30 Best Treatment For Dry Hair: Remedies For Damaged Hair

Do you feel depressed about your damaged and brittle hair? Read on to know about 30 best treatments for damaged and dry hair.

By Amanda Palmer
30 Best Treatment For Dry Hair: Remedies For Damaged Hair

Hair - A woman's most prized possession!

Hair is a woman's most prized possession. A woman might spend thousands on her hair every month to maintain or style them. Due to hectic lifestyles and harmful chemical treatments, many women face hair fall issues. Their hair becomes dull, dry and damaged. So if you are one of those who face the same dilemma, then worry no more!
Here we have penned down some of the best dry hair treatments. Most of these treatments and remedies are easily available at home. Some of these treatments require only slight alterations in your lifestyle. You can regain the luster and shine in your hair with these simple treatments within a short time span. For stronger and healthier looking hair, you need not spend hours at the salon or waste precious money over chemical treatments. You can have heavy and bouncy locks easily at home. 

There are a variety of factors which lead to dry and damaged hair. To treat your hair effectively, you have to understand some factors which cause a lot of damage to hair. The main ones include stress, improper and unhealthy diets, lack of care, environmental factors, chemical products and use of heat and curling irons. 

So scroll down below to know some of the best tips to treat damaged and dry hair quickly.

Best Home Treatments

There are some remedies which are found easily in our home kitchens. These can be applied easily, and one can see tremendous changes in the health of hair if applied on a regular basis.
Home remedies work out very cheap as compared to other cosmetic hair treatments. Find out some of the best home hair treatments to fix dull and dry hair.

1. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with proteins. They are highly beneficial for skin and hair. The protein in the egg helps promotes new hair growth and also thickens the hair strand. They also condition the hair strand forming an outside layer of sheen on each hair. The proteins penetrate the hair follicles in the scalp making them stronger.
To use eggs for hair, you need to beat two eggs in a bowl and apply it all over the dry hair. Rinse the eggs after 20 minutes, repeat this procedure four times a week to see effective results.

2. Orange Juice or Pulp

Orange juice or pulp has to be applied similarly as eggs are applied to dry hair. You can rinse it after 20 minutes and repeat the procedure four times in a week to see effective results.
Orange juice or pulp is loaded with vitamin C which helps to cure dandruff. Dandruff results in dry and damaged hair, only if the scalp is clean can the hair grow healthy and lustrous.

3. Avocado

Avocado is a magical fruit. The creamy and buttery content in avocado is excellent for nourishing your locks. You need to apply a paste of avocado on your tresses regularly a week to see some results. Apply the avocado paste and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse it off later with a mild shampoo.

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4. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, when mixed with coconut oil, acts like a hair medicine which not only nourishes hair but also strengthens your hair strands.
The citrus gooseberry keeps dandruff at bay and provides a healthy scalp for your hair to grow. In case of scalp inflammation also, gooseberry is very beneficial in treating the hair follicles.

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5. Fenugreek

A fenugreek paste has been used since ancient times to promote hair growth and to thicken the hair naturally by soaking the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind them in a fine paste the next day.
Apply this mixture on your scalp for treating fungal infections and dandruff naturally. Fenugreek also adds luster and sheen to the hair.

6. Vinegar Rinse

A vinegar rinse makes the hair shiny and lustrous. A vinegar rinse should be done after you shampoo your hair. Just pour in vinegar to your hair strands and let it stay on your hair, and rinse with water after some time.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera nourishes the hair and makes it very soft. You need to remove the aloe vera pulp and apply it to the hair and rinse it off after some time.

8. Butter Massage

Just melt some butter and massage it gently onto your hair. Butter coats your hair strands helping them to retain their moisture. You can wear a shower cap and later wash off your hair with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes, allowing your hair to be soft and shiny after a butter massage.

9. Tea Rinse

Many think of tea as a remedy for a sore throat, but in fact, tea is perfect for a natural shine to the hair. You need to rinse your hair with unsweetened tea water as a final rinse after shampoo. Tea not only enhances your hair color but also enriches it. Your hair will look shinier and lustrous with a tea rinse. Use it regularly to make your hair strong and shiny.

