Thighbrow: All You Need To Know About The New Beauty Trend

Yesterday's beauty trend was the thigh gap. Are thighbrows today's latest beauty trend? What is it and is it for you? Read on to find out more.

By Shana Grandstaff
Thighbrow: All You Need To Know About The New Beauty Trend

Beauty Trends Through the Years

We've all been part of some crazy beauty trends over the last several years. For example, anyone else remember fake tans so awful we were orange? How about eyeshadow so icy that Elsa is probably the only one that could really get away with it? Or pigtails on a grown-up Britney Spears? Well, the latest trend isn't as out there as those were. YAY! 

We all remember the thigh gap craze, right? You know, the gap between super skinny thighs? Well, the newest trend in fashion and beauty is: the THIGHBROW! What is that, you ask? Keep reading. 

What exactly are thighbrows?

When I first heard the term "thighbrow", it conjured some fairly interesting visuals in my mind. At first, I envisioned two large eyebrows spread across one's thighs. Then I imagined large cartoon eyes under these "thighbrows." This term could be so many things. Was it a fad? Was it a brand new fitness technique? Heck, for all I knew it was a recent trend of tattoos. Thankfully I educated myself on the subject before heading to my local tattoo shop. A few quick Google searches supplied me with rather vague descriptions of the place where one's thigh meets their butt. Picturing that in my head, I quickly thought "No, that can't be right." Fortunately, Instagram and Twitter came in handy. I discovered it doesn't mean a large eyebrow with cartoon eyes on one's thighs, nor is it where my idea of the meeting of one's thigh and butt either. I'm not sure exactly how that description fits, but, in my research I discovered that "thighbrow basically describes the thing that your leg and pelvic area do all on their own when kneeling or sitting. Maybe even standing, if you can get it just right. Really it is like lines, or cracks, between the pelvic area and the tops of the thighs. 

The thighbrow trend has become more popular due to the increasing wearing of "frongs." Frongs are swimsuits that are extremely hi-cut and somewhat resemble thongs but in the front. So front plus thong equals frong, get it? (Side note: I'm trying to market "freedos" for men but haven't heard anything back. Oh well.) They kind of resemble workout wear from the 1980's. Since everything seems to come back around, it only makes sense that this workout trend has also returned, but this time, minus the tights and leg warmers. 

Pictured below, Khloe and Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing "frongs", which accentuate their thighbrows. 

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Are thighrows better than the thigh gap?

It seems that since thighbrows are naturally occurring cracks or lines between the lower pelvis and upper thighs, that we might be able to look a little more positively at the idea than the thigh gap craze, considering the focus there was on how impossibly thin most of us would have to be to achieve it. However, this particular trend seems to require women to have a bit more weight on them than the thigh gap trend. Again though, women are shamed for not fitting into yet another trend. A search on instagram of #thighbrow reveals just that. Will women ever get to "just be" without being subject to some sort of body shaming? Probably not.

Fortunately, with this latest trend, we can at least celebrate something that comes naturally to most, if not all, of us. And while the ones that we will always see on Twitter and Instagram will always be perfectly sculpted and precisely toned, we should all be able to appreciate what we have. 

Celebrity Instagram and Twitter accounts are full of beauty trends year after year. This is just the latest. What is funny in this instance is that currently women are being celebrated for something that occurs more naturally than many of the other trends. Still, whether we see celebrity pictures of eyebrows and cartoon eyes on their thighs, or thighbrows and frongs, we always know that whatever trend is big in fashion and beauty will be just a memory next year. 

Thighbrows: The Takeaway.

As with any new trend, there's always ups and downs. So, the main thing here is: the thighbrows trend is just that, a trend. A fad. A craze. It, like all the others, will fade out, but in the meantime, if you've got the figure to pull it off, then why not? I myself am certainly never going to be mistaken for a Kardashian. However, in writing this article, I quizzed my husband of his knowledge of what a thighbrow is. After he ventured some completely insincere guesses on what it is, I informed him. He grinned and said that was one of his favorite parts on me and that he'd found it adorable long before anyone knew what the heck a thighbrow was. And while I'd never thought about my "thighbrows" before, I found myself smiling about a cuteness I never realized I had. So in conclusion, even though this fad will come and go, enjoy knowing that your thighbrows are simply too cute to handle. Enjoy it. Life is short. Have fun with it. Wear your frongs with pride!

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