What It Means When You Have A Dream About Giving Birth

Have you ever experienced giving birth in a dream? Ever wondered what is it supposed to mean? Here we have it decoded for you.

By Amanda Palmer
What It Means When You Have A Dream About Giving Birth

Strange Dreams

Dreams are strange, scary and weird. While sometimes dreams try to give us a message, sometimes, they are pointless. But whether a dream is futile or has a purpose takes a lot of interpretation, self-analysis and time.
Some dreams come as if a superpower is trying to guide us whereas some just shake our mental equilibrium for nothing. So what do we do if a strange dream woke us up on a particular morning? Do you take a dream at its face value or does it have a different significance? Well, only time can tell this for sure but definitely, knowing a bit about the interpretations of different dreams does shorten our search, gives us a direction to interpret and help us understand a deeper meaning. 

In this article, we shall understand the time and tested interpretations of 'giving birth' dreams. 

When you have Dreams about 'Giving Birth'

Having a dream of giving birth can be very odd. If you have already given birth to your children, then such dreams could be an impact of your subconscious memories. If you have never given birth, then such dreams could be confusing. Does it mean that you are about to give birth in the future or is it trying to tell you to try and conceive especially when you have planned not to have children? 

According to various time and tested analysis of such dreams, a majority of the interpretations say that such dreams do not mean that you will be giving birth. Instead, it means that you might face some new developments in your routine life. It could signify that a new beginning is just about to happen and that you are now ready for a significant change in your life. It could be an emotional, spiritual or physical change. 

If you are already pregnant then such a dream could just be a blend of your expectations or fears for the near future. There are some variations to 'giving birth' dreams which are described in detail further. 

A woman having 'giving birth' dreams will most probably see herself with a round and protruding belly in her dreams and quite possibly shocked about giving birth. If a man gets a dream with a woman giving birth, it could signify future success and promise of fulfillment. 

For a woman who is past her childbearing years, to get such a dream is confusing. Such dreams seldom predict a real life event. Instead, it could signify the future pregnancy of someone close to her. 

If a woman had a 'giving birth' dream, it could mean that she is ready to start a new aspect of her life. It could signify that she is capable of some higher abilities which she did not realize before and can now materialize. A woman who gets a dream about giving birth to a baby boy who immediately starts walking and talking could mean that she has discovered her inner capabilities and is now going to emerge with her new found talents in the world. Sometimes, such dreams tend to coincide with the person's life about a change in his career or life. 

Another common interpretation of 'giving birth' dreams that the dreamer woman profoundly desires to have a child of her own. She sees in her dreams that she is having trouble conceiving. Such dreams could mean that she will be able to fulfill her desires and have a child of her own very soon. 

'Giving birth' dreams also symbolize a creative process which is still in the incubator or developing in your mind for quite some time. Such a dream could be like a green signal to bring out your plans out into the world. 

Human's are always trying to create something. It could be plans, lives, happiness, moments, ideas and opportunities. A human being is always on the lookout for creating something new and different.

Humans have immense capabilities in making their creative imaginations come true. The dreams that humans have, in a way, signify that we are close to our ideas and creative projects. When we are almost ready with our creative ventures, then such a dream could signify the fulfillment of our dreams or the time to announce our plan to the world.

In-depth interpretation of 'giving birth' dreams

The different variations of 'giving birth' dreams are explained below:

* Witnessing the birth of a child: 

When you have an intense dream of someone else giving birth, it could signify that you will soon see financial success in your life. If you see yourself giving birth, it could represent happiness or fulfillment in life.

* A lonely woman having a 'giving birth' dream:

If a lonely woman dreams about giving birth, it could mean that there are some rumors spread about her in real life. When a lonely man gets a dream about himself giving birth, it could mean that he might face some difficulties in life. 

* Helping someone with giving birth

If you get dreams about helping someone give birth, it could symbolize abundance and lots of honor in life. A good and easy birth process symbolizes luck, happiness and creativity. A difficult birth process symbolizes some tough problems which you will have to endure. A tiring birth process indicates complications in life ahead. An unexpected birth could indicate a misfortune in life ahead. 

* Gender:

Giving birth to a girl may symbolize that soon you would be free of all your troubles. A dream in which you give birth to a boy may indicate fatigue and tiredness. Giving birth to twins indicate abundance and wealth. There are many theories related to dreams of giving birth to twins but the most interpreted one is about having lots of wealth and abundance in life soon. 

* If you dream about giving birth unexpectedly:

An unexpected birth in a dream could indicate a big surprise. It could mean that an opportunity will soon come knocking your door. If you had a vague idea in your mind since long then now is the time it will materialize. It could mean that a new job offer which will appreciate your skills is around the corner. 

* A dream about delivering a premature baby:

This could mean that you probably introduced your idea or project into the world too soon and even before it was ready. Such a dream could signify that your project is just like your baby who needs a little more nurturing and care before you bring it out to the world. Success will come only after you put in some more efforts into your plans. 

* A dream about a difficult labor

If you get a dream about having a difficult labor and childbirth, it could mean that you have put in lots of efforts for your project and ideas and have been waiting for great anticipation for the project to materialize. It indicates that after enduring much difficulty, your idea has finally materialized and will now reap rewards.

* A dream about being ready to give birth but the doctor is unavailable:

If you have a dream about you being ready to give birth and suddenly the doctor vanishes and you cannot even trace your husband, it symbolizes frustration and disappointment in not being able to get any help or support from your near and dear ones. This kind of dream symbolizes loneliness and also indicates that you might have to change your approach to things in life. 

By using the information of your dreams, you can be cautious about the future happenings and turn your failures into successes.

Strange or Unhappy 'Giving Birth' Dreams

If you get disturbing pregnant dreams, it might symbolize or indicate something totally different:

* Pregnant dream about giving birth without being married: 

This dream could mean that you will have to face some sadness in your life ahead. It will settle down after some time, but such a dream prepares you for some sad times in the future.

* Pregnant dream about giving birth to the non-human creature:

Such a dream could indicate that you are worried about your child's health. It could also symbolize that you are afraid of new changes taking place in your life. 

There are such various interpretations of pregnant dreams. Knowing a bit about each kind of dream prepares us for what to expect in the future.

Interpretations of dreams in real life

Dreams about delivering a baby could also symbolize good news coming from abroad or good luck coming your way. If you get the news of someone else delivering a baby in your dreams, it could symbolize that you will soon be saved from a difficult situation. It also indicates that you will quickly see success in life. 

A dream of delivering a baby is an about an ultimate transformation. A baby is delivered out of love shared by two people. A happy birth especially of twin boys represents wealth, happiness and abundance. 

If you are thinking about starting a family and you get a dream about being pregnant, it could indicate your current life situation. To interpret what a particular dream means, you will have to think in depth about the situation in the dream. You need to then co-relate those situations to your real life to conclude what you want and need out of your life at this moment.


Happy dreams about giving birth to twins especially boys are the best 'giving birth' dreams. Through plenty of time and tested analysis, it has been proved that the person is having a dream of giving birth to baby boys who are twins, soon sees a lot of wealth and happiness in life. 

While there is no scientific backing behind such theories, a little bit of interpretation on such terms is not harmful. Think clearly about the situation and try and analyze the hidden significance of your dreams.