hairstyle and not necessarily a haircut that you don’t need to drop good inches to fully makeover your hairstyle or give it an update in the New Year. It demands attention, and it’s an utter-flatter no matter your texture or length.

10. Short and sweet

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This Michelle Williams side-swept and well textured bob that has been a timeless classic. The easy trick to this is to spray and let the air in the hair dry. If you are still looking for more polish blow-dry mildly using a flat brush.

11. Layered cuts

It's often better to go with the natural layer of your hair. You can agree with me that Jennifer Aniston always looks her best whenever she goes with the natural layered cuts of her hair. 

12. Blunt bangs

Oh yes! Blunt bangs are very classy and chic. You can easily spot this iconic hairstyle on models especially on the runway.
Oh, you got to give it to Naomi Campbell, that chic knows how to rock a bang!

13. Volumized weaves

Pour it all out like J.lo! You can go for these trendy volumized weaves for a full feminine boost on that perfect date. 

14. Deep Side Part

Keep your admirers completely spellbound with the elegant deep side part hairstyle. Charlie's Angels Cameron Diaz knows better how to rock this.

15. Long Bouncy Lock

We all love the Duchess of Cambridge and not just because of her classy outfits, but the perfect and natural way she wears those bouncy locks.

Haircut Styles For Men

Not every guy wants to look like some footballer, having a dyed Mohawk haircut on a white face or a pissed lady on a crazy short hairstyle practicing Lady Gaga. I will ripen your inspiration for your choice on that perfect hairstyles and haircuts.

Whether you are faithful to long lengths, a lob, or want to try a fade and taper, be assured to finding that new signature cut of yours thanks to the following timeless styles and haircuts.

Here is a roundup of hairstyles and haircuts 'do for the machos.

1. Undercut Haircut

Being a fashionable haircut for men, where the back and the sides are shaved and clipped short. In this haircut, the upper left hair is much longer and isn’t faded. The top hair could style them into a different number of ways, such as the combed over, side sweeps, back slick, brushed up, or acute pompadour and a quaff.

However, the undercut is one of the coolest short on the sides, long on the top haircuts you can have these days.

2. Buzzcut Haircut

If you are looking for a concise and yet a stylish way to get a haircut, the buzz cut is the way to go. It is suitable for any occasion.

3. Crew Cut Haircuts

When you don’t want to spend much at the maintenance party, this haircut comes in cool. This is an easily maintained natural cut with a bit more length than a buzzed top; the crew cut shows the way up.

4. Different Side Part

This men’s side part haircuts have been popular since the 1940’s because it brings a classy and a professional look and at the same time timeless.

Very similar to the comb-over, the side part haircut is also very adaptable, allowing anyone from celebrities to business executives to college guys to get it on. If you’re searching for a trendy style, then one of the parted haircuts might be for you.

5. Fringe

The fringe is also known as man’s bangs due to its easy flips, came as a cool short haircut for guys. Simply put the fringe haircut flips over a copious amount of hair over the forehead. Whether it is flat in a bang like manner or buffs up in a volume is a matter of individual choice.

The benefit of getting a fringe cut is that it works with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

6. Top Knot

This beautiful haircut for men is also known as top knot bun and a crossbreed between the modish undercut and man bun so you could see where you are landing. The high knot style for men has a faded or shaved sides, and long hair on top merging with the pulled up ponytail idea and a man bun.

If you’ve already had an undercut just trying out the top male knot will be found comfortable with merely pulling or combing your hair back and tying it up.

7. Man-bun

The man bun is a long haircut for men that demands you gathering all your hair into a bun.

 Suchlike the top knot the difference includes a more elaborate and rounded knot which rests on the back of your head instead of on the top. The man bun is tied up, so you’ll need hair growth of your hair at least in several inches.

Many men with long hair in the past years have gotten their hair styled into a man bun, and it was merely called a “bun” just like the women too would call the hairstyle a “bun.”

8. Faux Hawk

The name “faux hawk” literally means “fake hawk.” The faux hawk, the haircut is also called the fohawk. Being one of the most popular haircuts is probably the reason why it is still very acceptable in a formal or professional environment.

What a iconic 'do!!

9. Slicked Back

In getting the very stylish slick back hairstyle, you must merge an undercut with short, medium or long hair on top. Also, there is the more classic, having a long slicked back hair that does not need the fade on the sides. Just like the many other classic haircuts, the slick back hairstyle has returned to become a fresh, modern style for men in 2018.

10. Fade and Taper

The name fade can be used in place of Taper means getting that hair on the side of the head to gently get shorter from top to bottom (that is blending it). Your barber should understand.

 Since the fade haircut comes in a variety of styles, it is very crucial you tell your barber the type of fade haircut you need because the process of fading from one length to another is wholly achieved using the hair clippers.

11. Quiff

Think of it as a messy Pompadour, kind of like ruffing up the hair at the top. The quiff haircut is a versatile style among guys who wise to look edgy and funky at the same time.

12. Side Part

The side part is one of the oldest and most versatile haircuts. It is worn by most men because of its flexible maintenance nature.

13. Spiky

Spiky hair was a trend which took life in the early 90's. Ever since most men especially adolescents can't seem to get enough of it.

14. Comb Over

The comb-over hair is one classy way to make a statement. It involves a slicked side Haircut and a top left for slicked backcombing.

15. Pompadour

The last but not the least, Pompadour. The Pompadour Style can be cut in different styles; you have the faded Pompadour, disconnected Pompadour, and modern pomp.


Hairstyles have gone beyond its general purpose of providing a decent outlook on the facial appearance. These days, hairstyles and haircuts stand as a symbol of who you are and what you represent. For ladies, it defines the personality and content of a person, while for men it is medium for personal exploration.

No matter what hairstyle you choose 'do or bob - have fun, but remember not every hairstyle is easy to pull off. So remember to find which one suits your style the best.