10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts You Didn't Know About

Planning to add Brazil nuts to your everyday diet? Here are 10 amazing health benefits of Brazil nuts you didn't know about.

By Janani
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts You Didn't Know About

What Are Brazil Nuts?

Brazil nuts, scientifically known as 'Bertholletia Excelsa', is not just great for your taste buds but are packed with goodness that has huge health benefits. Due to the rich content of selenium, this delicious nut is considered the healthiest nuts when compared to all the other nuts. 

Brazil nuts are from the brazil nut tree which is from the lands of South America. These trees are mostly found along the major river banks. The Brazil nut tree is enormous in size and these trees are known to live around 500 years and hence the production of brazil nut is large. Owing to the huge size of the tree it is considered as one of the largest trees in the Amazon rainforests.

Some brazil nut trees which are found in scattered forests are fragile trees which leads to a decrease in the production of brazil nuts. Brazil nuts have also been exported largely all over the world which has to lead to a great demand in the production of the brazil nut. Due to the significant drop in the production, it has been made illegal to cut down a brazil nut tree. 

The edible brazil nuts are found inside the fruit of the brazil nut tree. The fruits are round in shape and are very much similar to coconut shells. These shells can be hazardous as they can cause harm to passersby who pass under the tree. Inside the shells are the healthiest nuts which are just like orange segments. Each fruit contains about 12 to 20 nuts.

Brazil nut is actually considered as a nut but in botanical terms, it is known as a 'seed'. These nuts are used as seeds for the plantation of the Brazil nut tree.

In spite of being widely known as the Brazil nut tree, the world’s largest exporter of Brazil nuts is actually Bolivia. Brazil nut gatherers can spend weeks in the forest collecting the nuts that fall from the trees. Nearly all the worldwide consumed Brazil nuts come from wild gatherings. This photo is of Rufino Vargas from Fairtrade certified co-operative Coinacapa in Bolivia. The stretch of Amazon rainforest they harvest in has been declared a protected area, saving an area the size of Switzerland from deforestation and depletion. #brazilnut #brazilnuts #bolivia #Coinacapa#vegan #veganfriendly #fairtrade#choosefairtrade #dontfeedexploitation#ethical #ethicalliving #sustainable#sustainableliving #foodie #food#instafood #climatechange #environment#farm #farmlife

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Nutritional Facts Of Brazil Nuts

Before you begin to eat a nut make sure that you are fully aware of the nutritional facts of that nut.

Brazil nuts are loaded with nutrition. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium that makes it one of the most sought out nuts in the whole world. It has monosaturated fat which is largely needed for good health. Apart from this, it is packed with other good nutrients like magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B that makes it nutritious. 

Brazil nuts are especially known as a great source of antioxidant as they have rich selenium. They also have omega-6 fatty acids which are needed for improving the immune system of our human body. The excess richness of the food sources makes it unique and as it helps to prevent our nervous system from damage.

Brazil nuts are overloaded with benefits that eating it on a regular basis can improve your health significantly. So, make sure that you are eating 1 or 2 brazil nuts each day to get the nutrition benefits of the nuts.

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Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts

All over the world, people are selenium deficient, which makes brazil nut an important everyday choice for your food diet. This is the reason behind the huge demand for this particular nut. Brazil nuts are loaded with nutrients that are rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamins, minerals, phosphorous, zinc, and potassium.

Brazil nuts when compared with walnuts; they always prove to top walnuts with their high nutrition facts. If you have been a lover of walnuts and are trying to understand the health benefits of this amazing brazil nut then you must read on to know better. 

Following are 10 amazing nutrition facts about brazil nut that could enrich your food diet.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #1. Regulates Thyroid

The enzyme 'Triodothyronine' present in the brazil nuts helps in the production of the thyroid hormone. People with low thyroid function can take 2 brazil nuts on a regular basis to aid in the proper functioning of the thyroid glands. Thyroid glands have selenium in them and for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, we need to have a good dose of selenium. Eating brazil nuts will convert the inactive T4 thyroid hormone into active T3 form. 

Studies show that with proper intake of brazil nuts on an everyday basis, the thyroid hormone levels are set to improve. It is also to be noted that the selenium intake must be taken through external food sources to enhance the body as our body solely depends on external selenium food sources.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #2. Combats Cancer

Walnuts are considered as clear winners when it comes to fighting cancer cells but it is also to be noted that even brazil nuts play a major role in fighting cancer cells. Studies have proof, that shows the depletion of different cancer cells like prostate cancer, colon or rectal cancer, and lung cancer with regular intake of brazil nuts. 

Brazil nut being the powerhouse of selenium act as a super anti-cancer food. Eating brazil nut can help fight the cancer cells and lower the risk of cancer. The enzyme 'Glutathione' which is enabled by the selenium is an antioxidant that destroys the free radicals and frees from cancer-causing cells.