Best Essential Oils for Treatment of Dry Hair

10. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil massage is by far the best oil for shiny and lustrous hair.
Coconut oil is also the most common remedy for nourishing and conditioning the hair. One can mix various other ingredients such as camphor, lemon or gooseberry paste for added benefits.
You need to massage warm coconut oil into your hair follicles and scalp gently. One can also do the hot towel treatment after applying coconut oil in the hair to ensure that the warm oil penetrates the hair follicles well.

11. Olive Oil

Olive oil has essential omega three fatty acids which make help in the thickening of your hair strand.
Olive oil can be warmed slightly and massaged into the scalp for best results. You need to use this treatment thrice a week for effective results.

12. Castor Oil

Castor oil has ribonucleic acid which is beneficial for the healthy growth of hair. Your hair will not be brittle anymore and will be lustrous and long. Many people use this treatment for growing their hair naturally. Castor oil has great viscosity and can be mixed with coconut oil for easy application and best results.

13. Almond Oil

Almond oil is an essential botanical oil which is said to have plenty of benefits for the skin and hair. Small babies are often massaged with pure almond oil to make their bones stronger. Almond oil retains the sheen of your hair and also helps to repair your brittle strands.

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14. Sandalwood Oil

Not only known for its fragrance, but sandalwood is also known for its immense beneficial properties. Sandalwood oil is recommended for healthy hair because the oil penetrates the hair follicles making them stronger and is used for the repair of brittle strands.

Best tips for dry hair treatment

Apart from products found in the kitchen and at home, there are certainly other measures which will help to treat your dry hair naturally at home. These treatments are not costly nor time-consuming.
They also do not need any external help. You need to do these regularly to get the best results for your dry hair.

15. Condition naturally when swimming

You can apply this hair mask of natural conditioners before going for swimming at the beach or in the pool. By exposing your hair to the harsh chemicals in chlorinated pool water or to the scorching sun at the beach will damage your hair too much and will make your strands dry and brittle.
To avoid this, prepare a homemade rinse of one-fourth cup apple cider mixed with a three-fourth cup of water to cleanse your hair and then apply your regular conditioner. This will retain the shine and luster of your hair.

16. Wrap wet hair dry

One important tip which you must make a part of your routine is to refrain from rubbing your hair after you wash it or get it wet. Instead, you should wrap up the hair in a cotton towel and let it soak all your dripping water from the hair, allowing your hair to retain the moisture and avoid any further split ends.

17. Use a humidifier at night

Brittle and damaged hair have lost their moisture content. You need to nourish your hair strands with natural moisturizing products mentioned above or even use a humidifier in the house.
In cold temperatures, the air becomes dry and moisture-less resulting in even further dry and damaged hair. A humidifier will help to repair your dry strands by restoring the moisture back in the air.

18. Let your hair down

Another important tip which is helpful to repair damaged hair is to let it fall loose for some time. Do not always tie your hair in a ponytail or braid. Give your hair a break a few hours a day and let it fall lose in its original pattern. Also, do not ever leave any tight hair accessory in the hair before sleeping.
Many women tend to tie up their hair in tight buns to avoid hair flowing all over their faces. The hair cannot breathe normally, and if such a hairstyle is done for too long, it damages your hair. Use soft accessories on your hair. Tight rubber bands tend to cut the hair and make it brittle. Use soft fabric hair bands to tie your hair in a ponytail or while braiding.


Best foodsTo Eat for Dry Hair

To repair brittle and dry hair, you need to add some nutrition to the follicles from inside too rather than just outside. Visit your doctor who can prescribe you some essential vitamins and minerals for your hair. Eat a healthy diet and refrain from eating junk food.

19. Eat your Omega-3s

You need to take one to three 250 mg tablets of borage oil, flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil which are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid. This acid is great for moisturizing hair and nails.
Although it is better to get your omega-3s naturally from food, sometimes, supplements do help in fulfilling your body's requirements.

Chemical Treatments

There are some cosmetic and chemical treatments available in the market which if chosen wisely, does a whole lot of good to your hair. They repair the hair making it strong and lustrous.
Some salons give spa treatments for heavily damaged hair. This treatment includes a hair mask, hair leave-in serums, oil massage and hair steam. All these treatments help to improve the texture of your hair, but they can be very costly at times.

20. Nourishing Conditioner

Never shampoo your hair without applying conditioner in the end. Dry and damaged hair tends to lose their moisture, and to shampoo, the hair loses even more of the natural oils in the hair.
Applying a nourishing conditioner after every shampoo retains the hair moisture making your hair strands soft and shiny. You need to choose a conditioner with a suitable PH balance which does not disturb the PH balance of your hair already.

