Characteristics And Traits Of Aries Men You Should Know

An Aries man can be very mysterious when in love. Read on to know about his characteristics and traits if you are considering a relationship with an Aries.

By Amanda Palmer
Characteristics And Traits Of Aries Men You Should Know

The Fire Sign - Aries

The Aries is a fire sign. An Aries personality can be differentiated by its peculiar traits such as daring, courageous, energetic, spontaneous and active. While the Aries people are extremely optimistic, they are also very impatient, proud and egoistic.

In this article, we will introduce the personality traits and characteristics of an Aries man. If you are in a relationship with an Aries man or have your eyes set on one, then it's better if you read the below traits to get a fair idea of what you are getting yourself into!

Personality Traits and Characteristics of an Aries Man

The Aries man is an intriguing mixture of a fearless person with some annoying traits of an undisciplined child. An Aries man is like an open book. There is no element of mystery about them. They are very easy to understand. One enjoys their company as they exude assertiveness and are very friendly. A confident, fiery, passionate and independent Aries man will always be on the front and in charge. They hate to be bossed upon and prefer to be the boss themselves. 

He is also a brilliant mix of masculinity and virility. He is fun to be with as they can get into spontaneous adventure activities but one needs to be careful about ignoring him. He can end up sulking if he does not get his way. 

Although he is very competitive, an Aries man is also very fair. He loves to accept challenges and prove his worth, but he will do all without a trace of deceit. An Aries man is never afraid of taking the initiative. On the negative side, they might appear as selfish and impatient to some, but it is only their go-getter attitude and aggressive nature which appears as them being impatient. 

Self-control is a trait lacked by these fiery men, and they are never afraid of taking risks. As they are so hardworking and ambitious, most Aries men make a good income, but when it comes to saving, they are a little weak. It is essential for them to get into a relationship with a partner who can save money. 

It is tough for them to accept defeat in a relationship and this might get them into serious trouble. When in love, they need to at times, give up, to save their relationship.

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Sexuality of an Aries Man

Most Aries men in bed are kinky. They are pretty adventurous when it comes to sex. An Aries man has a level of sexuality. He cannot stay away from sex for too long. Initially, in a relationship, he can be too adventurous in sex, but later his sexuality trait will return to routine acts which might get boring for his partner. If you want to seduce you Aries man, you need to wear sexy clothes and underwear. He also likes women who are demure, shy and timid.

The sexuality of an Aries man ranges to two extremes. Either he can have sex throughout his life with just one woman, or he might have sex with different woman altogether. An Aries man needs a woman who is very brave and stands her ground and yet is sensitive to his needs and very supportive. 

An Aries man is also known to cheat on his partner if not completely in love with her. He can be too direct or straightforward about his feelings, and this particular trait can be too hurting also at times.

Characteristics of an Aries Man in a relationship

An Aries man sees himself as a leader. They often lead by action and do not think intellectually in some situations, which can be a major flaw in their characteristics. They are often very spontaneous in their actions, and they might end up regretting things later on. 

When in a relationship, an Aries man finds it tough to understand the other person's feelings and wishes. They can be considered insensitive in a relationship. When in a relationship, an Aries man would prefer a feminine woman and not the ones who are very ambitious or bossy. He prefers his women to be straightforward and intelligent and yet dependent on him.

An Aries man will also have difficulty finding his ideal mate because commitment is not his trait. He will need a remarkably strong woman to make him settle down. 

An Aries man cannot bear being chased, as he prefers to chase his women. He enjoys flirting and enjoys taking control of the situation, even if it is trying to woo his woman. A woman who has her eyes set on an Aries man can try to be a difficult chase if she wants the excitement to last longer. The proud Aries man will be happy about his achievements. 

An Aries man can also stray from a routine relationship and hence his partner should try to rekindle the fire now and then. He deserves a woman who can play the roles of his adventure buddy and romantic partner both. 

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Personal characteristics of an Aries Man

The personal characteristics of an Aries man are:

1. He gets along well with other men: 
Until other men challenge him, he generally shares a good camaraderie with other men and is liked by both men and women equally. He loves being challenged into a game of sports. 

2. He is very competitive:
Even if you don't want to compete, an Aries man cannot help but be competitive. Whether it is business or in love, he gets highly competitive with his rivals. It is very tough for him to accept defeat as he is always certain that he will win. 

3. An Aries man can be very demanding:
He always needs to feel that he is number one. If in a relationship, he feels that he is no longer essential to you, he might drift away in search of someone else who considers him number one. This might come across as being egoistic, but in reality, it is his need to prove to himself that he is the best. In a relationship, he constantly needs to feel being loved by his partner. His partner can never and should never take him for granted. 

4. An Aries man needs oodles of praise:
He needs a lot of praise, and that too should be very sincere. His partner should constantly fuel his self-worth with tonnes of praises.

Positive Personality Traits

There are tons of positive personality traits in an Aries man:

* He loves to take challenges. He never really does turn down an opportunity that will help him prove his worth to himself and to the others. He enjoys indulging in competitive activities. 
* An Aries man loves being active. Laziness is a trait that is not even mentioned in his dictionary. Aries men generally love action-oriented sports and activities. 
* He loves getting into spontaneous games with his friends.
* An Aries man has a die-hard need to be the best. He will put in all his efforts to emerge as number one. His ways can be stubborn for the others but he has to get to the top and that too very honestly. 
* An Aries man also is very independent. He cannot be bossed upon and cannot be instructed as to what to do and how to do. He is a born leader whether in a relationship or in a group project in the office. 
* He loves being in power. Nothing makes him happier than having a team following his instructions and doing as he tells them to do.

Negative Personality Traits

There are some negative characteristics of an Aries man too:

* It is very tough for an Aries man to handle defeat. He can get very angry if he fails and will feel very low and unconfident about himself. 
* His partner needs to fuel his ego again and again by praising him and encouraging him else he might feel worthless about himself. 
* His partner cannot afford to get into a routine love life with him as that would bore him totally and he might drift away. His partner needs to constantly find new ways of rekindling their love life. 
* Initially in a relationship, an Aries man seeks adventure. He will only settle down once he meets the love of his life. 
* An Aries man is too egoistic to admit to his friends or romantic partner that he needs to go out and have a good time. 
* The need for challenges is so high for an Aries man that in case of no challenges, he will set up deadlines and levels and compete against himself. 
* Because of his extremely competitive nature, he might push away few friends who get irritated with his constant need to compete. 
* He will find it very hard to find a partner who understands him completely.
* He might get into a lot of sexual and love relationships even while in a relationship with another until he finds the love of his life. 
* He needs to get into a relationship with a competitive partner, else the relationship will get very boring. 

An Aries man is a marvel of zodiac signs, always planning and working out newer ways of achieving his goals whether in the office, at the gym or in his love life. Such ambitious and goal-driven people find it very hard to accept defeat. They are extreme hard-workers and charismatic. He is a force of nature who is very stubborn, honest and almost always the winner. 

If you have your eyes set on an Aries man, make sure you possess all the fierceness and intelligence to keep him drawn to you always. He is considered most compatible with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.