Although there is no proof that eating 2 brazil nuts a day can prevent cancer it just can lower the risk of cancer. So, make sure to take brazil nuts along with walnuts and other nuts to ensure you stay healthy and lower your chances of getting cancer.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #3. Helps In Better Digestion

Brazil nuts are rich in fiber. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber that aids in digestion. Taking a proper amount of fiber-rich foods like brazil nut, walnut, apple, bananas, and many more can help in proper digestion. Brazil nuts can also help to reduce the chances of gastric ulcers, constipation, cramps, bloating, and even colon cancer. 

By eating brazil nuts you can add a lot of fiber content to your system which can help you to keep your system clean by ensuring proper digestion. Studies show that the nutritional facts of brazil nuts for approximately one ounce which is 6 brazil nuts are significantly equal to 2.1grams of total fiber. So in order to reap the benefits of brazil nuts it is wise to eat this nut on a regular basis to improve digestion.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #4. Aids In Weight Loss

Weight loss has never been easy. It takes a lot of toll on the person who looks forward to losing weight. Having control over diet can be a little challenging when you are always hungry. So, if you are looking for ways to achieve your weight loss goal, then you can go for a low carbohydrate diet. These brazil nuts are low in carbohydrates which can assist you in weight loss. 

The fiber content present in the brazil nut can also give you a sense of fullness. Having a full sensation can help you to lose weight. The amino acids present in brazil nut expands your energy and promotes weight loss. Regulating the thyroid hormone with the selenium in the brazil nuts can also help in weight loss. 

Along with the brazil nuts, it is important to include other nuts like walnuts, almonds, and cashew nut for better results.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #5. Increases Bone Density

If you are looking for ways to build your bone strength then you can definitely go for brazil nuts. Nuts like brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts are treated as super good foods for improving your bone density. Brazil Nut is rich in amino acid lysine which helps absorption of the calcium present in our body. 

In addition to this, the copper content present in the brazil nut also helps to improve the bone density. It also helps in the formation of the bone tissues. Having an improved bone density can help in the prevention of osteoporosis. With an overload of nutrition present in the brazil nuts, it can help in the improvement of your bone density.

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Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #6. For Skincare

Acne can be a lot stressful for women of all ages. There are a lot of foods that fight acne and can help prevent a breakout. One of the nutrition rich food that can soothe and fight an acne is brazil nut. Brazil nuts are rich in food sources that can help prevent these breakouts. 

The zinc content present in the brazil nut can help fight the acne. Also, the selenium content in the brazil nut can make your skin glow and add a lot of nutrition to it. It also prevents premature aging as it can improve the elasticity of your skin. It works wonders for your skin and can help you improve your skin health.  

Not just for acne, it is generally used for treating your skin.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #7. Improves Fertility

Selenium present in the brazil nut can improve the testosterone levels of the male. Selenium is used for the formation and development of spermatozoa and sperm mobility. It increases the male fertility by improving the testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that the decrease in the selenium level can lead to miscarriages in women. Selenium deficiency can also lead to nervous and immune system damage in the fetus. It is very important to maintain the selenium content in the body to lower the risk of miscarriages and damage in the fetus. 

For an improved male fertility, brazil nuts are recommended for their richness in selenium and antioxidant. 

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #8. Increases Immunity

To have a healthy body, one must have a balanced level of nutrition in food. Having the required nourishment can increase the immunity. Brazil nut which is loaded with several nutrients can help to stabilize the body the right way thus improving the immune system. 

Lack of selenium in your body can make the antibodies weaker thus becoming immune to diseases. Not just selenium, iron and zinc that are present in the brazil nuts are very much helpful in improving the overall health. 

Copper is also an important ingredient when it comes to improving the immune system. Lack of copper in your health can make weaken the white blood cells when prone to attack. The reason behind this behavior is still unknown. All the nutrition that is needed for your body is found in a few brazil nuts. 

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #9. Improves Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and negative states of mind are caused due to lack of selenium content. This is the reason that selenium plays a vital role for the mental health. Increase in selenium intake is found to increase the brain health. 

Brazil nut is rich in magnesium that is important for the transmission of signals from the body to all over the body. The monosaturated fat present in brazil nuts is an excellent source of brain health.

Older people are more prone to selenium deficiency as they have increased requirements, as a result, it can damage the nervous system. So, it is very important for the elderly to take proper amounts of brazil nuts to improve their nervous system. Selenium is also known to reduce oxidative stress and improve the brain health. 

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts #10. Maintains Cholesterol

Brazil nuts which are loaded with nutrients are known to maintain the cholesterol level in your body. Brazil nuts have monosaturated fats which are considered effective for lowering the bad cholesterol levels and to increase the good cholesterol. Proper consumption of brazil nuts on a regular basis can lower the risk of bad cholesterol in your body. 

The monosaturated fats present in the brazil nut prevents coronary artery disease and strokes simply by maintaining the lipid profile in blood. Eating brazil nuts is one of the best ways to reduce and maintain cholesterol levels from external sources other than medications. It is one healthy way to maintain your health simply over diet.