21. Hair Serum

Some brands come up with hair serums which are very helpful in treating dry and damaged hair. These serums loaded with essential vitamins and biotin help to restore the lost nutrients of the hair. They also make the hair tangle-free which makes it easier to comb them without breakage.
The serum has to be applied to the hair after a shampoo and conditioner application.

22. Sulphate-free Shampoo

Make sure you pick a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-based shampoos cause a lot of damage to the natural oils and shine of hair. A sulfate-free shampoo effectively cleanses your hair and also retains the moisture.

23. Leave-in Treatments and Conditioners

For most dry and frizzy hair, a leave-in conditioner treatment is recommended as they can be left without rinsing. The leave-in treatments and conditioner retain the moisture in the hair and prevents further moisture loss making the hair very soft, manageable, and lustrous.

Tips to Prevent Dry Hair

There are certain lifestyle changes which one must resort to in order to prevent dry hair and repair damaged hair.

24. Climate Protection

Protect your hair from extreme climatic conditions. Tie a scarf around your hair when it is too cold or too hot outside.
Extreme cold climate will lead to moisture loss in the hair, and the scorching sun will damage your hair. Also protect your hair from pollution and dust by wearing a hat, cap or a scarf around your hair.

25. Healthy Diet

Eat a healthy and balanced diet with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to make your hair healthy and shiny. You have to eat sufficient amounts of proteins, minerals, and vitamins to ensure a thicker and healthier growth of hair.

Try incorporating all the food groups in your diet. Milk products, lean meat, salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, and seeds are all part of a healthy and balanced meal.

26. Keep Dandruff at bay

 Always make sure that you don't have dandruff. Dandruff leads to hair fall, brittle hair and damaged hair. There are various natural and cosmetic treatments available which are helpful in curing dandruff and keeping it away.
It is important to take some of the necessary steps to remove dandruff because it is a big reason for thinning hair. Dandruff also blocks the hair follicles and is a residue of dead scalp skin. It is necessary to keep the scalp clean to make sure that you get thicker hair growth.
To avoid dandruff put lemon or warm coconut oil regularly on your hair.

27. Refrain from using chemical hair colors

Many women these days use chemicals to color their hair. If you do not use good brands of hair colors, your hair might get damaged and brittle. These hair colors use a lot of harsh chemicals which cause gradual thinning of the hair. If you color your hair, make sure you nourish your hair regularly by using natural and herbal hair colors like henna which have a lasting stain. 

Sometimes to lighten the hair strands, bleach is used. This bleach is a strong chemical which erodes the natural color of the hair along with its moisture. To get the lighter hair color desired to go from brunette or black to blond; bleach is applied to the entire hair to remove its natural color and then a new hair color is applied. Once a while a bleach treatment for the hair is fine but do not do it often. Make sure to condition your hair after applying bleach. Also avoid bleach as much as possible.

28. Avoid Hair Straightening Products

Hair straightening products cause a lot of damage to hair because you are exposing to hair to direct heat. Straightening products have too much heat which makes the hair dry and dull. If not used correctly, straightening products can also burn the hair. Use such straightening appliances seldom if you must style your hair.

29. Avoid Hair Curlers

Just like hair straightening products, hair curlers also damage the hair. They generate too much heat to alter the natural texture of the hair. If used too much, they make the hair dry and damaged. 

30. Shampoo your Hair Often

Many women believe that excessive washing of hair leads to dry and damaged hair. While this is true with harsh shampoos, there is no damage to hair if washed with sulfate-free mild shampoos. You need to keep your hair strands and scalp clean to let your hair breathe freely and grow properly.

Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Lead a happy and stressfree life. While easier said than done, by slowly meditating and exercising regularly, one can reduce the stresses of life.
 Stress has a very negative effect on hair and can lead to dull and brittle hair because hair and skin highly benefit if you lead a stressfree life.


It is not too tough to get back the sheen and luster that you once had. With the tips mentioned above, one can easily restore the lost moisture and make your hair damage free.
However,  if you have to make sure you resort to treatment soon else it will get too late because damaged hair repairs better if checked in the earlier stages. Take care of your hair, treat it with love; because good hair can change one's personality drastically.

"Invest in your hair, it is the only crown you never take off"