Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Honest Review

We are giving an honest review of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. The Kit gives a bold matte finish. With a variety of color options, there is something for everyone!

By Amanda Hamilton
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Honest Review

What is in the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit? And Where can I Buy one??

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit consists of 2 items, One matte liquid lipstick, and one lip liner pencil of the same color. The line currently offers more than 35 color options. There are several options to purchase, but the cheapest and safest option is to purchase from Kylie Jenner's website, Dupes are everywhere so buyer beware! The kits sell out quickly and at the time of writing this article, there are 14 matte color options sold out!

Review Criteria

So how are we going to review the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?

The same as all lip wear of course! It is difficult to separate product praise, from sponsored posts in social media. Chances are if you are reading a "review" this is 100% positive, the person writing the review was probably paid in some way to hype the item to their followers. Social media is wonderful, but can be incredibly misleading!

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has enough people trying to resell it is very hard to tell who is an unbiased party Anytime you buy any new makeup there is concern about how well it will wear through the day. Coming into the summer months, you don't want to have to constantly reapply makeup to avoid the melting Popsicle look.

Lipstick is an even bigger hassle to have to concern yourself with throughout the day. It needs to stay. on. your. lips. Kylie Jenner of all people should know the importance of that. If you are working in an office or in school, no one wants to be running to the bathroom every hour to make sure their adorable ruby red shade is not only still just on their lips, exactly where it is supposed to be, and not smudged or stuck to your teeth.

With more and more options for any product on the market, customer satisfaction and quality of service should be factored to how "hot" or "not" a brand is.

How Easy Is Application?

There is not much to worry about with the liner, it applies evenly and pretty average. Nothing special to note. It fits in most sharpeners, but you do REALLY have to push to get it to start sharpening.

I think some of the pigment got left in my sharpener, but that is 100% user error. The liquid lipstick goes on shiny and dries matte FAST! The applicator is a standard doe-foot applicator used by countless other brands. If you are just getting into makeup or using a dark color proceed with caution! There is little room for error in application. This does not come off with just water, so if you are doing a full face for an important event or meeting, it is highly recommended that you try the full look beforehand. This will avoid accidentally removing your contour or base in the process of trying to take off the lip color.

For more experienced make-up addicts, if you have a problem applying this lipstick, you probably are not actually an addict and should re-read the section above. What more and more matte-addicts (and Kylie Jenner herself) are doing is mix and match lip liner and lipstick shades to achieve new colors or add more shape and dimension to their lips. A fan favorite combo is Candy K and Posie K. This combo gives a nice Rosie pink hue for a natural look, with a little splash of color. Makeup is fun! Go for it!

How does it feel once its on?

If you have never worn matte lipstick before, you will be surprised at how different it feels compared to traditional lipstick on your lip. This product is lighter than many other mattes out there. For those who are obsessed with matte color, you will be pleasantly surprised with the Kylie Lip Kit. It is worth noting that the darker pigment gets, the heavier it feels once applied.

Overall, compared to other brands, the Kylie Lip Kit's heaviest shade is significantly lighter than competitors(We're looking at you Yves St Laurent). Also, it's scented, but not too much! (And you NARS) Overall. the line seems to have a floral scent, a great escape from what seems to be the standard cupcake in a tube smell given off by other lines.

That being said, the smell of some colors is a little strong, so proceed with caution. The only negative is that it's scented, but not flavored. That is probably a good thing, no one should eat their lipstick. It could be that there is some flavor while the pigment is wet, but no one is going to want smudge all the color on their lip to find out.

How well does the color stay on?

Again, the darker the pigment of the lipstick, the less it is liked. Although loved by Kylie Jenner, The Kourt K lip color has been noted on multiple blogs as being heavy and flaky, and it isn't an exaggeration. Halfway through the day, your teeth may look like you have been eating straight poppy seeds because it is so flaky, and the shade doesn't wear evenly.