How To Eat Them

Brazil nuts can be had either raw or blanched. The oil from the brazil nuts can be extracted and can be used directly in recipes or can be simply consumed. You can even add grated brazil nuts to your desserts or other recipes. Adding them to your food can make it taste even better. You can even mix brazil nuts with other nuts and consume it as mix nuts. Brazil nuts are also consumed with chocolate. There are chocolate recipes that are flavored with brazil nuts. This way it is made a lot easier to eat brazil nuts for people who hate brazil nuts. You can add a drizzle of brazil nuts to your recipes or have it as an everyday snack. The brazil nuts are super crunchy with a little bit of creamy flavor. 

Side Effects Of Brazil Nuts

Eating 2 Brazil nuts a day can help your body to get all the supplements that it needs. Eating more than 2 Brazil nuts a day has its own side effects. Here is a list of side effects that you will need to know before eating Brazil nuts on a regular basis. 

1. Selenium Overdose

Taking too much of selenium content can lead to selenium toxicity. Selenium toxicity is extremely dangerous for our human body and can cause weak brittle nails, constant fatigue, hair loss, and even stomach upset.

2. Heart Issues:

Brazil nuts are high in saturated fats that increase the risk of heart-related issues as they are high in calories. Taking too much of calories can cause strokes or even heart attacks.

3. Allergies:

Many people are allergic to brazil nuts. These allergic reactions can vary from light to severe. It is very important to know your body before eating brazil nuts. 

4. Weight Gain:

Eating limited quantities of brazil nuts can help in weight loss but it can also cause weight gain if brazil nuts are consumed in huge numbers as they are high in calories.

5. Aflatoxin:

Aflatoxin is a dangerous fungus which has a high amount of carcinogenic which can lead to liver cancer. This aflatoxin is found in raw brazil nut. 

6. Radioactive Element:

Brazil nuts have small amounts of radium, a radioactive element, which is elevated in the soil due to their extensive root system of the tree. 

These are the few known side effects of the brazil nut when consumed in larger quantities. The side effect of consuming brazil nut can vary from mild to severe depending upon the quantity consumed and the nature of your body. So, make sure that you take brazil nuts in smaller quantities for better health.

BRAZIL NUT 140k/250g 265/500g Manfaat Brazil Nut untuk kesehatan : - Kacang brazil sebanyak 100 gram mengandung kira-kira 687 kalori, dan kandungan lemak total 68 sampai 69 persen. Persentase lemak tertinggi adalah lemak tak jenuh tunggal yang merupakan lemak yang sehat untuk jantung. Asam lemak tak jenuh tunggal membantu mengendalikan kolesterol jahat atau LDL serta meningkatkan kolesterol baik atau HDL dalam tubuh. Kedua asam lemak esensial yang dikandung kacang ini adalah asam oleat dan asam palmitoleat. - Manfaat kesehatan kacang Brazil dikenal sedunia, karena fakta bahwa kacang ini adalah sumber terkaya mineral selenium. Hanya satu ons kacang ini mengandung 544 mcg. Selenium sendiri bukan merupakan antioksidan, tetapi bekerja sama dengan vitamin E dan merupakan bagian dari enzim antioksidan yakni glutation dan glutation peroksidase. - Penelitian medis telah membuktikan bahwa selenium di kacang Brazil dapat membantu dalam perlindungan terhadap penyakit jantung. Mineral kuat ini ditemukan di tanah di mana pohon-pohon kacang ini tumbuh. Orang-orang yang tinggal di daerah tersebut diketahui memiliki kasus penyakit jantung lebih rendah. Selenium mengaktifkan enzim yang membantu dalam detoksifikasi lemak tengik dalam membran. Pembekuan darah abnormal dapat dicegah jika cukup selenium dikonsumsi. - Selenium juga efektif dalam mengurangi risiko kanker payudara, kanker prostat, dan kanker lainnya. Selain itu juga dapat membantu mempertahankan berfungsinya tiroid dan baik untuk membangun sistem kekebalan tubuh. - Banyak protein makanan yang kita konsumsi tidak mengandung asam amino penting yang disebut Metionin, yang hadir dalam kacang Brazil. Metionin sangat penting dalam memerangi penyakit kronis, sirosis hati, penyakit arteri koroner, dan penuaan dini. - Kacang Brazil juga mengandung mineral sehat seperti kalsium, mangan, fosfor, tembaga, kalium, seng, dan besi. Selain itu juga mengandung sejumlah asam lemak omega 6. #kacangbrazil #kacangbrasil #brazilnut #kacangsehat #cemilansehat #camilansehat #polahidupsehat #makananorganik #superfoodindonesia #superfood

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know the nutrition facts of brazil nuts it easily tops all other nuts and is considered as highly nutritious and healthiest. Eating 2 brazil nuts a day can get you nourished with all the nutrients that you need but too much consumption of brazil nuts can lead to many side effects. The fact is even with all the goodness in it, it is better to be consumed in lighter quantities rather than to take an overload and face major side effects. 

The best advice is to take the recommended quantities of brazil nuts as per your body. As these nuts are healthiest of nuts that are packed with all essential nutrients.



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