Having to constantly worry if you have lipstick on your teeth causes a lot of hesitation to reapply. The more "natural" colors seem to work much better and wear better through the day, only requiring light touch-ups after lunch because of fading, but you could easily get through a dinner date without having to reapply.

Now, it is highly recommended that you do not try a shade for the first time on your way out of the house. Because if you don't like it, it is not going to just wash off your lip. (Which is both good and bad.) You will need actual makeup remover to get off all the pigment, not just water. It is always good to keep spare makeup wipes in your bag, but don't attempt reapplying without some method of removal! So as far as wearability, if you do a lighter shade, you can eat and drink to your heart's content with this line! Just beware with the darker brown/black shades... and maybe the blues too.

Is there something cheaper, but just as good?

Duplicate makeup brands are everywhere, but not all matte lipsticks are created equally. One episode of 'Life of Kylie" even shows Kylie Jenner and friends at a street stand purchasing counterfeit lip kits. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit matches up head-to-head against all the other "luxury" brands.

For consumers who are more frugal or skeptical about things considered extra like makeup, is TWENTY-NINE dollars for lip color really worth it? Or what happens when your favorite shade goes on back order? The cheapest option out there has to be NYX brand found on Amazon or pretty much any drug store near you is a great sub in a pinch for only $6. But you get what you pay for with that brand, it will not wear as well, and you will be reapplying a lot!

For those instances where your favorite shade is back ordered, Kat Von D has a new line that wears similarly to Kylie's line. However, it does feel much heavier when applied. The Kat Von D also doesn't apply as easily, and the colors are not as fun.

How good are the color options?

Whether you like the natural look, or love going bold (neon) there is a shade you are sure to love this brand. Again, the real challenge is actually getting your hands on a kit. The availability has made it difficult to really sample all that there is to offer on the Kylie Lip Kit line. There is enough subtle variation in shade to shade that there is a color to compliment every skin tone and style.

But How is Kylie Cosmetics as a Business?

The review has to factor in the company's reputation as well. Currently, Kylie Cosmetics has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, many of the complaints revolve around product delivery issues or unresponsiveness from customer service.

In several instances customers report not receiving product and not receiving any compensation or refund, kits taking more than a month to ship(those are orders for items not on back order, or and in some cases no response from customer service. The picture painted by frustrated consumers in the US not only on the BBB but multiple blogs is not a favorable one for Kylie Jenner or Kylie Cosmetics. There are plenty more satisfied customers out there who are likely not taking to the internet to voice their opinion.

One positive note, is that there have been no reports of data breaches or personal information being shared from entering info on the website.

Final Impression: Totally Worth It.. Depending on how you weight everything.

The color may feel heavy on your lips, but the pink, red and nude palettes wear so well .. how can you NOT love the Kylie Lip Kit? The more bold colors seem to wear unevenly and fade quickly, but that is really more because you are more likely to notice when someone's lips aren't as Neon Blue in one spot compared to another. The product itself is great. I can't say that I would be willing to wait 4 weeks for a $29 lipstick to ship, while it is shown as "In Stock" on the website when something of comparable quality and price(or even cheaper) is in stock from another manufacturer not just on their website, but also in stores. (Although, it could be argued sometimes it is best to avoid Sephora. Your wallet thanks you.) The reviews of the customer service do give me hesitation to restock, but not enough to say I would never reorder. It is a little concerning that so many people have had issues getting their order, but that is a risk you take any time you order online. The Kylie Jenner Persona is definitely helping the Kylie Lip Kit stay in business. The quality of the product definitely outweighs the "risks" posed by less than great customer service. For some, $29 for lipstick is a lot, but the quality is key! The Kylie Lip Kit is certainly a quality product. Based off of that alone, this product gets an 8/10, with points deducted for customer service and poor stocking! It would be very easy to up the score to a 10/10, all they need to do is increase production and maybe hire one or two more customer service representatives! Given that Kylie Jenner is doing just fine with the poor rating, that is likely to not happen.